Esther r0m@nç£episode 4

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 4
Yet, that same day I had asked her if she’s
ever had a b©yfri£nd, did mark the
beginning of a sudden but obvious change
in Esther’s choice of movies! Given I usually
left the choice of what movie to bring home
on hire to her, she had always brou-ght
home movies of any genre she liked; albeit
all of them constantly coming out very
good and entertaining! So once there was a
change, I instantly noticed! For, on that very
night, I initially observed how she avoided
bringing the movie to me before hand to
tell me all she was told about it at the
‘club’, and instead kept hiding it from me
until we were set to watch it together.
And when she eventually slotted it into the
VCR pla-yer, I was a bit taken aback as the
movie pla-yed on. It was indeed a r0m@nç£
movie – ‘Show Me Love’ by Lukas
Moodyson! But it wasn’t just your everyday
r0m@nç£; it was heavily l£sb!an themed!
At first, I didn’t notice this, until I began
observing how the two main female
characters gradually got closer and closer
in the plot! What did strike me most
though, was how rather engrossed Esther
looked as the movie rolled on from one l
£sb!an se-x scene to another! She giggled
occasionally to what was being said, and
even tried explaining some scenes I did find
a bit ha-rd to follow.
While I sporadically commented, I was
largely quiet throu-ghout, as I remained
stretched between accepting the reality
unfolding before me, and turning another
blind eye to it!
Be that as it may, as though this very night
was only the first minute of a very long
troubling p@rty, Esther returned home the
following day with yet another l£sb!an
r0m@nç£movie – ‘Bound’, by Andy and
Lana Wachowski! Not only did she do so,
she equally even brou-ght it to me to see! I
had never seen her this bold before! And the
thri-ll in her voice was just unbeatable!
Oddly enough, I still found myself not
saying enough! I still caught myself finding
it incredibly difficult to use the right words
for this unfolding troubling state of affairs!
So when Esther brou-ght her current find to
me, all I could do was smile and watch as
she explained all she had heard about the
movie! And my, if I thought ‘Show Me Love’
was h0t, then ‘Bound’ was pure flames,
despite being 2 years older! Gina Gershon
was adorable in her l£sb!an role and what
could be S-xier than a Jennifer Tilly?! They
both made me wish it was indeed a boy-
girl movie as they made love ruthlessly like
forever! Esther on her p@rt was lost for
words as she uncharacteristically watched
2-3rd of the movie in grave silence! It
wasn’t until the screen before us began
showing the names of cast, that we did
realize that we still had our dinner in our
hands; and largely unfinished!
The real jump though, c@m£ the next day!
Alre-ady, at this point, I was expectedly
feeling the crushing pressure to act quic-kly
before this new trend went out of hand! I
nee-ded nob©dy to tell me now that I had to
st©p Esther from continuing with this as it
simply meant one thing – we were both
obviously enjoying something which was
largely forbidden! Girl-girl relationsh!pwas
sinister, as far as I knew!
And watching them on movies wasn’t
ma-king them any less so. Moreover, seeing
‘Bound’ the previous night, brou-ght me a
rather surprising level of S#xual
heightening, as the characters involved
really pla-yed their roles rather well. But
being women, this was something I didn’t
nee-d to see again! However though, the
more I thought about this, the more
powerless I only bec@m£!
In fact, when Esther c@m£ to me that
afternoon to ask for money to go hire a new
movie, I found myself locating my little
purse without hesitation, from where I
pu-ll-ed out a note and handed her without
even saying a word! It was only after she
had left, that the burden of guilt fell on me
once again, even though another side of me
kept feeling a tinge of excitement at what
new movie (obviously l£sb!an themed) she
was likely going to bring home! And it only
got more unbearable as several minutes
pas-sed without Esther returning! I soon
couldn’t even tell if my being tensed had to
do with my excitement about the movie I
was about to watch, or the fact that I was
getting worried about her staying too long!
Both looked like genuine answers. However,
she still finally returned! And when she
asked me if I wished to bathe first before
seeing the movie, my answer was a fraught
“after the movie!”, as I was alre-ady too
desperate to face the TV! Anyways, when we
eventually did, I realized the movie before
me would only make ‘Bound’, look like
child’s pla-y!
I didn’t even know how to react this time!
We both just sat there motionless as the
movie titled ‘The Ages Of Lulu’ began
pla-ying right before us! From the onset, I
could tell it was likely R-rated considering
the role of nudity right from the early
scenes! And while the movie wasn’t exactly
p©rnogra-phy in the strict s-en-se of the word,
it was highly ero-tic , and showed a lot of
flesh! This was very different to the two
movies Esther had brou-ght home the
previous days. Those ones where more
about the ro-mantic storylines and less
about the eroti-cism. This one was still
ro-mantic, but intense on nudity and l£sb!an
oral se-x!
Sure she had taken a very high jump this
time around! And I did know I was quite in
trouble when ba-rely a full 20 minutes in,
and I began feeling myself moistening up
terribly between the legs! It did indeed
bewilder me, since I never ever thought I
would likely get to a point like this one! And
I mysteriously never quite went dry again,
until the movie was completely over!
However, it did turn out that I wasn’t the
only one feeling this arou-sedat the end of
the day. Because by merely looking at
Esther, I instantly s-en-sed she was likely
feeling same too. Moreover, we were yet to
speak to each other since right from the
start of the movie.
And it wasn’t until she eventually stood
from her seat – after a rather long awkward
stillness between us – that she finally
The standing anyway, did bring with it
further confirmation to my earlier suspicion,
because just as soon as she stood up, I
instantly found a little we-t patch just
behind her shinny nightie towards her lower
bu-m! Esther was indeed, creaming herself
all along!
“Do you still want to bathe, Aunty?” she
then suddenly asked me, catching my eyes
as they returned from staring at the we-t
patch on her bu-m!
“I’m not sure…any…more,” I managed to
answer, looking away from her gaze! I was
frankly too exhausted to use the shower
now, and if there was anything my b©dy
nee-ded at that moment, it had to be a really
good round of se-x with my husband,
Fredrick! Too bad he wasn’t home on a
night I was just made to feel really h—y.
“In fact I don’t think so.” I finally
She didn’t say another word, but turned and
walked away; while trying to hide the we-t
sp©t with a piece of cloth she had now worn
around her h!ps.
It now seemed I would be going straight to
be-d, and in seconds I stood from the sofa I
had been sitting on and began walking out
of the living room. But then, I had only just
managed to get into my be-droom, when
Esther reappeared again, rather
“I’ve made you bathe water ma.” she
declared from nowhere! “I also put a seat
for you to sit since you said you are tired.”
It instantly looked like I was missing
something. “I thought I just said I wasn’t
interested in bathing anymore?” I asked her
with a confused face.