Esther r0m@nç£finale

Esther r0m@nç£
When I checked on my phone much later, as
I changed into a towel for a nee-ded bath, I
was stunned to find 21 missed calls!
Fredrick had been calling me all the while;
certainly to tell me he was about to take
off. Too bad I was busy having se-x with my
housegirl! Of course, I called back and he
was rightly mad, asking me how I could
have totally forgotten entirely that he was
returning home that day.
The explanations had to begin and I
pleaded for his un-derstanding using our son
as an excuse.
I was going to be stupid to tell him I was
having se-x with our housegirl, of course!
And thankfully he soon mellowed down,
going on to tell me that he was in town
alre-ady and was going to be at home in a
few minutes time!
I tried being excited enough as that was the
expected thing to do. But as soon as I
dropped the call I ran out to the living room
and began putting things in order! It
seemed like Esther alre-ady suspected this
because I met her there alre-ady trying to
clean things up! I mean, my b0s0m milk
was everywhere as well as our sweats! And
we even had to involve detergent for some
areas to become clean!
Anyways, everything looked in perfect place
by the time Fredrick would get home. Both
myself and Esther were also changed into
new clothes after having separate bathes. It
was ha-rd for me, but I tried really well to
act as though nothing had ever happened
between the two of us! Fredrick also didn’t
seem to notice anything as he looked very
very happy to see me and the baby. He
asked about us and how we had been
pu-lling throu-gh. I wanted to make her a
quic-k meal but he asked me not to do so
yet as he had eaten before taking off. So we
spent our time talking about a lot of other
things that had happened at their station
and why they were temporarily discharged.
All the while, Esther stayed in her room
rather mysteriously, and I had to check her
up on one of the times I walked past there
to pick up something for the baby in our
be-droom. However, real pandemonium broke
out, when Esther c@m£ out to tell us that
she wanted to fetch a bucket of water
behind the house since none of the taps
within the house was running anymore; to
which we said okay. But for over an hour
and half, she was yet to return!…….
Of course, real worry set in, and we began
calling her from inside the house, to which
there was no response! We had to go
outside ourselves – me first, before Fredrick
– and yet no answer! And as though to
make the situation even creepier, we met
the bucket she had left the house with,
sitting right un-der the pump at the
backyard, but with no water inside it! Had
she gone somewhere to buy something?
But what? We both hadn’t s£nt her on an
errand except for the water she was to
Was she kidnapped? How could she have
disappeared just like that? That bec@m£ our
biggest fear as we began asking neighbours
if they had seen her; after over 5 hours of
s£nding her to fetch a bucket of water and
yet without any signs of her! We had just
returned from doing this though, when we
heard the door, and on opening up, saw my
What a surprise! And just like most times,
there was no way she could tell us she was
coming over! That also wasn’t just the only
Because, right behind her, was a girl who
she later introduced as Ogechi – a
housegirl she had just found me, after three
months of searching for one!! Of course, I
nearly went berserk hearing her say that! So
who s£nt Esther?
“Who’s Esther?” was the reply I got from
I almost pas-sed out!
So for that night and many many nights to
come, myself and my family never ever
st©pped talking about this very girl Esther
who had stayed and made herself p@rt of us
for quite a long time! They never st©pped
postulating what she may have come for
and who she likely was! Mum even claimed
there was no single girl called Esther within
our community, ma-king it even more eerie!
So who was Esther? Who was the girl that
had begun with being too good and useful
to be real, before ending with being so
‘sweet’ and ‘s-en-su@l’ to be human! She
spent exactly 3 months and some weeks
with us, and those days would never st©p
counting as the best days of my life! We
shared her story with friends and extended
family, and their suggestions kept looking
ever frightening! But who wouldn’t be, after
such an experience?!
Anyways, while the Story of Esther has
continually stricken fear in me; s£nding
brutal cold shivers down my spine, I still
manage a grin or two anytime I remember
her. Today, the sight of milk, and of course
the smell too, ha-rd ly ever fail to get me
thinking about our little secret. But then, if I
was ever thinking that Esther was just your
average young girl, then I must have been
so wrong. Because, just about 3 months
later, a good friend called and asked if I
had directed any housegirl to her house!
When I said no, she then said a girl of
about 23 visited her that morning, and had
told her I had s£nt her.
“And what did she say her name was?” I
quic-kly asked.
“Esther. She said her name was Esther.”
***T he End***