Esther r0m@nç£17

Episode 17
She had no mercy and quite covered all the
hills and valleys that make up my K!ttyC@t
with her mouth! She sU-Cked, li-cked, probe-d
and even l@pped up my fluids which kept
flowing as she went! The feeling was drop-
dead s-en-sat!onal and just indescribable!
At one point, I felt like I was flying, and
another I felt like I was going to pas-s out! It
was by far the best S#xual experience I had
never encountered in my life! When she
switched focus to my cl!t, I thought that
was probably the end of the world, because
she had ba-rely even sU-Cked it past three
seconds, when I felt another swipe of
rampaging o—-m sweep throu-gh me as I
inevitably bowed myself on the floor,
screaming on the t©p of my voice as my
pelvis brushed up and down her mouth! I
simply didn’t freaking care now if my son
was asleep!
And how he hadn’t woken up yet in the
midst of all the scattering m0ans, was just
beyond me! Esther on her p@rt wasn’t done
with me, because she swiftly turned me
around just then, and as I attem-pted getting
on all fours, she held me down, leaving just
my bu-m pointing up into the air! And before
I could spell jack, she had buried her face
between my cheeks, running herl-ips along
the crack of my bu-tt0ckz! I began sobbing!
I was just beyond all emotions! Esther
simply had to be some goddess of some
sort! She was performing pure magic on my
b©dy and I just couldn’t contain the
exploding plea-sure it brou-ght me! She
didn’t del@yat all around my bu-m because
she fli-cked me around again and began
mounting me just as soon! I didn’t know
what she was up to until she glided her
b©dy up my face! And just a second or so
after, she lowered her K!ttyC@t onto my
mouth – she wanted me to sU-Ck her too!
Of course this was something I had never
done before! But I was plea-santly surprised
when my ton-gue began to l@p up her nether
li-ps! Because, she tasted real wonderful! A
musky but somewhat salty feel! I didn’t just
feel like st©pping soon, so I kept sU-Cking
and eating out her pri-vate p@rt! It did seem
to excite her so much because she began
ri-ding myl-ips rather gradually, m0an!ng
openly as she did! Her bristle short pvb!c
hair repeatedly brushed against myl-ips as
she went up and down on me. And her pace
only increa-sed at each pas-sing second! In
fact, it didn’t take too long before the whole
ride bec@m£ some mad frenzy with her
m0an growing even larger! She had both
hands held onto my hair so ti-ghtly while
she basically rocked her h!ps away!
Her entire crotch area was alre-ady smeared
in a mad mix of female se-x fluids, b0s0m
milk and saliva! And it even served as extra
lubrication as she constantly grazed her cl!t
against my clenched teeth! It was the
grazing that would drive her to cloud 9
because ba-rely 6 humps in, I felt her lower-
half lose it and just then, strong violent
waves of o—-m swept throu-gh her,
causing her th!ghs to gyrate ever so madly!
Of course, she wailed so much that I
thought she was probably going crazy!
But she wasn’t! Instead, she was re-leasing!
She raised herself a bit from my face with
her b©dy still shaking, and like some sweet
syrup, her se-x fluids drooled freely into my
open yearning mouth!
I sU-Cked it up
I sU-Cked it up, sa-vouring the undeniably
delicious taste of her woman-hood! No
wonder people in p©rnogra-phy call it jui-ce
or sweet nectar! It just had to be, given the
add!çtive nature of its taste! There just
wasn’t any doubt that I would want to try it
Anyways, if I thought this was going to
mark the end of something, then I sure was
in for a real surprise! Esther had ha-rd ly
settled from her o—-m when she began
rotating herself on me until both our
brea-sts were now literally placed on our
mouths! She was the first to begin sU-Cking
mine, and it felt as though she was just
doing it for the first time ever! She had
brou-ght me two o—-m alre-ady and I had
brou-ght her one! But yet it clearly looked
like we haven’t had enough of ourselves yet.
When I brou-ght my own mouth to one of her
brea-sts, she m0aned lightly, before
proceeding to quic-kly fli-ck her ton-gue over
my ti-p repeatedly! So as I sU-Cked and
tugged on her ti-p with my mouth, she
fli-cked and pla-yed with mine equally! We
did this for quite some time, punctuating it
with our undying gro-an s and sobs!
To be continued