Early Days Of My Life – Episode 7


as that master isiaka caught me, he made me kneel down in the front of the clas-s till his period is over… he then tell me to come meet him in the staff room after br@ging that he knows my face… but like S-xytemi and cherrybrown, this is not my real face o….
Teacher 1: where is the phone?
Student: I didn’t bring any phone to school ma.
Another teacher the ban-g the cain on the student’s head, its like you nee-d a thorou-gh beating before you’ll say the truth, a teacher said.
I wanted to run back but some teachers alre-ady noticed my pres£nce at the staffroom’s entrance. I entered the dre-adful staff-room looking scared and confused.
Thanks to my head, master Isiaka wasn’t in the staff room but as I was about to ran out of the room a teacher, the yoru-ba tutor shouted.
Y. Teacher: hey iwo, kilofe?(You, what do u want?)
I was happy because it was the language I love to speak that they used in questioning me.
Me: master isiaka lo so pe kin wa ri awon, igbati won de si ni ibi, ni mo fi fe pada
(master isiaka said I should come and see him, since he isn’t around I have to go back)
Y. Teacher: ese wo lo se ti o fi ni ki owa, kawa sare da sheria fun e?
(What offence have you committed for him to have made you come here so as for us to punish you?)
Me: omo daadaa ni mi, mi n ki fa ijongbon ma
(I’m a well behaved student ma)
Y. Teacher: you can go.
Me: eshey oluko (thanks ma’am)
I ran out of the room to clas-s, fortunately and unfortunately they started another clas-s alre-ady. I entered the clas-s throu-gh the back because those teachers are crazy, they can s£nd student out like they are not collecting salary and that the teachings are for free.
Luckily for me, I made it to my seat without the teacher suspecting.
After all school activities that day, some day students moved home while some moved to the field to pl@yfootball. We hostelites moved to the hostel to change into our house-wear then to the dining to eat and straight outta the dining hall to the [email protected] was in the middle of pl@ywhen a thought swiftly ran into my br@in, dammy’s thought. I then started searching everywhere for my friend but when I saw him, he was in the middle of trouble.
He knelt down in front of some s£niors looking fearfully with the belt they held in their hands, I was like ‘we-tin my friend do wey dey make em s£niors wan kill am?’
I then summoned the courageous beast in me to set off in meeting with the agile s£niors with devilish smiles on their faces.
Me: excuse me sir
s£nior1: we-tin dey hausa?
I hate it when people call me hausa, I overheard it from some people that I look like hausas and dress like them.
Me: fawaz na my name, no be hausa.
s£nior1: abi were leleyi ni, oya Hausa come here.
Me: (moved towards them so as to avoid trouble) fawaz be my name o s£nior, I no like that hausa thing o.
s£nior2: it seems them don dey blend you, them don dey gather courage for your che-st. Oya, kneel down beside this fool.
Me: me I no do anything na. Why I go kneel down?
s£nior3: you dey craze (he then stretched his hand forward in an attemt to sl@p me which I guarded)
Me: s£nior! ah! ah! ah! ewa! ah!
s£nior1: were leleyi o. Shey pesin com call you make you com chop beatings for here? Na who call you?
Me: abeg na, sheybi na master wey say make I come call this guy (pointing to my friend)
s£nior2: u dey craze, which master?
Me: mr bolarinwa
s£nior1: ehn ehn! Hey u fool, dey go and make sure u come back and finish your punishment wen you finish for his side.
I alre-ady know that no s£nior can beat my lies when master bolarinwa is inclusive.
I then ran with my friend toward the school I which leads to Mr. Bolarinwa’s place where we later ran inside a clas-s inside the school one when I told my friend it was a lie that I use that to save him.
As we sat down in the clas-s we ran into, we saw a snake.
Guess what???


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