Dream Episode 36 & 37

Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 36
Chase Delgado
Staring at Mr Noah, i wondered why he was asking about Roxy
Why is he so interested in her? What exactly is between them? was there some kind of intim-acy Between them? or ……wait a minute, is Nick kind of involve in this
Damn! What am i thinking of
I am sorry to pry but what do you mean by first wife, is she not your mother? he continued
I shook my head
But why are you asking sir?
Nothing. he replied and I sm-irked
Maybe I can get my answers by telling him more about …Nick
Oh! So you know , she is the mother to Nick the Popular singer . do you know him? I asked staring intently at him
he nodded
I smiled
So you see, Nick is twenty three years old
but why are you telling me this. he gave me a curious look
Just letting you know . I smiled and asked Candy to see me off
I just pray my instincts aren’t true…….
What is with the question about Nick? Candy asked as she walked me down to the car
Nothing. I replied and she sm-irked
But you told …… she tried to say but I cut her off
Are you done composing your p@rt? I asked and she nodded
Good! See ya tomorrow. I k!$$£d her before hoping into the car
I started the car drove off heading for home ….
I really nee-d answers to my questions, I really do
Walking into the sitting room, I met Nick mum helping my mum with her hair
I scoffed
When did she become so nice ? I wondered
hi mom! I greeted while walking towards them and she flashed me a smile
Why are you with her? I glared at Nick’s mum
Don’t be harsh Chase , that is no way to talk to your step mother. Nick’s mom retorted
Step mom? did you really just say that . I huffed
she nodded and I chuckled
Quit pretending Ma, I know you too well.
I am not pretending, I am only trying to make peace with you and your mother. She insisted
Peace? You can give that to your son , we don’t nee-d it
What do you mean by that? She asked and I sm-irk
Let me just ask you this simple question, what exactly is your relationsh!pwith Candace father?
Candace?….. oh you mean your girlfriend , Why will I have anything to do with her father? I don’t even know who he is
Oh! If that is the case , let me ask you in a simpler way. What is your relationsh!pwith Mr Noah?i asked and she immediately bec@m£ rigid
Is he Nick father?
I dddomt uun-derstand whhat you are talking about. She stuttered
Is he the one? I repeated and she bur-sted into tears
how did you know Chase , how did you know ……..
I stared gobsma-cked at her, my intuition has been right all along ………
Kira Montes
Staring at the images on my phone, I bit myl-ips to suppress my anger …
It was a picture of Chase and candy k!ssing
Damn! They even k!$$£d in the clas-sroom
Oh Chase! What did I do to deserve all this from you? Why did you choose to hurt me? I hit my che-st as tears keep flowing…
I love you Chase , I really do …….
Candace Noah
Sitting on my be-d , I pla-yed my guitar while humming to “only you” by Chase
I smiled thinking about Chase
how can someone be so perfect like him?
I placed my guitar gently on the be-d and picked my phone from the table beside me
I dialled Chase number and he picked it on the third ring
hi baby! I greeted
hey! Why aren’t you slee-ping? he asked with a hoarse voice, It was obvious my call woke him up
I am sorry for calling buy this time, but I am really nervous about tomorrow duet
he chuckled softly
You don’t nee-d to, I got your back
I smiled
Good night baby
Good night Candy. he bade and ended the call
I picked up my guitar and kept on pla-ying it till I drifted off to sleep……
Nick Delgado
You can’t keep on sulking Nick, you have to br@ce up and be strong. Andy advised
I looked up at him and continued with the game I was pla-ying
I am talking to you Nick , so plea-se st©p the game you are pla-ying.he continued
I sighed in anger
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
he moved closer to me
I am your manager Nick, all I want for you is to be happy
happy! I don’t think I can ever the happy. I retorted
You can Nick and that is only if you try
I scoffed
Try? So that I can be humiliated again, so I can be booed by my fans…. look at me Andy, I can’t even go out because of the shame
He sm-irked
That is more reason why you should br@ce up, you can’t allow Chase overshadow you
I sighed
Tell me what to do, I am re-ady
he smiled
Let start by taking who he loves most
And who is that? I gave him a curious look
She. he said placing his phone in front of me
I stared at the image of the phone and i must admit, I felt Jealous
It was the picture of Chase and Candace k!ssing
And what do you intend doing with her? I asked
he smiled
She will be all yours
I stared at the beauty on the phone , I really wanted her
Candace Noah
Waking up, the sun shone brightly on my face
I yawned and sat up on the be-d
I glanced at the wall clock, it was 10:00
Damn! I jo-lted out of the be-d and rushed into the bathroom
I returned to the room n-ked and hurriedly dressed up in a pink go-wn
I picked my phone from the table and went throu-gh it
I wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise at what I saw
I had 12 missed call and they were all from Chase
Oh Candy! Why did you sleep so de-ep?
I was about dialling his number when his Call c@m£ in
I received it immediately
What is wrong? he asked
I am sorry , I over sle-pt
he sighed
Where are you?
I am about to leave the house. I replied
Just be fast about it. he said and ended the call
I sling my backpack across my shoulder, picked up my guitar and scurried out of the house……
I soon got to the school and I paid the driver after alighting
I rushed into the school and headed for the studio
Entering the studio, the crew members were alre-ady on seat
I looked around the studio and saw Chase seated at a corner talking to his manager
I walked up to him
Good morning! I greeted smiling
You are late . he queried
I am so sorry , I woke up late . I apologised
he sm-irked
how can you be so…… he st©pped when a man on red shi-t walked up to us
The recording is about to start, Are you both re-ady? he asked and I shivered a little
What is wrong ? Chase faced me
Nothing, I guess I am just a little bit nervous
he smiled
Just give it your best sh0t
he stood up and walked into a smaller glas-s room and I followed behind him…..
I stared in awe at the room
I love this , it is so beautiful! I remarked and Chase smiled
When the light turns red , the recording begins. I will take the first p@rt while you take the second, is that clear?he asked and I nodded
Are you re-ady? he asked
I took a de-ep breathe
he picked two headphones from the glas-s table
he wore one and handed me the second one
Wear this . he instructed and I did …
The bu-tton soon turned red and he started singing
First stanza (Chase path
My tears remember
It fills up your seat again
I try erasing you but I can’t erase you
You have become my everything
Oh you , I can’t see you
I can’t see you , but I am okay
Goodbyes are sad
My heart aches
But if you are happy , it you can smile then I can be happy too
I will miss you the more I erase you
I will shed more tears today
Like fate I won’t have anyone like you
Only you, only you
As much as my tears, I hope you are happy……..
he looked at me when he was done and I immediately picked up where he st©pped…..
Second path ( Candy )
My heart alre-ady knows that feeling of loneliness
That is about to explode
I tried to hide it but I really can’t
You have become my heart
Oh you I want to t©uçh you but you seem so far
But I am okay as far as you are happy
I will miss you the more I will erase you
I will shed more tears than today
Like fate I won’t have anyone like you
Only you only you
As much as my tears , I hope you are happy……..
I re-moved the head phone when I was done singing and heard applauds
I looked at Chase
Was my voice okay?
It was more than okay. he smiled
Chase Delgado
We walked out of the glas-s room to meet the crew members still applauding
You both nailed it, I never knew she was talented like this! my manager remarked
At least you know now . I drawled
I leaned on wall and watched the crew members flock around Candy
They were all praising her and she was jumping in excitement
I smiled
how would she react when she finds out about Nick? How would she react when she get to know her big brother stole her first….
Damn! It is so messed up
Sir Chase ! One of the crew members called distracting me from my thoughts
I turned to look at her
Should we re-lease the song now or should………she tried to say but I cut her off
re-lease it now
She nodded and continued with what she was doing
Baby! Candy called while walking towards me
I feel so elated . She squealed in excitement
I smiled
Thank you for everything. She appreciated
It is nothing baby, you deserve it …
Done! the lady announced loudly and I smiled
What does she mean by that, is she talking about the song ? She asked with a puppy eyes
I nodded and she hvgged me
Thanks Chase, thanks Chase ….. she kept on saying
I smiled and hvgged her ti-ghtly………
Episode 37
Chase Delgado
Dis£ngaging from the hvg, Candy pe-cked me lightly on myl-ips
I chuckled
Why did you do that?
It is a way of showing my appreciation. she grinned and I sm-irked
Can’t you show it in a more S-xier way?
She gave me a confused look …
what do you mean?
You should know what I mean . I grinned
She stared at me for a while and frowned
What exactly are you saying? are you trying to ask me for S-x
hell no! but if you wish to, I will gladly accept it . I grinned
You are a bad boy! She remarked
That makes you the girlfriend to a bad boy . I tea-sed and she smiled
So what about Nick, is he back home? She suddenly asked and I froze
Are you alright? She asked
I stared at her wondering if I should tell her about Nick or not .
Chase! She snapped her f!ngersin front of me , Are you alright?
Yes. I nodded
Then what is with your sudden change of mood , what were you thinking about? She asked rushingly
Nothing. I lied
Quit lying Chase, what were you thinking about? She repeated
I was just ………..The squeals from the crew members brou-ght me to a st©p and i smiled knowing the reason for it
How is it Dave? I asked facing my manager
We did it again, the duet is going to be a hit. It got 7000 views in just few minutes………… you can come and see for yourself. he gestured and Candy rushed to see what he was talking about ….
Oh my gawd! She screamed while staring at the l@pt©p screen
I can’t believe it , I can’t believe it . She kept on screaming
I smiled
Chase! my manager called while walking towards me
I shifted my gaze to him
You really did a good job, I am so proud of you .
Thanks , I mumbled
And as for Candy , she is remarkably good. The comments are encouraging , everyone wants to know more about the girl with the angelic voice
I smiled
That won’t be a problem …..
She really has a great voice, she is way better than Kira. he remarked
I am glad you know that …what time is the interview again?
12pm. he reminded
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 11:00am
Just an hour left ……..
Candace Noah
Tears of Joy rolled down my eyes as I stared at the l@pt©p screen
Is this for real? 7000 views and over 3000 comments in just few minutes
Unbelievable! I never expected this much views
Congratulations Candy! one of the crew members greeted and I smiled
My phone suddenly rang, it was a call from Zara
I received it immediately
Girlfriend. She screamed
Calm down Zara , what is with the scream? I asked
Are you really asking me that? your duet with Chase is dope , I am really really loving it
What? have you listened to it? I asked in surprise
Of course, the song is trending all over the social media….
Trending, are you for real?
She chuckled
Do I have any reason to lie , you can check it out yourself
Sure, I will do after the call
Alright, I will talk to you later . She bade and ended the call…..
I brou-ght out my phone from my backpack and was about surfing the internet when I felt a hand wra-pped around me
I smiled
Chase! I turned to face him and he chuckled
How did you know I was the one?
I grinned
Your natural fragrance gave you away ,and also you are the only one that have the right to t©uçh me that way
he smiled
Congratulations Candy . he whispered softly
Thanks baby. I smiled
I will see you later, I have an interview to attend . he informed
Can I go with you?
No, go to your clas-s
but I am …… i tried to say but he cut me off
Just do as I say Candy ……….
grinning, I walked hurriedly throu-gh the empty hallway to my clas-s
Everything still seems like a dream to me …..
The whole clas-s bec@m£ noisy when I walked in
Oh my gawd! She is here . a girl screamed
her voice is angelic. Another girl praised
Will she still be stay in the same clas-s with us?
Who is a better singer, she or Kira?
They kept on ranting
I walked over to Tiffany seat ignoring all the stares and murmurs
hey Tricia! I greeted
hi Candy or should I say Ma’am Candy . she tea-sed and I smiled
I looked around the clas-s to see all eyes still on me
Is this how it feels to be popular?
Kira Montes
In disbelief, I stared at my phone
“Popular singer Chase Delgado records a duet with upcoming singer Candace Noah”
Is this for real? …. I mean how did it happen?
I scrolled down and re-ad the comments and g@sped in shock at what I saw.
They were all saying she was better than me
What! how could they compare me with a lowlife bit-ch . I yelled
I am the queen of the music and I can’t let anyone take that position from me …….
Phil!pNoah (Candy’s father)
Entering my new office , I stared in awe at the beautiful sight in front of me
Is this really mine? I asked the lady who welcomed me in
Yes sir ,it is yours. She replied and I nodded
I am Betty Cody, your secretary.she stretched her hands for a hand shake
Nice meeting you Betty. I shook her hands
Feel free to ask me anything. She flashed me a smile
Alright Betty
she gave me a small bow before leaving the office ……
I walked over to the leather seat behind the desk and sat down
This is really so impressive!
I picked up a paper from the table and skimmed throu-gh it
Time to start working!
Roxy Delgado
With a heavy heart, I drove headed to The Delgado company
I really nee-d to tell Phil!pabout his son, I really nee-d to . but how did Chase get to know about him?how did he even get to know Phili-p? that boy is just too smart ….
I soon got to the company and I parked in front
I alighted from the car and walked in….
Good morning! I greeted the lady behind the reception desk
She looked up at me and flashed me a message
how can I help you ma?
help? this is my husband company . I half yelled and she wi-de-ned her eyes in surprise
I am sorry ma , I never knew . Mr Delgado ha-rd ly talks about u and I have never seen you before. She explained
That is because I have got my business to take care of. I drawled
I un-derstand ma but your husband is not on seat. She informed
I am not here for my husband, I c@m£ here to see Phil!pNoah
Oh!Mr Phil!pthe new chief technology officer. She informed
What! I wi-de-ned my eyes in surprise
Is there any problem ma?
Not at all. I faked a smile
is he aware of your coming?
Yes . I lied
Ok ma, you are free to go to him
How can I get there? I asked
go throu-gh the hall way , the first room by the right . She directed
Thanks . I muttered
Following her direction, I got to the front of a hvge office
Good morning! I greeted a lady seated in front . I guess she was his secretary
Morning, how can I help you ?she flashed me a smile
I am here to see Phil!p. I retorted
he is very busy at the moment but you can ….. she tried to say but I cut her off
pu-ll a call throu-gh and tell him that Mrs Delgado is here to see him. I yelled and a fli-cker of fear crossed her face
I am sorry , I will do that now . She fidgeted
Good! I sm-irked
I was sorting out some files when the office phone rang
I received it
hello sir, this is Betty..
Ok, Betty how can I help you?
Mrs Delgado is asking to see you? She informed
Mrs Delgado?
Yes sir , should I let her in?
Sure. I replied and ended the call
Roxy , why does she want to see me? I wondered
The door suddenly creak opened and Roxy walked in
hi.Phil!p. She greeted
What do you want? I asked rudely
Can’t you at least offer me a seat? She grinned
Fine, you can have your seat
She flashed me a smile before sitting down
Nice office! She remarked looking around the office
What do you want? I repeated
Erm Phil!pthere is something iii nee-d to tell you . She stuttered
And what is that?
It is about your son. She informed and I chuckled
Is this a joke or what , what son?
She bur-sted into tears
Enough with this fake tears , what son are you talking about? I yelled
The son I heard for you twenty three years ago
I scoffed
I don’t remember you having a child for me , you had a miscarriage. Remember?
No I didn’t, I lied .
I stared confusedly at her
What are you trying to say? You meant you gave my baby to another man because I was poor
She shook her head negatively
Then explain to me…… damn! What am I even saying
You are getting me all confused
I am sorry Phili-p, I am very sorry . She apologised
I sighed
So who is he … I mean why can I find him? Doesn’t he have a name ?
Nick , his name is Nick
Nick? I asked in surprise and she nodded
Are you trying to say Nick Delgado is my son? I panicked
Yes, Nick is your biological son……..