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EMMA’S secret 2 Episode 33 & 34

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(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 33

By : Kebby NG



I got to the place I agreed to meet this annonymous caller

He had given me this address,An hotel in the outer part of town

He had already booked a room,All I had to do was to introduce myself and the receptionist will give me a key

As soon as i walked in,I did as he told me and when the key was in my hand, I went to the room and opened the door

It was a suite,A luxurious suite at that,seems like this annonymous caller is also rich

I took out my phone and dialled his number

“Where are you? Am already here”I said

“I will be there soon”He replied and cut the call

Just then the door opened and he walked in,I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who it was

“You!!!”I yelled shocked

“I thought you would have guessed by now but your so dense at guessing too”He said as he walked in

Feeling angry I walked towards him and pull him by the collar

“William if this is some kind of joke,You better stop,I will forgive you if you stop it all right now” I said

He pulled off my hand and gave me a murderous look

“Do I look like am joking?”He asked

“Then you are………”

“The annonymous caller,The one who knows what happened twenty five years ago,Yes am the one” He said and I sat down shocked

“I can’t believe this, You were right under our nose and we never knew”I said

“That’s because you all aren’t that smart,If you had been smart you would have find a way to get rid of every one and every thing that had Connection to what happened twenty five years ago”William said

“I can’t believe this”I said still reeling from the shock

He went to the drink cabinet and poured him self a drink

“I would have like to invite you to have some but I don’t mingle with Murderers”He said and i starred at him

“Who do you think you are calling a murderer?”I asked

“You and your entire family,Your father have been the one who did every thing but you and your mother stood back watching every thing”William said

“Who the hell are you and how do you relate to what happen twenty five years ago?”I asked

“Relax,I will surely get to that point, After all we have the night to ourselves “He said

“Start talking William or I might just lose my temper and kill you”I said and that made him laugh

“Fine then,let’s start by going way back to when it all started”

William began to tell me from when Sharon married My uncle and then the birth of their daughter and then their death which had been instigated by my dad

“So what you are telling me is that you were that fifteen year old boy,That Ivan boy”I asked as I starred at him

“It’s me,Am still alive and well ” He said replied

“Tell me more William,Tell me what happened”I said

He continued the story,Telling me of how he had lived until his adopted father adopted him

“You recognise your wife father at the hospital yesterday right?”,

“What does Emma father have to do with this?”I asked

“If you don’t remember him,His name would certainly ring a bell, Peter,Peter Chadwick”He said softly and I stood up

“He is the same man who worked for your family during the time little Helen was living with you”

“Yes,He had been working for us and he……..”I stopped when I realised I was missing a very important part

I stared up at him in confirmation and he nodded his head

“She is the little Helen you and your family tried to destroy”He said and due to the shock I sat down back on the chair

“Peter had taken Helen on the day of the fire,He had escaped with her and had brought her up,He had thought that she would be much more safe with him but all thanks to his adopted son Micheal, You Two meeting again was inevitable”William added

I sat still thinking about what he just said,Emma is the little girl I have been looking for,The one I wanted to get forgiveness from,Life is just so unfair,I thought sadly

“So between the two of us, Tell me who deserves to be close to her,Who deserves to stay with her,Even when you all destroyed the little girl life years ago,You are still doing it now, Your family don’t have a good thing to say about her”

“Especially your mom,Every chance she gets she makes Emma feel so worthless,I bet Emma never told you this!”William asked

“Judging from your silence,She never did”He answered for him self

Having heard enough ,I got up wanting to leave but he stop me by saying

“We haven’t discussed the most important part yet and you are leaving,That’s so rude”William said

“What do we still have to discuss?”I asked

“When are you going to tell Her about it,We can’t keep her in the dark forever and besides you are not the rightful heir to the throne,We both know who have that place”He said

He was right! I never even thought of that part,Emma was the rightful heir,The one who was suppose to be in my place

“Or are you saying you still won’t give her her place and you and your father will plot some thing on her again”He asked

“You and I both know that I won’t dare hurt her “I said

“Why? Because you love her,Well that love won’t be able to get rid of this situation,Once she knows that it was your family who destroyed her life,Who killed her family,The only thing she will feel for you is hatred”

“You still think you two can still be with each other after knowing that she is the same girl your family ruined years ago?”He asked

When I didn’t answer he continued “Wake up Brian,Your time with her is up,Am giving you only three days to tell her the truth your self,if you don’t,I will do it and let’s see how see she reacts”

“I would prefer it if we didn’t say any thing to her now”I said

“Really! And that is the only suggestion you can think of,You are not only dense, You are also a fool”He said and angrily I punched his face

“You have had that coming for a long time”I said angrily

“You think that by hitting me the situation will wear off,Well then you are wrong because I won’t let you live in peace until I see Emma where she belongs and that place is the spot you are sitting on right now”He said and I turned to leave but then I stopped when he said some thing again

“Ahh there is some thing else you need to know”

“Alicia is the real Dora”He added and I turned to stare at him

“Surprised right?”

“When she had the crash she didn’t die,She had gotten into a coma during the time that Emma was pretending to be Dora,Dora herself was in an hospital in a coma”

“She woke up after the death of Micheal, She was at your coronation ceremony,If I hadn’t stopped her then,Every thing would have been bursted”

“I made her realise that she shouldn’t try to seek you out but instead she should get back at you for marrying some one else”

“She accepted the deal and under go plastic surgery,It changed her drastically,One thing I liked out of the situation was that she wouldn’t be sharing the same face with Emma”

“They weren’t twin,Nor sibling yet they had the same face,people Called that having a double”He finished

“Alicia is Dora?”I asked again

“You aren’t deaf and just as have come back to exact revenge on you and your family for what you did to Helen and her parents,She is also back to make you all pay for abandoning her”

“She is pregnant now and you will have no other choice than to marry her,Did you really think she will stay put as your mistress forever,Well you are in for a surprise, Again ,Am giving you only three days,Three days to tell Her the truth or else I will do it myself and let me tell you,You will regret making me do it”He said again

“And drop by the hospital Emma father wants to talk to you”He said as I turned to leave.

I left the room staggering a bit,I just can’t believe this! The child who had been wronged by my family along with me turns out to be Emma

Why did it have to be her? Why couldn’t it just be some one else,I thought resting on the wall

“Three days,Just three days to tell her the truth”

I remembered William words, He had given me three days,Three days to tell her the truth,What if she hates me for it,Even if I had never liked any of the things father did to her,I was guilty,I had kept quiet about it until today.

It also makes me their accomplice and just as cruel and heartless like them.



(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 34


It was late in the evening when I arrived at the hospital

With out informing any one of my presence I went to see Emma father

He was awake when I walked in,seems like he was waiting for my return,I thought as I walked towards him

Now looking at him closely I could now remember the resemblance between him and the man who had worked for us years ago

“Seeing that you are here,William would have told you every thing right?”He asked

“He has”

“You knew about it,That was why you reacted that way in the morning?”I asked

“That was why? You are not right for my child?”He said

“Because my parents caused her a lot of harm,Because I was also amongst those who caused harm on her and as you said this morning am still doing it right?” I asked

“If you know all that then you must know that you have to leave her as soon as you can”He said

“Didn’t it ever occur to you that she might not want to leave me?”I asked

“Am sure that once she Knows that your family ruined her life she would leave you instantly”He said

“She loves me and I love her and………”

“Love! Love my foot,Your love isn’t destined to last,You are from a family who destroyed Emma’s life,you will be doing her good by leaving her and by Giving her back her place,Some thing you are now calling yours”He said

I couldn’t reply,I stood there just starring at him

“Do as William says and tell her the whole truth,You don’t want us doing that for you right?”He said again

“Three days was what you gave me,I will tell her within that three days,That I can assure you”I replied and left the room.

I got back home quite late,I didn’t feel like seeing any one and so I went straight to my study

I sat on the chair starring out at the garden through the window

I still can’t believe that the girl we had all bullied was my wife

Why Had destiny be so cruel as to have made me meet her,Why did it let me fall so hopelessly in love,I thought sadly

Just then the door opened and my mom walked in

“I saw you leaving a while ago,I was worried so I waited for you to come back,You look a mess son,What happen?”She asked

“Leave me alone mom”I said as I kept on starring out side

“Did some thing bad happen to you? Do you need some thing, Should I help you get it?”She asked

“Just leave”I replied wanting her to go

“Did you fight with that wife of yours,Did she made you sad,I knew this would happen. That is why have told you to get a divorce for a long time now,Just leave that girl and marry Alic……….”

“Mom!!!”I yelled cutting her off

“My Gosh you scared me”She said holding her chest

“Leave before I lose my temper and say things you wouldn’t like”I said

“What have I said that has gotten you angry! I was only stating a fact about your wife”She said

Getting very angry I pushed away the things that were on the table

“You have destroyed her enough,Just leave her alone”I yelled

“What has gotten into you! It’s not like am some demon that is out to destroy people”she said angrily

“Well you did destroy some one,You ruined her life years ago or have you forgotten”I said and at first she was confused but then she realise what I was saying and stared at me in shock

“We rarely talk about that child,Why are you suddenly bringing it up?”She asked

“Don’t you have any conscience mom,You stood by watching how Father tortured that little girl every day,Didn’t you ever feel any remorse”I yelled at her

“What could I have done?”

“You could have done some thing,You could have stopped dad but yet you kept shut about it and what’s worse you made me believe that dad was the rightful heir when it’s all just a lie,He killed his brother just to get it,He stole that spot mom and gave it to me,some thing that it isn’t mine”

“Calm down son,We did all of it for your sak……….”

“Stop saying you did it for me! I didnt want it,I never asked for it!”I said hitting the table with my hands

“Brian! What is wrong? Why are you being this way?”She asked as she began to get scared by my behaviour

“What you did in the past has come back to haunt us mom and I have to pay the price,I have to”I said as I sat down on the chair Thinking about Emma

“What do you mean by that ?”She asked

“You will find out soon ” i said and stood up wanting to leave but she held me back saying

“Did you find out some thing,Do you know If she is alive? Who is it son? Tell me “She said

“You don’t need to know that,All you have to know is that I intend to give her back every thing we took from her ” i said

“What? But you can’t do that!!!” She said coming to stand in front of me

“Watch me”I said as I walked past her heading to my room

“Three days,Three days” William words kept on ringing in my head as I head to my room

I have to tell Emma the truth,She has to know the truth about her real identity,I thought

As soon as I got to the room, it was to see her standing by the window starring into the night

“What’s wrong?”I asked and on hearing my voice,She ran straight into my arms,Holding me tight

“Where have you been,Did you know how worried have been?”She said as she held me close


“I thought some thing bad had happened,You weren’t picking my calls and you won’t reply my message,I thought you had listened to what my father said and you intend to leave me”She said as she pulled back to stare at me

“You weren’t planning on doing that right,What my father said to you was just because he was scared don’t put it to heart Brian”She continued when I didn’t say any thing

“Why aren’t you saying any thing, What’s wrong?”

“Emma I have to tell you some thing “I said

“Please don’t tell me that it’s a divorce you want”She asked

“Let’s have a seat first”I said as I walked her to a chair nearby

“Brian you are scaring me” She said as she held my hand

“Emma I……. It’s ……….”

I stopped myself,I just couldn’t tell her the truth.

I can’t tell her that it was my family and I who ruined her life,It’s some thing that is very hard for me to do,I thought as I starred at her

“What’s wrong Brian?”she asked

“I……I just want to tell you that no matter what happens,I love you,I love you so so much”I said and that made her smile

“And I love you too”She replied as she moved towards me to give me a hug

“Is that all you want to tell me?”She asked

“Yes “I lied

I know I was doing the wrong thing but I don’t want to lose her yet,I wish there was another way out of this but there isn’t and for the main time,I will just enjoy having her by my side

I will talk to William tomorrow,Make some kind of deal with him,Any deal,As long as I have her with me,I don’t care,I thought as I pulled her closer

“Emma my child,Come over here”A lady voice kept calling out to me and though I try to go to her I couldn’t see her face clearly

“Mom! Mommy!”I called gently wanting to hold onto her hand but each time she keeps on moving back

“Mommy don’t go,please stay mommy Please stay “I cried softly but the person kept drifting away from me

I woke up with a start when I heard the door close

What sort of dream is that? Maybe am missing my mom,I thought as I got out of bed.

Brian was no longer in the room,Today was a Saturday,he never leaves the room early but today is different

Where could he be? I thought as I checked the bath room, I was about leaving the room when I heard his voice coming from the balcony

I moved towards him wanting to surprise him by wrapping my arms around him but I stopped when I heard what he was saying

“We have to meet,Let’s talk about this face to face”He said

“Emma won’t be coming and i haven’t told her yet,Telling her the truth is not some thing that can be done over night”

Truth? What truth?,I thought as I kept on starring at him

“Let’s just meet,Don’t you get that Emma must never find out the truth, it’s just as hard for me too “He said with so much frustration

“I will be waiting in the palace”He said and switched off his phone

I quickly went back in and layed on the bed,Pretending to be asleep

What truth can I not find out about,I thought.

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