Enemies of the church Episode 14

Alfred was beginning to get scared for his life. After hearing Rachael talk about killing his wife. He was hundred percent sure that she has a hand in the Reverend’s death.
In as much as he was entangled with her, he didn’t like the idea of killing his wife. He was not in love with Rachael and even if he was, he would never be a p@rty to murder. However, Rachael has something she can use to s£nd him to jail forever and he does not want to spend the rest of his life in jail. He also do not want to kill his wife.
He may be cheating on her but he certainly does not want her dead. This relationsh!phe was having with Rachel was not from his heart, he was doing it against his wish because he had no choice. He regretted ever striking that deal with Rachael, if he had known it would come to this, he never would have accepted that money from her for he had his peace with his wife even when they didn’t have much.
Now, Rachael has taken the deal to another dimension that involves killing. Alfred was certain that she killed her husband for this and now she wants to kill his wife, and if he dares make any wrong move, she might end up killing him too. Alfred bec@m£ terrified. He thought of what he could do to get away from this evil woman.
He entered his house and met his wife re-ading her Bible. He looked at her carefully and discovered she had grown lean. She was still very beautiful but she had grown lean. Alfred un-derstood that he must have put his wife throu-gh some emotional torture and that was why she was like this. He went and sat beside her.
A surprised Mrs. Alfred took a look at her husband. He was smelling of a woman and it was no longer new to the wife. But she knew he was worried and she asked him why?
Alfred took a look at his wife and regretted all he’s ever done to her because he discovered that she was a very nice woman who still loved and cared for him.
“I am fine” but can I ask you a question? He asked.
“Go ahead my husband. You can ask me anything.” Was her reply to him.
*Alfred:* If I ever cheat on you and you find out today. What would you do? Can you ever forgive me?
Mrs. Alfred smiled before answering. “My dear husband, firstly my husband, if you ever cheat on me, I will try to find out the area where I erred and went wrong to make you decide to cheat on me, and when I find it I will correct it fast so that I can win back your love. But if I discover I have done nothing wrong, I will try to find out why then have you suddenly decide to take on a wrong and sinful path to cheat on me, when I find out, I will pray to God to show you mercy and resto-re your heart back to me and your kids, and I will remain a lovely wife to you as I continue praying until God finally heard and answers me.”
“You mean you won’t react to fight and scold me?” Alfred asked.
“If I fight you would I be building my home as a wise woman or I would be destroying it as a foolish woman?”
Alfred was shocked at his wife’s response to him. Something kept telling him that his wife knows what he was doing and now her reply to him makes him even sure that she is aware. He kept quiet for a while and then asks again.
*Alfred:* Honey how would you feel if I say we should relocate from this place? To maybe another state or town.
“Wherever you go my husband I will follow. You are the head and my king.” She replied.
*Alfred:* Well then, as soon as Reverend Leo is buried, we will relocate from this place as quic-kly as possible. You and I and the kids. We will go somewhere far, where we can live in peace without fear of anything. This town is becoming uncomfortable for me.
Mrs. Alfred was quiet but in her heart she thanked God because she knew that God was separating her husband from Mummy Reverend.
Alfred stands up to leave but then he stood and turns to his wife.
*Alfred:* Tell no one of this plan. We will take everyone by surprise. Do you un-derstand?
*Mrs. Alfred:* Of course my husband.
She replies smiling at him.
Finally, the day c@m£ for Reverend Leo to be la-id to rest. His wife Rachael was alre-ady 7months pregnant and her pregnancy is alre-ady very visible to even the smallest of children. The entire church was dressed in black.
Rachael wore a black maternity go-wn and a black scarf on her head. She also wore a dark shade. Both men and women pitied her as they all moved to the grave side.
Mrs. Alfred walked side by side with her husband while she kept her eyes focused on Rachael. She wondered how the woman was able to pretend perfectly like she was a saint when she was cheating on her husband even before he died.
While they gently lowered the coffin, Pastor Jim who was the officiating minister addressed everyone and encouraged them to be strong and rejoice because Reverend Leo was in heaven. He then made a promise that the church would take care of the Reverend’s wife and his unborn child.
Rachael fell on the ground and wept like a baby as they gently covered the grave with sand. The women held unto her and tried to move her away.
Alfred who was very convinced that Rachael orche-strated the shooting and killing of Reverend Leo kept on blinking his eyes in surprise at her skills in acting and how perfectly she was able to convince everyone around to have pity on her.
He knew Rachael was a dangerous person and he ought to act fast if not he or his wife would be her next target.
After the grave was covered the people started leaving one after the other. Some said words of consolation to the Reverend’s wife, others handed her envelope of money to help her take care of herself and her unborn child.
Mrs. Alfred watched as Alfred walked up to her and held her hand and also gave her an envelope. She knew what was going on but shook her head in silence. Alfred later walks up to his wife and together they left the burial place.
Immediately, they got to their house, he called his wife.
*Alfred:* Honey, plea-se come.
Mrs. Alfred walks up to meet her husband as she wondered what it was he wanted to tell her.
*Alfred:* We leave tonight.
*Mrs. Alfred:* Leave tonight? Leave tonight to where? I don’t un-derstand.
*Alfred:* What is it you don’t un-derstand? I said we are leaving this town tonight.
*Mrs. Alfred:* Tonight? But why tonight? Is there something wrong?
*Alfred:* Nothing is wrong Dear, just start packing we are leaving tonight. We are leaving this town tonight.
*Mrs. Alfred:* But can’t we wait till morning to talk about this? Why are we leaving as if we are running away from something? Or is there something you are running from?
*Alfred:* Why do women like plenty questions? Why can’t they just hear and obey? plea-se st©p asking me unnecessary questions, just pack up everything we are leaving tonight. I am going out to arrange for a truck that will help convey us and all of our properties.
*Mrs. Alfred:* But where would we go to.
*Alfred:* Don’t worry about that, I alre-ady made preparations on that. Just get the things and the children re-ady.
Alfred was about moving but he felt his stomach rumble and he dropped his bag and runs into the toilet. And at the same minute a message enters his phone. Mrs. Alfred quietly picks up the phone to see who it c@m£ from.
*”I nee-d you tonight. I can’t stay alone, I am lonely. So, plea-se come over. Also, we nee-d to plan on how to take care of that obstacle you call a wife. I will be waiting for you and don’t you dare ignore this message, you know what I can do.”*
The message was from ”Mummy Reverend.”
Mrs. Alfred quic-kly dropped the phone before her husband will catch her with his phone. She quic-kly runs into their room and starts packing up their things just as her husband had instructed. But the content of the message kept troubling her heart. She couldn’t un-derstand what Rachael meant by,
*”we nee-d to take care of the obstacle you call a wife.”* what does she mean by that?
Also, *”don’t you dare ignore this message”* does it mean her husband has been ignoring messages from her?
And lastly, *”You know what I can do”* what can she do to her husband?
Was she blackmailing Alfred? Was that the reason Alfred wants them to move away? What could she possibly have against her husband?
These and many more questions filled her head as she searched for answers but finds none.