Early Days Of My Life – Episode 13

Voice: eyin wo niyen?
I wanted to run away as one of my friend’s babe drew me back and replied the person that screamed a question at us.
Babe: awa omo yin nooni (we are your children)
Voice: latibo (from where)
Babe: school wa niyen ni tosi. (Our school is not far from here)
Voice: kilewa shey nibi? (what do you want in my farm?)
Babe: awa pade arawa nibi ni. (We c@m£ to meet ourselves here ni)
Voice: shey ko n shey eyin tema n ji n kan ni oko mi? (hope its not those that do steal at my farm?)
Babe: omo jeje niwa, ama wa ran yin lowo gan ti aba shey tan. (We’ll come to help you when we’re throu-gh sir)
Voice: ema jaye yin lo. (Enjoy yourselves)
Babe: baba baba. Eshey (thanks)
I was relieved with that.
Me: wait sef we-tin be ur name? (Pointing to the first babe)
1st Babe: modi
Me: and you? (to the 2nd babe)
2nd babe: titi
Me: okay. Yetunde o, je a rira (let’s see).
Friend: hmm hmmm, I go love o
Me: go ahead and love na. Who dey drag u back?
We moved away from where we all sat to a corner where I was battling her with battalions of question.
Me: which kind connection dey btw u and those girls?
Yetty: they’re my friends.
Me: ehn ehn
Yetty: and they’re my s£niors
Me: and how come dem be your friends?
Yetty: they’re my friends at our area but they are my s£nior in school.
Me: okay, but shey you no dey live for hostel ni?
Yetty: yes na, I don’t like that hostel jor.
Me: hmmm, you dey Jss2 right?
Yetty: sheybi I told you that earlier?
Me: yes na, just felt like asking again ni.
Yetty: okay
Me: but why you still be vir-gin?
Yetty: (laughing) what kind of question is that?
Me: shey I no fit ask ni?
Yetty: but its funny. Can’t I be?
Me: of course u fit be na but…..
Yetty: but what? Wo, forget. Can we move?
Me: u dey fight me?
Yetty: I’m sorry jor, let’s just go.
Me: no p then.
After getting where others were, we all wanted to go our different ways as we heard a shout from a familiar voice which c@m£ from nowhere.
Voice: teba koja ibeyen (if you move).


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