Enemies of the church Episode 11

Leo sits in his office lost in thoughts of what to do. His problems were becoming too much than he can handle. He had cried and he had prayed about his problems but it seemed to be getting worse. He didn’t realize he had started talking to himself.
*Leo:* Where have I gone wrong? What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment? I have followed and served God faithfully with all my heart, I have prayed for persons by the leading of the Holy Spirit and by the Grace of God they have received their miracles. Why then does my own miracle seem far. Why is my family being torn ap@rt. Why Jesus, why?
Tears fell from the Reverend’s eyes and he tried to dry them off, the more he dried the more they flowed and so he just allowed it flow.
Mrs. Alfred walks into the office with swollen eyes. She couldn’t sleep all throu-gh the night. The messages she re-ad on Alfred’s phone kept ringing in her head. She remembered every word from it,
*”You are the sweetest man I have ever known, and I am re-ady to die in your arms. Don’t worry my love, together we will make great lovers.”*
Another one was:
*”Your wife is just a baby factory company, I don’t mind you impregnating her over and over again. Let her continue giving birth and losing all her beauty and shape. I bet she is alre-ady slack and loose. Don’t worry, when you feel like she is drowning you, I will be here to give you succour.”*
*”My Darling, my plans for us are numerous. Do not worry I have plans to buy a duplex out of town, a quiet place where we will enjoy our love and life in peace. There won’t be anyone to disturb us. No sagging wife of football team of children, just you and I, we will relocate and become a family. We will build a happy home together forgetting the past forever.”*
*”Sweetheart, the way you make me feel I can’t explain. I hope we will meet again tomorrow. There are some new tricks I want to show and teach you.”*
The last one was what was even eating Mrs. Alfred up.
*”My Darling Alfred, how are you? I would have called but I don’t know if your dog is with you. I hope she is not bothering you on your late hour coming home. She shouldn’t dare if not I will seize you from her completely. Anyway, I have plans in motion to separate you too forever so that we can be together without interruption from anyone.”*
This last message got Mrs. Alfred worried. She had gone throu-gh the s£nders number over and over again and it baffles her that a whole Mummy Reverend is the one s£nding all these messages. And that is the main reason she decided to visit the Reverend to find out if all was well in their home.
And then she meets him talking to himself.
*Leo:* Lord, what sin have I committed? Why has my wife suddenly become the thorn in my flesh? Now, she has asked me for a divorce, what do I tell the church? What do I tell my family? What do I tell the society? How do I cope without a woman in my life.
Yes, I am justified to divorce her on the ground of witchcraft or adûlt€ry, but your word says if I can’t forgive her and divorce her then I must remain unmarried. How can I remain unmarried when I don’t have a child of my own yet. Lord Jesus this temptation is just too much for me to bear. Help me Lord, help me Lord.
Leo started crying, he bowed his head on the table and cried like a baby.
A confused Mrs. Alfred bec@m£ even more confused as she heard all the Pastor’s cries. She stood still not knowing what to do, if to speak to him or go back.
She was confused. This is someone she was coming to for help and he was even in a worse situation than she thought.
She turns back and walks out of the office.
Chief Ike sat outside his duplex with two of his youngest wives. One was pu-lling off white hair from his head while the other was helping him stretch his toes. As he sat enjoying the feel from their hands, his security man c@m£ in to inform him that someone wanted to see him. Chief Ike asked him to describe how the person looked and after he explained to Chief Ike, Chief felt reluctant to see the person but on a second thought he accepted.
Grace walked up to Chief, who was looking at her like one of those pests that normally come to disturb him. Grace was holding her two years old son in her hand. She was looking tattered and worn out. When she got to where Chief and his wives were enjoying themselves she knelt down and put her head down.
*Chief Ike:* Young lady, do I know you?
*Grace:* Yes Chief, we attend the same church sir. Good evening sir, good evening ma.
*Chief Ike:* Okay, so what are you doing in my house?
*Grace:* I am sorry to bother you sir, but I couldn’t think of any other person to go to that is why I decided to come to you.
Chief Ike’s wives looked at her with hatred in their eyes. They don’t like Chief talking with beautiful ladies like Grace because the next thing he will think of is marrying her. It was the youngest wife that spoke first.
“So, of all the persons in the church it was my husband, our husband that you felt you can come to meet. Now you are here, what is it? What do you want?
The elder wife quic-kly joined in.
“Yes what do you want?”
*Grace:* I am sorry ma’s.
(she starts crying)
Since yesterday my son and I have not had anything to eat? We are so hungry. The garri I begged from the church kitchen is finished and I couldn’t go back to ask for more. plea-se Chief help me, plea-se ma’s help me for the sake of my son plea-se.
“Don’t you have a husband? Why is the father of your child not helping you?” The youngest wife asked.
“Don’t you know that Chief has his own responsibilities and his own children to take care of? Will he die because he is a member of that church? plea-se leave, go and meet the father of your child to help you.”
Grace starts crying even more.
*Grace:* I am sorry ma, I don’t know who the father of my son is. Three years ago, my house was attacked by armed robbers, my parents and only brother were sh0t and killed, and I was R@p£d and got pregnant after the incidence.
(Grace broke into tears the more)
My Uncles took everything my father has and when they discovered I was pregnant they wanted to f0rç£ me to ab-ort the pregnancy but I refused, and so they threw me out. I had to move to the church and Reverend Leo and his wife have been the ones taking care of me for the past two years. The church has been taking care of my rent and everything.
“Then, why are you here? Go to the church so they can continue what they started.” Replied Chief Ike’s youngest wife.
*Grace:* Honestly ma, I don’t know what is happening. I haven’t seen Reverend Leo in a while. I went over to the house to see him but Mummy Reverend refused to let me see him. I don’t know why, but she warned me never to come there again.
“Just as I am about to throw you out and warn you never to come here again, do you un-derstand?”
*Grace:* plea-se ma, I dont mind washing all your clothes and doing all of your house chores plea-se just give my son something to eat plea-se.
Grace knelt down and made her little boy kneel too. Chief Ike who had been silent all this while finally spoke.
*Chief Ike:* Young lady stand up. It’s alright. I will help you.
“What? Chief, you will help her? How many people will you keep on helping in the church? Are you a bank that anytime anyone nee-ds anything they will come to you? Don’t they have family members and friends? Why must it be you? Help her today now, tomorrow she will come again and next tomorrow she will come again and before we will say Jack she will be one of your new wives” That was Chief’s youngest wife talking.
*Chief Ike:* Shut up woman? That was how I helped you and you bec@m£ my wife. Come on get out of here! the two of you get out!
The two of them grudgingly left. Chief Ike smiled as he opened his wallet and brou-ght out a bundle of cash. He counted ten thousand naira and gave it to Grace. He also brou-ght out his card and gave it to Grace.
*Chief Ike:* Young lady what did you say is your name again?
“Grace sir”
*Chief Ike:* Alright Grace, take this cash and my card. Call me anytime okay? And visit me tomorrow in my office. Do you un-derstand?
*Grace:* Thank you so much sir. God bless you sir.
Grace happily took the money and left the compound, thanking God for everything.