Eruka (episode 7)

© Oby Chinyere
The following day I was in the market as usual with Julio, Kuma one of my sales girl did not take up her slot, she was abs£nt, so Julio agreed to sell in Kuma’s slot,
We finished up late that day and we couldn’t go over to Bazil as previously agreed, even though Julio wanted us to still go that night but I wanted to rest, I wondered why she is eager to find what is not lost, I know de-ep down that Bazil was a changed man, he can’t possible cheat on me with another woman or trick me into collecting money, is not just possible, I love him and he also loves and adores me unlike before.
The following day as we arrive in the market, Kuma did not show up again, I decided to call her, she informed me that she was seriously ill, she spoke over the phone like someb©dy that was dying, I felt sorry for her, I asked her to take some drugs and relax, she can resume anytime she feels strong enough, she thanked me before I ended the call.
Julio took over Kuma’s slot again that day, and as night approach she c@m£ to remind me of going over Bazil’s place, I was alre-ady given up on such quest, I spoke with Bazil that evening and he as-sured me of his love which I have no doubt.
I told Julio to give up on the quest because she can’t find anything bad on Bazil but she refused, so to satisfy her curiosity I decided to quietly follow her, I never told Bazil that I was coming, so we journeyed over,
We arrived at his place when darkness has alre-ady settled, but we noticed he wasn’t home, he was probably with his business as-sociate or he stepped out to get something
I was alre-ady laughing at Julio for stressing herself over nothing, we turned back to go and Julio suggested we pas-s throu-gh another short road that has an open bar, it was a long road to the main road but she insisted we pas-s there and I followed again
As we got to the open bar, I looked at the unrecognized faces there, there were chicken barbecue, roasted chicken and meat at one side of the bar, people were buying, some were eating and drinking, everywhere was filled with people and activities, there were colourful light all over the place, it was an activity place and just then Julio st©pped, she was looking at something or someb©dy at a far end of the bar, I followed her gaze but I didn’t see anything or anyone that I know there, and most of the faces where dark if not for the bar colourful Light I won’t be able to see anything.
Julio began to point at someb©dy, asking me to look well and when I did I couldn’t mistake that it was Bazil, he was facing the road while a Lady sat opposite him, backing us, I started going towards his table, I couldn’t have mistake the back view of the Lady to be Kuma, but it can’t be Kuma Who was sick and sound like the sickness was critical over the phone, it can’t possible be Kuma, she doesn’t even know Bazil except the day I s£nt her to my customer’s place and also gave Bazil’s house address to her to deliver some things to him. That was the only day so it can’t possibly be my sales girl, Kuma.
As me and Julio approach, Bazil sighted me first and said something to the Lady who still did not turn her face for me to know who she was, the Lady quic-kly stood up and started walking away with speed, she faced her front and still did not bother to turn back, Julio walked past me and followed the lady, the lady noticed that she was being followed and doubled up her step until she disappeared into the dark before Julio returned back
We couldn’t get to see the face on the person
On their table was bottles of drinks, and a fat roasted chicken that was still very h0t.
I angrily faced Bazil who was looking confused and unease
“Who was the lady that just left your table now Bazil… Who is she…
” oh you mean the bar lady, is that why you are swelling up like this, plea-se calm down, that was an ordinary sales attendant, she was just seated after bringing this roasted chicken for me, she wanted to calculate my bill that’s all, since yesterday I have not being able to eat anything, I was thinking is malaria, so after taking some drugs this night I decided to come out to chill here, when I saw the roasted chicken I asked them to bring it maybe I Will be able to eat it…I did not want to tell you because I hate to bother you with all my problems and I also don’t want you to start worrying, I love you Ruka, i can’t possibly cheat on you, I have not seen any woman as beautiful and ha-rd working as you are, so is not even possible my love, you could have called me that you will be coming with your sister then I would have bring both of you here or make provision for that…I just wanted to relax here and get fresh air, the house was boring plus the way I was feeling earlier…
He was still talking when Julio who get irritated with every if his spoken word called one of the bar attendant, who is a young man to come over, when he c@m£ Julio asked him to kindly call the attendant Lady that served Bazil
“There’s no Lady attendant, only guys work here, and I was the person that served this my oga and his girlfriend, I just brou-ght the roasted chicken not quiet long before his woman left, oga, if you want your total bill now I will give it to you because I have alre-ady prepared it..
I was alre-ady loosing my guts, as my heart began to beat, i was re-ady to create scene there, Julio started laughing shamelessly and just then the attendant Who did not un-derstand what was going on looked at Bazil before quic-kly changing everything he has said earlier
” ooh, sorry oh, this is not the oga I served with his girlfriend, they are at the other side, and yes we have a female attendant, she is responsible for this table, this my oga here c@m£ alone and has being here alone until my female colleague c@m£ to attend to him..I’m sorry, it was a mixup… And I have being too busy I don’t even know Who is who again…
“Shut up and leave here…you are as confuse as your so called ” oga” he is giving you signs that’s why you changed your word… Look at you, both of you thinks your smart, why did the girl walk so fast immediately he said something to her, she walked in to the night and never showed up, and why not call the girl to come here, I looked around here all I see is male attendants, no single female with your bar uniform in sight or are they invisible…so me and my sister look like fools to both of you…
I watched as Julio attacked the bar guy who tried to say something but Julio hushed her to keep quiet, the young man later walked away leaving Julio boiling with anger, I have alre-ady believed Bazil and I wanted Julio to drop it too but she wouldn’t listen, she focused on Bazil after the bar attendant left
“You are a bad liar, is only someb©dy like Ruka that Will take your cheap lies, you actually think you are smart by giving the boy sign language, if not for the respect I have for my sister I would have love to boasts your head with this empty bottles, smashing them on your head, gold digger like you, so, this is where you bring other Lady to come and be spending my sister’s money, she toils the whole day and s£nd to you and you have the nerve to bring another girl here, cheating and spending her ha-rd earned money on girls, one day while eating her money it will choke you till you can’t breath again…
I sl@pped Julio, how can she wish death for Bazil, I have being asking her politely to keep quiet but she refuse to listen to me and Bazil was quiet throu-gh out, he looked so beaten as Julio hauls insult at him, after i sl@pped Julio, asking her to shut up and leave immediately because she was alre-ady causing people to turn and stare , instead of her to get angry, turn back and leave me and Bazil alone, she called one if the attendants to bring a pack for her to wra-p the fat roasted chicken.
while they were bringing it she started pinching the meat and stuffing her mouth with it, l!çk!ng her hand at same time.
After packing up the chicken, she stood up and faced me
“Looking out for you is my job, some day you Will come to un-derstand Ruka, you don’t look like you will be going home tonight again, I’m still wondering what you see in this gold di…I mean Bazil or whatever, well since we are all eating your money, let me go home and enjoy this chicken, is my sister’s money after all and I’m More deserving if it than this…man. I’m trying my best not to call him names but sometimes I can’t help it… Ruka be safe, if anything happens to you I know who to hold responsible, me, I’m going home with my night food…
She looked at Bazil and gave a de-ep sigh before walking away with her meat pack, l!çk!ng the chicken oil in her second hand as she walks away.
Bazil turned to me and said
” I know your sister hates me but she doesn’t un-derstand the level of my love for you Ruka, I don’t know why she hates me this much, maybe because I don’t have a car or job like that other man you dumped for my sake, I mean Dave… plea-se always call me whenever you are coming to my side, so that I will know, I hate surprises like this, I love you Ruka, I can’t hurt you ever again or lie to you, believe me, I can’t trade you for anything and I don’t care what any b©dy thinks or says…
I spent the night at his place and went home the following morning.
To be continued..
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