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June 18, 2021


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Don’t hurt me I’m a virgin episode 40

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✍️ Chapter Forty✍️


It seems to me like it’s been forever since Mitch started driving until he finally pulls in front of a fancy-never-before-seen restaurant.

The exterior itself screams expensive and to be honest I’m not surprised, since well Jeremy is rich and his inheritance comes a little bit more from his parents side rather than his own entrepreneurship, hence Doreen Lawson is also rich.

The woman has been gripping my hand as if her life sorely depended on it. This got me wondering exactly why having dinner with me will be that exciting to her.

I mean I’m sure she has friends of some sort that she has dinner with every day, so there really isn’t any need to squeal like a teenager because she is finally having dinner with one of her son’s date.

But then again to her it’s not like every day she gets to have dinner with one of her son’s date, so maybe there is a need for her to be thrilled.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts when Mitch opens the door for

me and I gladly get out. I stare the building again and once again I feel like an outcast.

The people entering the restaurant have on fancy expensive ,attires and even Doreen herself has on an autumn dress with auburn coloured cardigan, enhancing her youthful looks.

And then there is me in my waitressing clothes. Black trousers with a dark grey “Millie’s” logo imprinted t-shirt certainly doesn’t go well with an expensive restaurant.

No, this type of restaurant went well with clothes such as cocktail dresses and tuxedos.

I wait for Mitch to open the door for Doreen who seems to be in an animated conversation on her phone. From out here looking at her in the car, she looks like she’s about to explode with excitement.

She talks for a few moments with whomever on the other line of the phone until she finally gets out.

She walks over to me and together we enter into the insanely prestigious restaurant.

She clasps her hands together as she walks over to the reservation reception.

I sigh as I wait for her but I don’t wait too long because it seems like the reservation receptionists knows her and immediately she has a waiter at her side.

I catch the smile

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the receptionist gives to Doreen then for a slight moment her eyes dart to mine in a knowing glance.

That has me suspicious.

Surely…. No Leyla you’re over- thinking.
I force myself to breathe in calmly and not think of the days I spent with Jeremy in one of the restaurants like

this one. The waiter allocates us to a two-seater booth next to a window, where he instantly gives us the menu.

My suspicious flick again when I catch the glance Doreen gives to the waiter followed by a wink afterwards.

I clear my throat and that pulls her attention towards me. She gives me her famous grin, but then discreetly checks the time on her silver watch, she frowns slightly.

And so I begin by saying what has been nagging since Mitch stopped at this restaurant.

“Dory…I don’t think I can afford the food… let alone even supposed to eat here, I mean look at me and look around, I don’t belong.”

She frowns at me for one fleeting moment. “Now I have no idea where that came from. Who says you will be paying for the food? And I cannot believe you’ll let clothes and even status get to you, I didn’t think you’d be self-conscious Leyla.”

“Well its truth.” I tell her.

“Who gives a flying floot, just because you don’t have the necessities these kind of people who dine here have. In life Leyla, you can belong anywhere the hell you want. All you have to do is stop caring what society has to say because let’s face it our society stinks anyway.” She nibbles on a bread stick.

That pulls a smile on my face. I think I am falling into a trap of admiration for this woman.

“Now stop wallowing cos you deserve to eat here, regardless of how expensive it is.” She grins at me.

I grin too as I stare at my menu, deciding what to have when I catch one of Jeremy’s favourite meal on the menu.

Yes that’s what’ll have because I miss him.

The thought of Jeremy has me pulling out my phone but once again I’m faced with the disappointing blankness of the screen. No new messages, no missed calls whatsoever.

Surely he must have boarded his flight by now.

Where are you Jeremy? Please be home safe.
I sigh internally just as the waiter comes to take out order. It’s that moment when suddenly Doreen flutters with activity.

“Oh gosh! I need to visit the restroom. Excuse me, Leyla, I hope you don’t mind me gone off for a few minutes. You know how a woman needs her time,” She says.

I swat my hand, laughing, “Of course I don’t mind.”

She grins at me, and before she leaves she does something unexpected she pinches my cheek.

“You’ll be a great addition to the family,” she smiles all motherly at me.

Then off she goes leaving me contemplating her remark.
Now exactly where did that come from? I wonder as I wait both for the food and Doreen.

After a few minutes of nibbling on the bread sticks, she’s not back from the restrooms.

Surely she doesn’t need ten minutes.

What exactly is she doing?

Nope. Nope I am not gonna try to imagine what she is doing!

Another five minute later and the food has been delivered on the table, I take note of how we’ve both ordered the same meal. But there’s still no sign of Doreen exiting that damn restroom.

Another five minutes and its been twenty minutes since she left. All scenarios are palying in my head.

Maybe she got lost…

No, that’s not possible, the signs to where the restrooms are, are clear enough that even a two year old can get there by themselves.

Maybe she got stuck in the toilet.

Now that is a scene to behold. I shook my head internally, as funny as that will be, its highly unlikely.

Maybe she got abducted whilst going to the toilet.

No I don’t think so, if that’s the case, her abduction would have caused a scene.

Maybe she met a hotshot model toy boy and now they’re driving in his motorcycle to the next state, completely forgetting about me.

Definitely not likely.

Maybe she met a friend and they were catching up, not realising the time.

Yeah, this one is plausible.

I am in verge of standing up to get her when the music starts.

I stop in my tracks as I listen. The music sounds familiar, a song I’ve heard before somewhere…where?

One of Jeremy’s playlist!

Yes that’s where I’ve heard this song, in fact I even so have the song on my phone.

Oh yes, its clear now. Dust to Dust by The civil wars.

I look around me in search of where the music is coming from, but nothing is in sight.

But it can’t be from a track list. The instruments sound as if they’re being played right now at this moment, not from a CD track.

The people around are enthused at the addition to the music but are not interested enough to want to know where the source is from as they continue with their meals.

But I’m anxious. This song not only belongs to one Jeremy’s playlists, we’ve made love to it before, repeatedly in fact.

My breathing hitches and my heart rate begins its dance as the familiar pull twist between my thighs.

I shake my head instantly, crossing my legs in the process, desperately trying to find out where exactly she music is coming from.

Then suddenly, way, way beyond the booths the curtains draw.

I haven’t realised that there is a stage in this restaurant until the very exact moment the same band appear on stage, playing Jeremy’s song.

It’s not only me who didn’t realise there is additional space in the room because the whole restaurant is straining their necks to catch a glimpse of the band. But from where I am sitting, I have the perfect crystal view to the stage.

The woman who’s singing catches my eye and winks at me. I gasp for two reasons.

One, being my moment of awestruck at seeing the band live.

Two, being the fact that she winked at me.

Winked at me!

As I sit in my seat with my mouth agape I can’t help but feel confused at the same time.

I want to get out of my seat and find Doreen wherever she has disappeared to, but something–a pull maybe–is rooting me right back at my sit.

Then suddenly….

“…let me in the walls you built around…” a soft sultry familiar voice sings at my ear.
My head wipes around suddenly… and there he is.

Heart palpitations, Panty breaths, shaking hands.

Jeremy is here!

He is here and he’s singing to me!

Singing to me!

Oh gosh I think I might just faint.

“…we can light a match and burn it down…” His voice so sexy voice, I might just combust.

My breath hitches and he grins as he moves closer to me.

“…let me hold your hand and dance ’round and ’round the flames…” He takes my both of my hands and pulls me up flash against his front.

His arms spread around my waist and I tentatively wrap my arms around his neck and shoulder.

And soon enough we are dancing to the song. His song. Our song.

“…Dust to Dust….” He sings in my ear and I instantly melt against him.

I’ve missed this man!

Without sharing words, we silently dance to our song until it trails off to an end.

Even with it finishing Jeremy doesn’t let go of me and I give no indication of wanting to pry my hands off him either.

With my eyes closed, and my face pressed against his chest. I sigh contently, feeling at peace despite my raging hammering heart which reflects his own thudding chest against my cheeks.

It must be true what they say when they tell you ‘absence makes a heart grow fonder’. I have never felt like I could literally take off right at this second and fly to oblivion, now that I’m finally in the arms of the man I love.

Once the music has finally stopped, we both stop swaying to stare at each other.

“Hi.” He grins. “Surprise.”

I don’t realise I have tears in my eyes until his face becomes a blurry mess.

“Jeremy.” I throw myself at him, resting my head in the crook of his neck.
“Hey…hey why are you crying?” He releases me, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“I’m just so happy to see you… alive and well…and safe… and do you have any idea how worried sick I’ve been since morning because you didn’t call or even text me to tell me you travelled safely!” My joy turns to an angry outburst.

A small smirk forms in his face, his lovely beautiful breathtakingly sexy face.

“Baby, all that matters is that I’m here now, alive, well and… safe.” He grins.

The last of my tears fade as I try not to let his infectious grin get to me.

“Why didn’t you call me back?” I ask trying to be angry at him which ends up being a fail since I can’t stay mad at him when I’m just so damn glad he’s back safe and sound.

“I had to. It was all part of the surprise plan.” He tells me.

“I thought something had happened–Dammit! Jeremy I miss you!” I can’t hold it back any longer.

I grab hold of the back of his hair and pull him down to my awaiting lips. The moment our lips touch, millions of sparks, a lot more than before ignite the fire that’s already flaring deep inside my chest, the feeling hovering there for a bit before travelling everywhere else in my body.

The groan that escapes from his throat is disarming as it sends vibrations through my lips. The instant that happens is when I gasp, parting my mouth, allowing his tongue to dance with mine.

It feels like I’m melting from the kiss, my limbs becoming all languid and gooey and Jeremy’s hand becomes the only source of my steadiness.

“Good God… I’ve missed you too damn much!” He groans afterwards pecking my lips before drawing away.

“You feel that?” He pulls me closer to him so that I feel his pressing arousal at my abdomen.

Just by feeling how aroused he is, makes me even wetter below.

“That’s the evidence of how much I want to take you right here… right now…” He trails huskily

I am so very glad that the second song being played by the band is loud enough to drown out my moan of pleasure.

“Imagine that Leyla.” He breathes, moving a hand to my chin, his thumb brushing the lower part of my lip.

“Me inside you right now…pummelling you so hard and yet so slow, showing you just much I’ve really missed you?”

“S-stop, please,” I cry, stuttering, feeling the effects of his words right between my thighs.

“You…you can’t. Jeez, Jeremy we are in a restaurant. I’m sure people are watching.” I state my reason but with his thumb brushing my lip like that… well let’s say it’s becoming incredibly difficult to see reason.

He chuckles. “Look around, Leyla, we are not the only ones showing appreciation to The civil Wars’ music by dancing.”

That’s when I finally realise that a few other couples have taken our example by sway-dancing to themselves beside their booths. It’s this moment of clarification that I realise just how oblivious I’ve been to the whole restaurant since my eyes lay on Jeremy.

“You see.” He smirks that sexy sly smile that leave a trail of fluttery spasm in my stomach. “No one is paying attention to us.”

I shake my head but soon enough my face splits into full a blown grin.

“Still, even though no one is paying attention. I wouldn’t let you.” I tease.

“Really?” He feigns surprise. “Well that’s a challenge I’d like to accept.” He leans closer, his eyes staring predatorily towards my lips.

“N-No–” My protest obliterates into nothingness the moment his lips touches mine.

He nibbles on my lower lip until I can’t even think of anything but how much I want him at this moment.

“That’s not fair.” I breath as soon as I manage to break free.

“I didn’t say that I’ll play fairly.” He gathers me into a hug, his nose buried into my hair.

“I want to live in this moment for a lifetime.” He tells me.

My heart expands at his words.

“I won’t mind that too.”
“I won’t leave you again. Leyla, I can’t bear it. I felt like a lost ghost in New York. All I kept thinking of was coming home to you.”

I grin at his chest. “How was it anyway? Did everything go accordingly?” I ask.

“New York was okay, just fine and dandy. I’m not going to lie though, everything would have been fantastic if you’ve been with me.”

I break away to show my grin. “As long as you are with me Jeremy, I won’t care where we are.”

He caresses my cheek but then something about his words before finally rings in my head.

Fine and dandy. Where have I heard that before?
“Shït!” I curse instantly.

That startles him.


“Your mother…did I mention I met her today…well I’m supposed to eating now with her but she disappeared!”

Jeremy looks at me for one moment before bursting out with laughter.

“What? It isn’t funny.”

“I’m laughing at you… you’ve never had much surprises have you?” That pales him as he frowns.

“I know you met my mother, love.” He smiles, his new endearment sending an electrocution to my heart.

“She disappeared because we planned this. Well more or less she did. She wanted to meet you today and also to throw you a surprise since I was coming back today. That’s why I didn’t call you all day, so that you’ll think maybe I wasn’t even coming until later… I’m sorry for worrying you though.” He kisses my nose.

“She coerced you into coming here to have dinner with her, when in fact she was brining you here… to me.” He kisses my right cheek next.

Now everything made sense, her excitement, the subtle looks with the employees here even with Matthew. I now understood their knowing glances. They had known!

“I got the band here for you, love.” He kisses my left cheek.
“I wanted to surprise you but also to tell you something…” the corner of my lips now, dangerously close to my lips.

“Tell me…what?” I ask even though I somehow have an slight idea of what it is.

“To tell you that, since the first time I saw you, you had me hooked from then on. And not just physically but mentally and spiritually too… I love you, Leyla…” He kisses me but so briefly and chastely before he gets down on one knee.

I hear the gasps people close to us but all I can think of are those three little magically words he’s just uttered.

He loves me!

“Baby, this isn’t a proposal because I know if I propose to you right now, we’ll end up having an argument… so before you even say anything…” He digs into his trouser pocket and produces and purple velvety covered box, so similar to the one he’d given me before that held my credit card and the necklace I’ve never taken off from my neck.

I gasps as he opens the box, and there… sitting ominously oppressing, is a diamond coated, platinum gold ring sparkling so temptingly at me.

“Leyla, I’m producing this ring unto you right now as a promise…a promise that I will be there for you through your quest to find your dream, that I’ll be there not just as a friend to you but as a lover.” His voices goes huskier than it already was.

I think I have literally stopped breathing.

“…I’ll be there remaining faithful to you, observant to your needs and wants, obedient to your demands… and even if we may argue through it all, at least by the end of having had crazy make-up sex, I’ll get to hold you afterwards, to reassure you that I’m still crazy over you.”

I let out a splattering laughter through the tears that are now streaming down my face.

“…I want to be your everything Leyla, to provide for you and care for you to make up for all the loss you’ve gone through. I want a life with you…and this ring right now stands as a promise to that future. When the time is right, you’ll have to tell me so that I can propose to you in any way you want and finally marry you to make you mine forever.”

The harder I’m trying to breathe the more of my breaths are becoming shorter.”So what do you say?” He looks up expectantly up at me, his blue-grey eyes glistering slightly.

It those disarming eyes that coax to me to my reaction.

In a fluttery of movements, I find myself kneeling in front of him and seconds later I’m throwing myself at him.

“I love you too. God, I love you so much…” I cry in his neck.

“So is that an assent?” He asks tentatively releasing me to gauge my reaction.

“Yes it is. I want a life with you, Jeremy, these past four days I’ve tried not going insane because of missing you that much.”

“You and me both, my love…” He kisses me, pecking my lips, chin, and moving down to my neck

“…me and you both.” He murmurs in neck. “I’m so glad I finally let that out. It’s been eating me for days.”

I giggle and he sighs at that.

“I love you Jeremy Lawson.”

“And I love you just as much, Leyla Levy, maybe even more.”

That’s brings out another giggle.

“So what now?” I ask when he doesn’t let me go from his arms.

“Well, first we get up from the floor, we eat… go home and then I’ll express to you just how much I love you…have missed you for these past few days”

I grin at him as I let him get me off the floor. “That sounds just about fine and dandy with me.”

“I know it does.” He smirks before planting his lips against my own.

“Can’t wait till we get home.” I say as I sit down to my awaiting food.

“Can’t wait till you’re my wife.” He grins at me from the other table.

And although he doesn’t know it yet, I couldn’t wait for the same thing.
Gosh gosh, I almost shed a tear when I wrote the last part.

Finally the story is over BUT it has been YOU GUYS that have been so amazing! YES you readers for constantly begging me to write more, for praising me and supporting me all the way through! I CANNOT thank you enough!

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