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enchanted by a cursed prince episode 29 & 30


(His personal taste from another world )

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎
Chapter 29 & 30

✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️



Prince Rex sat at one of the chair in his lounge taking a sub

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After dinner, he came here straight……. He didn’t know why he needs to come here

But to him, it felt he missed it alot…… Don’t be surprised. Prince Rex has always hold a secret lodge

A lodge where he always visit at night to defile girl and screw anything under their skirt

Yeah! He stopped coming there. That was the same place he ra-pe a princess

“Her inhuman right? ”

He stared at the whole place as he took a sub from his coffee……. He could still hear the princess crying and pleading as if it was happening.

“Please! Please!! Don’t do this….. I’m not ready. Please Rex you said you love me, let’s get married and you can go down with me anytime…….. Father is gonna kill me if he finds out I had s-x before marriage it’s forbidden in our custom.. …….please don’t don’t defile me and make me unholy “He could still remember her words

“Shut the fu-ck up Nora!!!! and open those damn legs” Prince Rex could remember the way he had yelled at her that faithful day

” I remember how I tried to get you…… You proved so [email protected] and stubborn. I had to pretend that I have changed…… I dont do the shit called relationship but because of you I did…….. A long one at that and now you’re finally here with me do you think I will let go of you……. Of course not Nora!!” He remember yelling that faithful day as he torn the long gown she has wearing

He pa-rted her legs opened roughly and that was how he bang her [email protected] despite her plead

Prince Rex sighed as he drank from his [email protected]$$ again. It’s been a month since he ra-ped Princess Nora and since then he haven’t se-nt eyes on her

“What’s my brother thinking about that he couldnt noticed when I walked in” Someone said behind him……. He looked up to see Prince Norman

His hands were di-pped into his inner pocket….. He took a chair beside Prince Rex and poured a [email protected]$$ of drink for himself

“isn’t it obvious that you’re aware already……. You know everyone thoughts Norman” He said and Prince Norman chuckled slightly

“I don’t want to read your mind……. So you tell me ” Prince Norman said

“I’m just thinking of Nora…….. The princess I ra-ped here…….. This whole place is fill with our memories that happened the faithful night” He muttered and Prince Norman sighed

“Raping a princess is so bad of you……… Trust me if that had to happened to Celine…… I’m gonna kill the bastard that did it………What you did is heartless. have you ever thought of what she will be going through now…….. Her pride, the trauma?? ” He asked and Prince Rex sighed

“I know……. You don’t need to remind me I’m a bastard……. If the urge comes I just can’t control it…… I fu-ck anyone available that moment ” He said and clenched his jaw

“You will be fine brother……… Is a good think you’re having a reconsider and I’m going to help you get over it” Prince Norman said and tap his shoulder

“You guys shouldn’t be discussing without me…… I’m the eldest among you two”Prince Darrel said walking towards them

“The oldest that always act stupid…… Daddy’s boy how are you ” Prince Rex said and Prince Darrel balled his fist

“You’re just so annoying “Prince Darrel said taking a sit beside them and also poured himself a [email protected]$$ of drink

“Norman I’m sorry……. For the way I have been treating you…. I guessed I haven’t been a good brother ……Forgive me brother ” He said and Prince Rex wide-ned his eyes

” whosoever that has punch you had reset your [email protected] too” Prince Rex said and chuckled

“I hold no grudges against you brother……… Let bygones be bygones ” Prince Norman said and pat his shoulders

“I just get just two questions to ask you both” Prince Norman said

“sure,,,, ”

“sure,,,, ”

They both replied in unison

“what are the things that can make you hurt those you love ” He asked and they both raised their lashes

“Trust me I can never hurt my brother for anything ” Prince Rex said

“Even if it takes the woman you love away from you….. Will you still hurt him ” Norman asked and Rex shook his head

“I can never hurt my brother…… In as much the lady in question loves him back….. I’m gonna let go…..” He replied and Prince Norman nodded

“And you Darrel?? ” He asked and he sighed

“I can hurt anyone who tried to take the woman I love away from me and most importantly my throne……. I can do anything to remain the heir apparent to the throne” He said and Darrel nodded slowly

“You speak like father…… Gross” Prince Rex muttered

“I’m outta here……. Need to catch some sleep ” Prince Rex said and walked out

“let’s take a scroll Norman….. Is been long we had a brotherly talk…… Just two of us” Prince Darrel said

“sure “Prince Darrel said. They both walked out of the lodge and started taking a stroll around the palace

Definitely,,,,,, it’s gonna be a long night

“You really gonna hurt anyone for the throne….. Huh” Prince Norman asked

“Don’t take it personal…. Besides, I’m the heir apparent to the throne…… See,,, I’m not gonna hurt anyone ” He said and Prince Norman nodded slowly

Hilda walked [email protected]$$ed the two princes subconsciously……. She was so engrossed on what she was thinking that she didn’t notice them


She was thinking of what Cheryl told her……… She was thinking of how to carry out the plan perfectly without getting caught……a way to flame her up and make everyone believe

“a girl with a scar will be flamed up tomorrow ” Prince Norman mumbled to prince Darrel

“with a scar! ” Prince Darrel said remembering the girl he was looking for

She also got a scar

“how do you mean she will be flamed up?”Prince Darrel asked

“No brother………. The question should be how can you save her……. By tomorrow morning I would have gone blind…… You’re the only one that can save her from father death……. You know what to do ” Prince Norman said and pat his shoulders before walking off



Hilda kept taking slow steps towards Cheryl….. She was almost closed to her when she suddenly gripped on her stomach

Fear gripped everyone as she started vomiting blood,,,,,,she felt she was gonna [email protected]$$ed out any moment from

“ch…….”she couldn’t finish her statement as she fell to the ground, loosing consciousness

“oh my God!! ” Everyone Screamed

Cheryl smirked from where she stood

“I know she was gonna implicate me but of course Cheryl is smarter ” Cheryl thought and smirked staring at the lifeless bo-dy of Hilda that’s laying on the floor

“What’s going on ” Prince Celine whispered gripping onto prince Rex

Prince Darrel walked to Hilda still bo-dy and crouched down…… He stared at her and shook his head

“she’s dead everyone!! ” He mumbled

“I guessed she was poisoned too” He added and murmuring aro-se

“I knew this was gonna happen…….. After asking her to poison the king you also poisoned her so she wouldn’t implicate you right….. This is your plan Giselle…… I know from the onset” Cheryl suddenly yelled and everyone turned their attention towards her.

“Shut up cheryl” Prince Rex yelled

“didn’t you hear the maid said someone se-nt her to flame Giselle up or you no longer make use of your ears”He added and Cheryl gritted his teeth

“Gosh! She’s annoying as well” Princess Celine muttered

“Everyone should demise……. ” The king suddenly thundered

All the guards and maids ran towards different directions

“Traitor in my palace….. Amazing ” King jasmine muttered clenching his jaw

Cheryl got to her room and shut the door………

She screamed suddenly, holding her head

“That ugly thing!! ” She roared

“I was so closed to get rid of her…… I was damn closed” She said moving to her wardrobe and scattering all the clothes in it

“I hate her!!!! I fu-cking hate her! “She screamed

“Can’t believe that stupid maid almost implicate me…….. Its a good thing I poisoned her…….. I can’t even imagine what the king will do to me”She mumbled and shook her head

“I won’t stop till I get rid of her…… completely ” She thought and grinned evily


“What do you mean I can’t see my mother” Princess Celine yelled at the doctor……..

“it an order from the king………..”The doctor said

“To hell with his order” Princess Celine said and the doctor [email protected]

“She’s my mum…….. Why will father forbidden everyone from entering into the room???…. Gosh! I hate him… I hate him so much ” She yelled fighting back the tears that threatened to fall

She snapped her feet on the floor before walking away

She’s got to her room and fell on the be-d……..

“I just wanna see mother…… I want to be beside her……….. I wanna be @$$ure if she’s
gonna be fine………why is father doing this!! ” She thought covering her face with her palm

Her phone [email protected] also immediately. She checked it and a message popped up on her screen

It was a message from Prince Kristen..

“Sweetheart how are you today?????…….. Can you go on a night date with me???…… Please don’t say no,,,, I really wanna surprise you ” The message read

Her sad face beamed with smiles…….. Just seeing his message got her happy

“Maybe going out will help ease this pains that’s suffocating me ” She thought

“sure ” She replied the message

“Thanks sweetheart…….. My guards will come picked you” Another message came up almost immediately

“He loves calling me sweetheart even when we aren’t a thing……. Gosh!! I’m going gaga ” She said blushing [email protected]

Some hours later*****************

Giselle walked out of the palace and sighed.

She was going to see her father…… The king left some hours ago after demising everyone and she thought that’s the perfect time to go see
Everything that happened toward still mesmerized her

“what if the prince haven’t show up……. Will this have been my end”She thought and sighed softly

“I trusted her like a friend and she did this to me…….. Screw her!!!!. No more friends and thats gonna be the rule henceforth “Giselle thought

“Someone se-nt me ” she could still remember Hilda words before she died

“Who could that be” Giselle thought remembering how Hilda was walking towards someone before her sudden death

“Cheryl!! “She suddenly said figuring who the unknown was

“That bitch!!! “she sneered balling her fist

“she made Hilda do it….. Can’t believe she will do that just to get rid of me”

She was so engrossed in her thoughts when she bumped into someone

She almost felled but some mighty hands encircled her wa-ist, protecting her from falling

She looked up and saw it was the prince……. The one had saved her from being killed……she quickly stood up and bow her head

“I’m sorry my prince….. I wasn’t looking ” She said

“I wasn’t looking too” Prince Darrel replied di-p-ping his phone into he pocket. Giselle bite on her lower li-p finding the right word to use in showing her gratitude

“Thanks” She blurted out suddenly

“for what” Prince Darrel asked furrowing his eyebrows

“For saving me…… If you haven’t come with the prove at that time , my head would have been caught off” Giselle muttered pla-ying with her fin-gers

Prince Darrel chuckled slightly and stare at her nervous face

Of course silver beauty was nothing compared to the girl right in front of him

“what if I want something in return ” Prince Darrel asked and Giselle eyes wide-ned

“what if he’s like the s-x freak prince ” She thought as her jaw dropped

“just kidding “Prince Darrel said and she heaved

“it seems you’re going somewhere?? ” Prince Darrel asked

“yeah…..! I’m going to see father ” She replied

“oh,,,, I got nothing doing…. I can drop you and bring you back too” Prince Darrel said and she quickly shook her head

“No my prince….. I’m fine I can just stroll there….. Is not that far” Giselle said

“Then let’s both stroll there together……. It’s been long I took a stroll with someone ……beside, I got nothing doing at home ” prince Darrel said

“But…. ”

“common I insist…….. That’s the only way you can appreciate me for saving your life” He replied

“you’re something else” Giselle muttered and they both giggled
Giselle and Darrel kept walking finding it [email protected] to start a conversation between their two

“Gosh!! My legs are hurting me “Prince Darrel blurted out

“I told ya…… You should have just stayed in the palace but you wouldn’t listen “Giselle said

“you said it wasn’t far”prince darrel complained

“I can just carry you on my back ” Giselle said and he Chuckled

“seriously…….. You wanna carry a man?? ” He asked, finding it so funny

“I’m stronger than you know ” she grinned

“Tadda!!!! We’re here” She said as they got to a little house around the neighborhood

“is this your house?? ” Prince Darrel asked asked

“Yeah”Giselle answered walking to the back door

“Stay here my prince….. I would be right back “She said and Prince Darrel nodded

She walked back to the front door, opening it gentle

She entered to see her mum in the sitting with Audrey

Her jaw instantly dropped seeing her mum

Tanisha immediately dropped the [email protected]$$ of juice she drinking from as Giselle walked in completely

“This won’t end well” Audrey whispered to herself

“Good evening mum” She greeted pla-ying with her fin-gers

Tanisha stood up and took the [email protected]$$ of juice again before walking to Giselle

“oh my God!!!! Mum is gonna do something worst” Audrey said staring at the drama going on

Tanisha took slow steps towards Giselle and she moved back with every step that she came forward with

Giselle back hit the wall as her mother got to her…….

Before she could utter a word, Tanisha poured the juice on her hair

“ugly thing!!” She said and splashed the [email protected]$$ on the wall

She held Giselle cheek and gripped on it tightly

“listen and listen very good……..I’m tired of seeing your ugly face…..stop coming here,,,, you’re of no use to us…….. The next time you step your feet in this house, I’m gonna make your face more uglier ” She barked

She let go of her cheek and grabbe-d her by the hair

“mum!! “Giselle screamed in pains

“Mum…… You’re hurting her” Audrey retorted

“Just be quiet!! ” She yelled at Audrey as she kept using Giselle hair to pull her out of the house

She opened the door and pushed her out , not caring if she falls or now

Tanisha shut back the door and leaned on it

“That ugly thing won’t see Kay not when I’m still alive” She grunted

“Mum that was harsh…… Giselle has done nothing wrong,,,, she was going here to see father and beside she’s in the palace because of father……. What you’re doing is wrong ” Audrey blurted out

“unbelievable….. and when did you start differentiating between wrongs and right……. Has that ugly thing bewitched you too” Tanisha asked

“mum….!! ” Audrey screamed

“I have always been the one telling you what to do, so you know nothing about wrong or right……. Hate that ugly sister of yours, she’s gonna take your father away from you,,,,, stay away from her cuz that’s the right thing to do ” Her mother said and she Audrey gulped down

Audrey uttered no word as she turned and walked back to her room……..

“hate that ugly sister of yours”Her mother words kept ringing in her head


That’s what she had been doing…… Hating Giselle just because her mother want her to

“is this right ” She thought getting to her room. She held the handle and was about pushing the door opened but she stopped herself instead

She looked around before walking to the back exit

She got to the back door and kept looking back to make sure her mother wasn’t coming

She opened the back door slowly……she walked out still looking back

She was about staring at her front when she bumped into someone and his phone fell

She raised her head and saw him

“Arrgh!!! “She screamed almost [email protected]$$ing out but she held herself

“You!! ”

Prince Darrel and Audrey screamed in unison

“what are you doing here ” They both screamed at the same time too

“have you been stalking me!! ” She asked raising her brows

“of course not,,,,, I wouldn’t want to get punched by a witch”he said and Audrey scoffed

“Giselle!! ” Audrey mumbled before running out of prince Darrel prese-nce

She ran to the front exist of their house and met Giselle leaning in front of the door with my head placed on her lap

Audrey bite her lower li-p and took slow steps towards her…. She got to her and crouched down at her

She brought out her favorite scarf and started wiping the juice out of her hair

Giselle held her hand and raised her face

“Audrey” She called surprised

“That’s…. that’s your favorite….. Scarf” Giselle stuttered

“Don’t take it personal…… I don’t like you and I’m only doing this because of father” Audrey replied and started wiping off the juice again

Giselle smile as a tears escaped her eyes

“I will look for a day when mom isn’t around before informing you to come “she said still wiping her hair
“You need to go before mother comes out…… She might do something worst” Audrey said standing up from her sister

She glared at her for a minute before walking out

“Giselle” Prince Darrel suddenly called walking towards her

“let’s leave ” She replied getting up and he nodded


it was already evening when Giselle and Prince Darrel got back to the palace

“you refused to tell me why your eyes were red earlier ” Prince Darrel asked again

“I’m fine ” She replied avoiding his eyes. Prince Darrel walked so closed to her and they were inches away from their bo-dy to rub against each other

Prince Darrel raised his hand about touching her hair when they both heard a voice

“Princess ” The cool voice called. Giselle quickly moved away from darrel and turned just to see Norman

“My jerky head!! ” She squeaked like a kid who just saw her mom

She ran to him covering the space between them

“my princess….. You’re save” Prince Norman said and pulled her to a hug

Prince Darrel frowned watching them

“Are they closed?? ” He thought

Prince Norman pulled from the hug and held her face

“I thought I was going to loose you….. ” He whispered rubbing his fin-geron her li-p slowly

He pulled her to himself encircling his hand around her wa-ist

“only for two minutes…. Princess ”

With that being said he slammed his li-ps on hers

Prince Darrel [email protected] as his mouth pa-rted opened


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