Esther r0m@nç£episode 16

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 16
We k!$$£d and sU-Cked ourl-ips like women
on fire! I didn’t withhold anything as I’d
been totally str!pped of every form of
restraint I still had! Esther was an
incredible k!ss£r and she virtually ate my
mouth off as she moved from bothl-ips to
my ton-gue at timely intervals!
After what seemed like ages, she pu-ll-ed
away, regaining her breathe, and then
began dropping back down to my brea-sts
once more!
She was apparently being b!own away by
them! And she quic-kly snatched one up,
violently gr-abbing it and munching up as
much of it as she could! Raw b0s0m milk
graced her mouth in reward; filling her
orifices, and leaking away from the sides of
her slightly openl-ips! I watched on,
pressing the other of my ti-p in search of
balance, and getting even more milk to
spray sporadically into the air, catching her
She was nonetheless busy; sU-Cking and
ni-bbling on my other engorged ti-p! She
however soon switched to the other b0s0m
where I had my f!nger, and took both my
f!ngersand spraying ti-p, in her mouth! I
She wasn’t st©pping there still! She was
going to begin alternating between the two
very ra-pidly, and she did! She switched from
one milk factory to another, bringing me to
another level of S#xual heightening! Of
course my swollen areolas and ti-ps
couldn’t handle the increa-sed pressure and
thus began jetting even more milk at the
slightest of t©uçhes!
Esther’s face and b©dy were soon covered
in milk as projectiles after projectiles sh0t
into her full mouth, causing the overflow to
inevitably come pouring down onto her own
She seemed to want it that way and thus
continued sU-Cking on both ti-ps avidly! It
wasn’t until she looked full, that she began
ma-king it up to my face once again! And as
soon as our faces were in tou-ching
distance, we resumed our k!sslike before!
She was even more aggressive this time,
intently pu-lling on my lower l-ips o ha-rd with
her mouth, that it almost hurt! Our ton-gues
also fli-cked and speared each other! And
every long sU-Ck was followed by tender
m0ans which filled the room with k!ss-
sounds! It was just ha-rd not to see my little
baby dreaming about k!sses and probably
angels, with such sounds filling his ears
while asleep!
Esther on her p@rt soon began to get her
own brea-sts involved too! We were still
k!ss!ngwhen she began ru-bbing her very
ha-rd ti-ps over mine! She would ru-b them
up and down, and then side to side, ma-king
invincible circles with them over my swollen
melons! I m0aned into her mouth at every
contact our ti-ps made!
It was just too d–n ero-tic !
Her ha-rd ness, against my sli-ppery we-t point,
made it just the perfect match! And she was
still at it when I felt her hand return in-
between my legs, scooping my entire v—a
in her palm at first, before running her
f!ngersalong my dripping slit! It just felt
too good! I kept m0an!ng! I kept jo-lting,
with my legs almost rising and hanging
onto her bu-tt0ckz! Her t©uçh down there,
had just reminded me by how much I
nee-ded something inside my glutinous hole!
But she wasn’t going to do that just yet as
she seemed to be more interested in teasing
me, and maybe getting me to beg for it!
She kept circling the area, mas-saging my
v—a and at other times, my cl!t! I was still
being killed softly in anticipation, when she
suddenly began gesturing me to move
down, and as soon as I reached her che-st,
she quic-kly got me to take one of her
brea-sts in my mouth!
I concurred, swallowing her ti-p in one
single plunge, and forcing the thing even
dee-per into my mouth! She sighed heavily