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June 18, 2021


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Don’t hurt me I’m a virgin episode 5

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✍️ Chapter Five✍️

The morning light in the room coaxes me from my sleep. I groan in frustration as I lose what I was dreaming about.

Slowly my eyes flutter open and as soon as they do, the events of last night bombard my brain. I smile mischievously. I toss and turn to the other side, stretching my body and I register the soreness of inner muscles. It’s uncomfortable but remembering how it felt yesterday, a stupid huge grin spreads across my face.

I get up into a sitting position, realising that Jeremy’s not in bed. Frowning to myself, I look around his room. Now that it’s daylight I finally have the chance to study his hotel room.

His clothes mixed with my jacket and corset scatter on the floor. The rest of the stuff I assume are hotel property.

There’s a massive flat screen TV just above the wall and a few lone paintings decorating the wall. Other than these, the room is completely empty, except maybe for this king sized bed that takes almost the whole room. I notice that there’s another door, which I

assume leads to the bathroom.

I smile mischievously as I rub a sore muscle on my shoulder and then wrapping the sheets around my body, I swiftly get out of the bed, heading for the door in search for him. I halt in my tracks, however, as I hear faint voices coming from the other room.

I make out Jeremy’s voice and another which is soft, squeaky and lady like. Tip toeing to the door I press my ear against the door to make out their conversation.

“What do you want, Cassie?” I hear Jeremy’s stern voice, cold and calculated, making me recall how he used the same tone with me before he threw me out.

“Baby, you left so sudden,” The woman cries and somehow I imagine her pouting as she says this.

Baby? Who is this woman?

“There’s no surprise there is there?”

“Jer, I said I was sorry.”

Jer? Okay so they know each other and by her previous use of endearment ‘baby’ tells me they had or better still have a relationship together.

Suddenly he laughs as if what she has said is the most hilarious thing he’s ever heard. The laugh, however, is dripped with sarcasm.

“Do you hear yourself? You’re telling me you are

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sorry?” There’s a tone of disbelief in his voice.

It goes silent for a little while until she speaks in a low voice, “It was an accident, I–”

“Accident?!” Jeremy bellows suddenly, and scoffs. “Get out. I told you I didn’t want to see you.”

“Jer, please baby, it won’t happen again, I

need you baby and you need me. I know you do. I know that behind that arrogant façade of yours, you love me,” She says. There’s a trace of manipulation in her words.

“Cassie, what you did is unforgivable, I don’t love you. I never did. You proved to me that it was nothing but mere infatuation. Don’t push me.” His voice is clipped and it lacks any emotion. There’s no anger nor remorse, just pure impassiveness.

There’s moment of silence again before, “Why are you suddenly being so callous, Jer?” Is emitted by the woman. Her tone is one of hurt.

There’s no reply from him.

Suddenly I hear her sharp intake of breath. “Are you here with someone?”

No reply.

“I see.”

No reply.
“Is this your payback? Fine, I understand. But now we’re even, right?” I can almost trace desperation in her voice.

If there’s one thing I have learned from just hearing her, is that this woman is definitely needy.

“This is no fucking payback, Cassie. ” I hear his shout of anger. “You fúcked up when you decided to fück my brother. My fūcking brother Cassie, for Christ sake couldn’t you have at least chosen someone else!”

Oh wow. My confusion is relieved as I make out their story. Shock registers in my mind. She slept with his brother? Suddenly I realize just how a stranger he is, I don’t even know him.

And you gave him your virginity. The inner voice in me is filled with contempt.
Somehow I don’t even regret it, not one bit.

“Jer…please, please I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything to get you back. I love you so much please.” I can almost hear the sob coming out of her voice.

“Cassie, I told you I didn’t want to see you anymore. We’re over. Move on, because I sure as hell have. Remember you’re the one who got yourself into this mess. We’ve had this conversation before and I don’t like repeating myself. Get the fûck out of my hotel.” There’s no emotion in his tone whatsoever.

This tells me two things: One. He’s either really good at hiding his emotions and acting like he doesn’t care. Two. He is not affected and doesn’t care.

The second latter stings as I recall the way he threw me out yesterday.
He came back for you, remember he did! My inner voice reasons with me.

Even if he did come back, where will we go from here? The fact of the matter is that I still slept with him as a prostitute. He picked me up as one.
Now the question is; will he pay me and then dispose of me? The rational ninety per cent part of me couldn’t bear to go back there in those streets or even to that woman. However, I owed her.

Suddenly the last part of his sentence registers in my brain. Shït, he owns this hotel. Again this tells me again just how stinking rich he must be.

I am so torn now, what if what we did yesterday was just a one stand to get over his ex. What will I do when he tells me to go and gives me the money that he’s meant to pay?
I cannot bring myself to think of taking his money now, I can’t bear the thought of it. It makes feel like trash. It makes me feel cheap.

Oh god, is this how it’s like? Is this how those girls felt every morning after? Is this what Monica was warning me about? I question myself.

“Who is she?!” Cassie’s sudden burst pulls me out of my dark thoughts.

There is hesitation before Jeremy speaks, “Who’s who?” he asks confused.

“The mystery girl that you used to get back at me, I know she’s in there,”At her words I suddenly leap away from the door, feeling exposed slightly which is ridiculous because I know she can’t see me.

Her words sting somewhere in my chest, “You used to get back at me” it repeated and repeated in my head, confirming my earlier dark thoughts that he might just have slept with me for the sake of getting back at her, no hard feelings.

Oh but there were feelings, at least for me there was. But then again, he must think that I slept with him for the reason I was brought here in the first place. He can’t know that now I don’t want a dime from him.

So will you tell him that? My inner voice interjects.

“Okay, first of all, there was no getting back at you, we are over. You know this. And second of all, who I date or sleep with now is none of your fûcking business, understand?” There’s a trace of anger in his voice making his last sentence become too authorising and controlling.

My breathing stops as his words sink in my mind. Did he just mention dating? Does that mean he is dating me?

No, you aren’t dating, dummy.

I am getting way ahead of myself. We are just two strangers who happen to sleep with each other, each for completely different reason. Me for his money and him well, I’m not sure if it was to nurse his heart break, get back at her or whatever.

There is another moment of silence between them and after I hear what seems to be sobbing. Cassie gets really hysterical as her sobs turn in to downright wails.

“Oh for fruck sake!” I hear the disgust mixed with anger from Jeremy.

“Please Jer… I’m really sorry, I… still love you, it’s you, only you… please,” The woman is so hysterical that I have to roll my eyes.

Jeremy doesn’t say a thing and all that I can hear are her sobs. It takes about five minutes until she composes herself and her sobbing dies down.

“Are you done?” There’s venom in his voice.

I think she nods because I hear him say, “Good. Now get the fuck out of my hotel, I don’t want to see your face near me, ever, do you hear. Out. Now,” he orders her.

I have to swallow the lump in my throat. This is too familiar, only it happened yesterday to me. She’s finally getting the taste of his wrath I bet.

“I am…so sorry,” I hear shifting and I can picture him shoving her to the door.

“I still love you…I’ll never stop lo–” her voice is cut out by the bang of the door.

At this rate, I haven’t realised how fast my heart is beating. I have just witnessed, no, eavesdropped on the man who I’ve slept with, going at it with his ex. Not only did she cheat on him but she done it with his brother, his own brother.

This new revelation leaves me shocked. I try my best to pretend that it’s none of my business but somehow I want to make it my business.

I don’t know if it’s because he is my first and so I will always have a connection with him. However, the level of care I feel towards him at this moment concerned me.

I’ve just known the guy barely a day, I don’t even know much about him and now I suddenly care for him?
.To be Continued…
What do you think is going on? Will Jeremy just pay her off?.

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