Dream Episode 32 & 33

Episode 32
Candace Noah
Waking up the next morning, I felt so elated
I sat up on the be-d and stretched
Time to prepare for school. I muttered and got off the be-d
I pu-ll-ed off my clothes and wra-pped my towel around me
I walked towards the bathroom and tried opening the door but it was locked
I sm-irked
Max! hurry up
I am almost done. his voice echoed out of the bathroom
Oh yeah! I huffed
I went over to be-d and sat down. I picked up my phone from the be-d and stared at the picture on the home screen, it was a model picture of my Chase
I smiled
Thank you for everything, thank you for ma-king my dreams come true. I muttered and k!$$£d my phone
Seems like someone is getting crazy . Max scoffed
I looked up at him,he was standing at the entrance of the bathroom with only his briefs on
For how long have you been standing there? I asked
He sm-irked
Long enough to hear you talking to yourself
I was not talking to myself, I was talking to my Chase . he corrected
he stared at me for a while and shook his head
So when will you to be singing with Chase?he asked while walking towards the wardrobe
I don’t know, probably this week . I shrug
he smiled
I stood up from the be-d and went over to the bathroom
I returned to an empty room when I was done freshening up
I went over to the wardrobe, pu-ll-ed out a black go-wn and hurriedly dressed up in it
I picked my backpack from the table, sling it across my shoulders and walked out of the room…
My dad was having his breakfast when I got into the sitting room
Good morning dad! I greeted
he looked at me and smiled
Good morning princess! how was your night?
It was fine…….so dad, when will you go over to the Delgado’s mansion?
In the afternoon. he replied
Alright dad, see you later. I bade and scurried out of the house
I hurried to the taxi station, flagged down a taxi and got in
Delgado music school! I called and the driver nodded before driving off
The driver st©pped in front of the school hvge gate , I paid him off and alighted .
I walked into the school and headed to my clas-s
Entering the clas-s, it was very noisy.
I smiled when I saw Loretta pla-ying the violin and walked towards her
Good morning! I greeted
She looked at me and flashed me a smile
how are you candy?
I am fine .I replied while sitting down
Guess what! I beamed
What? She asked
I will be recording a duet with Chase . I beamed happily
Liar. She retorted
I chuckled
I am not lying girlfriend, I am for real
how did you do it? …. I mean how is that possible? She probe-d
I don’t know, Chase called to inform me
I am so happy for you girlfriend .she smiled
Thanks baby. I appreciated………..:
Nick Delgado
Sitting in the doctor’s office, I watched him scribble down some writings into a sheet of paper
This are the list of drugs you nee-d to get . he handed the paper to me
I stared at the paper and sm-irked
Isn’t this too much?
No Nick , you nee-d all of it to get back to form
Alright! I sighed
I stood up and was about to leave when he called me
What is it? I faced him
Aren’t you interested in knowing your real father?he asked
I scoffed
And why should I be?he is not even aware of my existence
he is still your father Nick
I sighed
Do you know anything about him? .
He smiled
back then at college, your mom was in a relationsh!pwith a guy who I am very sure is your real father.he was a straight A student and used to help me study but he dropped out of school
I scoffed
So my dad is a dropout, do you know where I can find him?
No, but I can still remember his name, …Phil!pNoah
I sm-irked
Good day doctor! I bade and left his office
I walked throu-gh the long pas-sage to the reception
Andy! I called my manager who was waiting for me
he looked at me and smiled
Can we go now?
Sure. I replied and he smiled
We walked out of the hospital ignoring the stares and murmurs from the nurses
We got into the car and my manager who was behind the wheel drove off
Where are we headed?he asked
To my pri-vate mansion. I replied and he nodded
I just wanted to be on my own, I can’t stand the sight of the bit-ch I call a mother…..
Mr Noah( Candace father)
Flagging down a taxi, I got into it
Delgado mansion. I called and the driver drove off
I stared at my credentials and sighed
Will this be enough to get me a place in the Delgado’s company? … Won’t Chase look down on Candy when he knows I am a dropout?
I guess I just have to give it a try , I just ……..
We are here . the driver distracted me from my thought
Oh! I paid him off and alighted …
I stared in awe at the mansion, i never knew the Delgado’s were this rich … I mean I do hear about them but I have never come across anyone of them except Chase
I quic-kly composed myself and walked towards the hvge gate .
I knocked on it once and the gate was immediately opened by a man on black uniform
Good afternoon! I greeted
he looked at me from head to toe
How can I help you?
I am here to see Chase . I flashed him a smile
he scoffed
Who are you?
I am Mr Noah. I replied
Oh Mr Noah! I am very sorry, Sir Chase informed me about your coming.he apologised
he opened the gate and I walked in
I stared confusedly at the hvge compound
plea-se how can I get to the sitting room. I asked the security man
he smiled
he locked the gate and led me to the sitting room …..
a girl on a maid uniform was cleaning the sitting room when I walked in
Good afternoon! I greeted
Good afternoon! Who are you asking for? She smiled
Chase . I replied
Oh! he is in his room, have your seat let me Call him
Alright! I sat on the beautiful Leather sofa
I tried to st©p myself from looking around but couldn’t
The house was damn beautiful
Good morning sir! Chase greeted while climbing down the stairs
I stood up
Good morning Chase
You don’t nee-d to stand up for me. he informed while walking towards me
I am sorry , I guess I am a little bit nervous
Nervous? Why? he arched his eyebrow
Never mind, you wouldn’t un-derstand
he sat down and gestured me to seat
Can I see your credentials? he asked and I handed it to him
he glanced throu-gh it
So it says here that you are good at mathematics
Yes,I nodded
So why didn’t you further your studies…. oh! I am sorry Candy told me all about it
I smiled
So will you be able to handle the position of the Chief technology officer? he asked
What! I exclaimed in shock
Are you alright Mr Noah? he asked
Yes, I can’t just believe what I just heard
Will you ? he repeated
Of course, I will be able to handle it. I beamed happily
he smiled
So what can I offer…….he st©pped when someone called his name
he turned to look and I heard him scoff
What is it ma?
I followed his gaze to see who he was talking to and my eyes nearly popped out of my head at who I saw
Roxy! I called
She shifted her gaze to me and froze
Roxy! Is that really you? I repeated
Philiiip. She stuttered
Episode 33
Phil!pNoah( candy’s father
Staring blankly at Roxy, I was confused about what to say or how to react
This was a woman I was so much in love with, a woman who almost ran me crazy , a woman who rejected me because I was so damn poor….
Phili-p, is that really you? She repeated
What is going on here, do you know her? Chase asked me
Yes, she was my …… I tried to say but she cut me off
he is just a long time friend. She smiled
I stared at her in surprise
Did she just call me a friend?
Oh! If that is the case , I will leave you too to have a friendly chat . Chase drawled
hell no! I blurted out and they both stared at me in surprise
Why? I thought you were both friends. he probe-d on
I faked a smile
Yes, but I have lot of things to do at home…….. when can I resume to work?
Tomorrow, if that is okay by you
Of course Chase . I beamed happily
he smiled
Thank you so much for everything. I appreciated
It is nothing sir , I smiled
I glanced at Roxy who still had a dazed expression on her face before leaving the house
Who is she to Chase? Is he his mother? I wondered
I sighed
I was glad I got a job………
Chase Delgado
Watching Mr Noah leave , I pondered about what just happened
The look on Nick’s mum face when she saw Mr Noah was so priceless
What exactly is going on? What exactly is the relationsh!pbetween them? they seem to be more than a friend ….
Chase! Nick mom called distracting me from my thoughts
I looked at her, I almost forgot she was still standing beside me
What do you Want?
erm I just want to know erm the business you have with Phili-p. She stuttered
And why do you want to know? I retorted
Because he is friend. She smiled
I scoffed
If that is the case then you can ask him yourself
But Chase he…… she tried to say but I cut her off
I nee-d to rest . I informed and headed upstairs to my room
My instincts were right after all
There is more than a friendly relationsh!pbetween them ………
Entering the room, I sat on the be-d
My phone suddenly rang . I checked the caller , it was Dave…. my manager
I received it
Hi Dave, i greeted
hi Chase, can you plea-se over to the music school?
But why? I retorted
he chuckled
I know you are stressed, but you have a duet record to work on
I can do that later
No, I nee-d you at the music now . he insisted
I sighed
Good boy!……. have you called to inform Kira about the change of plans?he asked
And why would I do that?I made no plans with her
but Chase, she must have rea….. he tried to say but I cut him off
Then call to inform her. I said and ended the call ……
I stood up from the be-d , picked up my car keys from the table and headed downstairs…………….
Roxy Delgado
I paced up and down the room lost in my own thoughts
Did I hear right! Chase offered Phil!pa job at the company
But why? How did they know each other? They seem to be so close
I guess I have to find out myself, I will go over to the company tomorrow to see Phil!pand I will also tell him about his son…….
Kira Montes
hanging the call on Chase’s manager, I threw my phone at the wall
What is it Kira? Anna who was in the room asked in alarm
I stared at her blankly
What is wrong Kira ? She repeated
Chase chose that bit-ch over me. I informed and broke down in tears
I don’t un-derstand what you mean. She retorted
he chose to sing with his bit-ch.i yelled
She scoffed
Is that why you are in tears….if you really love Chase then you should respect his decision
Shut up! I barked at her……
Chase is mine and no one else can have him…….
Candace Noah
It is time for violin lessons. I informed Loretta but there was no response from her
I looked at her, her chin was rested on her hand and she seems to be lost in thought…..
Loretta! I tapped her gently
What is it? She jo-lted out from her thoughts
Are you alright? I asked and she nodded
Are you sure? You can confide in me if you feel bothered
I am alright Candy. She smiled
Can I make use of your phone to call, mine has a flat battery. She requested
Sure. I handed her my phone and she smiled
I nee-d to use the bathroom. She informed while standing
Are you going with the phone? I asked and she nodded
Alright, don’t be long
I watched her go and sighed
What exactly is wrong with her? She has been acting kinda weird since morning……..
Chase Delgado
Sitting alone in the studio, I was pla-ying the guitar When my Phone beeped
It was a text message from Candy
I cli-cked on it and re-ad it
“Where are you”
I smiled
“I am at the studio”
i continued pla-ying the guitar when my phone beeped again
As at expected, it was Candy
Are you alone? Is your manager with you? She asked
I sm-irked
I am all alone , my manager stepped out to get something. I replied……
Why is she asking? Did she want to come over?
The door suddenly flung opened and Candy, no Loretta walked in
What does she want?
Good afternoon! She greeted
What do you want? I asked bluntly
I want you Chase. She walked towards me in a s£dûçt!veway
I Scoffed
What does Candy have that i don’t have. She said un-bu-ttoning her shi-t
I stared at her in surprise
I can let you have my whole b©dy if only you promise to make me a celebrity
Oh! is what this drama is all about
I want you Chase ,she tried to k!ssme but I moved back
Why? Don’t you like me? Am I not beautiful enough?
I scoffed
You are nothing but a cheap slut
No Chase , I am willing to give you my b©dy because I love you
I sm-irked
How do you think Candy will feel is she gets to about this? I yelled
I don’t care, she probably gave you her b©dy also. She drawled
Not everyone is a slut like you. I retorted
What! She exclaimed
Get out! I barked
But Chase I……..
I said get out ……………
Loretta Samuels
In fear, I scampered out of the studio
Oh Loretta! What have you done!
What will happen to me now? I wondered as tears rolled down my eyes
Chase rejected me, chase rejected me. I kept on running till I bu-mped into someone
I looked up and met the gaze of Kira
I aaam sorry ma’am Kira. I stuttered
Are you blind? She retorted
I am very sorry . I repeated
I turned to go but she dragged me back
how dare you walk out on me!
I never knew….. I tried to say but she cut me off
You are a friend to Candy right ?
I nodded and she sm-irked
And where are you coming from dressed like this?
how did I …… I st©pped when I noticed my br@ was expo-sed
Damn! I forgot to bu-tton up my clothes
where are you coming from? She repeated
Erm the studio. I stuttered
What! You planned on s£dûç!ng Chase with your cheap b©dy
No, I just went there to talk to him. I lied
Talk to him about what?she probe-d
About being a celebrity, I just to be a celebrity. I blurted out
She stared at me for a while and smiled
I can make you a celebrity if you want
Oh my gawd! Are you for real? I asked and she nodded
You just nee-d to be a good girl, you just nee-d to do all what I ask you do ………