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July 24, 2021


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Emma’s secret 2 Episode 27 & 28

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(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 27

By : Kebby NG



“Tell me what happen? You wouldn’t be acting this way If some thing isn’t going to happen”She said

“Not now Emma,I will tell you later”I said

“Does it have to do with you?”she asked

“It has to and if am going to explain,I will have to do that in full, That’s why it can’t be now cause I have to see some one first”I said

“But Brian…..”I stopped her from asking more questions by giving her a kiss

“When I get back I will tell you every thing okay”I said

Leaving the room I went in search of my father

I had to confirm what that man said to me, Could my father really be so cruel as to kill his brother to get his way?

That can’t be! He had told me that he was suppose to be given the throne but his brother had taken it

And when his brother and his wife died and my father took up the throne

I thought that was because it was his right,After all Gilbert had taken it from him but now am thinking other wise

As soon as I got to his chambers,I didn’t bother to knock or to announce my arrival

I just went in cutting short the meeting he was having with one of the ministers

“What’s this Brian! Can’t you see that I have a guest”He had asked

“Can you please leave us alone,I have some thing important to talk about with my father”I said

“Can’t it wait?”My father asked
“It certainly can’t wait!”I replied and quickly the guest he had left the room

“You will have to explain what this disrespect is all about?”he asked

“I will explain”I replied

“I got a call from our friend”I said

“Which friend?”

“The one who knows what happened twenty years ago”I said

“You have been contacted again?”

“Of course,Did you think that that person will let every thing go”I asked

“Tell me what did he tell you this time”he asked

“He told me a lot and i need answers father “I said

“What exactly did he tell you”

“Did you kill your brother just to get the throne ?”I asked

“Wh……what rubbish are you saying”He said quickly and I knew that he was lying

Due to the shock,I sat on one of the chair ,starring at him

“This can’t be true!”I yelled angrily

“What are you thinking? I didn’t do it”

“You did dad! That was why you never liked that little girl,If we hadn’t come back she would have been the one in the throne ,Not me!”

“I finally get why you hated her,I always wondered why but now I do”

“Its all because she is the rightful heir to the throne!”I yelled finished

“Yes it’s all because she is the rightful heir,I hated the fact that she was alive,I hated it,I got rid of my brother just to secure your future”He said

“I didn’t ask you to kill to secure for my future”I yelled at him

“But I did and if I have the same opportunity again I will do it “He said

“You don’t even feel remorseful,You destroyed some one just to achieve your aim”I said

“And what Hurts most is how you treated that child,You even made me hate her,You made me believe that she was the enemy when you are the real enemy”I said

“You ungrateful brat,You should be thanking me,I made you what you are today,I took out every hurdle just for you to be here”

“I never asked for it,We would have been much happier if we had never returned, You were once a caring and loving father but every thing changed when you became the king”

“Every thing in life has a price Brian”

“Not when it comes to destroying people lives,Father you ruined that little girl life”I said

“What does it matter now? The child is dead and so we must leave the past the way it should be?”

“Let me ask you just one thing?”

“What will that be?”He asked

“You didn’t try to save her from the fire because you wanted her dead right?”
I asked

“Unfortunately for me she had survived the car crash,She became a threat and so when the fire incident happened and it killed her,I just thanked my luck for it”He said

“You didn’t plan the fire incident?”

“Of course not,I didn’t”He said

“Odd,I just don’t believe you”I said standing up,Wanting to leave the ro

“What will you do with the information you have?”He asked

“I don’t know,I really don’t know?”I said as I left the room

As soon as he walked into the room,I knew some thing serious was wrong with him

“Brian!”I called softly and his response was to walk towards me to hug me

“Will you tell me what happen now?”I asked

“Have wronged her,Have wrong her”He said as he cried softly in my arms

I didn’t bother to ask until he had finished crying

We sat on the floor in front of the bed,I still held him in my arms

“It all started twenty years ago”He began

“My father brother had died and he took over the throne”

“That must be Gilbert and Sharon ” I said

“Do you know about them?”He asked

“I just heard a little story from Grace but it’s not important,Keep on telling me about them”I said

“They both had a child who lived with us during that time”He continued

“We all had been cruel towards her, Father made me believe that she was an enemy and I fell for every one of his lies”

“He told me never to think of her as a friend and I did so,I treated her cruelly, We all did”

“In what way?”I asked wanting the know more

“Father always hurt her,He always did when I failed to do some thing right? If I failed a subject,She will be punished for it,If I didnt memorise a particular subject,She gets punished for it,She was always locked up In the storage room and some times my father made her starve ” He said and I gasped out In utter shock

He moved out of my arms to stare at me “how old was she? I mean the little girl?”,

“Five,We were really cruel right?”He asked

“How old were you?”I asked

“Seven” he replied and I hugged him tightly

“You aren’t to be blame,You were only a kid too”

“A kid who knew right from wrong,I joined hands with my father and we did harm on that poor child “He said

“You were only listening to what your father told you,Now I presume you know the truth”I asked

“She is not to be blamed,Every thing my father made me believe was all a lie”He replied

“And so what will you do now?”I asked

“I don’t know,There was a fire incident and I don’t know if she died or not”I replied

“If I want to ask for forgiveness,I can’t possibly do that right?”He asked as the tears fell from his eyes

It must have been hard for him,Asking forgiveness was the only way he could atone for what he did but that will seem impossible now,I thought

I cleaned his tears away and hugged him close

Neither one of us knew that we were both the two kids from twenty years ago.


(Living the life of a lie)
#Season_2 Episode 28


I sat in my study thinking of a new way to stirr up Brian and his family

Not that the call and the letters aren’t working but I have to think of a way to get them more scared.

Just then Alicia walked into the room looking angry

“You can’t just go in and out of my apartment the way you want”I said as I stared at her

” Am furious right now! Don’t get me more angry”She said

“What happened now?”I asked as I stared at her

“Why would he get a mistress when he is not even planning to sleep with her ” she said

“Maybe you are not doing your best”I said

“But I did,That guy just won’t budge”She said

“But having slept with him once should have gotten you pregnant right?”I asked

“Pregnant my foot,Nothing really happened between the two of us”She said

“What do you mean?”I asked

“That night,Nothing happened between Brian and I?”

“But you spent the night with him”I said

“There is a difference between spending the night with some one and sleeping with him,I only spent the night with him as you have just said”She answered

“But how come? If he had spent the night on your bed,You should have find a way to get him to sleep with you”I said

“The fool got drunk and even before we made it to my room,He slept off” She said

“If some thing hadn’t happened between you two,Then why the hell did you lie?”I asked

” To make Dora sad,To see her suffer”She replied

“It did work,It almost broke them up”She added and just then a thought popped into my head

“It certainly will work more if we put our best To it”I said

“By doing what exactly,I told you I didn’t sleep with him”she said

“But every one believed you did right?”I asked

“What are you trying to get by asking me all this questions?”

“Why don’t you pretend that you are pregnant”I said

” What?”

“All we need is a fake report and your acting skills”I said

“Are you crazy! When the time come for the pregnancy to show,how will I do it?”I asked

“Let’s not think further yet,What matters is now,So let’s just just start our plan”I said

“Fine then,Tell me what to do”She said and I began to tell her every thing.

“what do you plan to do Brian”My father asked as we both sat in his chambers

“I don’t know,I don’t know if I should report it or if I should just let it go”I said

“You should let it go”He said

“So you don’t want to pay for what you did”I asked

“Its all in the past Brian,Let’s leave it that way” he said

” Fine,I will forget it ever happened only if you promise to also do some thing for me”I said

“What is,What do you want me to do ?”

“I don’t want a mistress,When my wife and I want a child,We will certainly have one”

“But you know you need an heir and your wife is. ………”

“Not one word dad,I will decide when to have a child,If you want to keep me quiet, I want Alicia out of our lives “I said

“Fine then,Alicia wont be your mistress and as soon as you want,She will leave the palace” He said

Standing up I bowed and left his chambers

Emma was waiting for me,Just knowing that we will have no problem with Alicia again made me feel so happy

“What happened with your father”She asked

“I did as you told me”I answered

“Thank God,I thought you were going to fight about it”

“Why would we?”

“You were so angry about it, think about it if your father had lied to you it was for your own good”

“But I never asked him to lie,I never wanted it”I replied

“I know and I know that if you had known ,you would have done your best to help that little girl”She said holding my hand

Yes I would have,I thought as I gave her a smile

There were still some things I was hiding from Emma

If she knew that My father had been the one who killed his brother and wife,She wouldn’t be this understanding

“Guess what?”I asked

“What? You know am not good at guessing”She replied

“Well in a while, Alicia will be leaving this place for good”I said and she stopped walking

“But why?” She asked

“Because I don’t want her here any more”

“But you………..”,

“I know,I know what you will say but I want you to know that when the time comes that I want a child,we will certainly get one”

“You know that I can’t give you a child and you are sending away your only chance to get one”

“As have said I don’t need her neither do I want a child now,I only want you,So stop trying to make excuses to make her stay and come give me a kiss”I said

“You really are some thing” she replied

“I know right and that was why I married you cause I know that you will be able to handle me”I replied as I pulled her towards me giving her a kiss.

Just then Peter walked towards us,Coughing slightly to announce his arrival

“What is it?”I asked impatiently

“Its just that the great queen has asked me to tell you and her Highness to join her at the patio,She wishes to tell you some thing”He said

“Right now? Can’t it wait”I asked

“She said it’s really urgent”Peter replied

“I think we better go” Emma said

“Fine then,tell her we will be there soon”I replied and Peter left

Hand in hand Brian and I went to the patio,All through the way have been wondering what the great queen had to discuss with us

I would have asked Brian too but he was also deep in thought,seems like he was also wondering why his mother had sent for us.

We walked into the patio and there sat the queen,Looking shiny and beautiful as always.

I had a forced smile,plastered on my face but on seeing who she had with her,The smile disappeared too

Alicia sat down next to her ,Smiling up at Brian

We both payed our respect before Brian popped the question

“Why did you ask us to come here mother”He asked

“My son some thing good has happened”She said giving Brian a smile

“What happened?”Brian asked getting impatient

“Tell him my dear”She urged Alicia

Alicia stood up and walked towards us giving Brian a paper

“What’s this?”He asked

“Just read it”She replied

He opened it and when he read what was in there his whole expression changed


“Congratulations your Majesty……..you are going to be a father soon”She said and gave him a hug.
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