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Esther romance episode 1

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Esther romance

Episode 1



When I asked her her name, her reply was

simple – “Esther”. I didn’t remember to ask

for her last name and she never told me. So

I just knew her as Esther. From that

moment when she walked into my living

room for the very first time ever, I never

stopped feeling that there was something

rather awkward about her. She just did not

add up for me at all; for reasons I just

couldn’t place a finger on. It wasn’t

because of her appearance – she was

unimaginably decorous and well-mannered.

It wasn’t about how she spoke too, for she

was eloquently tailored. It wasn’t even

about her poise, because she looked

generally compact, and easily beamed in

smiles if there was any reason to. So it

wasn’t any of those at all, and I was very

sure it wasn’t. But what it was, I still

couldn’t tell. All I could tell was that Esther

was different. Of all the housegirls I had

ever kept in my home, she was totally

distinctive. And apart from the seeming

mystery that surrounded her person, she

was also different in so many other ways.

I was expecting a girl quite alright. A

housegirl. Of which, I had told my mum who

was at the village, to help me find someone.

The last two girls I had stayed with, were all

from her, and they were really really good

girls. They only had to leave and return

back to their parents just because their

people wanted them back and not because I

wanted them to leave. So, I’d be right if I

say that I have had a bit of luck with

housegirls and was yet to experience all the

bad things a lot of fellow mothers keep

telling me about staying with house-helps.

Moreover, my mom is a generally shrewd

person, and has never been one to work by

assumptions. She always says she’s never

failed to visit the girl’s home as well as

speak with people who know her before

deciding on bringing her to stay with her

daughter. And it has always paid off


I was on my first issue, after two

pregnancies (lost my first child just after

birth), and having these girls at the time

made things much simpler for me. So,

barely days after the last one left my house,

I began pestering my mum – who was also

staying with me as at that time – to help

me get another girl. She agreed.

It was just a day after she had left for the

village, that Esther knocked on my door.

While it felt strange, given mum could have

barely been able to find a girl in just 24

hours, I eventually relaxed when she

explained that it was my mother that

directed her to my place. Moreover, mum

had no cell phone, as I hadn’t bought her

one yet – bearing in mind how expensive it

was back then in 1999 – so it was just

difficult to confirm what the young lady

before me was saying.


But considering how desperate I was for a

housegirl, I knew I needed to accept her in;

even with the apparent oddities surrounding

her person. She indeed looked very different

from the other girls that had stayed with

me; even in looks too. She was distinctly

good-looking, sharply contrasting what I

had ever had in my house; with very thick

eye brows that beautifully curled in at every

facial expression she made.

Her skin was peculiar too; caramel brown in

precise; as against that of the previous girls

who were very fair. She appeared older as

well, and did confirm she was 22, when I

asked; and with an SSCE certificate (the

previous girls were only 17 and 19

respectively, and hadn’t even seen the walls

of a school before coming to stay with me).

So for Esther, her desire was to be put

through the higher institution and not to

learn a trade like the other girls. And

equally unlike these ones who were Ibo, she

was Efik!

Anyways, Esther’s sojourn in my house

would begin with a beautiful reward – her

exceptional diligence at carrying out chores

around the house! She was simply good!

From doing dishes, up to more tasking

chores like washing my husband’s car; she

always carried them out without complain.

This was what began endearing me to her.

And by the time I did realize she was also

very trustworthy, and truthful, I quite knew I

had not just a housegirl, but a companion!

I began to make her feel more comfortable

around me, bringing her into my bedroom

for long chitchats after dinner, just before

bedtime. That still didn’t make her any less

respectful, and she carried out every single

instruction I left her with, without any

complains or excuses. Our relationship grew

so much, that even my own little kid, began

preferring her over me! As little as he was,

he would cry so much anytime Esther tried

handing him over to me in order to carry

out one task or the other. While it

sometimes looked embarrassing, it also felt

really good knowing that your housegirl

was indeed one your kid felt very

comfortable around.

This certainty, cemented my rapport with

her. And it only got better the day I heard

her singing in the bathroom, while taking

her bath! It turned out to be beautiful

coincidence given she was actually singing

Shania Twain’s ‘Wild And Wicked’; a song I

had loved from the first day I heard it!

Moreover, it wasn’t just about hearing the

song, but the striking similarity between her

voice and that of the actual lady who did

the song! Being someone who isn’t exactly

blessed with a wonderful voice, I have

grown to cherish a beautiful one whenever I

find it! Esther’s voice was simply

immaculate, and I didn’t hesitate to heap

praises on her as she stepped into the

living room after bathing and changing


“Thank you ma.” she said, smiling and

revealing her ever radiant set of teeth.

I expected her to go on and explain from

which of her parents she got the gift of

singing from, but she didn’t. Esther never

talked about her parents, and I was even

scared to ask her, lest it all went south.

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