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July 23, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Dream Episode 58 & 59

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Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 58





Candace Noah

What did you just say? I mean why would Andy want to get me killed? I asked , i was still confused …..

Chase sighed softly

This is the exact reason why I never wanted to tell you , I knew you would get all worked up ….

Just tell me, why did he try to kill me? I repeated in a huff

You need to calm down Candy , you are not fully recovered

Calm down! how can you tell me to calm down! i almost died, that bastard almost killed me . I said in between sobs

he sat down and made me lean on his chest

It is alright baby, It is going to be alright.he assured

But why did he try to kill me? Did I offend him in anyway? Why does he hate me to want to kill me? I asked rushingly

It is not about you , it is about us, Chase and I. Nick answered while moving closer to us

What do you mean by that? I asked , I looked at him and then at Chase

Can’t you see!he shot at you just to get to us, he knows how important you are to us . he tried explaining but I was still not getting it

Why will he want to do that? I continued and Chase sighed

Enough with the questions, I will explain everything to you later

but I just … I tried to say but he cut me off

Just listen to me please .he pleaded

Fine! I agreed and Nick smiled

he glanced at his wristwatch and sighed

I need to go now guys, Loretta must be waiting for me . he informed

Oh! Are you both going somewhere? I asked with a smile and he nodded

her cast bandage would be removed today so I need to take her over to the hospital. he explained

Too bad it is a different hospital! I remarked sadly and he chuckled

Don’t worry!i will let her know you are awake ….

he leaned over to peck me lightly before leaving …

So what of my parent, are they aware of what is going on? I asked while playing with Chase button

Of course!they were both here yesterday and I had to literally go down on my knees to beg your mom to stop crying.he said teasingly and I laughed out loud

Stop it Chase ! my mom is stronger than you think…

I guess you should ask her about it? he drawled


I felt my stomach rumbling in hunger and I sighed

Are you alright! What is with that strange noise? Chase asked with a grin

I bit my lips as my stomach rumbled again but this more louder..

What the fuck! Did that come from your stomach? he asked and bursted into laughter

Stop it, it is not funny! I retorted angrily but he continued laughing

I hate you Chase ,I really hate you. I glared at him and he stopped

Are you for real? he asked arching his eyebrow

No, I love you so much but you are so annoying! I remarked with a pout and he smiled

he stood up from the bed and adjusted his clothes

Are you going somewhere? I asked and he nodded

Why! Where! Am I boring you! I asked rushingly and he shook his head

I need to get you some food. he informed and I frowned

Can’t you just call for it …

I wish to baby, but i also need to freshen up a bit. he explained

Oh! I nodded in understanding

he leaned over to kiss me briefly and was about walking out of the ward when I called him

he turned to look at me

Please don’t be long. I pleaded and he nodded

I won’t . he promised and walked out of the ward……

I sighed deeply, I was already missing him…..



Neil Delgado



Opening my eyes, I looked around the room, it was so dusty and unkempt.

The doors and windows were all rickety and the room itself look haunted.

Where am I? I wondered

I tried to move my body but I couldn’t, I looked down to see i was tied to a chair ….

I shuddered a little bit …

Who brought me me here? Why am I tied? Where in…….: I stopped when the memory of what happened flashed on..

Oh my gawd! Who could have done this? Who the hell kidnapped me?… Dora!the man threatened to blow off her head , is she alright?i really hope and pray she is because if any harm befalls her, I will never forgive myself……

And see who is already awake . a voice said, I looked in the direction of the voice and my eyes widened in shock at who I saw

Andy! he was standing at the entrance of the room with his hands folded across his chest …

Bastard! I cursed and he laughed out loud

he moved closer and squatted beside me

I am sorry for tying you up but I had no other options. he said with a mocking grin

What do you want? I yelled

Calm down Neil, do you want to scream the old house down. he smirked

What do you want? I repeated and he grinned

I want all of your money . he answered and I scoffed

You are crazy Andy!

Really! I guess I should show you what it means to be crazy. he retorted and smacked me hard across my face

Bastard! Is that all what you can do . I yelled at him

I can see you are the tough one but I will break you down….

Let us see about that . I growled at him and he chuckled softly

You are handsome , Rich, Popular but I wonder why your wife still chose me over you . he started

I stared at him at the same time wondering what he was trying to say

You see Roxy always tell how much she loves me, how she can’t wait to be with me ,how you were just her money bag and …

Shut up! I barked at him

I drilled the bitch and killed her when i was done with her. he added

I bit my lips trying to control my anger..

You are nothing but a heartless bastard! I cursed and he shook his head

No, I am just trying to take back what is mine. You see Roxy promised to give me half of the property after Nick inherits it but everything changed when you found out he was not your son. he yelled and hit his fist on the ground

I swallowed hard trying to digest what I just heard

Everything changed . he continued, Nick pushed me away, I lost my job, even Roxy lost all hope in me , all this happened because of Chase ..

Chase! what has my son got to do with this, don’t dare bring my son into this. I warned

Can’t you see! he was the who turned Nick against me . he defended and I scoffed

Crazy bastard!

You can call me whatever you like , I reall…he stopped when a hefty man wearing a black hoodie walked in….. wait a minute! the black hoodie, it is the same man who kidnapped me…

The man looked at me and gave me a slight bow

I scoffed

Bastard! I cursed silently

Bosco! Are the papers ready?Andy asked the man and he nodded

Good! Let me have it

The man brought out some pile of papers he was hiding underneath his clothes and handed it to Andy

I watched Andy go through it and smiled

What is with the paper? I wondered

he looked up at me and held the paper up for me to see

I stared at the paper and my eyes widened in shock , it was a “transfer of properties document”

Are you insane! What do you intend to do with this? I yelled at him

Simple!you are going to sign it , you are going to sign off all of your property in my friend’s name. he answered with a grin

And what makes you think I will do that? I retorted and smiled

You see Roxy told me a lot of things about you , and one of the thing she mentioned was how much you love your dumb wife .

Don’t ever call her dumb again. I warned and he laughed

I can see how much you love her , sign it or else she will join Roxy in hell . he threatened and I shuddered a little bit

Just one word from me , Bosco here will go over to the mansion and bring you her head . he said with an evil grin

Are you in or not? he probed on

Oh my gawd! What will I do ?I can’t let harm come to Dora

Are you in or…..

I am in. I agreed and he smiled

Untie him. he instructed the hefty guy who moved closer and started untying the ropes

While he pulled out a gun and pointed it to me ………….


After the hefty man loosened the rope, Andy placed the documents and a pen on my laps

Sign it . he barked while pointing the gun at me

I stretched my hands a little before picking up the pen

I stared at the paper and sighed

Sign it. Andy barked again and i immediately did

The hefty man immediately squealed in delight

We are rich Andy . he said to Andy who just smiled

What are we going to do to him? Are we going to kill him? he asked Andy

No! I am going to make it more fun, I will love to kill both father and son together

What do you mean by that ? I yelled , I tried to stand up but he immediately shot at my leg

Arrghh! I groaned and fell to the floor

Now see where your stubbornness has gotten you too! he remarked with a mocking smile

You bastard! I cursed while holding my bleeding leg

I can’t wait to see Chase reaction when he sees his father sprawling on the floor

And do you think he will so foolish to come here alone! I bit my lips

I know Chase he has a very fragile heart. he said with a smile

That doesn’t make him stupid , Chase is very smart and you know it

let’s see about that. he said with a grin

Bosco! he called the hefty man, treat up his wounds

And why will i do that? Bosco asked

Because I want him to be strong enough to watch how I will kill his only son.. oops! his only child………


Chase Delgado


Entering the sitting room, I instructed the maids to pack up lunch for Candy ..

I headed upstairs to my room and on entering, I met my mom sleeping peacefully on my bed …

I smiled, i guess her husband is not around..

I went into the bathroom to freshen up and returned to the room with my briefs on….

I went over to wardrobe and hurriedly dressed in a blue jeans and a black hoodie…

I picked up my car keys from the table and headed downstairs to the sitting room…

I am ready to leave . I announced and a maid immediately rushed to me

She handed me the lunch box with a slight bow

Thanks . I said in appreciation and walked out of the sitting room to the garage

I got into my car and drove off heading to the hospital…..


On getting to the hospital, I parked my car in the parking lot

I alighted from the car and walked straight to Candy’s Ward…

Entering the ward, I smiled when I saw her sleeping

I guessed she was so bored!

I moved closer and sat down on the chair beside the bed…

My phone suddenly rang. I checked the caller and froze

It was Andy!!

Why is he calling? I wondered

I received the call

Chase! his voice rang from the other end

Bastard! I cursed and he laughed

What do you want? Are you tired of hiding? I asked biting my lips

I am with your father . he informed and I froze

Dad! how! Why! I wondered, I was so confused

Are you there? he asked to be sure

What do you want? I asked coldly

Simple!I want you to come over to the address I will send to you if not I will detonate the bomb on your father’s body ….

Bomb! I repeated in shock

Yes. he answered

And how am I sure you are with my father? I asked and he laughed

I will send you the proof with the message and lest I forget! Don’t think of informing a soul ….

You have only 20 mims to get here if not you will meet the remains of your father . he threatened and ended the call…..

Damn! this is bullshit!

My phone suddenly buzzed indicating a text message, I clicked on it and I clutched my fist in anger

“It was a picture message of my dad tied to a chair, he looked unconscious”

I read the message underneath it and stood up in a huff

It is time to end all this ……..::




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