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June 20, 2021


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Esther romance episode 6 & 7

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Episode 6&7


Episode 6


I equally quickly shut my thighs in a thud,

and turned around swiftly! Only to find her

staring into my face, when I opened my eyes


But then, I was additionally staggered when

I equally saw that she had gone totally

Unclad from head to waist – with her bare

breasts wet and glowing in the shining

electric light above us! Even her dress was

drenched too – obviously by my bathwater.

And for a long time we just stood there

staring at each other without saying a


After what seemed like ages, I began

releasing her caught hand as I simply

didn’t know how to take up the moment

from this point! And as soon as I did,

Esther quickly pulled her dress over her

Unclad breasts, and with some scrambling,

managed to make her way out of the

flooded bathtub! I watched her walk away

from me! And watched her nightdress look

grossly drenched, as it clung onto her tiny

young frame! Things are likely going to look

different now, it appears!

But the real question now though was,

“what in the world, have I just done?”


Episode 7


I practically almost stayed up the whole

night and when I did sleep at all, it was

likely towards the final 20 or so minutes to

the breaking of day! The night looked so

unreal as I kept trying to understand how

the last few hours even got to happen in

the first instance! Meanwhile, Esther went


to her bedroom as soon as she left

the bathroom, and I assumed she slept off

immediately too. As for me, I didn’t even

bother completing the bath, instead went

for the towel with which I cleaned myself


Until I got into my bedroom, it kept looking

as though I was floating. And even after

getting into bed, I still found it difficult to

believe I was still in the real world! After all,

if I was ever told that the girl I had just

brought into my household was in fact of a

queer S#xual disposition, I was likely never

going to believe it. But everything was

currently pointing to that at this moment.

The indifference in matters that concern

boys; her rather skewed interest in me

instead; and all other things, were supposed

to give me the clue, but I just couldn’t see

them like they were.

Now I was faced with a very difficult

decision to make. What do I do with her?

Shouldn’t I be sending her packing the next

day? Should I call Fredrick to tell him?

Should I send a messenger to mum and

explain that the girl she had sent to me was

indeed queer?!! These were countless

questions I just struggled to answer, and I

was still trying to do so, when I eventually

dozed off to sleep! But untypical

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of her,

Esther was the one who woke me up at

exactly sharp 6am the next morning, and

she was carrying Kennedy who was

probably the reason why she woke before

me! My eyes fluttered as I struggled to

break away from my dizziness, and as soon

as I saw her face, I was reminded why she


the best housegirl I’ve ever had! And

would likely ever do. Her dutifulness was


And while I found it really surprising that

she could even have the guts to face me

again that very morning after what

transpired between us the previous night, I

still managed a grin as I collected my baby

from her.


Of course, it soon became clear though,

that a lot have shifted ground between us.

Within that very morning alone, I easily

noticed the obvious effort the both of us

made to avoid too much of each other. She

was the less restrained of the two of us

though, and did come to me for instructions

when she wanted to embark on a chore or

task. She even comfortably maintained eye

contact while she spoke to me, which I on

the other hand, found it painfully difficult to

do! Instead, I was always avoiding her eyes

and generally steering clear of moments of

likely embarrassment. Nobody said a word

about the previous night, nonetheless. In

fact, we both behaved like it never existed

as we in no way really held any casual

conversations as such. But that didn’t stop

my mind from occasionally straying to the

incident and of course facing the same

question that had bugged me all night –

‘what now?!’ What was to be the next step?

I couldn’t be sure the previous night would

never happen again. Who even entertains a

S#xual relationship with her housegirl?

Who survives such? The lack of respect that

will follow; the lack of regard and all. Just

a few of the things that would surely fade

away now!

Esther had been a good girl but who


Who knows if all these things could just

change in an instant with what had just

happened? Any sane person would happily

pile the entire blame on her at this stage

and then use it as a reason for sending her

back to her people.

Because you never can tell who she’s going

to tell tomorrow. Nothing damaging really

happened basically; after all I stopped her

when it looked like she was going beyond

her boundaries. But that is something just

the both of us know. I had a bath, and both

of us where in that bathroom together! And

I was Unclad; something that can’t be

easily explained!

These very three are real facts, the fourth

fact about her actually bathing me, was

indeed the more dangerous of all! If anyone

were to hear that then there was going to

be real trouble!

And I haven’t even mentioned Fredrick! I

knew it was unlikely, but what if he finds

enough evidence to learn about this very

incident? What if he gets to know that his

wife came close to cheating on him; and

with a fellow woman?! Needless explaining

what end that would bring!

So the concerns remained. And very plenty,

were they! Esther on her part looked barely

perturbed. And as she went about her

chores with an impeccable level of dexterity,

I just couldn’t help but pity my position

even more!

Wouldn’t it be sheer wickedness if I sent her

packing despite all the good and usefulness

she had contributed since she entered my

home? Wouldn’t I be paying good with evil

if I were to terminate this great chance I

had provided her to go back into school?

Yes, she was queer. And yes, she did what

few or no housemaid would ever dare. But

wouldn’t it be at least right to reward her

for the good before sending her home if I

must? I was hooked! The more I looked at

her, the more I got ever troubled. It wasn’t

until I managed a nap – after finally doing

some baby stuff that ended with Kennedy

going to sleep – that a bit of sanity

eventually returned to my head! By the time

I would wake up, Esther had made us lunch

and was already feeding the baby with

cereal! I was left speechless, and just had to

say thank you as I walked past her to the

dinning to eat lunch! With that, there was

definitely no way she wasn’t staying!

She was simply too handy to go! I guess

that about settled the matter. And I also

began suspecting that she did gradually

begin learning her lessons too. Because I

did watch earnestly as the day quietly ran

out, without either of us bringing up the

topic of hiring a movie for the coming

night! Guess we both now felt we had seen

enough, and it did particularly feel like a

real lesson learnt on the part of Esther! In

fact, not long after we got done with lunch,

we had a first real reason to hold an actual

chat. She had gone into the kitchen to do

the dishes and while doing so, began

humming one of the many Shania Twain

songs she usually sings at home. It felt so

refreshing and brought instant colours to a

house that was already looking grim and

grey! So much so that I had to begin trying

to join her from the living room where I was

seated. Of course being not so wonderful

myself, I only ended up messing her song

up a bit! Thus bringing both of us a very

long laughter as we giggled at my terrible

voice! And it wasn’t even ending here,

because Esther still began making a bigger

deal out of the little moment and soon

started trying to teach me how to use my

voice in order to get the best out of it!


To be continued

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