Emma’s secret 2 Episode 41 & 42

(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 41
By : Kebby NG
“A what?”I asked still not wanting to believe that Brian just asked me that
“I said we should get a divorce”He answered again
“But why?”I asked
“Because have just realised that Alicia and my child nee-ds protec-tion ”
“And how will you give them that protec-tion?”I asked again
“By marrying her,Once have gotten the divorce from you,I will marry Alicia and you can continue with your life,Away from me” he said
I stared at him,To see if this is a joke but the expression in his eyes made it other wise.
He always has this expression his face each time he was serious about some thing and right now he was serious
“You cant possibly want to divorce me for that,You made it clear to me that you wouldn’t leave me because of the child you will be having with Alicia”
“Have changed my mind Emma”he answered cripsly
I walked towards him and held his face Starring into his blues eyes
“This must be a joke right? You are only saying this to punish me for what happen in the restaurant,Okay I take the blame, I should have just asked you but instead I called William out,Putting our lives at risk,Am sorry for that, I………”
“This is not a joke!”He said curtly cutting me off
“I really meant what I ……….”
“No! Don’t you dare finish it,Don’t you!” I said cutting off his words too
“I will pretend that you never said this,That this moment never happened and you should also do the same,I will leave first okay,See you at home “I said gently tou-ching his face and giving him a fake smile
I walked out of the hospital intent on not letting a tear fall but it bur-st out when I sat in the car
How could he have asked for a divorce,I cried quietly,How could he?,I thought as I kept on crying silently in the car.
“You should head back home,You look a mess”Alicia said as she c@m£ to sit beside me
“I have to stay “I replied softly
“Are you that worried about me”She asked as she gave me a smile
“Don’t make your self feel so important, If am still here,It’s because of william”I said
“I thought as much,I was just hoping that perhaps you stayed because you are worried about our baby “She said tou-ching her stomach
I will give up every thing I have just to know that Emma is now carrying my child,I thought sadly
“Tell me some thing Brian, if Emma hadn’t showed up in our life would you have loved me instead ?”She asked waiting for me to give her an answer
“I doubt it”I replied
“But why?”She asked
“Your personality,You have a very cruel streak in you and that is some thing I hate in people,That is why I can never fall for you”I said and she nodded having a cruel smile on her face
“So that’s why,You can’t love me because I some one who is cruel and heartless” She asked
“Don’t take it to heart,Am only telling you why I couldn’t love you in the past ,It’s all in the past and it will forever be in the past,So don’t think about it and keep on with being Alicia”I said
Just then the doctor c@m£ to us, Giving great news
William has finally woken up and he was asking to see me
“Would it be alright for me to go and see him”I asked
“It will,He is now out of danger,We will be transferring him out of the Emergency ward into a normal ward,Just come with me your majesty”The doctor said and immediately I went with him
I knew William wanted to see me to talk about Emma,She is the only thing that will bring us two together
The doctor led to a pri-vate ward and went in.
William was on the be-d with a nurse hovering over him
While the doctor did his job and did a swift check up on William,I stood by the door watching it all.
A while later,The doctor and the Nurse left the room leaving William and I alone
“Am glad that you are okay”I said as I starred at him
“I thought you will be glad that am dead,After all am the only one who knows the truth”He said softly
“You are still not well enough to start ma-king trouble”I said
“Really! Do you call what happened earlier trouble?”He asked
“She could have died “he said holding onto his wound
“I know and I know what you are thinking but it’s not my dad doing”I said
“Really! You think so?”he asked
“I know so,I went to confront him and he told me straight on that he knew of Emma real identity and that he didn’t s£nd anyone to kill you”I said
“And let me guess,You believed him right?”He asked
“I know when my dad is being sincere or not and he was being sincere “I said
“Damn it Brian,Wake up,Can’t you see that you being around Emma will cause her more harm,This is the first attack, surely there will be more to come ” he said
“I know and that’s why am giving her a divorce”I said
“You are what?”
“Am giving her a divorce and I will be leaving her life before some thing worse happens because of me “I said
“Won’t you tell her the truth?”He asked
“I will leave that to you to do, Am taking the coward way by leaving but it’s for the best”I said
“Knowing Emma she would want to know why you are asking for a Divorce,What would you say?!”He asked
“That I prefer to stay with Alicia and our child, I alre-ady told her but she thinks am lying and refuses to grant me the divorce,I will just have to be adamant about it”I said starring at him.
“Hope you are not just stringing Alicia along”He asked
“Alicia knows the score, Am only interested in the child and nothing else”I said
“Fine then,I will give you time to get the divorce “He said
“Thanks”I replied softly and then turned to leave
“I really expect you to get the divorce Brian, Don’t back out on your word”He said and i nodded before leaving the room
I sat in the room way after Brian had left munching on the hospital food that had been brou-ght to me
Just then the door opened and Alicia walked in
“How are you feeling ?”She asked
“Better”I said giving her a smile
“You re-ady are crazy you know”She said starring at me
“Why do you say that?”I asked as I kept on eating
“You really can ask me that after being throu-gh this?” she asked
“It was worth it,isn’t it? “I asked
“It was but not at the risk of you getting sh0t,I un-derstand that you had all this planned just to make Brian see that him being with Emma will only bring her harm but you shouldn’t have gone far as to take the sh0t,You could have been killed”She said
“But am alive and the good news about it is that our plan got him thinking in the right direction”I said as I recalled how Alicia began the plan.
“Brian isn’t willing to let Emma go,What will you do about it ?”Alicia had asked me as we both sat in my ap@rtment munching on some desert
“The fool says that he loves her and doesn’t want to tell her yet”I replied angrily
“Why don’t you just tell her your self”Alicia had asked
“I don’t want to do it,I want Brian to tell her him self and suffer the loathing and scorn she will s£nd his way”I said
“How will you do that?” She asked again and just then a thought formed In my head
“By hiring some one who will scare him ” I said giving Alicia a smile.
(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 42
“How do you plan on scarring him “Alicia had asked him
“Firstly we hire an as-sas-sin”
“What? An as-sas-sin,Are you crazy?”She had asked
“No am not”‘He replied
“I just nee-d him to scare them,Not for him hurt any one “I answered
“And then what?”
“Once Brian sees the great danger Emma is in, He will certainly let her go and tell her the whole truth”
“This issue will be put on his dad,I will just tell him that the king wants her dead and that he should do the right thing”
“People gets s£ntimental when it comes to that,So am sure that he will do the right thing and leave her alone ”
“Are you really sure that this plan of your will work”
“Of course,all I nee-d is to get them out to the same place at the same time and then the man will be there to do what he should”
“What of some one gets hurt?”I asked
“No one will, he will be a professional,All he has to do is to scare her “I said
“Fine then,I just hope that this doesn’t back fire”She said
“It certainly did back fire,Look you are the one in pain,The one who is suffering right now”Alicia said
“Common st©p over reacting,Am now okay and a little drama should be put into it,To make it real”I said
“So is the next plan re-ady?”I asked again
“Yes it is,I called him and told him to do it right”I replied
“Make sure that he mustn’t t©uçh Emma,He is only allowed to scare her,I don’t want Emma being hurt”I said
” Have got that,Now just have your rest,You will nee-d it”She said to me
“I will only rest when I see Brian out of her life completely”He said
“Remember that Emma also is p@rt of our revenge,I c@m£ back solely to get back at her” She said
“Yes I know and every thing with happen in its due time,Just relax and enjoy having Brian by your side”
“What do you mean?”
“He wants to get a divorce and so you nee-d to be by his side now more than ever “I said
“And if possible try to get him to sleep with you,it’s time that you get pregnant for real”I said and she Nodded in return
I stood out side the hospital waiting for Alicia to show up
Once Emma sees me coming back with Alicia,She will certainly wake up and then she will give me the divorce I want
I turned just to Alicia walking towards me “why are you still here your majesty ” she asked
“To take you home of course”I said opening the car door for her
She got in and I got in with her,” this is not some thing you will do with out having a reason Your majesty,Care to tell me what it is?”She asked
“Have told Emma that I want a divorce but she doesn’t want to give me one ,She thinks am just lying and that am too stressed,So to convince her that I really want a divorce,I have to break her heart”I said
“So you plan to do that by using me ?”
“Some thing like that ”
“What will I benefit from it”She asked still not wanting to give in easily
“Marriage to you will come next”I replied
“Fine then,I will do it”she said giving me a smile
Have just sold my soul to the Devil,I thought as the car drove into the palace
The lights emanating from our room upstairs clearly shows that Emma is still awake and that she will be waiting for me
I got out of the car and helped Alicia out,She moved close to me and k!$$£d me on the cheek
“It has started alre-ady, She is watching us at the balcony” Alicia said and on hearing that I pu-ll-ed Alicia close to me and k!$$£d herl-ips
“Good night”I said and left her standing there
As soon as I got to the room,Emma was laying on the be-d,She had switched off the lights
She didn’t want to talk but having seen what happened out side will make her realise that I meant what I said about having a divorce
Though it hurts and it’s very ha-rd ,I have to let her go before she gets in more danger .
On getting to the hospital I went to see William
Brian didn’t tell me last night that William has woken up
He didn’t even say a thing to me this morning when he woke up
Seeing him In Alicia arms last night shattered my heart but I know that he is only doing it to get me out of his life and I won’t give him the plea-sure of achieving that goal neither will I be giving him a divorce
How dare him even suggest a divorce,How dare him,I thought angrily.
I got into William room and I found him on the be-d eating
“Dora! What a lovely surprise”He said
“I had to come see you,After all you took the gun that was meant to have hit me”I said
“It doesn’t matter,I saw that you were in danger,Any one would have done that same thing “He answered cheerfully
“So then Tell me,How are you feeling now?”
“Better that I was ,Just seeing you have made my day”He said and I laughed
At least seeing me has made some one day,I thought sadly
“Do you nee-d any thing,Maybe a glas-s of water?”I asked
“Yes,This food is very spicy,Have drank up my first glas-s”He said
“Okay then,I will get another for you at the cafeteria” I said and left the room
I pas-sed throu-gh the operating Room hall,It was quite empty mostly because the doctor are in the operating room,Dealing with a surgery or so
I didn’t notice that I was being followed by some one
It wasn’t until I got to the end of the hall that he used some thing to cover up my nose
And then I lost consciousness.
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