Eruka (episode 6)

© Oby Chinyere
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing c@m£ out, I looked up again at him all I saw was hurt, disappointment, betrayal and anger, his hands were in his pocket, it felt like he was transfixed, he couldn’t just move
He looked from me to Bazil but even Bazil was feeling less concern, Bazil acted like a winner as he stood glaring at Dave with a smile curved at one corner of his mouth, daring Dave to do his worst.
Dave suddenly turned back and started walking to his car, I called his name as I tried to take a step after him but Bazil st©pped me.
“Let him go, leave him let him go, what do you even see in him, is it because he has money or because he is handsome, don’t be deceive Ruka, if I have his kind of money I will be far more handsome than him, I will treat you like a Queen that you are, but he is a loser even with all his money and finest, I’m the winner here, you are mine Ruka, he can not even love you the way I do, you know that alre-ady, whatever he is doing for you or giving to you I can give you double of it, I can even die for you but he can’t do that, he thinks because he has money he can buy you over, don’t get b!own off because of his little coins, if not that I’m not working again I would have showered you with so much gifts and wads of cash…
He was still talking when his phone rang and he stepped out to received the call, when he was done he c@m£ back again and told me he was leaving, his business p@rtner was waiting For him, so he left.
After he walked out I stood outside my door for a long time, confused, not knowing what to do.
I know I have de-eply hurt Dave, who’s intention and plans for me was only pure and good, cheating on him with my ex, lying and collecting hvge amount from him just to save Bazil from going to jail.
I could have ended things properly with him so that I can be with Bazil but I didn’t know how to go about it because I don’t want to hurt him,
Dave knows everything about me, I told him all about Bazil and how he treated me like trash, I was de-eply hurt back then after Bazil Left me, Dave was there for me, he respected and treated me well, I promised I was never going to have anything to do with Bazil again and Dave believed me,
I never planned to go back to Bazil but I love him and I can’t seem to get over him.
I nee-d to go to the market tomorrow, is being two days now I have not open my shop, Maybe after tomorrow’s market I will go and visit Dave and apologize to him.
The following day I went to the market,
I spoke with Bazil that morning, he complained he doesn’t have enough food stuff in the house again, the last one I brou-ght for him was almost running out, he also said if I can loan him some money to do his business I told him not to worry I will s£nd something across to him
That afternoon one of my customers called, she complained that she has being trying to reach me but my line is unreachable, she asked me to bring some wears to her office, she s£nt her office address and I found out that her office is close to Bazil’s house, it was not too far from his place, so it will be a good opportunity to deliver the food items and beverages to him, and also loan him the money for his business, I have alre-ady s£nt, Kuma, one of my sales Girl in a close by slot to go and buy things for Bazil, because I have intention of visiting Dave I decided to quic-kly s£nd Kuma,
I packed up all the cloths my customer Will love into a bag and give it to Kuma, i also gave her Bazil’s things to deliver to him since it is same area, I gave her both the address and mobile number to reach them, she quic-kly left.
Evening c@m£, I packed up and Left for Dave’s place,
On getting there I saw his car which means he was home, so I went straight to his door, After the second knock, the door was opened by a very beautiful young girl, she should be around Julio’s age or even younger than Julio, she wore a dental br@ces on her teeth,
My heart almost pumped out to my mouth on seeing her, i have questions going throu-gh my mind, she has this beautiful smile as she greeted me with her American accent
“Hi…Good evening…
” Good evening, I..I’m here to see Dave…is he in…
“Naa…he stepped out, he took a walk this evening, who’re you…
” I’m Eru…never mind, my name isn’t important, maybe I Will check back tomorrow…
“plea-se come in and wait for him, you can join me in the living room… I’m watching a popular TV series, “Sandy Cane” is so interesting and funny too, you can just chill with that while you wait for him, he will be back soon, or maybe I should call him and let him know he has a visitor…
” no, no… I will just check back tomorrow…than
She smiled again and I was f0rç£ to smile back even though I don’t feel like it.
I left and since it was alre-ady dark I walked quietly and slowly still thinking Who the pretty black American girl could be, maybe his girlfriend, but she look too young, what if she is truly his girlfriend.
I wasn’t suppose to feel bad or jealous over him because I’m in love with Bazil but I felt bad, as much as I try to wave it off I was still feeling bad that Dave moved on too fast as if he was waiting for me to make a mistake so that he can jump to the next available girl.
I bec@m£ consumed with thought as i walked slowly in Dave’s estate, and was startled when I heard my name from a familiar voice, I turned and saw Dave, the street light helped me in seeing him clearly.
He was walking towards me, I paused, he wore a jogger and a T-shi-t
” I was at your place, I…I met your girlfriend who told me you stepped out…
“That’s funny, for you to call a thirteen years old girl my girlfriend, Mitchell is just thirteen, and she is my niece, she lives in Houston Texas with her parents, they are on holiday and my elder brother c@m£ home with his kids, Mitchell has always being my little baby, I was with them for six years over there, I told you all that…
” yea, i remember, she is tall and act like an adult too, I c@m£ to see you… I’m sorry about what happened.. I’m de-eply sorry Dave…i can explain..
“Is fine, is better we don’t talk about it Ruka, I’m trying to put everything behind and move on.. Is your choice, deceiving me all this while…leading me along and ma-king me feel you love me as much as I do…I don’t know….is too bad, I took a walk this cold evening because I kept thinking of the whole thing, it hurts, I just wanted to see if I can forget you but is proven difficult, you were deceiving me all this while, you suddenly started giving me a cold attitude and I thought I’m the problem not giving you enough time, you locked your shop and switched off your phone for almost three days, you were with him, how can you be so foolish to joke with your business, substituting your business for plea-sure, that’s too bad, the money you collected from me with the excuse that you plan to open another business slot…it was for him right… You lied to me Ruka…Ruka just…just go and don’t come back… I Will be fine, is just a matter of time… I don’t want to think about anything concerning you…
I tried to explain but he walked out, leaving me standing, I breathed de-eply before moving on, I just Hope he will forgive me someday because I never meant to hurt him, it wasn’t intentional…
I went home and after somedays Julio c@m£ back, she was going to spend one week before going back, she asked of Dave, I told her everything that happened, she felt disappointed that I went back to Bazil, hurting Dave in the process.
“What is wrong with you Ruka, i thought you have alre-ady learnt enough lesson from Bazil, can’t you see he is good for nothing, now you told me he ran into some trouble and you gave him some money to get out of it, you refused to say the exact amount but I know is another strategy from him to get money out of you…
” Julio, it was true, Dave can’t lie to me, he told me his boss wanted to arrest him and s£nd him to prison, he was even crying when he was saying it so I nee-ded to do all I can to save him…I love him
“And that’s why he is using your head Ruka, just because you love him, the way I see Bazil he can lie with anything to get money out of you, i bet you he has never had a job, he was never in any trouble, he just c@m£ up with his cooked up tales to collect money from you…now you allowed that nice man, Dave to sl!pout of your hand because of a gold digger, he beats you, cheated on you, collects money from you and give to another woman…Ruka you are acting as if you are un-der spell, what is wrong with you…if not you are my elder sister Ruka, I would have given you a beaten of life that Will help reset your br@in…
” shut your mouth Julio, is enough, don’t provoke me and plea-se don’t insult Bazil, because when you insults him you also insult, I don’t bloody Care about what anyb©dy says, I love him and I believe him
“Okay…is alright, plea-se can I prove to you that you are being used by Bazil, can I prove to you that Bazil is after your money, he doesn’t love you…we Will go to his place tomorrow evening, de-ep evening unannounced, you will get to un-derstand that he is indeed a gold digger…i will act like your CID, I Will have my own weapon hidden…within…just in case he decided to act funny, we can’t be taking unaware, and what will you do if you catch him with another woman or find out some evil stuff…
” you Will be wasting your time Julio because Bazil is a changed Man, he love me and can’t cheat on me, I as-sure you but if you ever find him with another woman then I promise you I will break up with him immediately, but I know Bazil can’t deceive me twice… He can’t, I will be so hurt…so hurt, I just pray he will prove you wrong so that you truly see he is a good man.
We agreed to go over tomorrow, I just Hope that Julio Will finally see that Bazil has truly changed.
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