Elena’s journey episode 23


(Few weeks later, At Life long hospital)
(Caitlin is discharged)

Caitlin: Thank you so much, Harrison.

Harrison: (smiles) Its okay, But you’ll need to come back regularly for check ups, Okay?

Caitlin: Sure

Elena: Words aren’t enough to express my happiness mom (she hugs her)

Caitlin: I’m really happy too, All thanks to you

Elena: Yes mom, That reminds me, When I wanted to pay, I was told that your bill has already been taken care of

Caitlin: Yes, Your father paid it.

Elena: Ohh….

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Caitlin: Come, There’s something I want to show you.

(Caitlin takes her out of the hospital and they see Mr Gilbert waiting beside his car)

Elena: Mr Gilbert?

Mr Gilbert: Elena, Once again, I ask for your forgiveness…..

Elena: (she interrupts him) Its okay, I forgive you (she hugs him)

Mr Gilbert: I’ve already bought a house here in Mexico city for us to start a new life as a family

Caitlin: That’s a great idea (She hugs Mr Gilbert).

(At Mr Gilbert’s new house)
(Elena, Caitlin and Nate move in)

Caitlin: Wow, This place is amazing

(Helen comes out from the room)

Elena: (excited) Helen? (She runs towards her and hugs her)

Helen: How are you, Elena?

Elena: I’m fine, What are you doing here in mexico city?

Helen: Well, I traveled here with your dad a month ago for all of us to start a new life together. (She sees Caitlin) Hello ma’am, You must be Elena’s mom

Caitlin: Yes I am, How are you?

Helen: I’m good.

Elena: (She takes Helen to the room for them to have a conversation) What about your dad and Orora?

Helen: I don’t know where they are right now, After your dad took his house back, My father and Orora just vanished into thin air.

Elena: Even though they did bad things to me, I pray they’re in a better place. (Her phone vibrates)

Helen: What’s that?

Elena: Its Harrison, The doctor that’s taking care of my mom, He wants us to go out for lunch at Chuks restaurant.

Helen: What about Vincent?

Elena: Vincent and I broke up

Helen: Awwnn, Why?

Elena: I don’t wanna talk about it, I need to go and get ready for my outing now

Helen: (confused) Okay

(Mr Leon and Gregor arrive at Mexico City, They both join their money to rent a one room apartment)

Mr Leon: This is where we’ll stay for the meantime

Gregor: We just need to hurry up so that I can go back to my family

Mr Leon: Patience my friend, Remember, The most patient dog gets the fattest bone!

Gregor: (smirks) You’re right, If eventually he signs his will back to you, There’ll be no going back

(At Vincent’s house)

Cassandra: Adrian! Adrian!

Adrian: Yes, Miss Cassandra?

Cassandra: (angrily) Where’s Vincent, He was in the room with me and when I went to shower and I came out, He was gone.

Adrian: He went to Chuks Restaurant with Miss Orora

Cassandra: What? Give me the address, Now!!!

(Adrian gives Cassandra the restaurant’s address and she leaves the house)

Vincent’s mother: Adrian! What’s wrong with you? Why did you give her the address?

Adrian: Did I do something wrong?

Vincent’s mother: Yes! You should know how that woman behaves, If she sees Vincent with Orora then all hell will be let loose in that restaurant!

Adrian: Oh no….

(At Chuks restaurant)

Orora: Thanks for coming here with me, I appreciate.

Vincent: What did you want us to talk about that you couldn’t tell me at home?

Orora: Its about Elena, I couldn’t talk with you at home because Cassandra is always hovering around you.

Vincent: Go on

Orora: I truly regret everything wrong I did to her, I insulted, taunted, ridiculed, provoked, belittled and fought her. I truly regret my actions. That’s one of the reasons I followed you here.

Vincent: Well, you’re not the only one who wronged her, I did too, By not telling her my true intentions with Cassandra earlier.

Orora: I just pray she forgives us both.

(Just then, Cassandra storms into the restaurant and walks over to their table)

Cassandra: (angrily) So it’s true, You left me all alone at home to be with this useless woman.

Vincent: (Quietly) Cassandra please this isn’t my house where you can nag as loud as you like, We’re in the public, Please respect yourself.

Orora: Cassandra, So you came all the way here just to fight me, Can you for once stop being so selfish, immature and insecure?

Cassandra: How dare you talk to me like that…..

(Cassandra slaps Orora, Just then, Elena and Harrison enter the restaurant)

Elena’s journey episode 24

(Everyone’s attention is at Orora, Vincent and Cassandra and some people try to separate Orora from fighting Cassandra. And at the other end of the restaurant, Harrison notices the commotion)

Harrison: (curious) I wonder what’s happening over there

Elena: Well, It seems like they’re fighting or something (She picks the food menu) So what are we going to order? (She looks at Harrison and sees that he isn’t paying her any attention) Harry!

Harrison: I’m sorry, Elena. I just can’t concentrate without knowing what’s happening over there.

Elena: What’s happening over there isn’t our concern, Now, What should we order?

Harrison: Ummm…French fires, Tacos…

(The noise gets much louder)

Harrison: It’s much louder.

Elena: Maybe you’re right, We should go and check what’s happening over there

Harrison: OK (He and Elena go closer to check what’s happening)

Elena: (She sees Vincent, Orora and Cassandra) Oh my God!

Harrison: What’s wrong?

Elena: (thinks) How did Vincent and I end up in the same place again? (To Harrison) Its nothing, I just forgot my vitamins at home and it’s almost time for me to take it, I have to leave now

Harrison: Oh. So our date is canceled?

Elena: I’m really sorry…

Harrison: It’s fine, I’ll drop you off

(Elena and Harrison leave the restaurant)

(Back at Vincent’s house)
(Vincent, Orora and Cassandra return)

Vincent: I have had enough of you, Cassandra! You really embarrassed me today!

Cassandra: But Vincent, You embarrassed me too, By not supporting me over Orora!

Vincent: I would have kicked you out of my house but I can’t do that just yet.

Cassandra: (shocked) You wanna kick me out?

Vincent: You know what? I don’t want to ever see you in my room again because if I do, You’ll regret knowing me! (He goes inside his room)

Orora: (She laughs at Cassandra)

Cassandra: (To Orora) You’re happy now, Aren’t you?

Orora: Why wouldn’t I be?

Cassandra: I don’t care about what Vincent said, As long as you’re in this house with me, You’ll have me to contend with!

Orora: Hmm, That reminds me…..(She slaps Cassandra back) Now we’re even!

Cassandra: (she rubs her cheeks) And so we are… The battleline has just been drawn! (She goes into her room)

(That night, Orora goes to buy some items from a nearby store, On her way back, She sees a group of half naked women waiting by the roadside, She approaches one of them)

Orora: Hi

Prostitute: Hey

Orora: I’m Orora, What’s your name

Prostitute: I’m Megan.

Orora: Don’t be upset but, I know you all are prostitutes but, How much money do you earn per night?

Megan: It ranges, I’m at the top here, I can make as high as $1000 to $5000 in a day

Orora: (surprised) Wow!

Megan: You wanna be part of this business?

Orora: Yeah

Megan: OK, I’ll take you to our Madame, She’s in charge of us, her name’s Madame Laho.

Orora: So, When will you take me to see her?

Megan: Depends. If you’re on a free schedule.

Orora: How about early tomorrow morning?

Megan: That’s great.

(Orora attempts to leave but Megan pulls her back)

Megan: Do me a favor, Don’t tell anyone, Okay?

Orora: I’ll keep my lips sealed.

(Next morning)
(Megan takes Orora to Madam Laho’s house)

Megan: The lady is here to see you now, Madame.

Madame Laho: Okay, let her in

(Orora enters the living room)

Orora: Good morning ma

Madame Laho: How are you dear?

Orora: I’m fine

Madame Laho: (checks out Orora) I’m gonna make alot of money out of you, So, Are you ready to use your body to make money?

Orora: Yes, I am, right now, I don’t have a choice.

Madame Laho: Good! When do you intend to start?

Orora: This evening

Madame Laho: Excellent! (To Megan) Take her to the room and give her a makeover.

Megan: Yes Madame.

(At Vincent’s house)

Vincent: Orora! Orora!

Adrian: Sir, She went out early this morning.

Vincent: What? Did she tell you where she was going?

Adrian: No Sir

Vincent: Don’t worry, I’ll call her to know where she is

Adrian: OK sir

(Vincent dials Orora’s number but it isn’t reachable, He dials it again multiple times but she doesn’t answer it)

Vincent: Oh God, I wonder where she might be…..




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