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Elena’s journey episode 11 & 12

Elena’s journey episode 11
(At Mr Leon’s house)
Vincent and Orora are sunbathing)
Orora: The weather is so warm.
Vincent: Yeah.
Orora: Vincent, Can you help message my back? (She hands him a lotion)
Vincent: Sure (he collects the lotion and massages her back)
Orora: (smiles) Thank you… I would have asked Elena to do it but she’s too lazy and never obeys my orders
Vincent: Hmm… Really?
Orora: Yes! She’s so stubborn and hot headed. If I were you, I’d stop associating myself with her before it’ll be too late.
(While Vincent massages her back, Elena peeps on them)
Elena: (thinks) Just watch that viper talk. She’s just trying to turn Vincent against me. (mimics Orora) “She’s so stubborn and hot headed”, I’ll show you stubborn!!!
Orora: (she sees Elena and calls her) ELENA!!!
(Elena answers her)
Elena: Yes?
Vincent: (To Orora) What’s the matter this time?
Orora: This fool was spying on us
Elena: No I wasn’t
Orora: Of course you were, You were admiring the most amazing body you’ve ever seen, Isn’t that so you scullery maid?
Elena: Ewww… Why would I want to admire your body, Besides you don’t have the most amazing body!
Orora: Shut up! Don’t be insolent!
Elena: Well I was done with my work inside and I decided to come and ask you if you needed me to do anything else.
Vincent: Orora, I thought you told me Elena was lazy and never obeyed your orders?
Orora: She’s only doing so because you’re here!
Elena: That’s a lie!
(Orora furiously slaps Elena)
Orora: How dare you call me a liar!
(Elena attempts to retaliate but Vincent holds her back and shouts at Orora)
Vincent: Orora! What’s wrong with you? Why’d you do that?
Orora: This is my father’s house and I have the right to do whatever I want
Vincent: (angry) Is that why you hit her?
Orora: Yes! (To Elena, who’s still holding her cheeks) You know what? Go and get me a cold drink inside and be fast about it
(Elena angrily leaves)
Vincent: That wasn’t necessary!
Orora: Yes it was, Next time she wouldn’t spy on us…(happy) God! I feel so relieved
(Vincent stares at her in disgust)
(Inside Mr Leon’s house)
(Martin and Helen talk over the phone)
Martin: Helen, please talk to me, what’s wrong with you?
Helen: (on the phone) Martin, I can’t tell you I’m sorry.
Martin: Do you want me to come over?
Helen: No! Don’t come over.
Martin: Then tell me, what’s the problem?
Helen: I’m not just feeling well, But don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine (she cuts the call)
Martin: (thinks) Helen has been ignoring me for days.. What do I do now?
Orora: So Vincent, When are you going to write a next book?
Vincent: Soon. I’m still looking for an inspiration.
Orora: Well, I could be your inspiration.
Vincent: You?
Orora: Of course. Is there anything wrong?
Vincent: Not really.
(Elena brings Orora her drink)
Orora: (happily) Here comes my drink….
(When Elena gets close, She intentionally pours the drink on Orora)
Orora: Ahhhhh! You stupid fisherwoman! (She lunges for Elena but Vincent holds her back)
Vincent: Orora, wait, wait, I’ll handle this
Orora: There’s nothing to handle, She poured the drink on me intentionally and I’m going to kill her
(She struggles to break free from Vincent’s grip but he holds her tightly)
Vincent: Orora stop, don’t cause a scene. (To Elena) You shouldn’t have poured the drink on her
Elena: (Boldly) I only did so because she slapped me for no reason.
Orora: (Angrily) You bastard….
(At this point, Orora breaks free from Vincent’s grip and slaps Elena)
Vincent: (angry) Oh God! Orora what the hell is wrong with you?
Orora: There’s nothing wrong with me? (Looks at Elena) This bastard deserved to be punished!
Elena: (she holds her cheeks) Now you’ve crossed the line. (She slaps Orora) That’s one.
Orora: Ahhhh! My cheek!
(Elena backhands Orora again)
Elena: Now we’re even.
Orora: I’LL KILL YOU!!!
(Orora drags Elena’s hair and Elena pulls her hair too and scratches & bites her at the same time, She eventually pushes Orora to the floor, Mr Gilbert and Mr Leon are alerted by the noise, they rush to separate them, Orora gets up from the ground but gets shoved into the ground again by Elena but Vincent catches her before she hits the ground)
Orora: (To Vincent who’s holding her down) Leave me alone! We’ll settle this dispute right now!
Elena: Fuck you! Idiot! (She frees herself from Mr Leon’s grip and runs away from the house)
(Vincent follows her leaving Orora, Mr Leon and Mr Gilbert)
Orora: (enraged) Dad, Didn’t you see what just happened? That fisherwoman has become wild! We have to get rid of her!
Mr Leon: Orora please can you just stop this, I’m sure what ever happened between you two was your fault!
Orora: So you’re taking her side? That fisherwoman has bewitched you! This is why I’ll always hate her!
(Orora leaves them)
Mr Leon: (To Mr Gilbert) What am I going to do with her
Mr Gilbert: Leon, You’ve pampered her alot, that’s why she’s full of bad characters, Just let her be.
(Vincent searches for Elena at the sea side, knowing its her usual spot)
Vincent: Elena! Elena! Where are you? (thinks) She isn’t here, I wonder where she ran off to.
(Just then, He hears a voice calling for help)
Voice: Help! Somebody please help me!
Vincent: That voice sounds familiar.
Voice: HELP!
(He follows the direction of the voice calling for help, and he is shocked by who he sees, It’s the woman he fell in love with in the past – Cassandra.)
Cassandra: (weakly) Vincent?
Vincent: (visibly shocked) Cassandra?
Elena’s journey episode 12
(Vincent goes closer to her and touches her to confirm if she’s a ghost)
Vincent: Cassandra? Is this you? Am I hallucinating? (He rubs his eyes to confirm if it’s real)
Cassandra: Yes, I am real (she coughs)… I’m so happy to see you, Please take me away from here, some men are after my life. Help me!
Vincent: (He pulls her out of the water) I thought you died in the plane crash, How did you survive? And how did you end up in Seattle?
Cassandra: I…I….(She faints, due to being weak and exhausted)
Vincent: Cassandra! Cassandra! Wake up (he taps her continuously) Thank God she’s still breathing, I have to take her to my house.
(Vincent arrives at his house carrying Cassandra to his room, His mother follows them)
Vincent mother: Who is this woman?
Vincent: (He drops Cassandra on the bed) She’s Cassandra, The woman I fell in love with.
Vincent mother: Huh?? I thought she was dead?
Vincent: I thought so too, apparently she isn’t, I need to call Doctor Wesley to treat her.
(Simon goes to Mr Leon’s house)
Simon: Please, Orora, this is the fourth time I’m begging you, I really love you, I’m sorry for what happened the other day
Orora: Prove it!
Simon: Huh? How?
Orora: (she takes out his phone and hands it to him) Call Rayna and tell her you don’t want to ever see her again and you hate her and after that, I want you to delete her number.
Simon: Fine (he collects the phone and dials Rayna’s number, she picks the call)
Rayna: (on the phone) Hey darling, Do you miss me?
Simon: Rayna, Look! I don’t want to have anything to do with you ever again and the next time I see you near me, Even an inch, I’m gonna get you arrested (he cuts the call and deletes her number)
Orora: (smiles) You did great.
(Orora kisses Simon, and they both make-up)
(Vincent calls his doctor to check on Cassandra)
Vincent: How is she doing?
Doctor Wesley: She’ll be fine, She suffered from stress and exhaustion, that’s why she fainted, Before tomorrow, She’ll be alright.
Vincent: Thank you Doctor Wesley
(Doctor Wesley leaves)
Vincent mother: Vincent, What would Elena think if she sees you with Cassandra?
Vincent: Mom, I love Elena, I still do. But I couldn’t just leave Cassandra to die.
Vincent Mother: Is that so? Or you still have feelings for Cassandra?
Vincent: (He looks at his mom as if she can see right through him)
Vincent mother: I’m your mother, Vincent. And sooner or later, you’re gonna have to choose between Elena or Cassandra. (She leaves him and goes to her room)
(Later that evening)
(Cassandra wakes up to Vincent looking at her)
Cassandra: (stretches) Uhhh…
Vincent: How do you feel?
Cassandra: Much better (she gets up from the bed and hugs Vincent) I never thought I’d see you again
Vincent: How you’re alive is still a mystery to me. How did you survive the plane crash?
Cassandra: I was one of the few passengers that jumped out of the plane with a parachute, we landed at the seashore at Apollo, The kind villagers offered us shelter, But not too long, Apollo was raided by millitary men, I managed to run away before they killed me but they chased me, The last thing I could remember was jumping into a waterfall.
Vincent: There’s a waterfall that connects Apollo to Seattle, That’s how you ended up here.
Cassandra: Yes, I wonder what would have happened if you hadn’t save me (She hugs him again) I’ve really missed you.
Vincent: I’ve missed you too (He kisses Cassandra)
Cassandra: (she breaks the kiss) I’m gonna go take a shower, I’ll be out soon.
Vincent: Okay.
(Just then, someone knocks at Vincent’s door, He goes to check who it is and it turns out to be Elena)
Vincent: (shocked) Elena??
Elena: Hi Vincent, I’m really sorry about the way I ran off earlier today
Vincent: (nervous) Its okay, I forgive you, Um…. You should get going now, Bye! (He starts sweating)
Elena: I can’t leave yet, I came here so that we could talk… (She notices him sweating) And Why’re you sweating?
Vincent: Sweating? I’m not sweating. Could we talk later, I’m really busy now.
Elena: Busy? With what?
(Just then, Cassandra enters living room)
Cassandra: Vincent I’m out….(She sees Elena) Who is this?
Vincent: (sweats profusely) Ah geez!
Elena: (confused) Vincent, Who is she?


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