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June 18, 2021


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Don’t hurt me I’m a Virgin episode 34

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✍️ Chapter Thirty-Four✍️

It takes us approximately twenty minutes to arrive at the place. And when I get out, he follows me to the building. I frown at that but then I remember that he’s supposed to be my bodyguard too.

We walk together, with him maintaining a friendly distance until we enter Gordon’s Driving School.

The place is packed with teenagers and instantly I feel self-conscious. For some odd reason I feel a lot older. It’s a wake-up call for me realise that I am in fact still an eighteen year old teenager.

I make my way to the receptionist to sign in and then when she gives me an application to fill I saunter towards the waiting seats with other students–mainly sixteen year olds–and I beginning filling my application.

When I’m done I look around me and then when finally what I am about to do has sunk in. I then feel the excitement and thrill of learning something new.


Five and a half hours later I’m now holding a certified driver’s licence that has my details on it.

The fact that

I had aced the mock test so quickly hadn’t gone amiss by my appointed instructor. He immediately took me behind the wheel and at first I had been nervous especially when I had almost plummeted the car into the building by forgetting to switch the reverse gear off. However after a while I got the hang of it and driving sort became natural to me.

My instructor had praised me and instantly given me his references in order to get my licence immediately.

It’s still surreal to hold my very own driver’s licence. I mean I am now eligible to drive a car. How awesome is that!

It’s a dream come true and only Jeremy has made this possible for me. If it weren’t for him–oh goodness if only he was here with me right now. I miss him already.

I am about to leave the building with Mitch behind my tail when I get a phone call. Not just any phone call the ring tone itself tells me who is calling and knowing this my heart begins its rapid pace.

“Hi.” I answer with a huge grin plastering on my face.

“Hey.” His voice is smooth, husky and just so Jeremy. My grin increases.

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/> “How was your flight? Did you get there safe? I miss you.” I love you! I add in my head as I begin questioning him. My earlier anger at him getting me a body guard has long since fled.

He laughs and his laugh is a joyous sound to my ears

through the phone.

“The flight went well, we got there safe and soundly. Right now I am sitting in the car being driven to a hotel and my only thought is how much I wish you were with me. I miss you.” I can feel his grin through the phone.

I bite my lip, my insides swirling as the butterfly feeling takes its effect from his words.

“I wish I were there too.”

He breathes in sharply, “Dammit Leyla, why did you choose until now to tell me this. If only there was some force that will allow me to drag you here.”

I grin at his words.

“I’d let you drag me willingly,” I speak wantonly only thinking of one place where I’d want him to drag me to. His bedroom.

He catches on my tone of voice and I hear his breath hitching, “Oh the things I’d do to you… if you were here.” His voice is husky and sexy, the only tone that makes me wet in the right places.

I bite my lower in order to contain this certain emotion. And I discretely back a safe distance away from the car, away from Mitch.

“I am in a parking lot, Jeremy.”

“Baby, it’s almost evening here and the perfect time for me to be thinking of you in a certain way.” I feel his smirk through the phone.

“Jeremy!” I scold him but he knows that I am more than smiling, he know the affect he’s having on me.

“Hey, I can’t help but think of the many ways I could make you come,” he argues, his voice going lower and huskier.

I am aware of how my breathing rate has rapidly increased and he knows it.

“Slowly and slowly making you scream my name.” He continues.

I shift my legs uncomfortably feeling my insides churn and swell in that way for him.

“God Leyla, I am seriously considering on sending my jet back to get you here.” He groans.
“Mitch is waiting for me…” I say vaguely trying to making him stop making me picture these images.

“The new driver?”


“Hmm…where are you?”

“Gordon’s Driving School.” I reply, still recovering from that earlier teasing.

“Driving School?” He sounds incredulous. I faintly hear the shut of the car door in the background, only indicating that he’s arrived at the hotel.

“Yes.” I grin confidently. “I am now a certified driver.”

“Really?” I can picture his eyebrows sprinting up in surprise.

“Wow, congrats!” I can hear his grin.

“Thank you, I told myself that I won’t be a burden anymore. I have to do it myself.” I tell him proudly.

“Leyla you are not a burden, what are you talking about?” He sounds angry.

Damn. Maybe I should not have said the last part out loud.

I bite my lip and then I faintly hear a voice of a woman informing Jeremy about his pent room key and him thanking her.

I am glad for this little distraction as it gives me time to decide whether to tell him my reason or just change the subject.

“Leyla you there?” Jeremy asks worriedly.
“I’m here.” I reassure him.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”


I press my lips together knowing what I will tell him will surely anger him even more. I look over at Mitch who’s still waiting patiently by the car. When he sees me looking up, his eyebrows shoot up questioningly at me. I shake my head knowing he is inquiring whether I am ready to go.




I sigh prolonging the inevitable is never good.
“Well… I hate the fact that you hired a driver who is also a bodyguard for me. I know that you have to protect me, but I am also a big girl. I can take care of myself. I don’t like being driven, so I thought I’d learn to drive myself to be less of a burden.”

I hear him taking a long deep breath. “I do want to protect you Leyla. I feel helpless that I can’t when I am away. I want you safe and I can’t bear to think if something happened to you and if I were to lose you when I could’ve done something to prevent it.”

My heart palpitates. I love you, Leyla Levy. His words from my dream choose this moment to echo inside me. What if he had actually said them?

No. I shake my head to myself, he couldn’t have, it’s too much to wish and hope for.
Too good for it to be true.

“I appreciate that Jeremy. I really do but nothing’s going to happen to me, I am not that important and I don’t have any enemies that want to hunt me down.” I reassure him.

“You are important. To me. You don’t have enemies but I do, I couldn’t live with myself if someone were to hurt you because of me.” I can almost see his harsh anger.

“No one is going to hurt me. Jeremy, you need to stop worrying about that. Nothing will happen to me, okay?”

He breathes as if he’s trying to relax himself. “Okay.” He accepts.

“And as for you not liking to be driven, that’s fine. I’ll get you your own car. Soon.” He tells me.
I frown. “Jeremy you can’t do that. I’ll get myself a car, I can afford remember?”

“Leyla, don’t start.” His tone is not be argued with. “We’ll talk about it more when I get back, okay?”

“As for now please for my sake, allow Mitch, Mr and Mrs Brown to look after you for now while I’m gone. Baby, please?”

I can never refuse that voice, “Okay.”

But I am still angry about the part of him buying me car. No, for this one I will sorely refuse to let him.

“Good,” he sighs in relief that I didn’t argue. “I’ll call you later, maybe tonight.”

Damn. How can he manage to change my fury to lust just like that?

“Okay,” I breathe huskily.
“Bye Leyla, I will be thinking of you all day,” I can feel his smile as he says this.

My heart swoons at his words.

“You know you are always on my mind Jeremy. I’ll talk to you later.” I tell him already impatient for the impending phone call tonight.

He laughs and then tells me to hang up, in which I tell him to do it. Then he explains that he can’t seem to find the will to hang up when it comes to me so I should do it. So with the last “talk to you later” I finally hang up.

I have huge grin on my face as I walk towards Mitch to the car. His eyebrows shoot up inquisitively at my grin, but I just continue to smile ridiculously when he opens the door for me.

“Where to now?” He asks.

“Millie’s Café, thank you Mitch,” and then I tell him the address.

I need to eat lunch and I have been hooked at Millie’s ever since she gave me that job. Her food is delicious plus I need to catch up with my fellow waitresses. I considered my friends now.

Mitch drives us. It takes us another twenty minutes back to get there.

When we finally get there, my stomach is growling uncontrollable. I run to the nearest ATM to withdraw a few cash out in order to avoid using the credit card to buy food.

Once I get to the ATM, I double check the balance and that’s when I’m dumb struck. The only thought that screaming so loudly and furiously in my head is;

He lied to me!

There is no twenty five thousand with exclusion of five hundred from the money used to get my driving licence.

No. Of course he lied.

Because there’s freaking $124,500 in this credit card. That’s one hundred thousand too much.

There has to be some explanation to this. He either has lied to me or has put more money today, maybe after our conversation.

Of course. I should’ve have known. He thought maybe I was going to buy a car today without talking more about when he got back. Of course he will think this because that is a sort of thing I’d been thinking of doing when we ended our conversation.

But I had agreed that we’d talk about it when he got back and I never back out of my word.

I should’ve have known he would do this. That son of a … no his mother doesn’t sound like she’s a b!tch.

I swallow the reluctance that’s eating at my being and withdraw the money I need for now.

He is definitely in for it if he’s going to call tonight. Right now, I am too hungry and angry to call or text him. And I know hunger and anger together were bad combinations.

I haven’t realized that Mitch has been a distance away from me until I hear him speak.
“Are you okay Miss Levy?”

“Yes, I’m just hungry.” I give him a wavering smile.

He smiles back but he looks to be concerned.

“I can buy you lunch.” He offers.

“Oh no that’s fine, thanks for offering. Let me buy you some lunch.”

He gives me that warm smile as he shakes his head. “Thank you but I’ve already ate Ma’am.”

“Oh.” And I frown at the “ma’am.”


“Yes, Miss Levy?”

“May ask one favour?”
“Of course.”

“Um…can you just call me Leyla please cos “ma’am” or “Miss Levy” kind of makes me feel like an old woman or a… teacher?” I smile tentatively.

He only laughs, “As you wish Miss– uh…Leyla.”

“That’s better.” I give him a warm smile.

He only shakes his head still laughing and together we enter Millie’s.

The smell of cooking instantly makes my stomach ache and give out a faint growl. The aromas are so delicious that I instantly dart to the counter where the lone people always sit to be served.

Julie and Effie are the only ones in and I catch sight of Effie’s son, Miles, whom I’d been recently introduced to the other day she brought him here. When he sees me he smiles and waves and I wave back at the six year old gorging his mouth with waffles.

“Ahh, look what the cat dragged in!” Julie squeals in front of me with huge smile on her face.

“Hi, Jules.”

“Nuh-uh, you are in huge trouble Missy,” Effie speaks behind me but she has a small smile on her face.

“Why did you bail on us yesterday? It was so hectic and you weren’t even here.” Julie is already scolding me.

“I’m sorry guys. I had to. Pressing matters needed to be attended to.”

Effie only rolls her eyes as she goes to serve a customer and I catch sight of her walking over to Mitch who’s in the far corner of the room by the window booth. I know why he’s chosen that booth. It might be far away from people but it gives complete full view of the whole café. He smiles when Effie approaches him.

And that’s when I make judgement of how friendly he is considering the fact that he is bodyguard and a chauffeur.

“Ah let me guess, pressing matters such as Jeremy freaking Lawson.” She grins wickedly at me.

I smack her in a scold but I am grinning too.

“I still can’t believe that you are actually dating that guy.” She wipes the counter dreamily.

I only shrug. I couldn’t believe it either but I’m in love with him. I really am and there’s a slight possibility that he might too.

“What are you doing as a waitress when you are dating one the richest guy that has ever walked in this state?”

I only smile at her, taking her question rhetorical.

“I’m hungry Jules. What’s the meal of the day?” I try to change the subject.

“Oh Hah! I forgot you come as a customer today.” She shakes her head.

“Okay, what will you have?”

I look up at the chart whilst humming to myself. “I’ll have a deli sandwich and chocolate muffin, please.”

“Okay sweetie, be right back with it.”

“Hey, is the boss in today?” I ask her before she leaves.

She shakes her head, “She won’t be in for at all this week, has a family gathering or something.”


“Yeah. So we need you this week. Every day in fact, you can’t bail on us again, you promised me that Wednesday you’ll work serving your off day yesterday, you still keeping your word right?”

“Of course.” I tell her smiling at her.

“Good. You better, no matter what that rich son of a beast says.” She winks wickedly at me before she goes to fetch my food.

I roll my eyes at her but I laugh anyhow.

I tap my fingers on the counter with the music, enjoying the banter of chit chat that’s going inside the café as I wait for my food. Suddenly, my moment of peace is destroyed by a presence sitting next to me on the stool.

The only person that has never failed to flare up my fury and to make my instinct go hyperaware with tension.

The faint smell of cigarette hits my nose before his other manly smell follows. Instantly I grit my teeth in revolt.

“You know you should stop smoking or your lungs will deteriorate and eventually you’ll die.” I tell him, my tone dripping with venom.

He shifts his body so that he faces me and he gives me his famous cold smirk.

“I bet you’ll love that won’t you.”

I glare at him.
“Of course I won’t. I don’t wish death upon anyone.”

“Is that so?”

I glower at him.

“What do you want this time Matthew?”

He smirks as he appraises me, his eyes drinking me in and he simply says,

✍️To be continued ✍️

Matthew is here again 🤷

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