Esther r0m@nç£episode 15

Episode 15
Absolute calm followed again! My th!ghs
openly trembled, and I was sure she could
see and feel it! The height of my S#xual
tension at this point was immeasurable and
I could feel myself soaking my Sk-irt
un-derneath, rather helplessly! I was
smoldering! No doubt! When she moved
again, it was to sq££ze my large areola
once more! And this time, she kept on with
it, bringing me countless tingles as I my
b©dy visibly jo-lted at every sq££ze! My
mouth had gone slightly open, and my
breathing much more heavier! When she
made a rather forward attempt at going for
my inner th!ghs, I wi-de-ned out that very
th!gh without hesitation to give her more
room to do so! Her palm felt so cold as it
c@m£ in contact with my horribly we-t skin!
And she smeared my fluids all over me as
she glided her hand towards my K!ttyC@t!
The suspense was maddening and I
couldn’t just wait for her hand to get there!
My left leg had so wi-de-ned out now, that if
anyone were sitting in front of us, he would
have seen my pri-vates so clearly, despite
still carrying Kennedy! Kennedy was almost
asleep now by the way, with Esther’s gentle
sq££zes the only action happening around
the ti-p of my excited b0s0m!
Besides, it was around this time that she
suddenly decided to gently pu-ll out my ti-p
from my slee-ping baby’s mouth,
And as soon as she went on to t©uçh up
the very sli-ppery milk-oozing ti-p, I had no
option but to slightly turn and drop
Kennedy on the sofa beside me! I had
surely had enough!
As soon as I returned back, I shut my eyes
so ti-ghtly! ‘Do to me anything you wish’,
was the obvious message now as I brou-ght
both palms over the lower p@rt of my face
in trembling wait! Both palms shook almost
violently, and so was my entire b©dy too!
My K!ttyC@t, was soa-ked beyond words and
my brea-sts couldn’t st©p heaving up and
down in maddening arousal!
Esther whose hands had momentarily
withdrawn from me, was the first to move
again! She first shifted closer towards me,
bringing her b©dy to make contact with
I had ba-rely recovered from this when she
suddenly gr@bb£d my free b0s0m rather
aggressively and began to sU-Ckle and sq
££ze on it! I jumped like I had been thrown
some firework while m0an!ng so loudly! The
feeling was just immense and she ba-rely let
me land before dropping her other hand in-
between my th!ghs and reaching for my
sodden K!ttyC@t too!
She must have met a water dam down
there, because she seamlessly began to
equally ru-b my v—a right away; with my
fluids clearly creating amply lubrication! I
was tense, and my breathing had become
even more laboured; pausing repeatedly at
every anticipation of what her hands were
about to do! She was still eating on my ti-p,
sU-Cking and l@pping on the b0s0m milk
that inevitably spewed into her mouth! It
felt so d–n fantastic!
And it even got better when Esther went on
to find my cl!t! It had noticeably crept out
of its hood, and as soon as her f!nger slid
across the stiff sli-ppery knob, I saw myself
jump yet again, while gr-abbing her arm so
She pla-yed around more with it; mas-saging
and ru-bbing her f!ngersacross it! Endless
g@sps and hisses left my mouth as I melted
in her hands! I had spre-ad my legs as wi-de
as I could now with my Sk-irt almost
bundled up my h!ps!
And this was when she began undressing
herself! She was on a go-wn so it was easy
for her to get out of it! Once she had done
so, she brou-ght her hand on the band of my
own Sk-irt, and began pu-lling it off too!
Soon, I was left with just my t©p, and that
was when she pu-ll-ed me up to my feet in
one single lug! I concurred, standing as
swiftly as she pu-ll-ed! And I had ba-rely done
so, when she returned back to my b0s0m!
She sU-Cked and li-cked on my ti-p, giving it
no respite!
All I could do was watch and m0an in sheer
plea-sure as she virtually sU-Cked my areola
Moreover, her other hand had also returned
to the triangle between my legs! And as
soon as I felt her f!ngersthere, I p@rted my
standing legs to give her enough room! She
ran a f!nger along my slit, intentionally
allowing the ti-p of said f!nger to gently
trigger the ha-rd end of my cl!t! Each fli-ck
made my legs shudder; causing me to go
weak in the knees! When she tried
introducing the f!nger into my soa-ked
opening, I gave out a loud yell! She smiled!
She also didn’t proceed – she was
obviously teasing me now! Instead, she
motioned me to pu-ll off my blouse, which I
quic-kly did without hesitation! And both
brea-sts dangled inevitably as they returned
back to position!
“Ohh gaaawwd…” I then heard her mutter
almost inaudibly! She must have been
knocked off by both the swaying, and the
undeniably tempting de-ep valley of cleavage
I have between both jugs!
And she didn’t wait for me to drop the
blouse, before burying her face in-between
both brea-sts in sheer animal lvst! She
m0aned into my che-st, as she li-cked and
k!$$£d my cle-avageand the insides of my
She also repeatedly ru-bbe-d both brea-sts
vigorously, all over her face, further proving
that she had de-sired these mammaries for
so long! It took quite some time before she
would eventually pu-ll her face out! And as
soon as she did, our eyes met! Even though
I couldn’t exactly retain any lengthy eye
contact, I still saw the sheer de-sire and lvst
in them! And she proceeded to act on that,
when she began lifting her face towards
mine! In ba-rely half a moment, we were
engaged in a very pas-sionate k!ss!
To be continued