Enemies of the church final episode

It was a Sunday morning and the day that Leo had decided to show himself in church. The past few days had been really tough for him.
Chief Ike had died on t©p of a pr©st!tût£and the news had spre-ad round the town. His wives have all scrambled for his money and properties and fled from his home even though his b©dy was still in the morgue. The news c@m£ to Reverend Leo and he shook his head in pity for the Chief. He had alre-ady warned Chief on this his unending thirst for young women. He felt bad that the Chief died the way he did.
Also, revea-ling himself to Rachael in the hospital was tough for him. He wished things didn’t go the way they did. For he truly loved that woman. Rachael had begged him for mercy and from his heart he forgave her. He had prayed for her and asked God to show her mercy just before she drew her last breath.
Leo cried for his wife, he cried because a little patience would have made her story different but because of her quest to be like other women she had forgotten her calling. That same day he called her family members and narrated everything that had happened the last few months to them. They were very shocked to hear that the pregnancy didn’t belong to Leo. They said it was an abomination that their daughter had committed and so she was buried quietly the same day she died. They couldn’t bear the shame of having others hear of the great atrocity that their daughter had committed.
Leo looked at himself in the mirror once again. He was dressed in a black dress. But he was extremely handsome. He picked up his walking stick and was set to go to the church. He had moved out of his former house because he called it a soiled house. He didn’t wish to remain in the house that Rachael had soiled. All he took was the car he bought for Rachael.
He stepped into the car and drove out. Grace was alre-ady waiting for him outside with her son. He picked them and together they drove off.
*Grace:* You will really tell the church everything today?
*Leo:* Yes, I will.
*Grace:* Even all that happened between Mummy Reverend and Mr. Alfred?
*Leo:* Yes, I will tell them everything.
*Grace:* And what do you intend to do with Alfred and his family?
*Leo:* Nothing dear, they’ve left, let them go. I have nothing against Alfred. His case and judgement is with God not me. He will give to every man their judgement according to how they’ve lived their lives.
Then he picks up his phone and he called the policemen that he was alre-ady on his way and they should meet him up at the church.
Pastor Jim had finished his sermon and was trying to raise a charity fund. He requested that those who could give a hundred thousand to support the work of God should stand up. Reverend Leo who was wearing a dark shade in the congregation stood up and began to walk towards the altar.
Pastor Jim could not tell if he was seeing right or it was actually Leo, he started ru-bbing his eyes to be sure of the person walking towards him. Some of the members who had recognised him started stepping out of the church. But some who didn’t know who he was sat in total confusion.
Reverend Leo re-moved his shade for Jim to see him clearly. He almost fainted but he didn’t want the church to see he was scared and so he gr@bb£d his Bible and anointing oil and started praying while shifting back gradually.
*Jim:* Blood of Jesus, I bind you, every unclean spirit, every spirit of the dead, I return you back to the grave where you belong. I bind you!
A smiling Leo, turned and faced the church as some members took to their heels. The police men stepped in and Reverend Leo pointed at Jim to them. They quic-kly handcuffed him and informed him that he was un-der arrest, for stealing church funds. A confused Jim was trying to un-derstand what was going on when the Treasurer walked in with another set of policemen. He didn’t notice Reverend Leo but pointed to Jim.
*Treasurer:* Officers that’s him, plea-se arrest him. This is the man that s£nt those boys to as-sas-sinate my wife and I.
(To Jim) So, you wanted to have me killed simply because I told you I am not doing again. Well, I’m glad to announce to you that the boys you s£nt failed and are now cooling off in jail. Arrest him officers.
And then he saw Reverend Leo, he wanted to run away but the policemen held him.
*Leo:* Officers, plea-se arrest him too, they are together. Stealing and eating church money and doing many atrocities in the church.
*Treasurer:* Reverend Leo, is that you? You are alive? Our God is good. I am so glad that you are alive.
(To the police) Yes arrest me, I am a thief, I connived with Pastor Jim here and together we’ve been stealing money from the church. plea-se arrest me I am re-ady to pay for my crimes. It is because I told Jim I have changed and will no longer be p@rty to stealing that is why he wanted to have me killed. Arrest me.
The policemen put a handcuff on him and together they were dragged out of the church.
Reverend Leo picked up the mic and addressed the church narrating to them how Tina s£dûç£d him at his office and how he refused her which got her angry and she decided to kill him but God used Sister Grace to save his life. The whole church was surprised.
Some of the members who ran away were alre-ady coming back. While the likes of Stella, Helen and Vic. were busy upd@t!ngtheir Facebooks and Instagrams with videos of what was going on in the church.
Reverend Leo then told the church all that happened between his wife Rachael and Alfred and how the Mummy of the church died and is now buried. This c@m£ as a shock to the whole church as some shook their heads in pity for Mummy Reverend. Some were nodding and saying they had always suspected.
Reverend Leo then announced to them that he will be taking Grace as his wife, though not now but after the period of mourning his late wife. The church cl@pped for him and some excited members who had come to the realization that it was him went out boldly to have a handshake with him.
The Reverend as-sured the church that God will always be God and no matter what a man does in secret one day it will be brou-ght to light. He told them that there will always be enemies in the church. And that he knows that even now enemies are still inside the church but God who separates day and night will always preserve His own and pick those enemies out of the church one after the other.
*Leo:* In the house of God, are you an enemy or a friend. Let what you do judge you.
Stella, Vic and Helen on hearing this took a look at themselves and then quic-kly deleted all their posts on Facebook and kept their phones quietly in their bags.
*Stella:* Posting information in the church on Facebook, does that make me an enemy of the church?
*Vic:* Who are you asking?
*Stella:* Answer me na?
*Helen:* Do I know for you? Abeg am leaving. The drama in this church is too much.
*Stella:* Abeg wait for me, before they will give me name that is not my own.
*Vic:* Let’s all leave together, but the truth is nob©dy mentioned our names, it’s just our conscience that is judging us.
*Stella:* Meaning?
*Vic:* Meaning before you do anything inside the church, if within your heart of heart you know that thing will not tell well of the church and will not bring glory to the b©dy of Christ then don’t do it because if you do it makes you an ENEMY OF THE CHURCH.
The girls with their gloomy faces picked their bags and stepped out of the church as everyone gradually settled down for the service to continue.
*The End!*