Dream Episode 50

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 50
The reward for being good
Candace Noah
After leaving the hospital, Chase drove me home
It was alre-ady late as we spent most of the day Chit chatting and having fun with Loretta and Nick …. speaking of Nick , I noticed he was acting kind of weird around Loretta or Does he actually likes her?
I chuckled and Chase glanced at me
What is funny?he asked
Nothing, I was just wondering about Nick unusual behaviour
What do you mean by that? he arched an eyebrow
Didn’t you see the way he was acting around Loretta? he was kind of overprotective of her
I don’t see anything wrong in that. he remarked and I sm-irked
I didn’t say it was wrong , all I am trying to say is that it seems he likes Loretta
he smiled
And is there anything wrong in it?
hell no! I wouldn’t mind if my brother go out with my friend…….
We soon got to my house and he parked in front
Can’t you just spend the night at my place? he asked fixing his gaze on me
I wish to Chase, but I promised my mum that I will be home tonight , you know I have a lot of explanation to do . I explained
he sighed
Alright then , we will see tomorrow.
Sure ,I nodded ….. I love you Chase
I love you too
I gave him a light k!ssbefore alighting from the car…..
Good night! I waved as he drove off ….
Entering the sitting room, My mum rushed at me and gave me a ti-ght hvg
I am glad you are safe baby . She said as she re-leased me from the hvg
I smiled
how are you? Did those idiot hurt you in anyway? She asked worriedly
No mum, I am alright . I as-sured her and she sighed
but what really happened, how did Kira get to kidnap you? She probe-d on
It is a long story mother
Then brief it, What really happened? she repeated
Fine! It was all planned from the beginning. she was so jealous of me and wanted to get rid of me . I explained
But why would she be? My mom asked , she was clearly confused
I don’t know mum . I lied
She sighed
I am glad the beast did not succeed in her plan, I hope she spend all of her life in the prison
I smiled
I hope so too ….. what of dad? Is he asleep
No, he is not back from work. She informed
Oh! And max?
he is in the room….. and lest I forget , Congratulations for your successful solo debut
Thanks mum . I appreciated, I gave her a side hvg
I am proud of you darling. She remarked and I smiled
I nee-d to get some sleep. I informed and she nodded
Good night baby
Good night mom. I bade
Taking a few steps to the room, she asked
What is wrong with you? Why are you limping?
I paused, I looked back to see her staring at my legs
I sprained an ankle. I lied
Are you sure about that? she shifted her gaze to my face
Yes. I nodded while trying not to meet her gaze
She sighed
Just be careful
Alright mum . I flashed her a smile before heading to my room , but this time around I tried to walk properly
I can’t let her find out I am no longer a vir-gin….
Pushing the door opened, a bucket of water fell on me
Congratulations. Max screamed, he was seated on the be-d laughing
What is the meaning of this? I yelled , my whole clothes were soa-ked and I felt chilled
Calm down sis, it is just my way of congratulating you . he continued laughing
I huffed
And don’t you think this prank is way too expensive, you ruined both my clothes and hair
And do you think I care? he rolled his eyes
I glared at him
I toss my bag back to the be-d before going over to the bathroom
Crazy kid!
I returned to the room to see Max mopping the floor
I sm-irked
And see who got himself an extra chore
he looked at me in a huff
At least all my efforts were not in vain
Whatever. I rolled my eyes
So did you enjoy the water bath? he tea-sed
I ignored him
Sitting down on the be-d , I brou-ght out my phone from my back pack
I dialled Loretta number but it wasn’t going throu-gh so I decided to Call Nick
I dialled his number , it rang without him picking
Why is he not picking? I said aloud
Who is that? Max asked
None of your business. I retorted and he chuckled
Are you still angry?
I glared at him without answering
Fine! I am sorry . he apologised, he moved closer to me and sat on the be-d
I scoffed
I said I am sorry . he repeated tickling me
plea-se st©p it . I pleaded, I wriggled my b©dy as I laughed
Am I forgiven now? he asked still tickling me
Sure, I replied still laughing and he st©pped
So who were you trying to call? he repeated
It is Nick
big brother! plea-se call him again, I want to hear his voice . he pleaded
I smiled
I was about to dial his number again when his call c@m£ throu-gh
Oh! he is calling back
I received it immediately
hello sis! I am sorry for not picking your call earlier , I was in the bathroom. he explained
Alright! I just wanted to ask after Loretta, how is she now?
She is fine ,
Can I talk to her?
Actually she is not with me right now, I went home to get some food but will soon be on my way to the hospital. he informed
Oh! If that is the case , just tell her I called
Alright sis …. where are you?
I am in my room with Max , he wants to speak with you
give him the phone . he instructed and I did
hello Nick! Max greeted and I smiled
I la-id on my be-d as the memories of last night flashed throu-gh
I smiled
Chase! I was alre-ady missing him……………..
Sitting on the sofa , I was watching the news on the television
It was all about Kira , her trial in court would hold this weekend
I sm-irked
I wouldn’t have mind using her if I knew she was such a beast..
Too bad she got caught, I bet she will make use of her br@ins next time , that is if there is a next time for her…..
I kept on watching the news and sm-irked evilly when the picture of Candace Noah was shown on the television screen…
She was been praised for her angelic voice and her successful solo debut
I smiled
She is the truly the queen of music not only because of her voice , but because she holds a special place in the heart of two Popular singers…………My enemies, Nick and Chase………
Chase Delgado
On getting home, I headed straight to my room
I was really tired, how I wished Candy was with me
I pu-ll-ed off my shoes and coll@psed on the be-d
I just wanted to sleep
My phone suddenly rang and I received it without checking who the caller was
hi, who is this? I gr-unted
Are you slee-ping? a familiar voice asked
Oh Dave! how are you?
he chuckled, I can see you are tired
What of Candy? Is she there with you . he asked
No, why did you call? I drawled
Oh! Yes! I called to inform you about your intending Concert
Concert! I don’t get , what concert? I asked
Your fans were all asking for it so I signed the deal with some t©p sponsors. he informed
And you decided to do it without my knowledge?I asked in a huff
I am your manager Chase and I want the best for you
Oh right!
You just nee-d to pick a d@t£ and boom the whole country will know about it , Or should I pick a d@t£ for you?
I scoffed
Do whatever you like
Alright kid. he agreed and ended the call
Kid! I muttered, he is really crazy……..
Loretta Samuels
Opening my eyes, I looked around and sighed in disappointment when I did not see Nick in the room
I guess he finally left me …I mean he has no reason to stay by my side , I am nothing to him probably just a girl he pities
how I wish he can love me the way I ……. what are you thinking Loretta? You really have to snap out of your thought, Nick can never love someone like you ……..
The door suddenly creaked opened and my Prince Charming walked in
Nick! I beamed happily and he chuckled
how are you? he asked, he moved closer to me and sat on the be-d
I am fine . I grinned
he placed the fancy bag he was holding on the be-d
What is in the bag? I asked , I tried to sit up but fell back to the be-d because of the pain
Don’t stress yourself Princess. he brushed my hair gently
Did he just call me Princess? I thought within , I stared at him with my eyes wi-de opened
Do you want to sit? he asked and I nodded
he stood up from the chair , he held me by my w@!st and as-sisted me in sitting up
Thanks. I muttered
he looked at me and I swear I could hear his heart beat , he was so damn close
Are you alright? he asked
I just stared on at him, his blue eyes, his pinkl-ips , his cute face ….. Gosh! he is damn cute
Are you alright? he repeated
Yes. I answered, I quic-kly composed my self
he chuckled
he sat back on the chair and brou-ght out a flask from the bag
here, he handed it to me
I opened the flask to see an appetising meal
I li-cked myl-ips
Did your maids cook this?
No, I cooked it my self. he answered
What! I mean I never knew you can cook
he smiled lightly
Just eat
I ate a spoonful of the meal and gave him a surprised look
What! he mouthed
It is so so delicious! I remarked and he smiled
I thanked him when I was done eating and he just nodded
his eyes were fixed to his phone and he was probably chatting with his girlfriend
Oh this is so bad!
I sighed
What is it? he looked up at me
Nothing, I shook my head
Alright. he answered and continued with his phone
I guess I am just a……
So what do you intend doing? he asked distracting me from my thoughts
What do you mean? I asked, I was confused
Do you still want to go back to the music school?
I stared at him blankly
What is he trying to say?
do you? he repeated
I sighed
I wish to , but I don’t think it is possible
he smiled
Is it because of what Kira made you to do?
I nodded
That doesn’t mean , I can make it happen if you are still interested
Are you for real? I asked in surprise
he nodded
I am interested, I am interested. I repeated as tears of joy rolled down my eyes
he chuckled
What is with the tears?
I am just so happy, thanks so much. I appreciated
It is nothing. he leaned over to wiped my tears
and without thinking, I pu-ll-ed him to me and hvgged him
Thanks Nick , I am really grateful
he went stiff for a while and then he wra-pped his hands ti-ghtly around me……..