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Ethereal beauty Episode 3 & 4

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Episode three
(My boo)



Finally, the day I will leave for Seoul.
Can’t be less happy.
Am leaving this town this village and my grandparent.

Dad watched as I took my bag out of my room. I was wearing a crazy black jean with a long button white shirt. My hair was tied, I never really loss my hair except when I want to sleep. A face cap too was on my head.

When I loaded my luggages in my dad’s old car, he will take me to the bus station, I hugged my grandfather which I know he wasn’t happy about. I tried hugging my grandmother but she turned her back.
Don’t worry grandma, you will have no choice but to hug me yourself when am back.

I sighed and went to the car.
My dad drove me to the bus station.
“Am sure the tickets are still available.” He said.

“Let me check.” I left him and went to the ticket seller.

“Please are there stills ticket available?” I asked.

“To which place?”


“Yes, we have one more ticket, you are a lucky person. We are leaving in five minutes.” He said.

I collected the ticket and went back to my dad. “Dad this is it, am leaving.” I said.

He hugged me tight, “when I get to Seoul, you will be the first I meet.”

“Yes definitely.” I said.

“Take good care of yourself.”

“OK father.” I hugged him again and left.

I watched as my darling daughter left, she has been a blessing to me.
She is the only person I care and love in this universe.

I wanted her to leave a normal woman life, get married and have kids, but I trained her to behave and act like a boy all thanks to my parent. No guy now will want to marry someone who behaves like a boy, no one will.

I spoiled her future.
I hope this school make her change for good.

But am happy she is away from my parent because if she stays there, I might meet her corpse one day and I can’t take that. I will kill for my daughter sake, I was once a killer so killing whoever touch my daughter won’t be a problem, I will become a sinner for her and go to jail. That is how much I love Kimberly.

As said, the bus left five minutes later.
Now is a time for a new life. Now is to start my life, and this time a proper one. Now is to forget about the secret and focus on my future.

I looked through the window, the view was amazing, I never get to pass my home. Our farm land is down our street. This is the first time am going outside the street. Well I left daegu when I was five but what can I remember?

Everything is amazing.
Nature is beautiful.

I can’t wait to go many places with Minho, he is my best buddy. He do visit my hometown every year. That is when he was back from America. but not this year cause he is busy.

I can’t believe this, finally freedom.
And kimbok my dream school, wait for me cause your queen has arrived.

Its took hours before we arrive at Seoul. Wow is an understatement, am in Seoul, like Seoul our capital. Yes I have finally made it to the first round of my life.

“Kim.” I heard a very familiar voice call. My buddy Minho. I ran to him and fist bump him.

“You suppose to hug me not fist bump me.”

“So, did I sin?”

He smiled and hugged me.
“Wow you look so handsome Minho. Like you are so handsome, but not like me of course.”

“Proud peacock. You are always beautiful, have not seen anyone as beautiful as you except my girlfriend of course.”

“Your girlfriend? You have one?”

“Yes coucou.”

“Omg. You have grown.”

“Was I created to remain little.”

“Don’t know.”

“Let’s go home, mom and dad can’t wait to see you.” He said.

We both left in his sport car.
I must say, his parent house is so magnificent, like so beautiful.
“Quit stirring and let’s go.” Minho said.
I smiled at him and left with him.

“Kimberly.” Aunt Janet called.

“Aunt.” I called with a smile.

“Its so good to see you.”

“Same with me.”

“Still the old Kimmy I know.”

“Yes mom, she is still a freak.”

“A freak?” I asked looking at Minho.

“I don’t mean it.” He said knowing what I will do to him.

“Finally Minho won’t be bored again now that you are here.”

“Yes aunt, he surely won’t…… What about uncle?”

“Left this afternoon for a business trip.” She replied.

Minho phone rang, when he saw the caller ID, he smiled, must be his girlfriend. He has a lot to explain to me.
“Excuse me, I will be back in a sec.” He said and left.

“How are your grandparent and your dad?”

“They are all doing great.” I said.

“Let me take you to your room, you must be tired from the journey.”

“Yes aunt, I really am.”

Aunt Janet smiled and showed me my room.
“Let me leave you to take your shower, food will be served in five minutes downstairs.” Janet said and left.

I couldn’t help but to admire the room, it was big and well decorated with blue paintings, bedsheets, tiles, cotton and everything.
Am sure Minho did this cause he is the only one who knows my taste. Such a cousin.

I removed my clothes and went to the bathroom.
I took a shower and came out. Got dressed and sat on the bed to get my clothes out of my bag.

“You shouldn’t do that now, you are tired and need to eat and rest. I can tell the maids to do it.” Minho said entering my room.

“Well I need to do this, cause I don’t want to wake up with the thought of doing it. And the maids, they might see some things they are not suppose to see.”

“But at least eat first so I can help you, lunch is served.” He said.

I sighed and went with him.
The food been prepared was strange to me.
“This is creamy carbonara pasta not Korea food. We decided to try some foreign meal today, you are gonna love it.” Minho said.

“You have never eaten carbonara before?” Aunt asked.

“Yes, but have heard of it.”

“Oops sorry I never knew. I would have prepared a much better meal for you.”

“Don’t worry aunt, its not a sin trying something for the first time.”

She smiled, “you are just like your mother.”
We ate and I must confess, carbonara is so delicious, you should try it when you get to Italy or Asia generally. So sweet.

After eating Minho and I retreated to my room, he promised to help me so he must.
We sat down and began folding the cloth one by one.

“So tell me about your girlfriend I don’t know of and you did not bother telling me even though you have my number and we talk everyday.” I said.

“Calm down, I was going to tell you anyway.”

“You where going to tell me anyway? But when?”

“Really sorry coucou.”

“So tell me about her.”

“She is the most beautiful woman you will ever see. She stays in america with her family but they are relocating back soon.”

“Wow. Must be rich.”

“Yes fucking rich.”

“So when did the both of you started dating?”

“Since when I was fifteen.”

“Four years ago? What? You where going to tell me? Four perfect years?”

“Don’t be mad at me.”

“You know I can’t stay mad at you but am angry at you.”

“What is the difference?”

“I don’t know and don’t care, am really angry right now.”

“Please don’t be.”

“Four years? Wow, holy carbonara, this is so betraying.”

“Holy carbonara?”

“Hey am trying to be serious here.”

Minho pouted his lips, “don’t be angry anymore my best coucou.” He said.

“I am.”

“What can I do to make you forgive me?”

“You got cash?”


“Great cause you are taking me out to eat pizza, hotdog, grilled meat, chicken, seafood, and ice cream.”


“Great now I’ve forgiven you.” I said with a smile.

“Thank you.” He said and we both laugh.

Its been a week since I came to Seoul, life have been good.
Minho taking me out to see the town, buying all he promised and me been a pain in the neck.

Now, its time for school.
Schools resumed and today is the first day at school.
Its none uniform for seniors, am so happy to be a senior.
I took my bath, and wore my jean (I have a thing for jeans) and a white long shirt. This time I let my hair loose but I wore a pink cap.

I took my school bag and let with Minho.
Kimbok is extraordinary, its building is so big and its looking expensive.

“Ready?” Minho asked as he walked to me, he went to park his car.

We both walked into the school.
With his hand in my shoulder.
“I will take you to every place in this school, you will be amazed especially when you see the swimming pool, and field.

“Swimming pool? Whatttttttt? Field? Fuckkkkkkkk. I love it here.

“You haven’t seen them yet.”

“But by hearing about it, this school was destined for me.”

OMG, it Minho.
He is so hot.
Gosh I wish he is my boyfriend.
I love Minho oppa.
Who is that girl?
His new girlfriend?
But she dress like a boy.

All the girls in the school where shouting and screaming.
“Why are they screaming?”

“Cause am like the hottest guy in school so its meant to happen, but its pissing me off, all girls seems to follow my every move. Sometimes I get injured by them.”

“Do you want them gone?” I asked.

“yeahhhhhh, anything will be appreciated.”

“OK fine leave it to me.” I said.

What does she mean by that?
“OK, OK, OK, everyone listen up.” She said.
I hope she won’t do or say anything bad.
Everyone focused their attention on her.
“This nigga right here is my boo, so you gonna have to maintain your asses round him or am gonna smack that ass.” She said.

Where did she even learn that slangs from she is a Korean but she just spoke like a black American. Forget that.
Am her boo?

Did Minho lose his taste?
She looks so boyish.
But she is really beautiful.
Yeah like have never really seen any one as beautiful as her.
Yeah, so cute.

The students murmured within themselves.
“You are really beautiful.” The school bully, Lilly said.

“Yeah.” Kimkim said.

“You are suppose to say thank you.”

“Thank you? For my own beauty? You just acknowledge the fact so why should I say thank you? Am really beautiful, that is not a compliment but acknowledgment. So you are right am beautiful.” Kimkim said.

Must of the student gasped cause they know who Lilly is while the boys laughed mockingly, at Kimkim cause they know what Lilly will do. The other student where glaring at Kimkim.

“Kimkim just stop let’s go.” I said.

“Yeah, am done here.” She said.

“You are not leaving here.” Lilly said.

“Girls.” She called her friends.

“Excuse you, why am I staying here? Do we have anything more to talk about or you want to acknowledge my beautiful self again?”

“I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget, you messed with the wrong person.”

“Great, its settled, she knows she is the wrong person. Cause the right person is awesome than you.”

“Kimkim let’s go back to class.” I said.

Lilly angrily slapped her, “you fool.”

Kimkim held her cheeks smiling.
“You just slapped the very wrong person.” She said and slapped Lilly twice, her two friends came to help but Kimkim slapped them twice each.

“Kimkim, the principal is coming, let’s go or say bye bye.”

Kimkim looked at Minho, Lilly was holding her tight on her leg.
Kimkim thought of what to do and smiled at her idea.

She fell on the floor and began to shout, “they are hurting me, they are bullying me at the first day in school. Help me.” She screamed, everyone were surprised. The principal rushed to her.

“What is going on here?”

“Well sir, this lady here just saw me and began to bully me cause am beautiful and I was with Minho, everyone here where laughing at me and am sure they will all tell a lie that I started it, just at the first day of school. I don’t want my education over so why will I ever bother them. Minho tried stopping them buy she held my leg and pushed me to the floor.”

What the heck?
She just told the opposite of what happened.
“Lilly to my office now.”
He said.

“But sir……”

“In fact you don’t have to go there again, you have been given two weeks detention cause before now I warned you to stop bullying students but you are so adamant on disobeying me. See what you done to this poor girl.” He said and looked at Kimkim.

“Your name?”

“Kim kimberly.”

“OK, so go to your class.” He said and left.

“How dare you?” Lilly asked.

“You don’t bully all students you see.”
Kimkim said.

I was too shock to say a word.
We both left.

Kimkim will be an atomic bomb in this school, thank goodness we are in the same class, I will be able to monitor her before she blast this school into pieces.

The headquarter was built, so quick, and we are moving.
Am the happiest person leaving on earth.
I will surprise Minho, I won’t tell Minho about it, I want surprise him.

Am leaving with just my grandma and mother, my sisters decided to. Stay behind cause of their career here in new York.

Someone knocked at my door.
“Who is there?”

“Young mistress, the jet is ready.” A male voice said.

“Are my mom and grandma out already?”


“Come take my bags out.” I said and left while he entered to do as I said.

Korea, here I come.


Episode four

🗣Wow she is awesome.
🗣She got brains.
🗣So smart.
🗣She put Lilly to her place
🗣I love her already.

I heard student saying.
Some where coming to me, like am the queen bee.
But I don’t like stuffs like this, am not been proud here, its how I was trained, when my dad was training me, he did not include all this in it.

“Wow unnie, what type of cream do you use.” A student asked.

“I don’t use any expensive cream just a less expensive one.”

“Wow, are you an angel?” Another student asked.


“Wow you are so beautiful, strong and wise.” Another said.

“Yes she looks so unreal like she had a plastic surgery.”

“No I was born this way.” I said.

“Wow ,she is an ethereal beauty.” Another said.

“Just like an animation character.” Another said.

“We should call her angel.” Another said.


They began to chant, thank goodness a teacher came in making them calm.
“You better get use to it, cause you are now the new queen of kimbok.” Minho said smiling.

“Stop smiling before I reshape your lips, I don’t want any of this.”

“Well you are my fake girlfriend so…….”

“Aish, we are cousins, coucous don’t forget that.”

“OK my fake bea coucou.”

“Crazy.” I said.

We arrived at Seoul the next day, can’t wait to see my sweetheart.
When we got down the plane, a limo was waiting for us with securities. More than ten security men.

“Mom what’s up with all this securities?” I asked.

“We can’t risk your life or anyone cause we don’t know if he will be after the ladies now.” Grandma said.

Well she is right, we don’t know who the killer is yet.

Grandma looked at me, “We are now in Korea Tanya, remember your mission. Remember what you are here to do.” She said.

“Don’t worry grandma, I know why am here, to avenge my family.” I said.

“And don’t forget, we got your back.” Mom said.
“Welcome back to korea big madam, madam and young mistress.” A lady dressed in suit said to us with a smile. “I am Mary park. The butler of your house. I will take you home now.” She said and led us.

We all left. We arrived at a very big house. Wow, it is bigger than our house in new York by 70 percent. Its so beautiful, mom really did a lot of work on it.

A lots of maids where waiting outside, both with securities, and five drivers.
They all bowed when we arrived.

“Hello everyone.” Mother said.

“Good day ma’am.” They all responded.

“As you know we are your bosses, and we are back to stay. You know your duties, so don’t ever make us remind you. I hope you do it properly.” She said.

They all responded with a I will do great ma’am.
Five maids rushed to take our luggages to oir room.

Its been a long day, Minho might be tired cause of school so I will see him tomorrow. That will be awesome.
He will be so shocked and surprise to see me.

(Yawns) I really need to rest.
I was taken to my room. It was nice. With water tiles in my restroom.
But I wont stay long in this house, my own house is under construction.
I need to have my privacy. And also, cause of Minho, so we can spend more time and my mission.
I took a shower and laid on my bed, within five minutes I was in the dreamland.

I couldn’t help but laugh at what happened at school.
Kimkim is one hell of a person.

I laid on my bed with a smile on my face.
Kimkim and Tanya will really be good friends cause they behave the same. Am sure they will be a team soon, and if that happens, kimbok will collapse to nothing. They are gonna set it on fire, if possible set it skeletal structure on fire too.

I need to call Tanya, I miss her a lot.

I picked my phone and dialed her number but she wasn’t picking ,maybe she’s busy, will call her tomorrow. I need to tell her about Kimkim. She will surely want to meet her.

I woke up late maybe cause I was tired.
I checked my phone and saw a missed call from Minho. My darling.

Its late already, he might be in class, don’t wanna bother him.
I will go visit him in school by eleven.

A knock came to my door. “Who’s there?” I asked.

“Young mistress, we came to clean your room and get your cloth ready for today.” They said.

I opened the door through a remote controller and five maids came in.
“Young mistress, we will be the ones serving you from now on, orders from madam.”

“OK, just do your job well.” I said and went to the bathroom to take my bath.

After taking my bath, I came back to my room and my cloth have been arranged on the bed, they know my style.

“I will be going out by eleven to visit someone at school, so arrange something proper for me by that time.” I said and wore the cloth they kept for me.

I went out of the room and met my grandma and mother, sitting in the living room.

“Morning mom, morning grandma.”

“My angel.” Grandma said.

“Its a good thing you are here, come sit down.” Mom said.

I sat down close to here.
“This two men here are going to be your personal bodyguards.” She said pointing at the two men in black. They where looking all meanny.

Do mother want to spoil my plan of meeting Minho, cause guards, they will surely watch my every move and give the report to mother. They can be poke nosy.
“But mother I don’t need them.”

“Yes you do and you are saying nothing young lady.”

That’s it, I can’t say anything again cause my mom is the type of person who remains adament in her word.

“I will be going out later, its been long I saw Minho.” I said.

They only know we are friends but not dating.
“OK, but make sure you come back early.”

I waited anxiously for the time and finally, it came.

I got dressed and left in my car but mom told me to let the driver drive for me and of course the so called body guards.
It was a long drive to kimbok high school.

Its lunch period. I walked over to Minho who was with his friends.

“Minho, should I get you something from the cafeteria?” I asked.

“No, we are going together.” He replied.

“Love birds.” His friends said.

“Let’s go.” Minho said and we left with him holding my hand.

We both entered the cafeteria and of course, we were the main attention of everyone there.

We both took our lunch and began to eat.
“As grown up as you are you still eat like a baby.” Minho said.

“What made you said that?”

“Come forward.”
I did. I was sitting opposite him and that made me stretch a lot towards him.
He then began to clean some part of my mouth.

“Minho.” We both heard a voice said. The both of us looked back and wow, I saw a pretty girl standing by the door. Pretty is an understatement, she is an angel. Like seriously, can someone be this pretty.

“Tanya?” Minho called.
She walked forward us and did something only my grandmother is allowed to do, she slapped me.

It was as if, I was tipsy that moment, my head spinned with shock, anger, and everything I don’t know of.

“Tanya why did you do that?” Minho asked, but instead of an answer she slapped him back.

“Cheater.” She said and left.

I wanted to go after her Minho held me back.
“Please don’t.” He said.

“That bitch how dare she? Who does she think she is?”

“Calm down, am also shocked by her action but I will explain everything to you. Please calm down.” He said.

The next time I meet that girl, I will make sure she goes to the hospital.

How dare Minho do this to me?
The thing I saw at the cafeteria is heartbreaking, he almost kissed her.
He is such a cheater.

Is this what he does in Korea?
Am sure she seduced him. She made a terrible mistake by doing that cause she don’t know who Tanya Lee is, I will have to show her. I will make sure she regrets ever knowing my Minho. She will suffer for it dearly, and its with her life. I hate when what I have is been taken away from me.

She is as good as dead and that is what I Tanya Lee promise.



Did Tanya over reacted?
If it where you, what will you have done?

The lee’s mansion.

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