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July 30, 2021


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Ethereal beauty Episode 9 & 10

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Episode nine


(My sisters)

The next day which was Saturday.
Mother was still in the hospital but she will be discharge on Monday.

I need to make a move before she get discharge.

When mother was sleeping, I left.
I took a cab cause I don’t want anyone to know where I am going to. I don’t want any suspicion. The cab driver stopped in front of a casino.

I walked in and it was just some few men there. Like five or six. They where all stirring at me.

“Tanya Lee.” I heard someone called.

I turned and smiled at him, “hello Jeff.” I said.

He excuse the guy there.
“What brought you here to my arbor. People like you hates this place.”

“Got something important so I have no choice.”
I replied.

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He came close to me and began to stroke my cheeks. I smiled and held him hand, I made him face the wall and pushed him to the floor.

“Don’t you ever do that again.” I said.

“Ok, ok, fine now let go of my hand.” He said and I let go of him him.

“You are strong like a man. What do you want?”

“I need you for a job.” I said sitting down in a chair. He sat down too opposite me.

“What job?”

“To find a killer.”


“He or she killed my father and brother and destroy my family.” I said.

“Oh you mean, the person who killed your family? The serial killer. The reason why the lee’s company went bankrupt years ago.”

“You knew?”

“Everyone knows about it. It was a trending news in Korea.” He said and came closer to me, “so you want me go find that killer and those involved?”


“How much are we talking about?”

“Am gonna pay you five million dollars.”

“Deal.” He said.

“I hope you do a great job.” I said.

“Don’t worry.”

“So I will take my leave. I will call you later.” I said and left.

I knew Jeff right from America. He is an half American and half Korea. He left america and came here for reasons known to him. He was a student at my karate school and that was how we knew each other.

I took a cab and left for the mansion. Need to have a change of cloth.

Am gonna spend the weekend with my sisters since I don’t have anything doing.
I got dressed with a schoolbag. Don’t really need much clothes cause is just two days.

Minho drove me to my first sister house, I have three sisters all living here in Seoul.
“I won’t be able to come in so say hi for me.” Minho said.

“Don’t worry I will forget.”
I said.


“Go safely.” I said and he drove off.

I walked to the door and knocked on it.
“Who is there?” I heard my sister voice asked.

“Its me kimkim.” I said and everywhere went silent for a while.

After a few minute, the door opened revealing my pretty sister.
“Kimkim.” She called and hugged me.

“What are you doing in Seoul?”

“Am schooling in kimbok.”

“What? Come in.” She said and opened the door widely for me to enter. I entered, before she close it.

“Wow unnie, your house is beautiful.”

“Thanks. But its my husband house.”

“What belongs to him belongs to you.”

“Aigoo, my kidsister have grown so much.” She said. “You have a lot of explaining to explain so feel comfortable, let me check the food on fire.” She said and left.

I kept my bag on the sofa and sat down.

A baby began to cry.
My sister, Jessica ran out of the kitchen to a room. She came out with a baby on her hand.
“My daughter.” She said. The baby have stopped crying.

“Wow.” I said collecting the baby from her. Dad told me she have given birth two month ago but I never saw the child.

“Her name.”

“Park young mi.”

“Young mi, such a beautiful name.”

“So you say you are schooling in kimbok, how?”

“Well I pass their scholarship exam.”

“How is that possible? You must have been dedicated to your books of recent.”

“Not really. I just got lucky.”

“So why aren’t you staying with me?”

“Unnie, from here to kimbok is like a hundred km if not more than that. It took almost two hours.”

“Yeah you are right. So you stay with aunt janet?”


“But why wasn’t I informed all this while?”

“Cause I don’t have a phone yet. I thought dad will tell you.”

“Dad is forgetful this days.”

“Yeah, he quite is.”

“So how is school?”

“Like always. As normal as possible.”

“Well i never actually expected a positive reply from you.” She said and went back to the kitchen while I played with young mi.

“Have you spoken to Rose and lisa?” She asked from the kitchen.

“Not yet.”

“Okay. I will call them and inform them that you are here. You will see, they will come rushing down here.”

“I can’t wait to see them.” I said smiling at young mi who smiled back at me.

I slowly opened my eyes and search around but no one was in except the nurse who came to give me my drugs.

“Where is my mother and son I mean daughter?” I asked.

“Mrs. Lee went home to prepare something for you while miss. Tanya went out for a while.” She said. She gave me the drugs and I drank it before she left.

Now is the opportunity.
I picked up my phone which was by the hospital bed drawer and place a call to one of my men.

“Hello ma’am.”

“Have you find anything yet?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am. Have been trying to get to you.”

“Been in the hospital. Now tell me what you found out.”

“Not only was there a spy at home. There was another at the company. But he is no longer working for the company.”

“Another spy. Interesting. His name?”

“Jimmy Kurt. But his real name is Adams Mavis.”

“Find out more about him and where he lives and give me the information right away.”

“Ok ma’am.” He said and disconnected the call.

I must say, the killer is wise.
But his reign have come to an end. I will destroy him and destroy him to hell.

The door opened, grandma came in.
“I can see you are better now to start your revenge again.”

“Mother even though I die, I will still have my revenge. And right now, I know another person involved.”


“A spy at our company. Adams Mavis”

“The killer was wise enough to have spies everywhere around us.”

“Yes mother.”

“Let me guess, you won’t tell Tanya about this.”

“Yes, can’t get him involved in all this.” I said.

“I give you my support.” Mother said. I truly love this woman.

“I just called Rose and Lisa and they where excited to hear that you are here. Trust me, they will fly over. Besides, their house arent far from here.”

“Their house aren’t far? You mean the two of them stay in the same area?”

“Yes. They stay together.”

“Really? So what I heard from grandma is true about Lisa. Her divorce.”

“Yes. That crazy asshole. That woman beater. Well he got what he deserves, he was arrested and got fired.” He deserves it.

“He is a scumbag.”

“So should we wait for everyone before we eat or you wanna eat now?”

“Its gonna be fun eating with everyone.” I said.

“My husband traveled yesterday but will be back tomorrow, so you will get to see each other.”


A knock came on the door. “It must be those two ladies.” Unnie said and went to open the door. They both rushed in.

“Kimberly.” Rose called smiling.

I smiled back at her. She rushed and hugged me. She is the fat one among us.

“My little girl have grown so big.” Lisa said.

“Yeah right.” Jessica said.

“Am angry with you, you where in Seoul. In fact a student of kimbok and not one of us knew about it?” Rose asked.

“I really thought dad told you. I would have but I don’t have a phone yet.”

“Then we should get one for you.” Lisa suggested.

“No you don’t have too. I got enough money to buy one, and you know how I am.” I said.

“Yes always wanting to earn her money and buy her things by her self.” Jessica said.

“So what about those two headaches?” Rose asked.

“They are good.”

“We where planning to bring you over to Seoul. But you are here even without our help.” Lisa said.

She is my second sister, while Rose is the last before me. Father is the only son of his family

“When are you leaving?”


“Aish, am going to busan tomorrow.” Lisa said.

“And I will be very busy at work.” Rose said.

“Why don’t we all go to aunt Janet out next week and we all go out.” Jessica suggested.

“That will be fun.” Rose said.

We talked about a lot of things. And when it was noon we all left to Rose and lisa’s house. We spent sometime there before we came back to Jessica’s house.

I really miss my sisters. Its been ten years since they left. I only get to talk to them once a while cause of dad constant journey. Rose was chubby when she was small, so she grew up with it. They promise that next time, we will spend more time together.


Episode ten

The next day, I went to say bye Rose and Lisa. My sisters are just the best. They are the sweetest people on earth.

After they left, I went back to Jessica’s house. We talked about a lot of things, and she is the talkative type, it never seem to end.

Her husband came and I greeted him. He is really a gentleman.
My sister is really lucky, I hope I get lucky too in love.

I went to stay with mom at the hospital. She was looking better now.
“Mom you will go back home soon. Grandma is prepared for it.”

“Its so great to know am leaving here. I never liked hospitals.”

“And I took that from you.”

“So son, why don’t we bond.”


“Yes like our mother and son time. I haven’t done that with you before. You will tell me everything going on in your life, what’s your new dislike and likes.”

Good idea.
“I haven’t been doing anything much just school, home, Minho house and no where else.”

“So when is Minho going to get a girlfriend.”


“What? Just wanna know as his bestfriend mother.”

“I don’t know when he is gonna get one.” I replied even it felt weird cause I am dating him.

“So how have school been? What subject do you hate and love?”

“A lot mother. I don’t hate books.”

“Yes, my intelligent son.” She said smiling. Its been a while since I last saw her smile genuinely like this.

“So mother what about you? What have you been up to lately?”

“Nothing at all .Just in this hospital reading a novel. And by the way, I need new once, done with all I have here.” She said.

“You must really been dedicated to reading.”

“Yes and all the books I read are so amazing.”

“You are now officially a book fan. You can now join grandma’s book club.” I said.
She laughed. I really love this side of my mother.
We talked about a lot of things before I left to go meet mother, I came back in the evening. Mom will be discharge this evening.

Tomorrow is Monday. School day.
Jeff still haven’t found anything yet, hope he does before mom find out.

I took mom home after getting some advice from the doctor. The doctor said, she needs a lot of rest.

I made a cup of coffee for her and took it to the room. The maids where still wondering where Lidya is.

Mom was sitting on her bed when I got there. She was playing a game in her phone.

“Mom you should’ve resting not playing games.” I said putting the tray beside her.

“Am trying too, but can’t, at least this is keeping me busy.” She said.
She dropped the phone and looked at me, “have you found anything yet?”

I nodded, “no mother. Not yet. But am still hoping for a positive result cause am personally looking into it.”

“I hope you find out something soon.”

I stood up, “mother I will be back need to check something in my room.” I said and left.

Thank goodness he haven’t found out about the spy yet. I was scared he knew something.

My men still haven’t found out anything about that scumbag of a man who worked as a spy for that killer. That man needs to be caught before Tanya finds out, himself. I can’t risk my son’s life cause of all this.

I picked my phone and called the gang leader.
“Any lead?”

“We are almost close in finding out his location. We are trying to track his phone call.”

I smiled, “make sure you act fast.” I said and disconnected the call.

The next day.
I got dressed for school and left. This time, late.

“Someone looks better today.” Kimkim whispered to my ear. I smiled at her.

“Thank you.” I said.

“So what are you talking about? Are you two friends now?” Minho asked.

We both look at him, “mind your business.” We both said in unison.

He kept quiet not without glaring at the both of us.

My phone rang. I looked at the caller. It was Jeff.
“Excuse me.” I said and left.

I went over to the school old restroom which have been turned into a book dumping room.

I called him again. “Jeff.”

“Sup sweetheart.” He said.

“What do you have for me?”

“Good news baby.”


“We just found out about a spy who was hired to stay in your family company.” He said.


“Yeah. He got a guy to spy the movement of your family in the company.”

“Get your men ready. I will send someone to meet up with you. He is a trained guy. You know I will be in school, I can’t leave. So make sure you capture that man. We will keep him captive and torture him until he speak. But make sure he doesn’t die.” I instructed.

“Sure thing boss baby.” He said and disconnected the call.

I have my own plans.
I tired to leave but came face to face with Minho.

“Minho.” I called.

“I knew you where up to something with the way you left the class. So you want to kidnap someone?” He asked smiling.

“No why should i?”

He suddenly out on a serious face, “do you take me as a fool? I heard everything so don’t you even think of lying to me. You are going to kidnap someone, I heard that right. What is the reason of it?” He asked.

I sighed, I really have no choice but to tell him.
“OK fine. He is connected to my dad’s and brother murder. He is connected to the killer. He was one of the spy sent to us. I want to handle this myself cause my mom isn’t handling it the right way. I am not going to kill him just torture him a little to confess.”

“So what’s your plan?”

“I sent some men to go and capture him. But I will also go there, not as a girl but as my real self.”

“Won’t that be risky? I mean, as a boy?”

“Yes. Me going there as a girl will be more risky. Look at it this way, as a girl, he will see me and be able to recognize me. If he goes to the police then I will be arrested cause i will be recognized. But as a boy, he won’t be able to know it was me so I will be safe.” I replied.

“I got what you mean. Genius. Now let’s get you dressed, good thing i brought some cloth. Was planing to go out with my friends.” He said.

I smiled at him, “you are the best minmin.”
He smiled.

Tanya is about to do something very risky, but nothing can stop her right now cause its about her family. I gave her the cloth. Such a lucky day for her.

“But can’t it wait till tomorrow?” I asked.

“The police will start looking for him and it will dangerous for us. I want him to be released this evening so I have to meet him and make him talk.” He replied.

He went back to the old restroom. He pulled out his shirt and fake breast. Leaving him in his bare body. His trouser was still on.

I smiled.
“Why that smile?” He asked.

“Nothing, it was just that few minute you where a girl, the next you are a boy. Who would believe. Wish you weren’t pretending to be a girl.” I replied.

“What?” We both heard a voice said behind us.

Minho left the class without his phone which was now ringing. It seems important cause it kept ringing and ringing over again.
I need to find him.

I stood up and left searching for him. Luckily I sighted him in the old restroom. It seems someone was with him. I couldn’t see the person, Minho was back facing me.

I walked closer to him and with the voice I could tell it was Tanya. What are they both doing here?

“Nothing, it was just that few minute you where a girl, the next you are a boy. Who would believe. Wish you weren’t pretending to be a girl.”I heard Minho said.

Who is pretending to be a girl?
“What?” I said drawing his attention.

Minho turned and with that i was able to see who he was with more clearly. I was right, it was Tanya. But shirtless. She don’t have boobs, just a flat chest with abs. A boy like structure.

Then it occurred to me.
I placed my hand on my mouth.
Tanya is a girl.

“What the fuck?” I said after finding my voice.



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