Esther r0m@nç£episode 18

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 18
Her next action, after quite some time was
to slide down my b©dy straight to my K!
This brou-ght her own v—a to my face yet
again, and I didn’t wait to be invited before
bringing my mouth to it once more!
The remnants of her last c—-x could still
be tasted on her, and she was still crazily
drenched! Coincidentally, we both brou-ght
our mouths to each other’s crotches
simultaneously and as I ate her out, she ate
me out too
! But it did look like that wasn’t her primary
aim because she soon began attempting to
move further down my legs. However, I did
seem to be enjoying eating her too much to
let her do so. Hence, I held onto her sweaty
things while I munched away! She kept
trying to break away, but yet couldn’t! And
over time, it did begin looking like she was
being torn between remaining seated on my
face and crawling away as the plea-sure my
mouth generated kept getting only better!
Nonetheless, it was her de-sire to slide down
my legs that did prevail, but before she did,
I succeeded in introducing a f!nger into her
K!ttyC@t! She wailed like she was being
Gawwwd, she was still freaking we-t!
She slid away from me and my buried
f!nger; forcing me to bring said f!nger to my
mouth as I watched her turn around on my
sweaty b©dy! I didn’t un-derstand what she
was up to, until she began adjusting herself
so that both her legs would lock into both
of mine! We now looked like two scissors
trying to cut into each other, and as soon
as her K!ttyC@t t©uçhed mine, she began
ru-bbing hers against it in quic-k succession!
Of course, it did amaze me how she had
learnt all these things as they appeared
totally strange to me! But my, who said I
wasn’t loving every bit of it?! I began
re-ciprocating just as soon; letting my own
K!ttyC@t roll over hers as well! So we were
basically crushing our sli-ppery √vl√as
against each other; and how wonderful that
felt! We gro-an ed and whined, as our bodies
rocked back and forth! She had her hand on
my l@p where she was gr-abbing me so
And I had mine or her toes with which I
pu-ll-ed her even closer to me as I craved to
have all of her! We twisted and bowed
ourselves as the overwhelming plea-sure we
were both getting kept driving us to cloud
9! And it wasn’t long before I began
noticing another wave of c—-x
approaching! This time, for the two of us!
She was the first to get there and she
instantly attem-pted to jump off my b©dy,
but ultimately failed as her b©dy slid her
back down in violent quiver! Her K!ttyC@t
drooled an endless string of sweet nectar
onto my crotch which were still all smeared
back into the skin of my pelvis ultimately;
as her bu-tt0ckz ru-bbe-d back and forth in
her staggering attempt to regain control!
Mine was equally, alre-ady at the ti-p and I
had to gr-ab her to keep myself from going
nuts! This kept our v@g!n@ s together as we
both poured our fluids onto ourselves,
screaming and m0an!ng loudly! It took
quite a moment before I could get done,
and it left the area un-der us, in a very
sticky mess! Our bodies did finally calm
down again, and as soon as we unlocked
ourselves, we both simultaneously
coll@psed into the floors behind us! I was a
mess and was mighty exhausted, to say the