Esther r0m@nç£3

Esther r0m@nç£
Episode 3
However though, I do recall that it was on
one of Fredrick’s many trips away from
home, that my curiosity with regards to
Esther’s pri-vate life, suddenly began taking
a more prominent position on my list of
interests! She was 22, so very much an
adult. But yet, I wasn’t seeing any signs to
actually suggest so. She was obviously
throu-gh puberty and had quite developed
finely as a young woman, but then, ha-rd ly
were there any ‘girly’ moments! No requests
for sanitary pads; no menstrual cramps;
not even the customary mood swings! Just
nothing! I couldn’t tell when she was on her
period or out of it, despite being a mother
and close to her! Simply because there were
no clues to knowing so!
And my concerns only tripled the day I
subsequently witnessed her encounter with
a neighbour’s son who had been away for a
very longtime. He was back and was
probably trying to reacquaint himself with
the neighbourhood, when he c@m£ across
Ordinarily, one would expect the undeniably
handsome lad to want to strike up
conversation, and then the girl likely
responding and flir-ting with him then and
again. But nah, Esther didn’t do the later.
I was outside spre-ading Kennedy’s napkins
as this went on, and I was rather very
disappointed to see her totally turn around
while smiling, but abandoning the boy right
on the sp©t. I was further hurt when I
equally eventually realized, that she didn’t
even know I was outside, thus she didn’t
actually treat the boy that way out of fear
of me reprimanding her! Instead, she did it
all for a lack of interest!
Then followed the movies. As we began
seeing more and more movies, I began
noticing how blank she usually went
whenever there was a se-x scene pla-ying out
on the screen. Not like I was hoping for a
very p@rticular reaction, but then I was
going to think that a girl her age would
usually want to either discuss what she was
seeing, or do everything to conceal her
inevitable arousal. Just like I did when I
was her age. But no, Esther wasn’t the kind.
She would basically sit there and stare into
the screen with the least possible sign of
interest as whatever guy it was in the
movie, smooched away with his female
counterp@rt. Her next glow would only come
on, just after such scene was done and
pas-sed on. And this made me begin to
suspect that she was probably S-xually
frigid, as unfortunate as that may seem!
How so painful it felt that a girl as beautiful
as herself was likely facing a situation like
And for several weeks, if not months, Esther
kept on with the ‘blankness’ as we
continued with the daily movie watching! It
wasn’t until about Fredrick’s fourth trip
since after her coming, that I picked up the
courage to ask her specifically, if she had
ever had a boy in her life.
“No ma.” she replied grinning.
“You mean no boy ever tickle you for belle
before?” I re-twisted, trying to get her to
open up.
She broke into a long laughter, before still
giving the same answer – no boy!
I gave up. She was certainly telling the
truth – no boy. But I totally lacked the
ba-lls to push further. I still didn’t know if
she was indeed frigid or just didn’t really
have interest in a relationsh!pas at yet. I
wished I could know these things, but I just
didn’t know how to ask her without looking
like I was forcing her development. I also
didn’t want to look like the mistress who
‘pushed’ her maid into the mucky waters of
boys and pla-yers! She was still very young,
so definitely had a lot of time ahead of her
for whatever decision she had to take.
Moreover, there was still the tertiary
entrance exam before her, which she still
nee-ded to pas-s. So, when I couldn’t get any
real facts to conclude my hypothesis, I gave
Yet, that same day I had asked her if she’s
ever had a b©yfri£nd, did mark the
beginning of a sudden but obvious change
in Esther’s choice of movies! Given I usually
left the choice of what movie to bring home
on hire to her, she had always brou-ght
home movies of any genre she liked; albeit
all of them.
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To be continued