Emma’s secret 2 Episode 39 & 40

(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 39
By : Kebby NG
quic-kly I ran after him but I didn’t see a sign of him when I got outside
If his prey is Emma, Then he must certainly be going after them
I began to look for Emma and Brian,Judging by the cars and the guards who were by it, they were still around here,They hadn’t left yet
I brou-ght out my phone and dialled their number but no one is picking up.
Going to one of the guard who must have certainly seen them when they c@m£ out ,I asked him about them
“His majesty and his bride went throu-gh this street,Her Highness kept going even when his Highness kept calling her,I think they must have had a fight”The gossiping guard replied
With out waiting to hear more,I ran throu-gh the path where the guard had said they went throu-gh
And not too far from me were the both of them.
Judging from their expression they were still arguing
Just seeing her safe made me sigh In relief,As soon as Emma leave,I will make sure Brian gets it from me,If her life is being threatened then it’s all Brian’s fault
Just then I looked across the street and I saw the suspicious man again
He was on the roof t©p and judging from the way he stood, He had the gun in his hands and he was pointing it to where Brian and Emma stood
quic-kly I ran towards them,Calling out their name for them to move but then the gun had alre-ady been sh0t.
We all fell on the floor after the impact, The pas-serby had began to run after hearing the sh0t and some of the guards c@m£ towards us protecting us while the others went to where the gun had been sh0t
“Are you okay!”I heard Brian asked
“Am fine!” Emma said and I felt relieved on hearing that she was okay
“William are you okay!”I heard Emma ask
“Yes I am fine”I replied as I sat up only to feel pain below my abd0m£n
“My God William,You are bleeding “Emma cried as she ran towards me and held me in her arms
The gun had been sh0t but I had been the one who got sh0t,If I hadn’t seen it coming Emma would have been sh0t instead of me
“Call for help,Hurry up”I heard Brian yelling to his guards
“Hey William stay awake,You have got to stay awake”Brian said as he crouched beside me
The pain was so intense that I only wanted to sleep it off
But one look at Emma crying face,Made me held on
tou-ching her cheek gently,I smiled at her and she held my hand
“Just stay awake okay,The ambulance will be here soon “She said as she held my hand
“I know,I know”I muttered softly
While I stayed in the ambulance with William,The guards drove Emma to the hospital in our car
While the paramedics did their job to get William back in control,I sat watching every thing.
It had all happened so fast, There I was talking to Emma and suddenly we both heard William calling our names and then the gun was sh0t.
None of us realised that it had hit William,It wasn’t until he sat up that we noticed.
The gun would have hit Emma If it hadn’t been for William,She would be the one in this situation
“Your majesty,The patient want to say some thing to you,He wouldn’t listen until you do”The medic said and I moved towards William
“Yo…..you ha…..got to protect Emma,The shooter seems to be targeting her”He said softly
“What? But why?”I asked
“Who is the only enemy that Emma has” he asked and I thought about it for a while and when he saw my expression he used his remaining strength to pu-ll my shi-t
“You say you love her, Then protect her and the only way you can do that is by leaving her side,leave her so she doesn’t get harmed by your father ”
“”I took the bullet for this one,Am sure that there is many to come so plea-se do the right thing this time, leave her before it becomes worse”He whispered before falling unconscious
The ambulance st©pped then and quic-kly he was taken to the operating room while we waited in the lobby
Emma sat on the chair starring at her bloody hands
She feels guilty because he had taken the bullet for her
Just then William words c@m£ back to haunt me
“I took the bullet for this one,Am sure that there is many to come so plea-se do the right thing this time, leave her before it becomes worse”
” leave her so she doesn’t get harmed by your father ”
Could my dad really have caused this,would he have tried to harm Emma but he doesn’t know that she is the same child from Twenty years ago
I made sure that I was careful about him knowing the truth,I had given little hints to mom the day she c@m£ to the study and found me there but she wouldn’t have known that Emma is the child
I had been surprised to know that little Helen was Emma
I wouldn’t have ever guessed that it was her and so it will be the same thing with him or it wouldn’t,I thought again
Have got to know,Have got to find out if Dad was behind this attack
Going to Emma,I knelt in front of her and wiped away her tears
“I nee-d to go back to the palace,Do you want to come or do you want to stay here”He asked
“I will stay behind,You should go to the palace but plea-se! Be safe, I don’t want you to be in the same shoes as William” She said and i nodded gently
I k!$$£d herl-ips and gave her one last look before I left the hospital.
I got back to the palace and went in search of my father .
He wasn’t in his room when I went there to search for him
I got to the study room and went in unannounced only to see him there and he wasn’t alone,He was also with James,My pri-vate investigator
“Have told you severally that you should always knock when coming into the study”He yelled at me
“Why? Is it because you are hiding Some thing”I asked starring at James,Who could not stare back at me ,He looked like some one who have been caught doing some thing bad
“Don’t disrespect me Brian”He yelled at me
“How much!”I asked as I stared at James
“Pardon your Majesty?”he replied and i felt like punching his face
“How much did he pay you!”I yelled again
“You don’t have to answer him,you can go James,I will handle my son”He said and quic-kly James scrambled out
“What has gotten into you now?”He said
“Why did you do it dad,Why did you try to kill my wife”I said
“I don’t know what you are talking about”He said
“You don’t? You really don’t know? You must be kidding me right?”I asked
“I don’t know,I didn’t try to kill any one,why would I want to kill your wife?”He asked
“Because you know every thing,Only James and I know my wife real identity and if he was here,Definitely you know the truth” I said
“Yes I won’t deny that I know the truth about your wife but I didn’t s£nd anyone to harm her “He said looking so sincere
“I don’t believe you,You are the only one who would want to harm Emma”I said
“I swear I didn’t do it so ,I didn’t cause any harm on your wife,”He said again and he looked sincere
“I still don’t believe you dad and I will do my best to protect her from you,You have caused her pain in the past but not any more”I said as I walked out of the study feeling more confused than ever
He sounded sincere,Could he really be saying the truth,Could he be innocent,I thought as I went back out side only to see James
I went to him and pu-ll-ed him by the collar
“You promised to keep shut about it and yet you told my father”I yelled at him
“Am sorry your majesty but I had no choice”
“Because of the money?”I asked
“Am sorry your majesty”
“What else does my father know”I asked
“Speak up!”I yelled at him again
“He knows that lady Alicia is Dora and that William ray is Ivan ” he said
“You just found out about Alicia recently right?”I asked
“Yes I just did”He said and I let him go
Some how I believe that my father does not have a hand in this,Have got to know who this person is because it’s too late.
(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 40
Cas-sas-sIN’S POV
Still running from the guards and cops who have made it their obligation to catch me,I hid in an unfinished building
Just then my phone rang and I pu-ll-ed it out only to see my boss calling
“Did you do it”
“Yes I did but am afraid that the situation. Has gotten worse”I said
“What do you mean by that”
“Some one else got sh0t”I answered mildly
“Who else was sh0t you fool!”
“A William ray, boss”
“I told you to only scare her,Not to cause harm on some one,you really are a fool”
“Am sorry boss,it just got out of control”I replied
“You fool,Every thing gets out of control with you!”
“Am sorry I will fix it,The next time I will do it right”I added
“Then do it right,I don’t want you to mess up again,It’s your last chance” my Boss said and then cut the phone
Every thing would have gone well If that William ray hadn’t gotten into the way,Well the next time would surely go well,I thought as I quic-kly left the building for a safer place
I sat in the lobby thinking about what just happened a while back
Its been two years since we have had an attack like this
Just having to go throu-gh it today made me remember what I had to go throu-gh during Micheal time
The gun had been aimed at me,I had seen it, if only I had moved out of the way, William wouldn’t be in this mess
He has risked his life just to save me,I thought as I kept on starring at his blood which had stained my hand
“Where is my brother! What happened to my brother !”Alicia yelled as she walked towards me
“William was sh0t”I replied
“What! He was sh0t?”No,this can’t be true,It just can’t be true!”She yelled as she stared at me
“Right now he is being operated on,The doctor are still in there “I said to her
She sat down on the seat that I had just vacated and she began to cry
It must really be ha-rd for her,Her brother had to be the one to take the sh0t
“This is all your fault! All your darn fault!”She yelled at me as she stood up
“Alicia plea-se c……..”
“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down, you had called him out today,If he had just stayed at home,This wouldn’t have happened,You are to be blamed”She said pushing me
“I know you are in pain and that you are angry but I…….”
“Shut up! Shut up! You don’t have any means to justify this,it’s all your fault,if any thing happens to William,I will make you regret it Dora,I promise you”She yelled at me
Just then the doctors walked out and we both went to meet them
“What happen doctor! Will my brother survive it”Alicia asked
“We have done the best we can,It all remains with your brother now,Then gun had hit a vital organ,We manage to get it out but he has shown no difference,All we can do now is to wait for him to wake up ” He said
Alicia yelled out and she c@m£ at me,It was so sudden that I could not do a thing to st©p her
She sl@pped my face and began to pu-ll my hair
The guards werent nearby so they could not st©p her from tou-ching me
On seeing this,The doctors began to pu-ll her away from me
But her hold on my hair was so strong,Getting angry myself ,I pushed her so ha-rd that she fell back hitting her back on the wall
“Ooouch!!!!!!ouchhhh,It hurts”She said holding her back
“What’s going on”Brian said as he walked towards us
“Your majesty,She pushed me!”Alicia said as she called to him
I watched him bending over her to check if she is alright
“Our child Brian,Am scared that our baby will die”She said as she cried into his arms
“Nothing is going to happen,You will be fine and the child too”He said starring at me in an annoyed way
Did he think that I did it knowingly,I thought as I starred at him
“Am really sorry Alicia,I ……..”
“You have done enough Dora,Just st©p!”He said as he lifted her into his arms
“Can we check on the baby!She is pregnant,The fall might have result to some thing “He said to the doctors and together they went off
“No Brian,I mean it,Am fine,I don’t want a doctor to check up on me”Alicia said as fend the doctor off
“You said your back was hurt,Let the doctor check on you,to be sure that some thing is not wrong”I said to her
“No,I don’t want to,All I nee-d is for you to hold me,I want you to hold me and tell me that all will be well”She said opening her arms
I knew that the fight that had issued between the two of them would be Alicia fault
Emma isn’t some one who will push her for no reason but why I had chos£n to be on Alicia side is that have decided to make Emma leave
Have had that thought in mind ever since What William told me.
I can’t tell her the truth,Am scared that she will hate me but I can’t have her by my side,Her life is in danger,I don’t know if it’s my father doing or if it’s some one else.
If I want to keep her safe,She nee-ds to leave, Though It was ha-rd for me to come to that decision,I have to,It’s for her sake,I have to let her go.
“She pushed me Brian,She wanted To get rid of our child” Alicia continued with her blabbering
“Just get some rest,I have to talk to Emma”I said using her real name
After all I was speaking to the real Dora,So it wouldnt be real to her.
I went back to the lobby and I found her there sitting on the chair
I took a step towards her and then I st©pped,Once I go to her,There will be no turning back.
“You are doing this for her protec-tion”I muttered to myself and then went towards her
When she saw me,She rose up.
“How is Alicia?”She said
“She is fine”I replied
“You have to believe me Brian,I didn’t push her on purpose”She said
“I believe you”I replied sadly
“It doesn’t show that you do”She said
“I have to tell you some thing”I said
“What?”she asked
“Let’s get a divorce”I said starring at her.
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