ERUKA (episode 16)

© Oby Chinyere 
Dave called that evening as usual and with my cold response he could dictate that something was wrong, he asked me if I was alright and I told him I was fine, I wanted to find away to handle this without involving him but I just nee-ded to talk with someb©dy so when he insisted on knowing what the problem was I decided to pour out everything to him
I told him of Kuma and how she suddenly disappear with my goods leaving my slot empty, I also told him of Mara trying to threaten and also bribe me, I was talking and letting out all the pain in my heart, and all he did was to listen after I was done, he told me not to worry about anything, as for the empty slot he will help me restock it, he will give me money for another goods and this time I should make sure I employ a trust worthy person to manage it
And Mara case shouldn’t trouble me, he told me she can’t do anything, she can only try but she won’t succeed in separating us, and there’s nothing she will do that will make him consider her, Dave said Mara was just wasting her time, that I shouldn’t feel threatened by her, he asked me to get a small recorder to be able to record her threats to me, in that way we will have evidence to arrest her and make her sign an un-dertaking on my behalf, that whatever happens to me she will be held responsible.

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After speaking with him that night I felt more at peace
Recoding Mara sound like a great idea so I bought a recorder that looks like a wrist watch, it was expensive but nob©dy will ever suspect that is a recorder, I wear it to the market just in case Mara or even Bazil decided to show up and say what they don’t suppose to say to me
I spoke with Julio just to know how she’s doing in school
“I’m good Ruka, i just finished with my practical clas-s yesterday, I Will be having another clas-s tomorrow, is terrifying Ruka, we were taking to a morgue to examine dead bodies, there are bodies of those who died normal, that’s natural death and those who were either poisoned or strangled, we were shown the difference, Ruka do you know being a doctor or a nurse is never easy, those in the medical field deserve an award, most of my colleagues have being throwing up ever since the visit to the morgue and some are very sick, what we see there is so terrifying but me I’m not scared neither did I fell sick, one of our Gynaecologist here said that I have a stone heart, that she has being watching me closely that I will make a great nurse in the future,

” Julio, does it mean you don’t feel anything whenever you are looking at a dead b©dy, if I’m the one I will just die there, haaa, I know I will constant have night mare, I won’t be able to eat or even sleep at night…
“Hahahaha, that’s why you are too soft, I’m a human too, so I feel this fear mix with pity, I had goose bomb all over, my head felt so heavy back there but the only thing is that I quic-kly overcome my fear, I don’t allow fear to overcome me, if I wasn’t a nurse I would have been in the army, I can also make a good fine soldier, hahahaha, that’s why Bazil, Mara all those people giving you trouble they can all go and burn in hell, I don’t care if they are bigger or wealthy, they can’t do anything to me or to you when I’m there, there are many ways to fight, if I can’t beat them with physical b!ow I’m sure I will finish them with my mouth, so Ruka, hope nob©dy is troubling you….how’s Dave, our personal person…

” he is still on a journey, not back yet, by next week he will return, Mara c@m£ threatening me and even bribing me to leave Dave, Kuma made away with my goods, she suddenly disappear like thin air, can’t find her, Bazil now knows that he is the fool, he met me and Mara and i gave him little piece of my mind, I told Dave about Mara and he suggested I get a recorder to records all her threats in that way we will be able to beat her to her game just like Bazil..
“Arrrggghh…many things are happening, I wish I can take another excuse down but they won’t permit me, we are in a serious practical section, i wish I’m there, Kuma again…i would have find her even if she is hidding inside an ant hole, she would have vomited everything she stole, she must have being taking your goods away little by little without you knowing, Ruka, sometimes I wish I can exchange my kind of mind with yours, people like Kuma don’t deserve to be close to you and is probably that Mara that’s behind her disappearance, just to get to your skin because of Dave, I doubt if is Bazil, and I won’t be surprise if it happens to be him, you are surrounded by enemies you have to be careful Ruka, when ever Mara comes around pl@yalong with her, I like the idea of a recorder, Dave is very wise to have suggested that. Mara can’t do more than a dead rat, she’s just want to be relevant, don’t even take her serious, remember that I gat your back, i gat you sis…even when I’m not there to fight for you my no nons-en-se spirit is with you..hahahaha…

few days as I was about going out I ha-rd a knock on my door and it was Mara, I quic-kly wore my recorder and switched it on, before going to answer the door
I refuse to let her in, instead I c@m£ out to stand outside to hear whatever she has to say
“I know where she is…I can tell you but with a condition
” what are you talking about…I don’t un-derstand.. You know where who is
“I learnt that Kuma, your sales girl went away with your goods and you haven’t seen her ever since…that’s what I’m talking about…

I was surprise that Mara knew about the disappearance of Kuma with my goods, but how possible is that because I never told her of it, and she does not sale anything in the market which is another possible way of hearing it from market women, so how did she know of Kuma, so I decided to pl@yalong as Julio has suggested
” okay…go ahead, I care to know where Kuma is and the whereabout my goods..
“Not so fast, this comes with a price, I will tell you where she is but with a condition…
” okay, what’s the condition

“In exchange for Dave…I take you to where she is, she even have a mini slot for herself in a faraway market from here, I can take you there so that you can recover your goods and money but you have to give up Dave. Tell me which is important to you, your stolen goods, which may affect your business for life or a man, when there’s so many men around, chose wisely my dear…
” how do you even know of Kuma and my goods, I never told you and you are neither a trader to hear of it in the market, so, how did you know…
“Is i
t how I got to know of your missing goods and the culprit that’s important to you or how to recover everything and arrest the thief which should be your main focus
” I’m interested in the two but recovering my goods is very important to me, ones I see that you are saying the truth because I don’t trust you, and I recover everything and deal with Kuma then I can then hand Dave over to you, after all there’s so many men around just like you said.

She smile de-eply before asking me to follow her, she will take me there, I told her to give me the address of the place, ones I’m done restocking my other two sales girls slot I will be on my way, Mara said she will wait for me so that she can drive me down but I told her not to bother I will take a cab
When she saw she couldn’t convince me to go with her in her car, she gave me the address and ask me to call her whenever I’m going, so that she can start driving down and i should also call her when I gets there so that she can take me to where Kuma is.
After she drove off I turn off the recorder, I went inside and pick up my bag and left, I called Tara, my sales girl who can do so many things in my abs£nce, I asked her to try and restock the two slot because I’m going out, I gave her instruction on how to go about it
I took a taxi down to the address and asked the man to wait so that he can take me back, I entered the mini market I saw there, I asked questions when I got to cloth line, I describe Kuma but non seen to know her, I didn’t want to call Mara so I kept searching and kept asking question until I found her, she was almost at the outSk-irt of main market,
She didn’t see me as she sat outside her small slot waiting for customers to come and patronise her, I saw most of my goods, she hanged most of it outside

I quietly walked upto her, she first thought I was a customer and was shock to see me, she made a step to run I held her hand down and asked her to remain seated, she did, I turned on my recorder, I watch as she started shaking over, she fell to my feet on her knees and started pleading
“plea-se…plea-se ma…I beg you in the name of God, plea-se don’t arrest me, you can take all the goods, I will also return the money back, I have not being able to sell much out of it, people ha-rd ly patronises me here, it was one Lady, Mara, it was Mara, I didn’t want to agree to the plan initially, i do not want to do it but she threatened me, and even promise to give me More money and protect me from you, she said you won’t be able to find out where I am and because I always wanted to have my own shop I decided to buy in to the idea, it was a mouth watering offer, I regretted everything… I know you gave me another chance and I misused it, I’m sorry ma….plea-se Ruka don’t arrest me… You can have all the goods back…
” hey relax, I’m not here to arrest you, I will just leave you to your conscience to arrest you and keep judging you, since you want to have your own shop desperately, this is it then, enjoy, but with the way you always went about it….I’m very sure you won’t be able to sustain this place, I started with serving someb©dy, i was once a sales girl too, I did not just wake up one morning and own a shop, I was faithful in my dealings, and I was well settled, that’s the result you see today, I never put sad tears on my employers eyes but Kuma you me made to shade bitter tears, you made me regret ever giving you another chance but the certain thing is that human beings like you will never make me to st©p being me, since this is what you want then you can have everything, I don’t nee-d the goods or the money, I have counted it as my lost alre-ady, I just hope you will st©p b!tt!g the f!nger that feeds you so that you can be well feed.

I turned and left, I turned off my recorder, she was still on her knees, shocked that I didn’t take a pin from her, even beat her or arrest her.
I know years to come she will have lots of regrets that’s if she truly have a soul.
Now I know Mara was behind it all and she c@m£ to act like she was doing me a favour
The cab took me back and I went to the market, Mara called me later to know if I was still going there, she did not know I have gone and c@m£ back, I told her that she should come and take me there, she later drove down to the market so that she pick me to the place, I turned on my recorder,
“I wanted to take you there earlier and you were proving stubborn, now you nee-d my help as usual, let’s go so that you can recover your goods and your money and arrest the stupid girl after which you Will Wash your hands off Dave
” I have gone there and I’m back, do you know that you are very stupid Mara, you don’t have s-en-se, is this the way you intend dealing with me then I must say you have a very long way to go, you see why I Will always be ahead of you, I left everything for Kuma, I gave her all, I don’t nee-d those things to be wealthy, my second name is wealth, if Bazil couldn’t run my business down then nothing will, not even you or Kuma, I Will always bounce back my darling, after planing with Kuma to steal my goods you c@m£ to me again, talking like you were doing me a favour, you are a fat fool, s-en-sible people don’t do things like this, at the end what do you gain, the Dave you are fighting to have you did not get, money wasn’t added to your account, even common “thank you” you still did not get so what exactly is your gain now…Mara the beautiful clas-sic babe with an empty skull, you are a failure my dear… okay, you can go now so that you can plan on what next to do to me, is obvious that this did not work out for you…

She made a move for a fight, I started laughing because even her fighting moves were too childish, I watch as she boils in anger before saying
“Do Dave knows that you
are pregnant for Bazil and plan to rob it on him, Does he know that that you were once carrying Bazil’s bastard, is either your sister who is quack nurse helped you to ab-ort it or you have made Dave to feel like he is responsible for it but I will make sure he hears the truth, he will know the kind of pretender and liar that you are…
” is this what you planned on this time, sorry to inform you that you Will still loose in this, maybe you were born a loser, my dear I was never pregnant for Bazil, it was just a normal sicknesses, you don’t have anything to hold against me…

“I don’t care if you were pregnant or not but Dave will believe me over you, I will nail you sweetheart, I will, i promise you, I can’t wait for Dave to come back from wherever he traveled to, I have so many things I want to tell him…you will regret ever knowing me, I will deal with you Eruka, I will mess you up, let’s watch and see.
She turned and walked away.
To be continued… 
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