Early Days Of My Life – Episode 11

Its not c0nd0m, dirty mind……….
He brou-ght out a phone Nokia 7310c, I was like ‘where do you see it?’
Me: where do you see this?
Friend: I saw it in your mouth, fool!
Me: sorry o.
Friend: I told you not to question me till we reach the hostel.
Me: pele na! Abi kilo n shey e?
Friend: mtchew!
He then on it and dial a number. All what I heard him saying was just
“okay, and, ehn ehn, and, okay, yes na, no vex, alright” but he said one last thing which made me happy.
He said ‘abeg prepare a babe wey set die, I dey carry my friend come there’.
He cuts the phone and put it where it was previously then we tAlked with our leg, the way we walk sef can’t be refered to as walk because we were jog walking.
After like 5mins, we reached a farm. We then saw some girls not too far from us.
Friend: ogbeni, use your br@in here o! No dull o, make sure u talk with that babe them prepare for you o.
Me: trust me na (amidst fear) I go do things perfectly.
Friend: sha nofu-ck up.
Me: yes boss…..
We reached where they were and they hvg-greeted us I stayed cool with my che-st beating so fast, I swear it’ll beat usain bolt record.
Not up to five minutes, my friend moved away with two babes remaining a girl sitting right in front of me.
Something about me is that, I look innocent, talk innocent but you’ll be confused to believe its me when you hear what I do.
Check tindeck.com/dl/nkctm or tindeck.com/dl/tjqvt to see the beast in me.
I then put on my sweetest look to talk with the job before me,lolz!
But the problem was that I don’t like communicating in english but I like it if I’m mixing it. Shih! I forgot, na my friend lesson sure pas-s jor…
Me: hello
Girl: hi
Me: its like you’re bored, can we engage in a chat?
Girl: oh! thanks.
Me: no menshun, Fawaz is my name sha, you?
Girl: yetty!
Me: wow! That’s my lovely sister’s name too o. The only sister I love and I believe I’ll love you too for that name and as a wife.
Girl: (laughing) and where is the wife o?
Me: she’s right here in front of me na.Girl: you’re funny, you must be a comedian.
Me: abi na, and what do u mean with that o?
Girl: absolutely nothing.
Me: but don’t you know we can be more than this. I believe we’re more than friends alre-ady.
Girl: I like it, you’re smart.
Me: (feeling good) you’re in the Queens chool bha?
Girl: yea
We chatted on for like 20mins moving from one t©pic to another before we entered into the ro-mantic p@rt.
Even with no experience, I later found myself sitting beside her where we both found ourselves looking into each other’s face.
I wanted to move myl-ips  near hers when I heard something like sl@p.


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