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Dream Episode 53 &54

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 53
Who is the killer?
Chase Delgado
Acting upon my suggestion, We headed to the police station ma-king use of Nick’s car ………..
The letter we received was an open threat and we had to make a report.
but who the hell wants my entire family dead?
This is really so weird! I mean
I glanced at Nick , he was gritting his teeth while driving
I sighed
He must be really worried, why won’t he? he just found out what his mother [email protected] throu-gh before she died
The killer must be a beast… I mean who [email protected]£s a woman brutally before killing her? … or wait a minute! Could the killer be the lover she was talking about! Was he the one who s£nt the parcel?…..
We soon got to the station and Nick parked in front
We alighted from the car and walked in straight to the front counter
hello sir ! I greeted the office behind the desk
he looked at me and then at Nick
What brings you here? You could have just called it you needed our help. he said with a smile
We are here to see the police Chief . Nick informed in a huff , he was clearly not in the mood for jokes
Oh! he is in…. the man tried to say but Nick cut him off
Is he on seat?
The man nodded
Good! he remarked and left for police chief office
Don’t be offended by his rude manners, he is in a ti-ght situation. I explained to the man who still had a shocked expression written all over his face
It is alright, i un-derstand. the man @ssured and I gave him a small smile
If that is the case , I will be heading to the office. I informed
Alright Mr Delgado.
I walked throu-gh the [email protected] to the Chief police office….
I pushed the door opened and walked in to see Nick having an argument with the chief police
What do you mean I should relax, the idiot boldly s£nt me a letter telling me how he [email protected]£d my mother. Nick yelled
Calm down Nick , we will get to the root of this . the chief @ssured
I cleared my throat and they both looked at me
Oh ! Chase you are here also , plea-se have a seat . he offered
I walked towards Nick and sat down beside him
Nick explained to me what happened, and i told him to let the police handle it . he explained
I sm-irked
And how will the police handle the situation? i asked staring at the man
We will track down the killer and bring him to book. he said and Nick scoffed
What exactly are you saying, how will you track down a killer who left no traces? he fired at the man who just stared blankly at him
No tell me. he continued, three lives are at stake here. the bastard plan on wiping out my entire family…
But why will he do that? Do you have anyone who hold grudges against you or your family? the man asked
Do we? Nick asked me
I don’t know , but I have an intuition that her lover is involved…. I mean she died on the day she chose him over you . I explained
Lover ! does your mum have a lover? the office asked in shock
Yes, it is kind of complicated. Nick responded dryly
Dang it! You could have told me this earlier, do you by any chance know who her lover is? the officer asked
No , or do you? Nick faced me
No, the only thing we know is the first letter of his name which is a letter A . I informed
The officer nodded and wrote it down in a book
So is it possible for you to track down the criminal? I asked and he nodded
But first i will s£nd some cops officers to act as your family security…
What! Is it really necessary? Nick asked in a huff and the man chuckled lightly
Of course it is , you both are public figures and you ought to have b©dyguards
Oh yeah! I don’t like it when people follow me around. I drawled
Same with me . Nick agreed and he smiled
But you will be needing it this time around
Alright sir. I stood up and Nick did the saw also
We will get going now . He informed
Alright! and one more thing, report any strange thing you notice , I have a feeling the killer is someone very close to you , someone who knows everything about your family . The officer explained
And who would that be? Nick retorted , he shifted his gaze to me
I have no Idea……..
We walked out of the police station and i kept thinking about what the chief officer said
Someone who knows everything about the family , some one who is close to the family and his name begins with letter A…….. Andy!
Gosh! What is wrong with me? Andy can’t possibly be the killer , he has no reason to do so or does he?
Nick Delgado
Lost in my own thoughts, I drove over to the Delgado’s mansion
I was scared of going back to my pri-vate mansion, I was scared the killer might decide to carry out his threats
but being scared won’t solve anything,I really need to be strong to protect my family.
I sighed
The word family made me remember the question I had always wanted to ask Chase since I found out Candy was my sister
I glanced at him, his eyes were glued to his phone
Chase! I called and he answered without looking at me
What plans do you have for Candy? I asked and he looked at me
I don’t get you, what are you trying to say?
I sighed
Do you really love her or you are just pla-ying with her? I continued
Damn! What is with all this questions? he asked with a raised voice
I just want to know if she is one of your……..
Flings . he completed and I nodded
hell no! You should know me better , I don’t deceive girls. I love candy, I really do …………
I sighed in relief
So what was the S-x all about? I sm-irked and he froze
Come on brother, I heard the sound of your [email protected] s on phone. I tea-sed
Oh! he exclaimed and continued with what he was doing
I smiled
I was glad he was the one [email protected]!ngCandy , I was sure he will never hurt her……..
Candace Noah
After closing hours, I headed to the taxi station with Loretta
She kept on gushing about Nick and how much she love him.
I smiled as I listened to her, she was clearly in love with him…..
how did you feel when you found out that Nick was your brother? She suddenly asked
I stared at her in surprise
How did you know? I asked and she laughed
Nick told me all about it..
Oh! I can see you both have gone far with your relationsh!p
Sure. She responded with a smile….. so how did you feel? She repeated
I sighed
I was shocked and angry at first but I later forgave him
She smiled
Just like the way you forgave me also….
I nodded …..
how I wish I was there to see the reaction of Nick when he received the parcel, I bet he will go crazy just like I expected…….
he should blame his bit-ch of a mother for all of this ..
Who should I go for first, is it Neil, Nick or Chase
hmmmmh or should I just change the whole game …
I chuckled, that will be better ……
Chase Delgado
On getting home , I headed straight to my room while Nick chose to remain in the sitting room
I pushed the door to my room opened and walked in
Sitting on the be-d , I was about pu-lling off my shoes when my phone rang
I checked the caller , it was Dave
I sighed knowing he called because of the concert
I received the call
Why did you leave the studio without waiting for me? he asked without even greeting
Is this about the concert again? I asked in a huff
Yes, your concert is in two days and I need …. he tried to say but I cut him off
I know Dave , don’t worry it will be a blast . I @ssured him
He sighed
plea-se come over to the studio tomorrow . he pleaded
Alright. I said and ended the call….
I pu-ll-ed off my shoes and clothes and went over to the bathroom to freshen up
I returned to the room when I was done and hurriedly changed into an indoor outfit
I sat on the be-d and picked up my [email protected]©p from the table
I cli-cked on my Instagram page and the messages on it was just too much
Every one was talking about my concert, Dave really meant business…..
The door suddenly creaked opened and my mum walked in
hi mom! I greeted and she smiled
She moved closer to me and sat down on the be-d
how are you? I asked and she nodded. She t©uçhed my face gently and I knew she trying to ask me why I looked so tensed …
I sighed
Mum it is Roxy killer, he s£nt us an open threat . I explained and she froze
But don’t worry mom the police are into it. I @ssured and she frowned
I smiled, I knew she wanted me to continue
Fine! the main suspect here is her lover who we don’t …. I st©pped when I noticed a fli-cker of fear crossed her Face
What is it mum? I asked and she looked away
Mum! Do you by any chance know who her lover is? I asked to be sure
She stood up and walked out of the room without saying anything…….
What is wrong with her? I wondered
Episode 54
Candace Noah
Sitting in [email protected], l listened with undivided attention to the announcement the teacher was giving……
I wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise
Is she for real?Loretta asked in whispers, she was seated beside me
I thinks so . I responded dryly
But ma! how do you expect us to take a test by 6:30 when Chase concert starts by 7:00? a girl seated in front asked rudely and the whole [email protected] [email protected]£ noisy
She is right! She is right!
We all want to go to concert!
Cancel the stupid test ! My [email protected] mates kept on screaming ……..
Calm down! the teacher shouted to get attention and the [email protected] immediately [email protected]£ calm
Do you think the test is a joke? She started, only those who [email protected] the test will be able to graduate from this school. She added
But ma you can move the [email protected]£ forward , we can’t afford to miss Chase concert? Loretta suggested and the teacher scoffed
The test is going to hold today and that is final. She finalised and stormed out of the [email protected]
And as expected, the [email protected] [email protected]£ noisy again…..
Oh my gawd! What are we going to? Loretta sighed, she was clearly frustrated
I don’t know , we will ….. I tried to say but she cut me off
Do something Candy , you are a celebrity and I am sure the authorities will listen to you …
I shook my head negatively
I might be a celebrity, but that does not I have the right to do that ….
Oh right! So what are we going to do Miss celebrity student? She rolled her eyes and I glared at her pla-yfully
We will take the test, and when we are done we will head to the concert hall. I suggested and she sighed
Alright !
I brou-ght out my phone from the back pack and dialled Chase number
he picked it on the third ring …….
hello baby! he greeted, he sounded so tired
hi Chase! how are you? Where are you? I asked in a rush and he chuckled
Which should I answer first
Just answer all . I rolled my eyes
Fine! I am fine and I am in Dave’s house with Nick.he answered picking his words …. we will be going to the concert hall from here but I can come pick you up if you want . he added
There will be no need for that , I will still be in school by then
Why? What will you be doing in school by 6:00? he asked and I sighed
a screening test , the teacher just informed us about it
Oh! If that is the case , i will have to go without you
Sure baby , but I will head there as soon as I am done with the test . I @ssured
No Candy . you don’t need to , it will be too stressful and risky for ….. he tried to say but I cut him off
It won’t , Loretta will be with me……..
Fine! he agreed
Okay baby , see you in the evening. I said and ended the call……
What did he say? Loretta asked
he will be going to the concert hall along with his manager and your b©yfri£nd. I win-ked at her and she blu-shed
I can’t wait to see my Nick . I heard her say and I smiled…………
Dora Delgado ( Chase ‘s mum)
Sitting in my room , I was lost in my own thoughts
I kept on thinking about Chase words………Roxy’s lover is suspected to be her killer………..
Gosh! this is kind of confusing because I am not even sure of it….
but on that day Andy [email protected]£ over to the house , I was sure I heard [email protected] s coming out from her room….
I was soon feeling sleepy so I headed to my room , I [email protected] throu-gh Roxy room and st©pped when I heard funny sounds coming out of the room.
I moved closer and placed my ears on the door, the funny sounds were Roxy [email protected] s
I was surprised
I tried to push the door opened, but it was locked …..
What were they both doing? I couldn’t bring myself to believe they were having S-x… I mean how could Roxy be in a relationsh!pwith her son’s manager?
I sighed
Can Andy be the killer? I guess I need to inform Chase …’
I will tell him after his concert , I don’t want him to be distracted……….
Glancing at the time, it was 6:30.
I sm-irked evilly , time for the game to begin..
I picked up my phone and dialled a number and the person immediately picked it
hello bosco ! I greeted
hi Andy! he responded and I smiled
It is time to act , do not make any mistake
Sure Andy , you should know me better by now .he boasted
Lure her out of the concert and s£nd her to hell. I instructed and ended the call…….
I laughed out loud
Killing them at once won’t be any fun , I will first make them suffer by destroying their loves ones
Too bad for the girl , but there is nothing I can do about it …….
It isn’t my fault she holds a special place in the heart of my two enemies……:Nick who threw me away after using me and Chase the master mind behind everything……
Chase Delgado
After leaving Dave home, he drove us over to the Concert hall
Maintain an eye contact with your fans, give your fans what they want , b!ow them a k!ss, be polite……. Dave kept on advicing or should I say lecturing me
Oh yeah! I drawled and Nick chuckled, he was seated beside me at the back seat
Just let him be , he knows what to do . he said and I smiled…….
On getting to the concert hall, Andy parked in front
The reporters quic-kly rushed to us but the police securities who [email protected]£ with us immediately surrounded the car
I guess having a security is not a bad idea. Nick drawled and I nodded….
Alighting from the car, I was surprised to see the hall so crowded
I sighed
The whole place went wild when we walked in, the screams could deafen a man…
Chase ! Nick! Chase ! Nick! they kept on screaming
How I wished I just stayed at home. Nick bit hisl-ips and I chuckled
Thanks bro for coming along with me ……..
On getting to the front , I climbe-d the stage while Nick and Dave went over to the back stage ……..
Chase! Chase ! Chase! the crowd kept on screaming
Good evening! I greeted and flashed them a smile which I immediately regretted doing because the hall turned to something else
Two ladies in front fainted , while some were trying to climb up the stage ….
Damn! I guess i should just start singing
I signalled to the instrumentalist to start pla-ying and when they did, I began singing……
It is a beautiful feeling
What we have got inside
We got a flame that will last forever
Together you and I
Such a rush of emotions
There is no way we can push it away
Because they can never break
Our bond will never break
Do you believe In the power
Of every lasting love ……………………..
Candace Noah
After the test , I rushed out of the school along with Loretta and Tiffany
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 7:45
Damn! We were alre-ady late ….
We headed to the taxi station and flagged down a taxi
We all got in
The concert hall. I called and the driver drove off……
Are you sure we are alre-ady late? Loretta asked
No, the concert will end by 8:30Tiffany answered her
I sighed in anger
Can’t this car move any fas-ter? I barked at driver and he increased the speed of the car
We soon got to the concert hall and the driver parked in front
Aren’t you gonna wear a disguise? Loretta asked
I wish to , but I did not come with any
Here, take this. Tiffany handed me a black scarf
Thanks. I smiled…
We alighted from the car and I paid the driver an extra amount for wasting his time
Thanks ma’am. he appreciated with a smile and drove off
I wra-pped the scarf around my face and was about to walked in when I felt someone tap me …..
I looked in the direction and saw it was Loretta, she was staring at something
I followed her gaze and saw a black car at the corner of the street, it was as if the [email protected] was watching or waiting for someone
Isn’t it strange? She asked and I shrug
Let us go in, I guess they are here for the concert also…
Walking into the concert , I sighed in frustration
The whole place was crowded and we had to squee-ze and push until we found a sp©t at corner of the hall …..
Chase voice filled the whole hall and I jumped up to get a glimpse of him but couldn’t, the crowd was just too much …..
I guess we just have to sing along with him then. Tiffany said
We joined the crowd in singing and I scoffed when a girl in front of me fainted…….
Is she for real?
We kept on singing and i felt someone squee-zed a paper into my hands
I paused
I looked around but all I could see was the crowd
I shuddered a little bit
I stared at the paper in my hand and opened it …
I felt my heart beat fas-ter as I re-ad it
“Candace come outside , i have something important to tell you , meet me at the corner leading to the bus station”………..
Who could this be?
Loretta! Tiffany ! I called but they were too engrossed in the music to hear me call……
Oh right! I drawled
I ti-ght£ñed the scarf around my face and squee-zed and pushed till I got outside…..
I kept on walking till I got to the corner leading to the bus station .
At last ! I re-moved the scarf from my face and was about to tie it around my [email protected]!st when two men [email protected]£ out of no where, they were both holding guns
I panicked
Who are you? I asked with a trembling voice
We are your fans . One of them replied with a grin
I turned back and tried to run but it was too late, I felt a bullet pierce throu-gh my lower stomach…
And with a loud cry , I fell to the floor and ….. black out……..
Loretta Samuels
This guy is just too good. I squealed in excitement as I danced to Chase music…..
Candy! I am so so jealous…. I tried to say but st©pped when I notice she was no longer beside me
Where is Candy? I asked Tiffany who was wriggling her b©dy excitedly
What did you say ? She asked with a grin
I said where is Candy ? I repeated with a louder voice
She was right beside you . She answered and I bit myl-ips to st©p myself from yelling at her
Are you blind ? Can’t you see she is no longer beside me? I asked in a huff
She st©pped dancing and looked around
Let’s us go and check outside, she might be there…..
We squee-zed and pushed till we got outside
I looked around but Candy was no where to be found
Where could she be? I wondered
I walked closer to one of the reporters and greeted her
hi! She responded
Sorry to disturb you, but plea-se did you by any chance see a girl with a black scarf wra-pped around her face
Yes, she [email protected]£ out of the hall and rushed down the road , I was ….. she tried to say but I cut her off
We hurried down to the direction the woman gave us but we didn’t find her
I sighed in frustration
Where the hell is Candy?
We were about heading back to the hall when we heard a gun sh0t
Did you hear that? Tiffany asked and I nodded
We rushed to the direction of the gun sh0t and got there just in time to see two men leaving in a rush
Oh my gawd! I exclaimed in shock as I saw a lone b©dy on the floor
It is not Candy , it can’t be Candy. I kept on mumbling as I walked towards the b©dy
It is Candy! Tiffany announced , she got there before me
I rushed towards Candy and bend to hold her to me
Blood was gushing out of her abd0m£n and she was breathing faintly
I brou-ght my phone from my pocket and was about dialling Chase number when I had a change of mind
Chase was still singing at his concert and he would go crazy on stage if I tell him about Candy .. and instead I dialled Nick number
He picked it up immediately
hello baby ! he greeted, the noise in the background was deafening, I could not hear him clearly so I decided to do all the talking
Nick! Listen to me , Candy has be sh0t , we are close to the bus station, plea-se come right now and make sure Chase is not aware about it . I informed and ended the call…
I immediately dialled the emergency number
hi! We need your help, Candace Noah has been sh0t close to the concert hall, we need the medics here now . I yelled
I shifted my gaze to Candy …..
Just hang it there friend , help is coming ………

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