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June 20, 2021


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Don’t hurt me i’m a virgin episode 8

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✍️ Chapter Eight✍️

I feel offended at his remark; I don’t want a dime from him. There is no way that I can accept his money. Not after what I have experienced with him.

“Then what?” He ask softer this time, his cold expression cracking. He leaves the bed, suddenly, and stalks closer to me. I move back instantly.

My eyes flicker rapidly all over his body. He’s naked. Stark naked and standing in front of me. I can’t trust myself.

My throat dries, tentatively fluttering my eyes up to catch his heated orbs. I swallow, hard.

The angry Jeremy has fled. He’s replaced by this smirking man who has a look that has the power to turn my legs all gooey.

He licks his lower lip, getting closer, I draw backwards until my back slams against the wall. I fight not to stare down at his growing erection. If he touches me, I will succumb without resistance.

He smirks at my reaction and presses a hand on the wall near my face. He stares me down. I’m glad for the distance he’s

keeping, I’m able to at least breathe.

“Why do you want to leave now?” His eyes hold my gaze.

Because I’m afraid you’ll hurt me, I think but I do not dare utter it out loud.

“I-I-I have to,” I breathe heavily, unable to control the hormones that are sparking up my blood.

He inches closer to my face and I close my eyes, ready to feel his lips. He doesn’t kiss me. I slowly open them again and he’s staring intently at me.

He closes his eyes, breathing in rapidly and when they open again, he’s resolved.

He draws away from me and moves over to a chair where his sweat pants lie. I exhale a breath I didn’t know I’ve been holding and watch as Jeremy puts on his sweat pants. After he moves to a set of drawers, opens it and I takes out another pair of sweatpants.

He throws them at me and I catch them instinctively.

“Put them on,” he says before walking towards a door.

“Bathroom is here.” He taps the door.

“You can shower, brush your teeth, whatever, everything is there.” He moves and then frowns at something on the floor.

“Lunch will be ready when you’re done.” He picks up an

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object and I don’t catch what it is as it’s promptly shoved deep within his pocket. He saunters to the other door and just like that he’s out of the room. I stand dumb struck, still befuddled at the turn of events.

So he’s letting me go? I question myself.


my head as if to revive myself, I walk towards the bathroom. Once I’m inside, I stand awestruck at how spacious it is. There’s at least two sinks and in the middle a floor length sized mirror, a bath tub shaped of an egg sits on the far corner, neighbouring a huge walk-in shower.

Placing his sweatpants on a towel rail, I go to one of the sinks and stare at my reflection through the mirror. I look deranged. My curly dark brown hair is a tangled mess on my head. My brown eyes are wide and wary, obviously tired from all the events that occurred since last night. However, my body looks as if it’s alive, as if it has woken up from wherever it has been and Jeremy is the spark that coaxed it.

I open the mirror drawer remembering when he said I’d find everything I need. I find an unopened pack of toothbrushes and toothpaste. I brush my teeth quickly. It feels good, afterwards, that one part of my body is clean.

In the shower the water is warmer on my skin and I let it run for a minute as my thoughts scatter. After a while when the water is hot, I grab a vanilla scented shower jell and rub it all over me. I clean all the dirt and grime of last night’s and this morning’s overly intense events. I wash my hair with his shampoo and once I’m done, I just let the water cascade over me for few minutes.

So, he’s accepted that I have to go? I think. Why did he not want me to leave before?

I just wish I knew what he is thinking.

Why did he want to keep me for longer?

Our separating is inevitable, at the end of the day we are just two strangers who met in complete different circumstances, each with a different purpose, but happened to have intense sex with each other.

At the end of the day, I’ll be seen as a prostitute, even though I’ve vowed to myself never to take any of his money.

At the end of the day he is rich and I am just…just a street poor girl with no family and home.

Getting out of the shower, I drape a towel over my body and the other over my head. I realize that I don’t have any under wear.

Where are my yesterdays’ under wear? I hated wearing unclean underwear but given the situation, I don’t really have a choice.

I return to his bedroom in search of my underwear but as I soon I step out of the bathroom and into his bedroom, I stop in my tracks.

Jeremy stands arms folded across his chest, his back leaning against the wall and one of his feet pressed against it.

He looks up as I walk in and our eyes briefly lock. I watch as that devilish smile overtakes his features. My heart skips a beat. Is there any moment that he doesn’t look so appealing?

“Looking for this?” He holds up something in his finger.

My underwear!
He smirks when he sees my reaction, “Come and get it. Baby.” His tone of voice is playful but sultry.

My heart lurches at his term of endearment and I practically swoon, feeling my insides melt. I swallow the lump on my throat as I command my shaky legs to move.

His smirk increases as he sees me moving towards him until I’m at least three feet away from him, holding tightly to the towel on my body so it won’t fall. I’m ready to grab my underwear, however he lifts the hand that has my underwear upwards and out of my reach. A small chuckle escapes his mouth.

I can’t jump. I won’t.

My towel will fall straight away and…that’s when I realize that it must be his intention all along. I scowl at him and he stretches his hand up even more.

“What’s the problem, Leyla?” He smirks. “Why won’t you get your underwear?”

That son of a b… He wanted me to jump up like some dog.

No way.

Devising a plan in my head, I decide firstly to at least try and jump up. But he is at least six foot four, and I’m only five foot seven.

In my first trial jump, Jeremy promptly moves his hand down so that I looked like an idiot jumping for nothing. I quickly go for his hands but he swaps my underwear to his other. What I’m doing for the next three minutes is jumping and grabbing the air, missing my underwear while he switches his hands. He laughs indulgently and smirks at me. I fight the effect that has on my body and glare at him.

“Tired ?” He twists his lips, trying to hide his smile. Amusement is printed on his eyes which are twinkling blue grey.

Adjusting the towel in my body and the one on my head, I scowl at him. Two can play at this game, I think.

“You shouldn’t f**k with me.” I warn him, in my most boss-like voice.

He grins at my response, “Shouldn’t I, seems counting yesterday and this morning that I already have.”

I flush at his remark but immediately compose myself.

“I can be very deadly,” I tell him.

“Baby, I’m so scared.” He laughs.

I narrow my eyes at him as I begin pursuing him. He freezes as he gazes at me. I deliberately lick and bite my lower lip while staring innocently up at him. I hear his sharp intake of breath and whether it’s a good sign or not, I’m not sure. I stalk even closer to him and then I stand up on my tip toes grasping the hem of his t-shirt for support.

His eyes are wary as he anticipates my moves and I feel his body loosening, I feel his arm sag.

This is good. I inch myself closer to his lips and what I’m doing right now, is taking me a force of will.

I can’t hide the fact that already being this close to him is affecting me but I don’t back down. I inch even closer until my lips are almost touching his. He hasn’t closed his eyes and I haven’t either and this proximity has me overwhelmed.

As I stare up at his intense eyes, I feel something tugging at my stomach and the feeling surges upwards, almost rendering me motionless, almost making me forget my intentions.

Just as I’m about close the distance between us, his eyes briefly close and that’s when I grab my underwear from his hand. I tug, triumphant when he seems unaware of what I did. I draw backwards further away from him.

“Dammit, Leyla!” I hear him cuss and I watch as he closes his eyes, inhaling deeply. It makes me wonder.

Do I affect him, the way he does me? Impossible.
We stare at each for a moment, both of us standing still and anticipating the other’s moves.

“You’re gonna pay for that.” He growls but not angrily, there’s a smirk playing on his face.

“Come get me. Baby.” I reciprocate his earlier words in a sort of mocking tone. I soon regret it when he lunges at me completely taking me by surprise. He picks me up by the waist and I squeal and try to trash away from his arms. I fail miserably.

“Jeremy, put me down!” I scream.

“Okay,” I hear him say before he literally throws me on the bed. I fall butt first and I bounce back up.

The surprise of his force literally takes my breath away. The towel covering my naked body soon loosens, however I grip tightly on the hem before it complete unravels me.

Before I get into a sitting position, Jeremy is on top of me. His legs are astride my waist and taking advantage of my vulnerability; he takes both my hands and pins them up my head in a tight grip. The towel untangles, revealing my newly showered nakedness. I try shifting myself away but he’s too heavy. I’m locked by his arms.

I look up at him in frustration but just as I do, I stop moving and stop breathing at the same tome. My eyes lock with his. I think he stops breathing too because his mouth is slack and he’s staring at me in wonder.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispers the words stoically.

My throat dries and I’m rendered speechless trying to assess his words and their meaning.

His grip loosens on my hands as he shifts his body and inches his face closer to mines.

“Believe me, you are.” He whispers and stares at me. His breath fans on my face before our lips touch. Once our lips touch, I can’t stop myself from responding. I kiss him back eagerly, letting the fire boil in my blood, thick and ready.

His hand trail one of my arms which are still placed up above my head and tingles spurge sporadically on my arm. His hands move to my arms pits and I fight the urge to gasp a laugh. When I do let out a small breathless gasp, he uses the opportunity to plunge his tongue inside my mouth, deepening the kiss.

My head swims as the hormones swirls and boil in my blood, moving all the way down towards that area. Unexpectedly the pain shoots up inside, reminding me that s*x right now is a no-go.

I gasp against his mouth, pulling back as his other hand immediately finds my breast and squeezes.

“Jeremy,” I protest but he continues his onslaught. He moves his lips to kiss my chin and then trails the kiss to my neck whilst his thumb and forefinger twist and pull on my nipple making it harden immediately. I throb below in protest.

“Jeremy, please stop. I can’t. It hurts.” I beg him and he stops nipping my neck, draws away as he stares at me in amusement. His hand has stopped on my br**t.

“It’s hard to stop, Leyla, especially with you. I’ll try, baby, I will.”

He pecks my lips one final time and then gets off me and off the bed.

“Come, the food is getting cold. You must be hungry.” He says, just like that before he trudges out of the bedroom.

I shake my head as my head swims with thoughts. Can he be more irresistible?

I’m proud of myself. I didn’t give in this time. What a moment. He definitely can be brutishly charming when he wanted.

I move myself off the bed and taking my disposed underwear on the floor, I reluctantly put it on. Back to the bathroom, I drape on his sweats pants. They are too baggy for me, but adjusting the strings I make them fit.

I realize then that he didn’t give me a shirt to wear.

I saunter back to the bedroom, looking for any shirts or t-shirt. I’m afraid to open up his drawers, that will feel like trespassing. I reason with myself that I’m only taking out his shirt. Besides I’m sure he won’t mind. I open the first drawer.

I close it back instantly, too shocked at what I see. It certainly does not contain shirts but…

Money! There are tons of hundred dollar bills clipped together. My mouth goes dry.

Why would he have this amount of money on his drawer?

Then I remember that this is his hotel. It is a seven star hotel so yes it’s advanced with security. How rich is this guy and he is what, on his twenties?

I shake my head to clear the overwhelming thoughts about his wealth. I open the next drawer and I’m relieved to find t-shirts. Taking a grey plain tee, I clothe myself with it. Then clearing my head about finding his money, I walk away from the drawer and out of the room and toward the owner of this endearing hotel.

To be continued…
I know the drama is yet to happen but if you are a calm type you would love the story

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