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Emma’s secret 2 Episode 48 & 49

(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 48
By : Kebby NG
“Are you still crying “I asked as I stood starring at her
“No am not” she replied as she stood staring out through the window
“If you want to cry,Then do it,Don’t mind that am here and remember I told you that I will always be here for you”I said and she turned to stare at me
“I know and as have said am not going to cry and so you can leave” she said
“Emma I………”
“Please! just leave ,I want to be alone”She said as she faced the window again.
Knowing that she really had to be alone,I went out of her ward but not before bringing in my own guards to watch over her
“Make sure that King Brian and his family doesn’t go near her”I said to them and they nodded.
Knowing that she will be safe I left the hospital.
Now that Emma knows the truth,There is nothing that will stop me from getting back at Brian and his family.
Have been waiting for this moment and now that I have the chance,I won’t lose it, I thought as I got to my car in the parking lot.
“I Thought you will never show up”Brian said behind me and I turned to see him standing beside his own car
“Jealous?”I asked taunting him
“Why would I be?”
“Because she told you to leave and defended me from you!”I said
“I won’t give you the satisfaction of answering you,All I just want to tell you is to stay away from Emma,She is my wife and she will keep on being my wife”Brian said
“From what I heard,She said she will give you the divorce you want,So why don’t you just give up wanting to be in her life,She doesn’t want you any more”I said
” Emma loves me and no matter what happen,She will keep on loving me”
“Really? Your love wouldn’t bring back her parents,Neither would it bring back her happiness,The happiness that she should have had with her parents was snatched away by your father,She might forgive you Brian but she will never be able to forget and that will hinder the love you have for each other”I said
He stood for a while thinking about what I just said to him.
“And I told Emma how I feel about her, I told her I love her and if she accepts, I will expect you to get the divorce papers ready as soon as you can”I said and got into my car.
That will give him some thing to think about for a while,I thought as I brought out my phone to begin my attack on Brian family.
I was having a very important call when Peter showed up
“Am sorry your majesty but you have to see this?”He said as he stretched his tab to me
I took it and when I saw what the article was all about,I cut the important call I was making
“How did this get out?”I asked pointing to the news in the tab
“From what I heard from our source,They said they had an exclusive interview from her highness”He said
“And since how long have this news been out?”I asked
“It’s been three hours now and……..” He stopped short starring at me
“And what?”I asked impatiently
“And it’s what every one seems to be watching ” He said
“What about my parent?”I asked as I began to take my stuff
“From what the guards told me, They are in doors because of the reporters who are out side wanting to see them”He said
“Then we better head there”I said as we quickly left for the villa.
As soon as we got there,The reporters followed my car wanting me to say some thing but with the help of the guards,I went into the house safely.
“Son what’s going on?”My mom asked as she saw me
“I will explain later,Where is dad?”I asked
“Why won’t you just tell your mom that this is the fault of your wife,She made every thing public just so she can spite you and your parents”Alicia who had been sitting on the chair in the sitting room said suddenly
“Did she tell every one the truth because of what happened twenty five years ago?”My mom asked
“Yes she did mom,She is doing this to get back at Brian and you all”Alicia said again
“Will you just shut up Alicia,You know nothing,So don’t meddle”I yelled at her shutting her up
“Why did she have to make it public,We could have seat down and talk about it with her”My Mom said
“Like father sat down and talked about killing her parents,Mom I don’t have time now, Just tell me where dad is”I asked
“Well after watching the news,He went straight to his study”She said
On hearing that, I went to the study intent on talking to my father.
But he wasn’t there,There was no sign of him and some how I felt uneased.
“You said father was in here”I said thinking it was my mom
“Your father left a while ago”Alicia said as she stood In the door way
“Why did you keep shut about it then?”I asked
“Because I know that he is going to see Emma and I hope that he finish what he couldn’t do twenty years ago”She said and I stopped to stare at her
“What did you just say?”
“Apart from stealing my identity and taking away the man I love,She is also the true owner to all this,I really hate her and I hope she……..” She couldn’t finish her word because I dragged her by her arm
“Ooouchhh……you are hurting me?”She said
“What did my father do before he left the house”I asked and she smiled making me more furious
“Just tell me what my father did!”I said shaking her not caring if she was pregnant
“I saw him leave but he was with his gun”She answered and immediately I let her go,Going back to my car.
If father is with his gun then Emma life is in danger.
“You need to use your meds your Highness”The nurse said to me
“Not now,Can you come back later,I still don’t want to sleep yet”I said
“But your………..”
“Please”I begged and she nodded saying she will be back in an hour.
I layed on the bed thinking about how my life changed in just an hour.
The door opened and thinking it was still the nurse,I said “you said you will come back in an hour time”
“Whoever you are expecting is certainly not me”On hearing the voice of Brian father, I sat up
“Surprise Emma!”He said softly
“Why are you here? What more do you want from me?”I asked as I got out of the bed.
“To see you,I heard from Brian that you didn’t die,That stupid boy had to meddle by saving you”He said looking angry
“Leave before I call for help”I said wondering where The guards could be
“Don’t you even dare,You see I came well prepared this time”He said as he brought out his gun.
“Now come with me or else I will kill you right here,Right now”He said as he pulled my arm.
As soon as I got to the hospital,I went straight to her ward but there was no sign of her.
The guards stationed there by William told me that they can’t find her.
Knowing that peter Chad wick might still be in his ward,I went in search of him And I found him in his room.
“Why are you here?”He asked starring at me
“Have Emma been here?”I asked
“No, I went to see her a while ago and I left her in her ward,Why are you looking for her”He asked
“Because am scared that some thing might happen”I said
“What do you mean by some thing might happen?” He asked
I was about answering when I got a text message
“You must be looking for Emma right? Well come to the roof top”
On reading the message I went out of the room heading for the roof top.
As soon as the lift door opened,I went through the door that led to the roof top.
I saw my father standing on the floor while Emma stood on the rail.
It was raining and I knew that one move that Emma might take,She will fall off.
“Welcome son”My father greeted as he held his gun up.
He must have use that to threaten her,I thought as I went towards them
“Why are you doing this again father”I asked as I starred at Emma who was also starring at me
“I told you,For us to keep on living in luxury,She has to die”
“Just stop it father,You have done enough! You killed her parents and made her life hell, Isn’t that enough”
“Love is making you blind,Once she is out of the way,You will thank me for killing her “He said
“No father,Let her go! ” I said as I moved towards them
“Take one more step and I push her”He said and I stopped
“Decide now Brian, Will you take my side or will you take hers”He asked
“You already know my answer dad ”
“Fine then, She dies!”He said as he pushed Emma
Quickly I ran towards the rail holding the hand which she used to hold the rail to support herself
“Brian let her go,Or I swear I will shoot you”
“Kill me dad,I won’t let her die with out trying to save her”I said holding her hand tight
“Brian let me go”She said wanting to pull away
“Don’t you dare!”I yelled at her
“I didn’t come this far to watch you die”I added
“Fine then you leave me with no………..”My father couldn’t complete his words because Peter Chad wick went to him and they began struggling for the gun
“Brian get Emma out of here and call the police”Peter yelled at us and quickly I pulled Emma up but before I could do a thing to help,We heard a shot.
(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Semi Final Episode 49
Still in Brian arms, i watched as my father and his father struggled for the gun.
I didn’t want to leave as he said to Brian to take me away and call the police.
I wanted to stay and help but before I could do a thing, i heard the gun shot.
I stared at the two men wondering who got hit by the gun and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be my father but I was shocked when my father fell down.
“Daddy!!!” I yelled as I ran to him.
I held him in my arms and watched him struggle to breathe.
On seeing what he did Brian father took off with out looking back.
“Emma my child”he muttered softly and I held his bloody hands
“Daddy”I cried as I gave his hand a light squeeze.
He held my hand too and gave me a light smile.
“Hold on Mr Chadwick,Help is on the way”Brian @ssured him as he knelt beside us on the floor.
I don’t think I will make it before help gets here”He said as he coughed out blood.
“Don’t say that father,You will be fine! okay”I said as I cried helplessly in his arms .
“Just listen me me,The both of you,Do not let what happened in the past take over your life,You both have suffered enough”
“Most especially you my dear,You deserve to be happy and am sure that you will be happy,after all Brian is with you to take care of you
“Dont talk like this dad , i want to be with you”I said as I held his hand
“Just hang in there Mr Chad wick”Brian called as he call for help on again
As soon as that was done he came back to us, holding my father cold hand.
“Brian my son,am giving you the chance to make every thing right again, you have to watch over my daughter”He said
“You are the one who will take care of Emma, so just save your breath, the ambulance will be here soon”He said
“Brian please take care of Emma, find a way to make her happy, all her life have been nothing but pain and sorrow”
“She deserves to be happy Brian, so do your utmost best in making her happy”He said to Brian and Brian nodded in agreement
“Am sorry Emma, have been nothing but a pain to you”He said
“Never! You were never a pain to me” I answered quickly as I held his hand
“Am really sorry my child, try to find the happiness you deserve, be with the man you love “He said
“You will be fine dad, so stop talking this way”I cried out.
“Let’s not kid our selves,We all know that I won’t last, please Brian promise me that you will keep on watching over Emma”He begged
“I will”Brian promised softly.
“I can finally be rest @ssured”he said as he smiled gently and then he died
“No no no” I said as I pulled his body to mine,Crying out loud.
“This shouldn’t be happening,It shouldn’t have “I said as I held his body to mine.
It was at that moment that the paramedics got to the roof top.
“You are late”Brian said to them softly
“Emma they will have to take his body”Brian said to me
“No, Am not ready to let my dad go”I said as I held him.
“We have to take his body “The medic said
“No one will touch him!”I yelled at them and they moved back.
Brian moved towards me and gently touched my hair.
“You are still in pain my love and we know that but you have to let the medic do their job” He said as he pulled me away from my father.
I watched as they took his body away and I hugged Brian for comfort.
“He didn’t deserve to die” I said as I cried into Brian arms
“I know,He didn’t deserve to die ” He muttered as he held me tight.
I stood beside Emma as we stood in front of the grave yard.
It was just a small gathering,The only people there were me,William and Emma herself
Ever since that day in the hospital,She hasn’t smiled even a bit.
She looked like a different person entirely and I know that it’s the fault of my father.
Ever since he ran off at the hospital,He disappeared, The police haven’t been able to trace his where about.
And the only place where I knew that he could be turned out to be futile
It’s like he just disappeared completely but I know that some day some how he will be found.
“Shall we go back ?”I asked as I stared at her.
“No,I want to stay here a bit longer”She answered swiftly.
Though she tries to hide it,I know that she hates me for what my father did to her father.
And I hate myself more, Emma have suffered a lot in our hands and now that she is suppose to be happy, my father had to create another mess, I thought as I stared at her.
“Fine then,I will be waiting for you in the car”i said
Since my father is no longer in the way,I can finally give Emma back what belongs to her and then once I know that she is fine, I will leave her, I thought sadly.
If she doesn’t see me,She would forget every ordeal she has been through and it will be good for me too.
“Brian!”William called and I turned to find William coming towards me
“What do you plan on doing now?”He asked
“To give back every thing to Emma”I said
“Wouldn’t it be better to wait a bit”He said
“No William, I will be leaving,Emma have suffered enough with me by her side,If she has some one else by her side,Then it will surely go well for her”I said
“You will be leaving?”He asked
“That was what you wanted right from the start,I will give back every thing to Emma and then I will leave,You love her right! Then stay by her side and cherish her the way she is ought to be cherished”I said
“Does she know this?”
“I haven’t tell her but she will know today,After the press conference that I will hold,She will know that am leaving today”I said to him
“Fine then”William replied
I turned to leave but then I stopped again “Promise me one thing Ivan, promise me that you will take care of Emma, that no matter what happen,you will always be by her side “I said using William real name.
“You can count on it”He said and with one last swift nod,I left the room.
I back to villa and got Peter to arrange a press conference.
“What’s going on,Why are there reporters around the house again?”Alicia said as she walked into my office
“I called for them”I answered
“But why? Do you want your mom to suffer from more illness,She is already depressed as it is about what happened with your father and now you calling for a press conference,Wouldn’t that be too much!” She asked.
“No it Wouldn’t,Twenty years ago an injustice occurred and every one is getting what they deserve,My father is now on the run from the police,My mother is now sick and I……I will lose the woman I love with all my heart”I said
“What do you mean by losing the woman you love?”Alicia asked
“You will know soon and also Alicia ,I think it’s time you tell your parents the truth, You came solely to get back at Emma and me and you did succeed because I will be divorcing Emma and I will marry you and it’s only for the sake of our child” I said as I got up
“Now call your parents over and tell them before what am about to go live”I said as I left the room.
“Are you okay now?”William asked me for the fourth time
“Am fine William, just take me home”I said as I wondered why Brian left me alone.
He knows that more than ever,I need him with me but he just left me there with William,I thought as I the car got back into the busy streets.
Not wanting to think about any thing,I turned on the radio only to be shocked by what was being said.
“We are at the royal villa and the king himself has confessed to being the wrong heir and also the wrong king”
“We also learnt that the bride Dora Baxter is the real heir to the throne”
“What’s this! How did this get out”I said starring at William.
“He said it was the right thing to do and its for the best Emma, its time every one know the truth” William said
“But not like this, not like this”I said as I thought of Brian.
What he must be going through right now, what happened twenty years ago is all his father fault, why would he have to do this, his father is the one who should be apologising,the one that should be behind bars, I thought.
“William please take me to the villa”I said
“But there would be reporters and…….. ..”
“Please just take me there”I begged and he nodded and did as I said
Luckily when we got to the villa, the reporters had all left.
As soon as I walked in I met Alicia on the way.
“You still have the nerve of showing your face here?” she asked
“I don’t want to talk to you, where is my husband?”I asked
“Figure that out yourself and I already told the truth to my parent,they now know that am their daughter”She said
“Good for you then”I said as I walked past her up the stairs
I got to the room I shared with Brian and I found him in the room packing his stuff.
“What’s this?”I asked
“Oh you came back early, I wanted to leave before you come back”
“What? You are leaving?”I asked and he stopped what he was doing to stare at me
“Yes I am and I think it’s time that we get that divorce”He said and i felt my whole world crumble.
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