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Dream Episode 42 & 43

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 42
Candy Noah
After the dinner with my family, i walked Chase and Nick or should say my brother down to the car
Thanks for coming over. I appreciated and turned to go when Chase caught me by my arm and pu-ll-ed me to him
plea-se let me go. I tried to wriggle out of his hold
he scoffed
What is wrong with you?he asked staring directly into my face
Nothing . I replied trying not to meet his gaze
Then what is with the cold expression? is it because of Nick?
I stared at him without saying anything
Candy! You really need to forgive him
I have alre-ady done that . I retorted and he smiled
No you haven’t , I know you too well
I sighed
It is not easy Chase , it is really not easy. he stole my first k!ssand also tried to to . I stuttered not knowing if I should tell him or not
he smiled
I un-derstand you Candy but you just have to forgive him
No you don’t , you really don’t un-derstand . I half yelled
Is it about the [email protected]£ attempt?he asked and i froze
Is that the reason why? he repeated
How dddid you kkknow. I stuttered
Nick told me about it . he informed
And why won’t he do that? I asked in surprise
because he is sorry, he is sorry for everything he did to you … see , Nick has changed for the better and deserves a second chance
Oh I see!
Candy listen to me , you really need to forget about everything and give him a chance to be your big brother .
I shifted my gaze to Nick , he was leaning on the car while watching us quietly
I sighed
Go on and talk to him . Chase urged
What! I really can’t do … I tried to say but he cut me off
plea-se Candy , do it for me .he pleaded
Fine! I agreed and he smiled
Can you plea-se let go of me now? I rolled my eyes
Sure. he re-leased his hold on me
I [email protected] up myself and walked towards Nick
hi! we greeted together and he chuckled
there was an awkward silence between us after that
he sighed and suddenly asked
Do you hate me ?
I stared at him without saying anything
Candace! he called softly
Just call me Candy . I corrected and he nodded
Do you hate me Candy? he repeated
No. I shook my head and he sighed in relief
I am sorry for hurting you , I am sorry for been the cause of your tears , i am sorry for being a bad brother …….I know I am asking for you much , but can you plea-se find it in your heart to forgive me? he pleaded
I really want to but it is not that easy . I said as tears rolled down my eyes
I un-derstand you Princess. he @ssured wiping my tears
Princess! Why did you call me that? I sniffed
because you look like one . he replied and I blu-shed
plea-se forgive me Candy . he pleaded in whispers
I will , but I just need time ..
he smiled
You can have all the time you want ,but that won’t st©p me from being a good brother to you .
Thanks. I muttered
For? he gave me a surprised look
For not ra-ping me ….. why didn’t you do it?
I couldn’t just do it , i guess our family bond worked for us . he smiled
Sure! I agreed
Can I hvg you? he asked for permission and I nodded
he pu-ll-ed me to him and hvgged me ti-ghtly
I love you sis . he whispered in my ears and I smiled……..
Chase Delgado
Smiling , I watched Nick and Candy hvg
What a great reunion! I remarked
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 23:00
It was getting on for Midnight …….
I Walked towards them and cleared my throats
they immediately dis£ngaged from the hvg
I don’t mean to disturb the reunion but it Is getting late . I informed
Oh! Candy looked away and I smiled
Can we get going brother? I faced Nick
Sure! he agreed . he flashed Candy a smile before getting into the car
Good night baby. I bade Candy and she frowned
What is wrong? I asked opening the car door
Are you not forgetting something? She asked tou-ching herl-ips
Oh! You mean a k!ss
she nodded
I pu-ll-ed her close to me and gave her a long k!ss
Are you happy now? I asked and she smiled
Go in! I instructed and flashed me a smile before running into her house
I got into the car, started it and drove off heading to the mansion
For how long have you known Candy was my sister? Nick asked on our way back home
Not quite long. I replied
How did you know , I mean who told you about it? he continued
I had an intuition about it so I confronted Your mother. I explained
That crazy bit-ch! he cursed
St©p that Nick , she is still your mother. I cautioned
he scoffed
She might be my mother but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a bit-ch .
I sighed
You still need to forgive her
Oh! he looked away
What transpired between you and Andy? I probe-d further
Nothing, I just got tired of him … can’t you see! that man did nothing but completely ruined me, Now I am left all confused
What step do you plan on taking? I continued
I don’t know! all I want is to be free, I want to clear myself from all this mess. Different media houses had been calling for an interview but I just can’t .he signed in frustration
And why can’t you? I continued and he scoffed
Are you really asking me that? They all need an explanation on what happened at the stupid concert, what do you expect me to tell them? he frowned
But you have to clear yourself , if not the whole country will see you as a looser
And how will I do that?
You have to start by going to the media house for an interview
But I don’t ….. he tried to say but I cut him off
Make a call to the media house to inform them of your coming , I will go with you …
Are you for real? he wi-de-ned his eyes in surprise
Of course, we just have to come up with an excuse
he smiled
Thanks bro
It is nothing…..
It was very late when we got to the mansion
I honk the car horn and the gate was opened up immediately
I drove into the compound and parked in the garage
Alighting from the car , we walked into the building
There was no one in the sitting room so we headed up to the stairs
Good night bro! I bade before entering my room
I was so damn tired
I fell on the be-d and soon drifted off to sleep…..
Nick Delgado
I woke up the next morning with mixed feelings. I was happy that I was finally at peace with my family and at the same time nervous about the whole interview idea
What if it doesn’t goes on well? I wondered
I guess there is no harm in trying…..
I got off the be-d and headed to the bathroom to freshen up
returning to the room , I went over to wardrobe for change of clothing. I picked up my car keys from the table and headed to Chase room…….
He was alre-ady dressed when I got to his room
Good morning! I greeted
hey! how was your night? he smiled
It was fine .I replied
So are you set? he asked and he nodded
Good! he remarked and we both headed to the garage, got into my car and I drove off headed to the media house
We soon got to the media house and I parked in front of the gigantic building
I was surprised to see lot of people waited in front of the media house..
Why are they here? I faced Chase
he sm-irked
They are obviously here for you
But why?
they are your fans so it is normal for them to care
Fans indeed. I drawled
We alighted from the car to see the reporters running towards us
I really hate this $h!t! Chase remarked
Same with me bro. I drawled
Welcome Nick! Welcome Chase! one of them greeted.
We are glad to have you back Nick , but can you plea-se tell us what really happened to you at the concert? Another one asked
Your duet was a hit, can you plea-se tell us more about it? Another asked facing Chase
This is so annoying!
We walked past the reporters and met another crowd, Fans.
Chase ! Nick! they tried to run towards us but were blocked by the securities of the media house
We love you! We love you! they kept on shouting
I sm-irked
Weren’t they the same ones who booed me?
a lady ran to welcome us as soon as we entered the media house
Good morning Nick! Good morning Chase! she greeted smiling
This way plea-se . she led us to the interview room
I pray this goes well. I muttered
I am glad you honoured my invitation.a man on black greeted smiling at me
hello Chase! I am honoured to have you here as well . he added
I am Mr Don. he introduced himself
Can we plea-se go on with the interview? I asked impatiently
Sure! he agreed
he led us to a [email protected] room and signalled the [email protected]£ra men to start capturing
Welcome once again to Davisa media house , I would love to you ask you both a few questions . he started
You can go on. I replied while Chase just smiled
I will start with you Nick . he informed and I nodded
Your concert was a flop, can you plea-se tell us what really happened? he started
I looked at Chase and he gave me “a go ahead” look
I sighed
I was actually having a respiratory illness, a chronic bronchitis to be precise and it really affected my voice . I lied
Oh!I am so sorry Nick ……. was that also the cause of the sudden fall? he continued
I nodded
so how are you feeling now? he asked with concern
I am better!
So what step do you plan on taking , I mean will you still venture into music?
hell no! I blurted out and he laughed
I plan on going into business. I added
Oh! Yours fans are really gonna miss you , you left a hvge impact in the music industry. he praised
I smiled
So Chase! he called facing Chase
Your song was a hit ,same with your duet . Can you plea-se tell us the secret to your success?
he laughed
I have no secrets, I just believe in determination and [email protected] work
Oh So impressive !
If that is the case , can you plea-se tell us who Candace Noah is to you? …I mean the reason why you chose her over the famous Kira
he paused for a while before replying
Let me just say I was mesmerised with an angelic voice . he smiled
So are you trying to say that the relationsh!pbetween both of you is Just officially? the man probe-d further
Chase scoffed
I believe this is a way out of the line
Oh I am sorry. he apologised
It is alright
If that is the case , i will be honoured to have her over for an interview, if that will be okay by her
Of course it will . Chase drawled
Thank you so much for coming. the man smiled
Walking out of the media house, the crowd kept on chanting and cheering
We love you Nick! We love you Chase!Keep on fighting Nick! You are a legend!
I looked at Chase and met his gaze
Thanks brother for everything. I appreciated
It is nothing. he smiled
I waved at my fans while smiling
The challenges I went throu-gh made me un-derstood the real definition of happiness … I mean I always thought happiness was all about being rich but now I know better ….
Happiness is all about contentment, it is all about love and most importantly you have to share it to enjoy it ……
Episode 43
Candace Noah
Sitting in [email protected] ,I was pla-ying my guitar when I heard someone call my name
I looked in the direction of the voice , a man on black suit was standing at the entrance of the [email protected]
Candace Noah! he called again
I am here sir. I announced while standing
Good! come with me , the head director asked to see you . he informed and my [email protected] all turned to look at me
Head director! Why? Did I do anything wrong? I asked worriedly
He smiled
Just come with me Miss Noah . he walked out of the [email protected] and I followed behind me ……
We rode in an elevator to the last floor and walked throu-gh a long [email protected] to the office
We are here. the man announced when we got to the front of a tinted [email protected] office….
You can go in. he added
I knocked on the [email protected] door and waited for a response before walking in
Good morning sir! I greeted the man behind the desk , his eyes was fixed on a paper he was holding
morning! he responded and I [email protected] in surprise when his gaze met mine
Mr Delgado! I called and he smiled
how are you Candy?
I am fine sir . I replied still looking dazed
Congratulations dear, your duet with Chase was a hit.
Thanks sir. I beamed happily
he opened his drawer and pu-ll-ed out a paper
here! he handed it to me
My eyes wi-de-ned in surprise as I re-ad throu-gh it
Is this for real sir ? I asked to be sure and he nodded
It was a record deal contract with Delgado record label
Oh my gawd! I squealed In excitement and he chuckled
You deserve it Candy , you are a raw talent . Congratulation on being the newest artist sighed into the record label .
Thanks very much sir . I appreciated
Oh it is nothing.he smiled
I filled up the form and handed it back to him
He went throu-gh it and nodded in satisfaction
I will @ssign a manager to you later in the day. he informed
Oh sir! Thank your very much , I am really grateful . I beamed in excitement
he smiled
Are you okay with your [email protected]? I mean you can receive [email protected] with other celebrity if you want
that is a great idea sir but I prefer to remain in my pres£nt [email protected]
Why? he asked in surprise
I believe I still have a lot to learn about music . I explained and he smiled
I can see why my son chose you
I blu-shed
If that is what you want, it is okay by me …. you can go back to your [email protected]
I bowed slightly before walking out of the office……
Walking throu-gh the hall way to my [email protected], I was really excited
I am going to be a celebrity, I am going to be a celebrity. I kept on singing till I got to the [email protected]
Candy! Tiffany rushed to me immediately I got into the [email protected]
Yes barbie.I flashed her a smile
barbie? I have told you countless times I don’t like that name. She frowned
Oh baby! I am so sorry . I chuckled and she sm-irked
So what happened? Why did the head director ask to see you? she asked rushingly
Guess what!
I just signed a record deal with Delgado record label. I informed in whispers
Oh my gawd! I am so happy for you .She squealed in delight
Thanks friend . I smiled
So when will you be recording your first solo? She continued
I can’t say, but will make plan on it after getting a manager
Alright friend!
I walked over to my seat and sat down. I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket and dialled Chase number…..
Chase Delgado
holding my phone to my ear, I listened to Candy as she told me about her record deal with the record label
I was gobsma-cked, I had to pinch myself to be sure I was not dreaming.She chuckled
I smiled
Guess what!she continued
Just shoot it out, you know I am not good at guessing. I drawled
Fine! I am gonna to be having a manager soon. She squealed
I am so happy for you baby
Thanks , I will be singing my……….. i will call you later baby, a teacher just walked into the [email protected] . she informed and ended the call ……
Oh yeah!
I picked up my [email protected]©p from the table beside me and was about logging in to my Instagram page when I heard angry yells coming from the sitting room
Who could that be? I wondered as I got off the be-d
I hurriedly wore my shi-t and headed down the stairs to the sitting room …..
You are nothing but a bit-ch. I heard Nick yell at his mother
he was seated on a sofa with his eyes fixed on his mother who was standing in front of him
Try and un-derstand me son, I just want to be happy. his mom tried to reason with him
I don’t care what you do with your life , but never again in your life call me your son Nick warned
he jo-lted up from the sofa and turned to the stairs when he met my gaze
Chase!When did you get here? he asked in surprise
What is going on here? What are you both arguing about? I asked ignoring his questions
he sighed in anger
This bit-ch I call a mother [email protected]£ over here to spill trash in my face
Calm down Nick, she is still your mother and deserve….. I tried to say but he cut me off
Mother! Did you just say mother! Which mother will choose a lover over a son? he yelled
What are you talking about? I asked in confusion
You can ask the bit-ch, she is standing right in front of you . he huffed and climbe-d up the stairs
I watched him go and sighed softly
What is he talking about? I faced his mum
I just want to be happy. She said with a straight face
happy! how! I still don’t get
Fine! I have someone i love , someone I wish to spend the rest of my life with .She blurted out
I stared at her in surprise
Are you this shameless?
What do you mean by that? Is it a crime to love? She frowned
I scoffed
It is obvious you haven’t learnt from your past mistakes
No Chase! I did not make any mistake, I did all that to give my son a comfortable life . She defended
I shook my head in pity
You are truly a bit-ch just like your son called you
how dare you talk to me like that! she chided
I sm-irked
Roxy! have fun with your new lover
I nodded at her before climbing up the stairs to my room……….
Kira Montes
This cannot be happening, this really can’t be happening. I flung my phone to the wall
What is wrong Kira? My friend Anna paused with what she was doing to stare at me
I went throu-gh the Delgado fan page, no one is talking about me. I yelled
She gave me a confused look
If they aren’t talking about you, then who are they talking about?
Candace Noah. I barked
Oh my gawd! Are you for real? I am in love with her and her voice . She squealed in delight
I scoffed
Are you really my friend?
Of course I am , what is with the question?
You are supposed to be siding me and not that bit-ch . I yelled
Oh Kira!being your friend does not st©p me from appreciating talent, that girl is talented and …… she tried to say but I cut her off
Get out of my house.
I said get out . I yelled and she scoffed
She got off the be-d, pick her bags and gave me a evil grin before leaving……..
Good riddance to bad rubbish!
I sat on the be-d thinking of what to do when an idea popped up
I smiled
I picked up a smaller phone from the table in front of me and dialled a number
The person received it immediately
hi!the person grunted
hello baby! I need you to help me with something and I promise to keep to my word this time around…….,
Andy ( Nick’s manage)
Frustrated, I sat down on the be-d with my chin rested on my hands
I never imagined Nick would have the gut to push me away
I sighed
What will I do now? I guess I will just have to rely on the bit-ch
The door suddenly flung opened and the bit-ch walked in
Baby! She called while walking towards me
How are you? I faked a smile
I am fine . she leaned over to me and k!$$£d me briefly
Guess what! she beamed happily
What! I asked pu-lling her to sit beside me
Just try and guess baby! She used her ton-gue to li-ck herl-ips se-ductively
You have found a way to get us the Delgado’s property. I guessed staring into her eyes
No. She shook her head
Then what is it? I tried to hide my disappointment
Fine! I will tell you . She smiled un-bu-ttoning her clothes
What is it? I repeated , I was alre-ady getting impatient
I have made up my mind to spend the whole of my life with you . She informed
Is that the good news? I asked to be sure and she nodded
Then what about the properties you promised me , how are we going to get it? I asked rushingly
What properties? She gave me a confused look
Are you kidding me ? I am talking about the Delgado’s properties
Oh! that! I have decided to let go of it. she pu-ll-ed off her shi-ts
Why? Is it because of Chase? but we planned on getting rid of him.
I know, but I can’t do that any longer
If I hurt him , Nick will be badly affected . You know those two are like twins now . She explained
I don’t care . I yelled and she flin-ched in fear
Whaat is wrong with Yoou Annndy , what is with the angry look . She stuttered
Are you going to get my the properties ? I asked ignoring her questions
Is this all about the property? I thought you love me . She scoffed
Are you going to get me to fv¢king damn properties? I yelled
hell no! She blurted out .
she picked up her shi-t from the be-d and started putting it on
And where do you think you are going? I asked watching her
home to my Children. She glared at me
Children? I laughed
Yes , I am going back home to Nick and Chase
She stood up from the be-d and was about leaving when I caught her by the arm and pu-ll-ed her back to the be-d
And what do you think you are doing? She retorted
I sm-irked
I am going to teach a bit-ch like you a lesson
She stared at me and I chuckled seeing the fear in her eyes
plea-se let me go . She pleaded
I am sorry Roxy but I can’t
You bast…she tried to curse at me but I shut her up by giving her a thun-derous [email protected]
how dare you [email protected]…… I gave her another one
Pleeeeease Andy! She pleaded
I sm-irked
I mounted on her and started beating her savagely
Pleeeeeeeaeee. She kept on screaming
I picked up a pillow from the be-d and pressed it on her face to muffle the sound of her screams
She tried struggling but was definitely not a match for me
I kept on pressing her face till she [email protected]£ calm….
Removing the pillow , I stared at her . her face was as white as sheet and her breathing was so faint
I grinned evilly
I unbuckle my trou-sers and pu-ll-ed it off, I r!pp£doff her clothes , pene-trated de-ep into her and started ban-ging her without emotions
She was a bit-ch and deserved to be treated like one
I rolled her over , pene-trated into her @ss hole and started ban-ging her
Damn! She was so ti-ght in the @ss
I kept on ban-ging her ……..
Getting off from the be-d , I stared at her almost lifeless b©dy.
I picked my phone from table be-d and took pictures of her
I grinned evilly
You took me for a fool Roxy , and here is your punishment.
I won’t st©p with only you , I will make sure I will deal with every member of your family
Neil , Nick and most importantly the one who turned Nick against me , Chase ….
I dialled a number and the person immediately received it
hi Bosco! I need you to help me discard a b©dy this night . I informed and ended the call ….
Nob©dy messes with Andy and go Scot free

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