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January 24, 2021


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Excursion ( into the bad land) Episode 1 & 2

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Excursion. (into the badlands)

Written by :seunnzzy

Chapter 1



Michael’s pov.

I woke up with the ray of light shining into my room signifying that we are in the morning.


I quickly stood up to take my bath thinking that I’m late for school, then i remembered.


Me: (hiss) today is even Saturday.

Then i went downstairs to meet both my parents singing and dancing.


Me: Good morning mom, Good morning Dad.

Mum & Dad : Good morning

Me: mr & mrs peters do you win visa lottery.

Mom: Mike guess what

Me: hmmm….. You are pregnant

Mom: c’mon mike…. Of course not. guess again

Me : Dad you better tell me you know i cant guess.

Dad: son i have been promoted to manage one of our company in oyo state.


Me: wow congrats Dad……. So does that mean we are relocating to oyo state.


Dad: yes son….. The company already given us a house there ,so lets start packing we’re leaving by next week.



(after 5 days)

We just arrive at our new house and i was marvel with what i see,the house is a mansion

Dad: home sweet home……….wooow….i said

Mom: This is beautiful

Dad:yeah it is……. C’mon let’s go inside.


(on Sunday) .

I was with my dad in our new house watching a movie .

Dad: michael…….you will be starting school tomorrow… I’ve spoken with the principal of your new school.. And I’ve settled everything………and the principal said that he will send the school uniform, so i want you to be prepared .


Me: what is the name of the school.

Dad: Garfield High School………..

You are going to like it over there……. So try to make friends


Dad, You know i don’t like making friends….. Even in my previous school i only have 1 friend…i said


Dad: ok suit yourself…… Just be a good boy .



(fast forward to the next day)

Grrrrrrgh…… My alarm just woke me.

I quickly stood up to get ready for my new school.


Immediately i finished dressing….. I went downstairs to meet my dad already dressed .


Dad: let me drop you off at the school

Me: alright dad, lets go i don’t want to be late on my first day

Mom: wont you have ur breakfast

Me: not today mom..(walking out)

Dad: bye dear……

…. Bye love…… My mom answered.


(school premises)

I Came out of the car and looked at the look at the school…… It was really beautiful.


You like what you see…….my dad said…. I just nodded

Dad: so you need to go to the principal office, he will show you your class ok.

Alright dad…….. I answered .

Then he left,


Garfield high school here i come… I said to myself.

(unknown to me it is just the beginning of something tragic) ..





Now I’m suppose to go to the principal office,I was admiring the school when I bump into one beautiful girl.


unknown girl: Hey idiot,can’t you see??

Me: I’m sorry I didn’t see you .

unknown girl: yeah you didn’t cause you are blind.(she hissed as she walk away).


i was perplex with the attitude of that girl, I kept starring at her as she was going until a guy came to me,


unknown boy: don’t mind her that’s how she behaves.


Hi ….I’m joshua but you can call me josh.


Me: hi I’m Michael nice meeting you

Josh: same here

Me: do you mind showing me the principal office

Josh: of course let’s go



(principal office)

After finishing the registration,the principal put a call through one of the teacher and my guess is that it is my class teacher.


My guess was confirmed when a lady in her early thirties walked into the principal’s office.

C. Teacher: sir you call for me

Principal : yes i did…… This boy here is our new student and he’s going to be in your class.

C. Teacher :ok sir

This is your class teacher mrs sharon….. the principal said.


Me : good morning ma

Mrs Sharon : good morning how are you??

Me: I’m fine

Mrs Sharon: ok… Follow me let’s go to your class .


I followed the teacher to a room full of students, i quickly use my eyes to calculate everyone, there are only 11 girls 8 boys including me which is going to 20 student all together.

They all stand up to greet when they notice the presence of the teacher.



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