enchant me know 3 & 4

{The king’s Betrothed……}

THEME;Kiss Me Under The Moonlight


By, Shindara velvet D



“Are you not tired of these dumb stunts you pull?” Francisco, the school’s student representative, said, looking directly at Pinky.

“You’re lucky you’re not suspended already. This is not the first time you’ve been in trouble, and I’m tired of cleaning up your messes.” Pinky’s eyes flashed with defiance, but she said nothing, knowing that she was in the wrong.

Despite Pinky’s rude and spoiled attitude, Francisco never backed down from her. He stood up to her, even though he knew she could make his life miserable. But Pinky’s feelings for him made her hesitate to take things too far. She knew that she was no match for Francisco’s integrity and courage, and that only made her respect him more.

“I’m sorry,” Pinky mumbled, looking down at her feet. She walked to an empty seat, her two friends following behind her, clearly unimpressed with her apology.

As she sat down, she could feel their stares burning into her back, but she didn’t dare turn around to face them. She knew she had messed up, and she had no one to blame but herself.

Just as the professor entered the room, the students fell silent. The only sound was the scratch of his chalk on the board, as he wrote the day’s lesson

{The Queen~Chamber}

Queen Alice sat regally in her chair, her legs propped up as the maid pedicured her feet. A hair dresser was tending to her hair, braiding and pinning it in an intricate design. The queen was dressed in a sumptuous robe, adorned with jewels and pearls. She looked every inch the royal she was, her gaze imperious and unyielding. No one dared speak out of turn in her presence.

“Ta-da!” Rachel exclaimed, bursting into the room and embracing the queen from behind.

The queen started in surprise, but then laughed as she turned to face Rachel.

“Oh, my dear! You nearly gave me a heart attack,” she said, her voice warm and affectionate. Rachel grinned, clearly pleased with herself.

“I’m so glad to see you, Mother,” she said.

“Well, if I hadn’t practically forced you to come to the castle, you wouldn’t be here saying that you’re glad to see me,” Queen Alice teased. Rachel laughed and shook her head.

“That may be true, but I’m still happy to be here,” she said. The queen smiled

“But where are my grandchildren?” Queen Alice asked, her face falling slightly.

“They’re not with you, are they?” Rachel’s face turned sheepish.

“Sorry, Your Majesty. I didn’t bring them with me. I thought it would be best if they stayed home with their nanny moreover they will soon come for their holiday,” she explained.

The queen looked disappointed, but she nodded in understanding

“I understand, and I miss Clara too,” Queen Alice said, her voice soft and nostalgic.

“She was such a sweet child. I was always so fond of her.” Rachel smiled, understanding her mother’s attachment to her daughter.

“She was a wonderful child, Your Majesty,” she agreed.

“Oh, but don’t tell me you don’t miss Clark, either!” Rachel said, breaking into a fit of giggles.

“I’m going to tell him that his grandma snitched on him!” The queen laughed along with her, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she said, feigning outrage.

“Of course mom”Rachel laughed too

“I called you here because it’s time for your brother to get married,” Queen Alice said, her expression turning serious.

“The Elders are beginning to complain that their kingdoms need a queen .” Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re thinking of arranging a marriage for Romano?” she asked, her voice full of disbelief.

“No, you must remember that Romano was betrothed to the only daughter of the Jerkins family,” Queen Alice said, her voice stern.

“I think it’s time we inform them of the situation and get the marriage arranged as soon as possible.” Rachel’s jaw dropped, her mind reeling.

She knew this was a big deal, but she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. “That’s a huge responsibility,” she said, her voice trembling.

“But Mom, do you think Romano will be happy with this news?” Rachel asked, her voice wavering. She was worried about how her brother would react to the news. He was such a free spirit, and she didn’t want him to be unhappy.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, dear,” the queen said, her voice gentle.

Rachel sighed loudly

“So, what’s the next step, Mom? Do you want me to go to the Jerkins family and inform them about the marriage?” Rachel asked, feeling a sense of dread settling in her stomach. She knew this would be a difficult task, and she wasn’t sure she was up to the challenge.

“You don’t have to do that, dear,” the queen said, sensing her daughter’s anxiety.

“I’ll take care of it myself,I just wanted you to know”The queen said

“Alright, Mom, I should be going,” Rachel said, standing up from her chair.

“I have a board meeting at the company later, and I don’t want to be late.” She leaned down and gave the queen a quick hug, feeling the warmth of her mother’s embrace.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too, dear,” the queen said, smiling as Rachel turned to leave.

“Give my best to Clara and Clark,” she added. Rachel waved goodbye as she walked out the door


King Romano strode into the lounge, his guards flanking him on either side. The opulence of the room was evident in every detail, from the ornate chandeliers to the luxurious upholstery.

“You can stay here,” King Romano said to his guards, “I’ll be back in a jiffy.” The guards nodded, taking up their positions near the door. King Romano turned and made his way down the corridor

King Romano reached the door of his private room within the lounge, his hand resting on the ornate brass handle. he opened the door and stepped into the room. Inside, the room was decorated in a manner befitting a king, with fine tapestries and richly upholstered furniture.

“Hey, baby,” a feminine voice cooed, and King Romano’s face lit up in a smile.

He turned to see a stunning woman lounging on the sofa, her long dark hair spilling over her shoulders. She looked at him with a teasing grin, and he felt his heart flutter in his chest.

“My darling,” he said, crossing the room to take her hand.

“I missed you all day,” the lady said, her voice tinged with disappointment.

“You promised to call me, but I never got your call. I was so worried. Why can’t I come to the palace to see you?” King Romano’s face fell, and he sat down next to her on the sofa.

“I’m so sorry, my love,” he said, taking her hand in his.

“You know I have a betrothed,” King Romano explained, his tone apologetic.

“And the queen might get mad if she knew I was bringing another woman to the palace.” The lady’s frown deepened, and she pulled her hand away.

“So, what am I to you, then?” she asked, her voice laced with hurt.

“Malia, why are you talking like this?” King Romano said, his voice soft but firm.

“You knew from the beginning that we could never get married. We made a deal, when I get married, we would end this. You agreed to that.” Malia looked away, her eyes shining with tears.

“But it’s been years,” Malia whispered, her voice breaking.

“Are you getting married anytime soon? I don’t want to lose you, Romano.” King Romano’s heart broke at her words. He had grown to care for Malia deeply, but he knew that he could never marry her. He took her hand again, squeezing it gently.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

“That’s why we have to end this,” King Romano said, his voice heavy with regret.

“I don’t want to get married, but I have to. And I don’t want to lead you on. You deserve better than that.” Malia looked up at him, tears streaming down her face.

“I just don’t want to lose you,” she repeated, her voice hoarse with emotion.

“I’m sorry, Malia,” King Romano said as he stood up.

“You can always call me if you need anything. And your monthly allowance will not stop. I’ll make sure you receive it every month. I wish you all the best in your life.” With that, he turned and walked out the door, his heart heavy with sadness and regret. He knew he had to fulfill his father’s dying wish, but it didn’t make it any easier to leave Malia behind.

Malia felt her heart break as she watched King Romano walk out the door. She felt like a piece of her had been ripped away, and she was left feeling empty and alone.

Her tears spilled over, and she wept, her shoulders shaking with the force of her sobs. All her hopes and dreams of a life with the king were gone, and she was left wondering what her future held.

“No I won’t accept this,if I can’t have you then no one else will”Malia said


Rosalie’s car pulled up to the front of the villa, and Caterina stepped out of the passenger seat.

“Thanks for the ride, bestie,” Caterina said, giving Rosalie a wave.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Rosalie smiled and waved back, then drove off

Caterina’s smile faded as she entered the villa and made her way to the main entrance. The air was thick with tension, and she could feel a sense of foreboding as she approached the door.

As she opened the door, she saw her parents sitting in the living room, watching a movie.

They looked up at her with curious expressions, their eyes asking the question on their lips.

“I’m home,” Caterina said smiling,She kissed her parents on the cheek

“How was your day, princess?” Mr. Jerkins asked, his voice full of affection.

“Your mother said you had dinner with Rosalie.” Caterina nodded,

“It was lovely,” she said, a genuine smile spreading across her face.

“Sit down,” Mrs. Jerkins said, her smile broadening.

“We have some wonderful news to share.” Caterina’s curiosity was piqued, and she took a seat on the sofa, turning to face her parents.

“What is it?” she asked, her voice trembling with anticipation.

“You’re getting married to your betrothed,” Mr. Jerkins said, his voice filled with pride. But the smile on his face quickly vanished as he saw the look of shock on Caterina’s face.

“What?” she gasped, her voice barely a whisper.

“I’m still in school,” Caterina said, her voice cracking.

“Why would I get married now? I’m only 22!” The tears she had been holding back began to spill down her cheeks. She looked at her parents, her face a mixture of confusion and anguish.

“Please tell me this is a joke,” she pleaded.

“It’s not a joke,” Mr. Jerkins said, his voice soft but firm.

“And getting married won’t stop your schooling. You’re not going to jail, but you are getting married to a king. You will become a queen.” Caterina shook her head, her mind still reeling.

“I can’t,” she said, her voice barely audible.

“I don’t want to,” Caterina sobbed, tears streaming down her face. She ran up the stairs, her footsteps echoing through the house. She slammed the door to her room, sinking to the floor in a puddle of tears. She wrapped her arms around her knees, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“Do you think she’ll accept this?” Mrs. Jerkins asked, her voice full of concern.

“I don’t want anything to hurt our daughter.” Mr. Jerkins sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but she has to understand that this is for the good of the kingdom,” he said, though his heart ached for his daughter.

Caterina sat on her bed, her tears slowly subsiding as her thoughts turned to her future.

To be Continued…..