Esther r0m@nç£episode 14

Episode 14..
Esther anyways, was soon done and out of
the bathroom. She was on a fresh dress
when she entered the living room again and
instantly began talking to me! It was of
course expectedly unsettling and for a long
while I battled with my concentration. It
was after I had regained some sort of focus
that I un-derstood that she was in fact
talking about the bathroom tap running out
of water while she was bathing. Apparently,
water must have been cut off at the supply
point and that should mean she may have
to look for a compound she would fetch
from, for cooking in the evening. As she
said these things, she kept coming close to
me, until she eventually sat beside me,
bringing me fresh levels of unease!
When I wanted to say yes to what she
narrated, I began finding it very ha-rd saying
something audible once more! Moreover, for
every movement of her hand as she tried
tying up her hair behind, I kept being
injected a load or two of extra nerves! I was
coll@psing within me, and the re-awakened
state of my ra-pidly moistening K!ttyC@t
was more than enough evidence to it! But
frankly, I wasn’t wanting this to happen
again. At least for Fredrick! It was only
appropriate to keep myself and wait until he
was home before unleashing this new beast
Esther had created in me! Unfortunately,
just when I thought I was probably going to
win this very phase of the battle – as Esther
suddenly stood to leave for the be-droom –
we both heard Kennedy begin to cry, all of
Instanthalt followed!
And it suddenly looked like we both
immediately un-derstood what that cry
I may have told myself I was going to make
him Tea for his next meal, but the last time
Kennedy woke up around this time after a
nap, we do know how our day ended! So for
quite some seconds, the two of us just
remained motionless, while the wail of my
baby kept rupturing throu-gh the roof of the
entire house!
And even when we did move, it was Esther
who still made the move. She suddenly
broke away from the rather weird halt and
began rushing into the be-drooms. I waited;
unsure of what was likely coming. I began
picking up the baby flask containing the
tea, which wasn’t very far from me. And I
had ba-rely pu-ll-ed off the cover when Esther
re-entered with Kennedy in her hands. He
had alre-ady st©pped crying rather
thankfully! But then…
“I think…he nee-ds b0s0m milk, Aunty.” she
unexpectedly declared from nowhere!
I looked up at her, meeting her gaze but
still proceeded to pick up the baby from her
as she stretched her hands to hand him
“Letttt…me get his bib” she added again,
turning to head back to the be-drooms.
Obviously, she was hoping that I’d do as
she said!
As for me, I wasn’t exactly myself. For a
few seconds, I aimlessly switched from
adjusting my baby’s dress and lifting the
flask of tea only to drop it back down
again! I just couldn’t believe what was
happening to me!
“Here is it, Aunty.” I then suddenly heard
Esther say again. I obviously did not know
when she returned. And she didn’t just try
giving it to me, instead, she went on to
wear it over Kennedy’s che-st!
I wanted to tell her I had made tea for him,
so wouldn’t bother about b0s0m milk yet.
But after opening my mouth severally, no
words could just come out! By the way,
simply having her by my side, and with the
thought of b0s0m milk alre-ady crossing my
mind; were just enough to return me to a
new level of horniness!
I still marauded aimlessly for a while more,
with no clear intentions in my mind! Esther
was now seated to my left watching on as
my hands moved from pillar to post with no
clear aims!
My heart was beating at triple the rate! My
f!ngersopenly shook in nerves as my b©dy
practically crushed un-der the incredible
weight of my tormenting de-sires!I could
ba-rely deny it anymore – I wanted this as
much as she did and it’s been mere
anticipation that has kept bringing me this
incredible level of unease!
Even when she suddenly lifted one of her
hands just to simply adjust one of
Kennedy’s folded legs, my heart quic-kly
raced away like a dart, with my K!ttyC@t
equally getting an abrupt rush of fresh
warm fluids! I had totally thought, she was
trying to t©uçh me! Oh dear!
How would I get throu-gh all these? I wasn’t
just seeing the possibility! Fredrick actually
deserved more, but who could have resisted
such tormenting de-sires! After what seemed
like ages, I yielded to lvst, and right before
Esther’s eyes, I pu-ll-ed out my left b0s0m!
Goodness me, my areola (which were so
swollen) were almost purple in thickening
arousal, when I saw them!
And Esther g@sped! Just then! What could
be more self-revea-ling? Moreover, the sight
before us was alre-ady telling us how
desperately turned on my b©dy was! My
b0s0m was so large and full of milk, with
my stiff long ti-p leaking the viscous liquid
in dribbles alre-ady!
She may not have seen my K!ttyC@t to
know I was equally leaking down there, but I
was going to as-sume that the much she
was seeing would be enough to explain it!
When my hand t©uçhed the ti-p of my
b0s0m, I j£rked a little as I was predictably
alre-ady hyper-s-en-sitive around there! I
brou-ght my equally s-en-sitive ti-p to
Kennedy’s mouth and he quic-kly picked it
up between hisl-ips; bringing instant g@sp
to my own mouth too! There was ba-rely
anything to hide anymore and while I was
still avoiding Esther’s eyes, I didn’t fail to
notice how she constantly kept shifting in
towards me, gradually! We both un-derstood
what was likely going to follow! We both
were seeing it and probably have also
embr@ced it now! After all, it was just only
a few moments into Kennedy’s sU-Ckling,
when I suddenly heard her speak…
“Leeee… me help you…” she requested,
lifting her hand alre-ady as she spoke, and
placing her f!ngersover mine on my
expo-sed b0s0m!
My heart skipped again! And this time, for
the real reason!
I swallowed ha-rd , stifling up for a while!
I wanted to look at her face but refused
doing so! I couldn’t even verbally respond
to her offer! There was graveyard silence as
just the sU-Ckling sound of my baby filled
the room afterwards! I could equally hear
my heart thumping at a very fast rate in
short intervals as my nerves approached
explosion point!
We remained that way for quite a while as
Kennedy continued sU-Cking on my ti-p!
And it wasn’t until she suddenly decided to
apply pressure on my areola throu-gh my
own f!ngers, that I was compelled to j£rk
slightly as the spasm of sheer plea-sure it
brou-ght, ra-pidly travelled up my spine! I
shifted my legs a bit, working so ha-rd to
hide the fact that my b©dy was seriously
betraying me! But she did seem like she
knew, because she repeated the sq££ze yet
again, this time, ma-king it last a little
longer! I gro-an ed in my breathe, as both
brea-sts heaved repeatedly! I had to bite
down my ton-gue momentarily to st©p any
sounds from coming out of my slightly
The flame was rising for sure, and my
th!ghs were alre-ady receiving a fair share of
the impact – I was dead-drenched!
However, the true temptation did come,
when we both began noticing that Kennedy
was likely going back to sleep again!
Because just then, I felt Esther’s other hand
on my left l@p! And once it did, I saw my
th!gh give in!