Dream Episode 38 & 39

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 38
Staring blankly at Roxy, I was surprised and at the same time confused
What did she just say! did I hear right …. i mean how is it possible! Nick my own son ….
how do I explain all of this to my family, how do…….. wait a minute! Is this what Chase was trying to let me know …
Damn! this is all messed up
how did he get to know about it? I thought it was supposed to be a secret .
Phili-p! Roxy called distracting me from my thoughts
What is it? I glared at her
I am sorry , I am really sor…. she tried say but I shut her up
Sorry! will sorry Change the fact that you lied to me all this years , will it change the fact that you kept my child away from me for good twenty three years? I yelled
She tried to say something but got choked up by her tears
do you know how many people will get hurt because of what you did, do you know how many?
I am sorry , I am really sorry Phili-p. She kept on pleading
I scoffed
I regretted ever knowing you , I regretted ever loving a greedy bit-ch like you
She immediately went down on her knees
Forgive me , plea-se don’t push me away from you
I stared at her and shook my head in pity
She looked pathetic!
Sit down ! I instructed her and she did
What exactly do you want me to do? I asked calmly
I want you to be close to your son. She said in between sobs
Close! Will that change anything?
Of course it will! Nick nee-ds his father, your son nee-ds you ….
I sighed
I just nee-d time to think it throu-gh, I have a family and their feelings also matters to me
Oh! She looked away
Is Nick aware of it? I asked
She shook her head negatively
I will let my wife know about Nick before taking any step. I informed
And what if she doesn’t agree, will you push Your son away? she probe-d on
I smiled
My wife is not as inconsiderate as you
Oh if that is the case , can we exchange number? She asked
So we can contact each other whenever we nee-d to see
There is no nee-d for that ,I will s£nd a message throu-gh Chase whenever I nee-d to see you . I informed and she scoffed
Chase! What exactly is your relationsh!pwith him?
I smiled
he is my employer and also the b©yfri£ndto my daughter
Daughter! what do you mean, is Candace your daughter? She gave me a puzzled look
Yes, do you know her?
She nodded
then what is with …. I tried to say but she cut me off ……..
I nee-d to get going Phil!p. She stood up
plea-se make sure you reach out to your son before it gets out of hand . She warned before walking out of the office …..
What is she talking about? I wondered
Roxy Delgado
Confused, I sat in my car pondering on what I just heard
Candace is the daughter to Phili-p, isn’t she the same girl Nick likes ….. I mean I overheard Chase scold at him because he ,Nick f0rç£fully k!$$£d her
Oh my gawd! how did it get to this
I brou-ght out my my phone from my bag and dialled Nick number
It rang and as expected he did not pick up
I dialled it again but it was still the same
Oh Nick , when will you forgive your mother?
I scrolled down my phone and was about dialling Andy’s number when his call c@m£ throu-gh
I received it
hello baby, how are you?he greeted
I am fine. I was about calling before your call c@m£ in. informed
he chuckled
Are you missing me?
Yes baby but I called to ask about Nick , have you seen or heard from him?. I asked
No baby, Nick decided to shut me off also
I sighed
Are you alright? is anything the matter? he asked rushingly
Yes I am , I just wanted to let him know that I have found his father. I informed
What!! Are you for real?
Yes Andy
And who is his father? he asked
I kept mute wondering if I should tell him or not
Are you still there? he asked
Who is his father? he repeated and I sighed
his name is Phil!pNoah
Phil!pNoah,do I know him? he probe-d
I don’t know if you do, but he is the father to Candace, Chase girlfriend. I informed and the line went silent…….
Andy ( Nick’s manager?
Placing my phone on my ear, i froze
What did I just hear, Nick and Candace share the same father….
Andy! Are you there? she asked
Yes. What were you saying? I tried to compose myself
I said you should help me inform him about it whenever you see him . She pleaded
Okay , I will do that . I promised and ended the call….
What will I do now?I can’t let my plan get ruined because of this , I really can’t ……
The door suddenly flung opened and Nick stormed in
Why didn’t you tell me Chase would be re-leasing his duet today ?he frowned
And if I did tell you, what will you do? I retorted
What! how dare you talk to me like that ! he yelled
I scoffed
Yelling is the only thing you are good at , why can’t you direct your anger to Chase who stole everything from you. I fired at him and he bec@m£ calm
When are you going to get me the girl? he suddenly asked and I smiled
I will get her this evening.
Good! bring her to me unhurt . he instructed before leaving the room
I grinned evilly
I am sorry Nick but I really nee-d to do this ….
I don’t care if you sleep with your sister , all I want is the Delgado’s wealth….
Candace Noah
Walking out of the hvge gate , I bade Tiffany before heading to the taxi station
I waited patiently for a taxi to come along when a black car pu-ll-ed in front of me
Who is this? I wondered
The door to the car opened and a man on black alighted from it
I stared curiously at him as he walked towards me
Good evening Miss Candy! he greeted flashing me a smile
And who are you? I asked
I am Chase b©dy guard, he s£nt me to pick you. he informed
Why can’t he come by himself? I probe-d
he smiled
It was suppose to be a secret , but I will tell you . My boss wants to take you on a dinner d@t£
Really! I squealed and he nodded
he opened the car doors for me to get in and I did
he got into the driver seat,started the cat and drove off …
I was excited throu-ghout the drive and grinned sheepishly at the thought of me and Chase having dinner all alone
Where are we headed to, is it a restaurant or a h0tel? I asked the man
When you get there , you will see for Yourself. he smiled
We soon got to the front of a very hvge mansion and the man honk the car horn
The gate was immediately open by a security and he drove in
I stared at the house in awe
Does this belongs to Chase? I wondered
The man alighted from the car and rushed to help me with the car doors
Thanks . I blu-shed and he smiled
Come with me . he said he walked into the house
Where is Chase? I asked as we got to the beautiful sitting room
he is in his room . he smiled
how can I get there? I asked
Climb up the stairs, the first room by your right . he directed
Thanks . I smiled
I followed his directions and soon got to room
I pushed the door to the room opened and walked in
I saw Chase sitting on a chair with his back turned to me
Chase! I called as I walked towards him and when he turned his chair to face me , I almost peed on my p@n-t
Nick! What are you doing here, where is Chase? I asked in a rush
he smiled
Welcome baby, I have been waiting all day for you …….
Candace Noah
Frightened, I stared blankly at Nick as he walked towards me
What does he want from me? I wondered
I tried to run out but he caught me by my arm
And where do you think you are going? he grinned
plea-se let me go. I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes
he sm-irked
I am sorry baby, but I can’t .
Why did you deceive me, what did you want from me? I yelled
I want you . he blurted out
Me, but why? I am your brother’s girlfriend so plea-se ….. I tried to say but he cut me off
Chase is not my brother. he half yelled
I stared at him in surprise
What is he saying?………
he pu-ll-ed me closer to him and k!$$£d my n£¢k, his breathe fanning me
plea-se Nick. I kept on pleading as tears rolled down my eyes
he st©pped and stared directly into my eyes
I am sorry, but I have to do this to make Chase pay
What is he saying? I wondered and before I knew it , he pushed me to the big be-d ……..
Nick Delgado
Seeing her tears drop, I immediately felt guilty ..
plea-se Nick don’t do it. She pleaded as her tears rolled down
Damn! I cursed
I st©pped and stared directly into her eyes , she was really frightened
I am sorry, but I nee-d to do it to make Chase pay. I apologised and her eyes grew wi-de-ned in shock
I held her by the w@!st and pushed her to the be-d
plea-se Nick . She pleaded and I sm-irked
Why are you this beautiful! I remarked joining her on the be-d
Pleaaaase Nicck, I aaam sttill a vir-gin. She stuttered
I stared at her in surprise
Are you for real, Are you trying to tell me Chase has not t©uçhed you?
She nodded
Quit lying, then how did you get to perform the duet with him? I gave her a puzzled look
he just called to inform me about it . She sniffed
but that is the truth. She kept on sobbing
I sm-irked
Then I will be glad to have you first….
I pinned her hands to the be-d and rolled on t©p of her
plea-se Nick , don’t do this . She wriggled her b©dy to free herself from my grip
I was about to rip off her clothes when her h0t tears rolled down to my hand
plea-se don’t … she tried to say but was choked up in her tears
her eyes were filled with tears and her face felt flu-shed
Damn! What did I just do? I wondered and rolled off her
I am sorry , I didn’t know what c@m£ over me . I apologised
She stared blankly at me
Candace ! I called trying to hold her hands but she pushed me away
I sighed
You can go . I informed and she immediately jo-lted up from the be-d
She walked towards the door and suddenly st©pped to face me
What is it? I asked staring at her
Thanks . She smiled lightly
I stared at her in surprise
Was this not the girl I was trying to r@p£ ? I wondered
I wronged you , so what is with the thanks?
I am glad you didn’t r@p£ me . She informed
Oh! I drawled
Nick , you have a good heart . She said out of a sudden and I gave her a surprised look
What are you even saying?
You are a good man , don’t let anyone turn you against your brother. She continued
Chase is not my brother. I retorted and she smiled
You might not see him as a brother but to him you will always be his big brother
What are you even saying ? I scoffed
Chase loves you , he misses you , he still defend you even when he knows you hate him . She explained
I scoffed
Defend , what do you even know? You don’t know anything about me. I yelled
Of course I do , I know you make use of Chase voice . She retorted and I froze
I know you belittle him because you see him as a bastard. She added
How did you know , did he tell you? I asked
No , Chase never said a word to me , he never made mockery of you, he never jeered you. She yelled
Then how did you know? I probe-d further
I figured it out myself… I mean it was so obvious, the similar voice you both shared , the concert and everything. She explained and sighed
You can take your leave now
She nodded at me before leaving the room
I picked my phone up from the be-d and dialled my b©dyguard number
he picked it up immediately
hello boss! he greeted
drive the girl home safely. I instructed and ended the call
I stared at the phone and sighed
She was right, Chase had been so nice to me despite everything I did to him
I hurt his mother, stole his voice and did all sort of mean things to me but all he fv¢king did was to show me love
What is wrong with you Nick? I beat my che-st as our childhood memories flashed throu-gh
I remembered Chase always running into hiding whenever my mum scolded at him or his mom. I was the one who always finds him, I will take his hands into mine and as-sure him every thing will okay
I always saw him as my little brother not until we bec@m£ teenagers
Chase was more handsome and talented than me and all the girls flocked around him while none spared me any attention…
he could pl@yall musical instruments, sing and also compose while I couldn’t …..
I bec@m£ so jealous of him and threatened to hurt and taunt his mother if he does not sing for me ….
he agreed and did all I instructed him to do , yet I still treat his him and his mother bad
Oh Nick when did you turn into a beast? I kept on beating my che-st as tears clouded my eyes……
I really want my brother back but will he ever forgive me ………..
Candace Noah
Lost in thoughts, I sat down at the back seat wondering what would have become of me if Nick had R@p£d me
But what does he mean by ma-king Chase pay, what exactly did Chase do to him? I wondered
I sighed
Are you alright? the man on black asked
I glared at him and he chuckled
It was not my fault, I was asked to do so. I am very sorry. he apologised and I frowned
Are you still….he tried to say but I cut him off
Just drive . I barked
I strongly disliked him for deceiving but as for Nick , I feel kind of drawn to him… I mean I still want him to be fine despite what he did to me
how strange!
My phone suddenly rang, it was Chase
I immediately received it
hello baby! he greeted
how are you? I smiled
I am fine … I am sorry for not calling earlier, I was so busy. he apologised
I un-derstand baby
Where are you? hope you alre-ady home . he asked
No , I am on my way home
Why? It is long past school hours, or do you call at somewhere? he asked
No, I waited for violin lessons. I lied
Okay baby , I just called to check on you ..
Thanks baby… i love you
I love you too .he said and ended the call ………..
I felt guilty for lying to Chase but what can I do? the last time I told him the truth, he got really mad at me….I really don’t want such to happen again..
Where is your house? the man asked distracting me from my thoughts
I looked out of the window, we were in front of Diamond block
Just drop me here
Whatever. he rolled his eyes
I glared at him before alighting from the car
I hate you . I screamed as he drove off and I skipped down the street to my house
I soon got to my house and I pushed the door opened
Good eve…… I tried to greet but st©pped when I saw both of my parent in a pensive mood
What is wrong? I asked no one in p@rticular but there was no response
What is wrong with them? I faced max who was sitting quietly on the floor pla-ying with a robot toy
I don’t know , when I c@m£ back from the football field I met them this way . he informed and continued with what he was doing
Dad! Mum! I called moving closer to them, what is wrong with both of you? What are you both thinking about?
Ask you father. My mom said in a hoarse voice
has she been crying? I wondered
I stared at my dad
What is wrong ? I asked and he sighed
I have no fault in what I am about to say now . he started
I stared at him curiously
before I dropped out of college , I was in a relationsh!pwith a woman .
She got pregnant for me and because of her greed for wealth, she dumped me and got married a wealthy man, she even lied about having a miscarriage
he st©pped and stared directly into my face
Continue dad. I urged him not fully un-derstanding where his story is leading to
I almost went into depression when she left me but soon bec@m£ happy when I met your mum
Ok dad, what are you trying to say? I asked tapping my leg on the floor, I always do that whenever I was getting impatient
the woman c@m£ over to my office this morning to give me the greatest shock of my life
What did she say? I asked
She said she never lost the baby and she ….. he tried to say but I cut him off
Are you trying to tell me that I have a big sibling out there ? I asked in disbelief and he nodded
But dad why , why did you do that? I yelled
It is not my fault Princess. he tried to calm me down but I pushed him away
Where is the baby ….. I mean who is the baby? Is the baby a boy or girl? I asked rushingly
he is your elder brother and not a baby again . he corrected
Whatever! I rolled my eyes
Who is the boy , I mean doesn’t he have a name?
he signed
his name is Nick
Nick?i muttered
Yes,Nick Delgado is your big brother. he informed
What did you just say? I yelled in shock……….