Enemies of the church Episode 15

Alfred c@m£ out of the toilet and picked up his phone. He didn’t know his wife alre-ady saw the message. He went to a corner and re-ads the message. Then he picks up his bag and tells his wife to hurry and get the children re-ady. Then he hurriedly left the house.
Mrs. Alfred was confused. She didn’t know if her husband would return home with the truck to pack just as he has said or if he would go to Mummy Reverend after receiving her message. She sat down and started praying.
“Dear Lord Jesus, you said in your word that a man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and they shall be one. I know I am not a perfect wife nor a perfect daughter to you, but dear Lord I beg that you show me mercy. I lift up my husband unto you. I know he is not of clear mind, I know Mummy Reverend has a hold on him, I don’t know what but you know, plea-se dear Lord deliver and save Alfred. Whatever, he has got himself into, have mercy on him and spare him. For my sake and that of our children. I stand in the gap for him and I declare him free from any bondage in Jesus name. Amen!”
Just as Mrs. Alfred finished praying, she hears a knock on the door and she stands to go check on who it was. When she got to the door and opened it she found no one. She turned and looked around and still no one, so she locked the door and moves towards her room. Before she could enter her room she hears the door knock again. Then she turns and moved to the door, opens it and discovers there is no one. Mrs. Alfred who was very sure she heard a knock on the door bec@m£ terrified as she quic-kly close the door and moves far from it. Then she hears the door knock again. This time it was louder.
She quic-kly runs into her room and gr-abs her phone as she starts calling her husband. It took about 5 attempts for him to pick his calls.
*Mrs. Alfred:* Honey, honey, where are you? Where are you?
*Alfred:* Slow down, why are you p@n-ting? I told you where I was going to, what is it?
*Mrs. Alfred:* Someone is at our door.
Alfred hearts skipped as he didn’t un-derstand his wife. He slowly parked the car he was driving.
*Alfred:* What do you mean? I don’t un-derstand. Who is at our door?
*Mrs. Alfred:* I don’t know who? But someone is there. I keep hearing someone knock the door. I rush out to see who it is but always find no one there. This is the third time and every time I open I feel like someone is watching me. Where are you? plea-se come home I am scared.
*Alfred:* Listen dear, do not open the door again, no matter how ha-rd the person knocks, do not open that door. Get the children into our room and lock the door. I am on my way home. Do you un-derstand?
“Yes!” replied Mrs. Alfred as she quic-kly runs to her children’s room to do exactly what her husband had asked her to do.
Alfred quic-kly st©pped and reversed his car. He knew it was Rachael that was about to hurt his family. Just then he got a text.
*”You are not in your house, it’s just your wife and the children in the house. So, where the hell are you?”*
It was from Rachael!
Just then another message entered.
*”Don’t you dare me!”*
Alfred bec@m£ terrified he didn’t know if to go home or go to Rachael. He nee-ded to make a decision fast. He does not want any harm to come to his family.
But which is the right decision that can save his family from this mess?
Alfred picked up his phone and quic-kly typed a short message for Mrs. Rachael. He nee-ded to do something fast before she hurts his family.
*”Call off your dogs, I am on my way to you.”* he wrote.
He wanted to s£nd it but then he realized that the message may annoy Rachael and right now he didn’t want her angry at him. What he nee-ded was time to be able to achieve all of his plans. And so he quic-kly wiped the message and thought of something else to soothe her mind. Just as he was about typing another message c@m£ in.
“Alfred are you ignoring my messages? I said where are you? Don’t try me o!”
Alfred quic-kly replied her text.
“I am so sorry dear, I am not at home, I left home about thirty minutes ago. I am on my way to you but had a flat tyre. And you know it’s late so am still trying to get it fixed. I will be with you shortly my love.”
After s£nding the message, he relaxed his mind because he knew she wouldn’t act. He has been able to buy some time for himself. Rachael was a viper and he nee-ded to be wise, very wise to be able to handle her.
He relaxed in his car for a while still trying to decide if to go to her or not.
Finally, he started the car and drove off to meet up with Dele the truck driver. He paid him and asked him to go to his wife and start the packing. He also whispered something into his ears and then he left his car at his bus st©p and took a bike to Rachael.
Rachael was seated outside with her big tummy, patiently waiting for Alfred. As Alfred walked in, she wore a big smile. But she was surprised that he didn’t drive.
*Rachael:* You didn’t drive? Where is your car?
*Alfred:* My love, I told you that I had a flat tyre, I couldn’t have it fixed on time. So, I called one of my boys to fix it, I could not keep you waiting any more. When he is done fixing it he will call me and I will go pick it up.
*Rachael:* So, you mean you will go out and leave me here again?
*Alfred:* Just to pick up my car. I’d just pick the car and come back here to join you.
Rachael frowned her face.
*Alfred:* Or would you have preferred I finished up before coming?
“Yes, I would have preferred that” Rachael replied.
*Alfred: But you kept on texting and texting. You didn’t believe I was coming. It’s high time you learnt to trust me. I don’t break off from a deal. I always finish whatever I start. You should know that by now.
Alfred pretended like he was angry.
“Am sorry, you know you’ve been acting strange lately and that was why I was beginning to worry if you were changing your mind on our plans. I am sorry dear” Rachael said as she was trying to pacify a pretending Alfred.
“Alfred, I said I am sorry na, forgive us. Baby and I” she said ru-bbing her stomach with her hand.”
Alfred then f0rç£d a smile and held her hand.
*Alfred:* It’s alright, how are you and our beautiful baby doing? (Alfred asked pretending to care and putting his hand on her tummy, Rachael smiled as she held his hands against her stomach)
*Rachael:* Feel it, can you feel it moving? Very soon you will get to meet her and carry her in your hands. In just eight days time. And the doctor said she might even come before then.
*Alfred: Eight days?
*Rachael:* Yes! Eight days. You are excited right? I can’t wait to hold her, my own child.
A terrified Alfred just smiled weakly as he nodded his head in agreement.
*Rachael: How I wish Leo didn’t die, he would have been so excited about this child just as I am.
*Alfred:* Reverend?
*Rachael:* Of course, things wouldn’t have been like this if he didn’t die. Anyway, God’s ways are different. Maybe God wanted this child to grow with her real father and that is why he allowed Leo to die.
Alfred was no longer comfortable with the discussion and just as he was showing his restlessness his phone rang.
*Alfred:* Oh, that must be Dele, I guess my car is re-ady.
*Rachael:* So, you will leave?
*Alfred:* Yes dear, just to pick the car up.
*Rachael:* Wait, I am coming with you.
*Alfred:* No, you can’t do that.
*Rachael:* And why can’t I?
*Alfred:* I’d be coming back very soon, what’s the nee-d of stressing yourself.
*Rachael:* Do not worry about me, let’s just go.
*Alfred:* Listen, we just buried your husband. People can’t begin to see you and I together. It’s too early. Besides, you are acting as if I am running away and not coming back. I am just going to pick my car and come back that’s all. If I didn’t want to come here I wouldn’t have come in the first place. You are doing that thing again.
*Rachael:* Which thing?
*Alfred:* That lack of trust thing and you know I hate it.
*Rachael:* Okay, I am sorry. I just have this feeling that…
Alfred held her on her shoulders and as-sured her that he would be back before she knows it.
*Alfred:* Relax and breathe. Count one to hundred and before you know it I be back. Trust me.
Rachael didn’t feel convinced that Alfred would be back. She had this feeling that he wouldn’t be coming back. But she decided to kick it away and trust him. She sits on her chair and told him to hurry and come back to her.
Alfred heaved a sigh of relief as he quic-kly left the building and rushed to his car. He nee-ds to leave town fast before Rachael, the viper strikes.
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