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enchanted by a cursed prince episode 39 & 40


(His personal taste from another world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
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Chapter 39 & 40


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

Prince Norman stood facing the window….. He kept on pounding on his father’s word

“Giselle is in there getting tortured yet I can’t do anything ” He thought roughing his hair in frustration.

“Just some hours from now father is gonna kill her ” He thought again and sighed

“Marry Cheryl…… become the heir and se-nd her away” He thought about his father words

“I thought I could be able to save you but how will I do it when I’m blind. I fu-cking hate myself….. I hate this pa-rtial blindness…… I fu-cking hate father for putting me in this condition ” He mumbled, balling his fist

Some hours later*****

(Evening of the previous day)

Immediately the sun went down, Prince Norman left his room without waiting for his escort,,,,, He walked into his father’s study and without knocking he barged the door opened

“Why will you barged in this way,,,,, have you lost your sanity Norman???? “He asked and Prince Norman scoffed

“I’m gonna do it Father,, I’m gonna se-nd her away” He muttered in one breath
A shrill laughter came from the king, making prince Norman wondered why the laughter

“She’s your mate father,,,,, you can’t possibly come up with a quick decision of se-nding her away,, what eventually are you planning??? “The king asked and Prince Norman too his li-p in

“are you definitely gonna throw the love you both share out of the window……..Tell me Norman, what are you planning with that bastard of a girl ” The king asked standing up from his seat

“Answer me! What is your plan with that bastard”The king roared hitting his fist on his table

“father…… I’m not as selfish as you are…….. I love Giselle and thats why I’m gonna love you…… I can’t sit down and watch you kill the woman I love……. If I truly love her I’m gonna let her go for her safety ” Prince Norman muttered

“Are you really sure?”He asked

“This night I’m taking her out of Louisiana never to return again………. Try getting your men to investigate”he said and the king smirked

“Fine, but if you pla-y a smart one on me,im gonna hurt her badly, Trust that Norman”The king uttered

“I wouldn’t even dare, After all are life is in your hands ” Prince Norman said

“Glad you still know that,Now go get her out of Louisiana as promised ,Tomorrow evening you’re gonna get married to Cheryl and as soon as you get to sign up the docu-ment as the new heir then everything is completed

“Don’t you feel guilty father, you seriously wanna wipe an entire family….. Don’t you have one feelings??” Prince Norman asked

“Guilty!”The king scoffed

“Don’t try to preach to me,My soul have been sold to the devil a very long time ago”

“Don’t concern your self with me son,Go, gather out of here cuz I might have a second thought ”he said and Prince Norman nodded slowly, walking to the door

“just a reminder ” The king stop him as he was about to open the door

“Don’t try to outsmart me” He said

“I know and i will try my best not to do any thing stupid”He replied and the king smile
As Prince Norman walked to the torture chamber, he brought out his phone and se-nt a message to his personal guard

“Prepare a car,,,,, I’m bringing someone right now and you will be taking her to my Grandma…..Please be extremely careful cuz father will be watching our moves ” Prince Norman typed and se-nd the message across

He opened the door to the torture room and [email protected] at what he saw

“Princess!! ” He [email protected] seeing the way she la-id on the ground with blood gesturing out of her back

He hurried his pace and walked towards her

His eyes wide-ned seeing her clothes filled with blood

He quickly raised her dress and his eyes almost pump out of it’s socket seeing her peeled skin

Her skin could [email protected] be recognized,it was peeled amd covered with blood.

“Father!! ” He whispered balling his fist

“No,,,man” she called faintly

A [email protected] escaped his li-ps, seeing some visible scars on her back

“I was worried,,I thought you wouldn’t come for me” Giselle said and smiled weakly

“If anything happen to you,,it’s going to be the end for me” Prince Norman said trying to control his tears

“I’m gonna get you out of the mansion this night….. Trust me ” Prince Norman said and she managed to nod

“Climb on my back ” He mumbled

Giselle managed to lift her bo-dy and climbe-d on his back

Prince Norman positioned her on his back before standing up

They walked out of the torture chamber as Giselle kept [email protected]

Prince Norman made sure no one was looking as he walked through the corridor

“All will be well ” he thought sadly

They made out of the palace and luckily no one saw them

“where are we going ” Giselle managed to speak

“we are leaving Louisiana and going to a place far away from this nightmare “He muttered

“Are we eloping?? ” She asked again

“Something like that”He replied and positioned her on his back again

Giselle shut her eyes and [email protected] painfully.

“My prince…. I have been waiting for you “The guard whom he had messaged earlier said

“is he the one taking us” Giselle asked slowly feeling sleepy already

Prince Norman couldn’t reply……. He nodded slowly and opened the car door

He dropped Giselle in the car and shut the door without entering

“Make sure she’s save and take her far away from here” Prince Norman said loudly cuz he believes the king might be watching from somewhere

“aren’t you….. coming…. with me” Giselle said weakly and Prince Norman tried his possibly best to avoid her eyes

sure,,, his father might be watching and he needs to make this real

“No princess……… “He said and shook his head

“Maybe our destiny ends here…… Not everyone has a happy ending…….i love you princess ….. I fu-cking do but I guessed its time to say goodbye….. I want you to be happy. I wish you can get back your father throne but it seems impossible……. Bye Princess” He said seriously

“No Norman!!! no don’t do this to me……. We can mate right now and bring your father down…… Please don’t se-nd me away ” Giselle cried

Prince Norman gave her a soft smile

“It’s all over princess, be happy and start afresh” He muttered and almost immediately the driver started the car

“Norman please…… You promise not to leave me…… I don’t need the throne….. You’re the one I need please don’t se-nd me away ” She said as more tears gestured down her face

Her tears weakened him….. He wanted to run to her and tell her he never left her

He needed to hug her right now and whispered into her ears how he loves her but he just couldn’t

If he really wants father to believe then he needed to make it real

“Tomorrow is my wedding with Cheryl….. I should focus on that” He thought and wiped off his tears,before grinning to himself

The night was already thick when the guard arrived layette city with Giselle

The driver came out of the car and went to the back sit to find Giselle slee-ping already

He carried her out of the car in a bridal style, Giselle shivered and sighed before slee-ping again

The driver came to the little hut and knock on the wooden door

Don’t be surprised on how he knew Prince Norman Grandma hut

He’s Prince Norman personal guard and he usually brings him here

“Come in”A faint voice was here

The guard entered and met an elderly woman sitting on the bare floor, folding her legs and her eyes were also shut

“Drop her on the mat and leave” He said in a bit of authority

The guard did as instructed before leaving. Immediately he was gone, Grandma Flores opened her eyes . She stood up and moved to where Giselle was la-id on the mat

She crouched down to her and shook her head……. Her dress was already torn slightly due to the whip that was used on her

Grandma Flores sighed and torn the dress completely

A [email protected] escaped from her mouth seeing her back. It was filled with blood and some visible scars could be seen,,

“Holy Christ!! “Grandma Flores exclaimed

“My son has bitten more he could chew all because of a damn throne,,,, all because of a throne that doesn’t belongs to him” She muttered

She traced her fin-gers around the corner of her injuries and Giselle [email protected] in pains before falling slee-ping back again

“she’s hurt” ” Grandma Flores said and brought out the first aid box that was beside the mat that Giselle la-id on

Grandma Flores too the wipes from the first aid box and began to clean Giselle ‘s wound with the wipes and alcohol

Giselle let out a scream and gritted her teeth in pains

She later took an Antibiotics and applied it on her wounds

She took the bandage and dressed her wounds up…….She watched her sighed and continued slee-ping again

“You’re such a sleepyhead….. You will be fine child” Granny said stro-king her hair

She later covered her bo-dy with the blanket

Grandma Flores was interrupted by the sudden knock on the door,,

Grandmum,,,is me” Prince Norman said from outside

“Come in”

Prince Norman went straight to where Giselle and Grandma Flores where

“I’m sorry for coming this late,,,,,, I needed to sort out everything with father and the Elders about being the next king,,,,, how is she Grandma” He asked crouching down and sitting beside his Grandma

“Why did you allow your father hurt her so much??” Grandma flores asked in a cold voice

“You can’t blame me Granny,,,,,you know that I’m blind and I wouldn’t be able to help ” He mumbled

“she will be find” Granny muttered and he heave

“Thank you for saving her,,,” Prince Norman said and removed the string of her hair from her face


Some hours later**

Giselle managed to sit up on the mat as she woke up,,she touched her back a little feeling the Bandage,the pain was so bad
that she almost wish her back isn’t there.

“Where I am ” She thought looking around

The last thing she remembered was Prince Norman se-nding her away,,,,,, she cried, begging him and eventually falling asleep

Just remembering how Prince Norman se-nt her away brought tears to her eyes

“Why did he have to do that to me????…… Have we left Louisiana for good ” She thought still staring around

“My princess ” She heard a familiar voice

“Princess you’re awake” Prince Norman said as he covered the space between them

Giselle rubbe-d her eyes softly. She looked up and saw it was her Norman

“Norman?? ” She called doubting

“aren’t I dreaming?? ” She thought and pinched her nose

She growled out of the pains she felt

“Norman,,,,, is this you” She said touching him as he sit beside her

“It’s me princess,,,,, common eat first, I will explain everything better”He muttered and she nodded slowly

Prince Norman took the tray of food that was on the stool close to the mat ,he opened it and Giselle tummy made a loud noise and without thinking twice,she pulled it from him and started eating hungrily.

“Easy,,,, princess ?” Prince Norman said and she managed to nod

“Your back?” He asked

“It hurts,,alot” she replied

“You will be fine” he @$$ured

“what are you doing here,,,, I thought you se-nd me away ??” She asked

“I can never se-nd you away,,,,everything I did back there was a plan to make father believe I actually se-nt you away” He said

“we’re at Granny place again,,, she was the one that treated your wounds “He said

“Tomorrow you’re gonna be married to Cheryl right ” Giselle asked and he shook his head

“here,,,, drink some water ,” he replied and place a cup of water in between her li-ps

Giselle drank everything and heaved. Prince Norman lifted her up and placed her on his lap

“I love you Giselle,,, I fu-cking do loves you alot ” He said and Giselle [email protected]

“You love me??” She asked cutely, avoiding his eyes

“Ever since we were kids I have always loved you and that’s why I usually sneaked to come see you,,,,, I love you Giselle. Will you marry me?? ” He asked and Giselle quickly used her hand to cover her mouth

“please don’t say no” He said pouting out his mouth

Cheryl was done dressing for the wedding,,,, she kept taking pictures and grinning to herself

“I’m getting married to the cutest prince in the world ” She uploaded it on facebook

She smiled wi-dely seeing all the comments that popped in,,,,,

She checked at the time and smile,,,,of course she still have some hours left since the wedding will be done in the evening

All of a sudden her room door burst opened, she [email protected] and looked up

She furrowed her eyebrows when she noticed it was a guard that had barged the door opened

“are you crazy!! Why will you barged into my room ” She snorted

The guard ignored her question and walked towards her instead

He grabbe-d her from behind and quickly covered her mouth with an handkerchief, she inhaled whatever was inside and [email protected]$$ed out immediately
Cheryl woke up to find herself in an unknown room…… She held her spinning head and sat up. She wondered how long she had sle-pt since it was evening already

She looked around and saw an elderly woman meditating

“where am I??,,,who are you???, what I’m I doing here?? ” She asked in one breath.

“One question at a time ” Grandma Flores replied

“Speak already,,,, I got no patience “She yelled

“you’re in layette city and this place you are is my hut” She replied making Cheryl frowned the more

“And what I’m I doing here,,,, the last thing I remember is me preparing for my weddin…..oh my gosh!! ” Cheryl suddenly screamed

“My wedding ” She yelled getting up from the floor she sat. She looked down at herself and saw she was putting on a bloody torn dress

She [email protected] remembering it was the same dress Giselle had worn the day she lashes the whip on her

“What the fu-ck is my wedding gown and why I’m I dressed this way?? ” She asked raising her voice

Grandma Flores eyes were still shut as she continued meditating

“Answer me you witch!! ” Cheryl [email protected] but instead Grandma Flores remained silent

“You’re such a waste,,,,, They might be looking for me now,,, I need to get back ” Cheryl muttered and walked to the door

“The prince would be getting married to Giselle this very evening….. You can’t stop it cuz you’re late already. The rightful owner of the throne will take her full responsibility. Giselle is a queen and a queen she will forever remain” She muttered

“What nonse-nse are you splitting now??? “She asked

“look here I’m the queen not that ugly thing,,,, what so ever you have planned with her I’m gonna stop it today……Trust that ” She uttered

“Don’t you think it’s late already?? ” Grandma Flores asked

“fu-ck your old age!! ” Cheryl grunted and opened the door before leaving

#End of flashback


“No!!!! ” Cheryl screamed as Prince Norman ki-ssed Giselle in front of everybo-dy

“I can’t let this happen to me,,,,,! ” Cheryl said and shook her

Prince Norman and Giselle broke the ki-ss

The king breathing became so intensifies,,,, he’s still in shock and couldn’t believe Prince Norman had placed a smart one on him

“I have made him king” He whispered to himself

He can’t believe he had been pla-yed in his whole game

“The witch is gonna take what’s rightfully belongs to her,,,, no !!! I can’t take defeat! ” He muttered

Prince Norman pulled Giselle to himself as they turned to face the crowd

“My Elders,,,, the coronation can now begin”Prince Norman uttered

“You lie!! ” A loud scream could be heard

The crowd splitted themselves into two as Prince Darrel walked out of the crowd

He hair was so messy and he was reeking from alcohol

He brought out a cigarette from his mouth and light it before putting it in between his li-p

“Do you think you can be made king when I’m still alive??” he said and burst into an uncontrollable laughter

“of course not brother” He replied and blew out the smoke that was coming out of his mouth

Prince Norman stood transfixed watching his brothers . Prince Darrel was the type that handling drink or smoke but seeing him this way right now, means he was very hurt

“I have worked so [email protected] for this throne,,,, I even became a daddy’s boy but this old king decided to stabbe-d me behind,,,, do you think Norman will rule this kingdom when I’m still alive?? ” He asked and Shook his head

“since I can’t become king when Norman is still alive then I got no choice than to end everything ” He said and quickly brought a gun out of his pa-ntpocket making everyone [email protected]

“Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Giselle screamed but he pulled the trigger and a loud shot was heard


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