Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 26

I’M A vir-gin💦
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Six✍️
I can now un-derstand why women feel like it’s the longest minutes of their lives when they wait for the pregnancy test to show up.
Even Dr. Mason has been checking the time more often than necessary. When she finally picks the offending stick afterwards my heart does a double fli-p.
She stares at it for a moment and then she looks back at me in the same expression as before, not showing me an indication of difference.
“You have not ovulated yet but that doesn’t mean once you ovulate you are safe from fertilisation.” She tells me.
I can’t help but let relief wash over me.
“I can tell by your reaction that you didn’t want to be pregnant and so we should take precautions instantly.”
I nod at her.
“Judging by this,” she refers to the pregnancy test. “Your next period is next week.”
I nod again.
“Since you’re new to this, I’ll give you a sh0t and which should be effective at the beginning of your menstrual cycle and after that I’ll advise you to take these pills.” She hands me a packet.
“Thank you,” I thank her as she gets a sh0t out.
I look away immediately when she takes hold of my hand. Before I know it I feel the faint sting on my skin and then like it c@m£, it quic-kly goes away.
“Remember this will be effective in a week’s time, so be safe until then.” She tells me as she discards the used sh0t somewhere in the sterile equipment from her bag.
After that she gets her bag onto her shoulders and gives me a friendly smile.
“It was nice meeting you Leyla, plea-se be safe and remember if you nee-d anything else do not hesitate to call me. I’m sure Mr Lawson has my number,” she tells me just when Jeremy renters the living area.
His gaze is on me instantly as he walks towards me. His eyes are filled with concern and something more.
“Are you okay?” He asks worriedly.
I don’t how my face must’ve looked to him but I am pretty certain I must be pale faced from the pregnancy scare.
I nod at him.
He ru-bs his f!ngersacross my cheeks, his thumb stro-king myl-ips.
“I must make leave now,” Dr. Mason interrupts us.
“Thank you Dr. Mason for the short notice,” Jeremy thanks her.
“Well when a h0tsh0t billionaire badgers my fax line for an appointment, who am I to turn him down?” She says this while wi-nking at me.
I smile mischievously at her and Jeremy chuckles.
She smiles at both of us before she exits the living room just when Hails pops up to esc-rt her out.
I turn to Jeremy when I feel his burning gaze at my n£¢k.
“Everything okay?” He asks.
I nod because I’m silenced by the intensity of his gaze.
“What did she say?”
“She thought I might be pregnant.”
I try to ascertain his reaction.
He blanches with a frown marring his features. He swallows.
“It was just a scare. She gave me a sh0t and said I should start taking the pills next week at the beginning of my menstrual cycle.” I tell him.
He relaxes a tiny bit.
“So you can do anything you want with me until then.” I sm-irk at him trying to lighten up his features.
This completely wipes the frown off his face. And I’m not sure what to make of his reaction when I’d mentioned to him about the pregnancy scare. Obviously he doesn’t want a baby, just like me.
“So using c0nd0ms until after your period?” He sm-irks, moving closer to me as he puts both of his arms around my w@!st, pu-lling m closer.
I blus-h at his remark but I nod anyhow, it feels weird talking about periods with him. It feels… inti-mate.
“Mmmh.” He m0@n s as he k!sses me chastely on myl-ips.
“I can’t wait until then.”
He continues on torturing me with small k!sses on myl-ips and my b©dy is begging him to enter my mouth, to feel his ton-gue against mines.
“Jeremy,” I protest.
“Yeah, baby?” He blatantly moves away when I try to take action by opening his mouth.
I gro-an , “St©p teasing me.”
“I missed you today,” he ignores my complaint, ignores my plea-s as he presses his forehead with mine. He closes his eyes and breathes in.
“I tried to concentrate what the meeting was about but all I kept thinking of was you and how much I wanted to see you, be with you, and be in you.”
I close my eyes too at his words and smile too. My heart is palpitating with a new intensity for him.
“I missed you too.” I confess.
He makes a S-xy strangled noise at the back of his throat, it’s a half m0@n half growl and before I know it. He has launched hisl-ips with mine again.
This time, he allows ourl-ips to p@rt and soon enough we are moulded together, tasting each, feeling each other.
Burning s-en-sations are soon running everywhere in my b©dy, moving down towards the flesh between my th!ghs as they make me liquid@t£ with convulsing nee-d.
He breaks away afterwards but as soon as he does this, he pu-lls me away from the living area into the hallway. He leads both of us to a small set of stairs. I have no time to access everything and to get my bearings.
I want him just as much; I’ve missed him just as much.
It’s a minute later when we reach his be-droom. And I take notice that the decorations of this room is exact same as his be-droom at his mansion. With the exception of how this room is mostly dominated by his rich scent due to the fact that he resides more here than his actually mansion.
He begins un-bu-ttoning my blouse with hasty f!nger while his head di-ps down to my n£¢k.
lvst pools in my blood even more and I begin to re-move his shi-t.
Once the blouse is off, he di-ps down and gr-abs my bu-tt cheeks with both hands. My legs instantly wra-p around his w@!st.
He backs us to his be-d and we both fall on it tangled as we are.
“I’ve been looking forward to this all day.” Jeremy mumbles between the skin of my n£¢k.
Immediately as he trails the h0t k!sses to the line between my n£¢k and chin, I feel my skin burning not just there but everywhere.
I mewl at the s-en-sations………………………………………
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
I let the water cascade soothingly on my b©dy as I wash myself using Jeremy’s vanilla scented shower jell.
I do this with a hvge smile on my face as I go over the change that has occurred since yesterday. How did I find myself here in the arms of the wealthiest, S-xiest man mankind can ever give to a woman?
The answer to this question, I haven’t a clue as to how and even though p@rt of my br@in is reprimanding how I’m falling too fast and how these sort of situations never end good, I ignore the rebuke.
At this moment I am happy, in fact this is the most happiest I have ever been throu-ghout my life. If my happiness comes from being with Jeremy then so be it. I could not care less if we are moving too fast with each other. I might as well enjoy this moment while it lasted.
I get out of the shower with a new acceptance and as I tie the robe around me and a towel on my hair, I venture back his be-droom.
The minute I enter his gracious master be-droom that’s when I st©p in my tracks. My gaze locked on what is on the be-d.
There, sitting conspicuously oppressing on the edge of the be-d are the Apple products.
At first, I am awestruck and dazed just staring at the glimmering sleek technology but once I realize that they are wra-pped in a somewhat blue ribbon, my dazed stare turns to a menacing glare.
This reaction does not go unnoticed by Jeremy who stands near the offending products. No, he has been as-sessing my reaction the minute I’d step out of the bathroom.
I pu-ll my eyebrow up as I point at the technology beside him, “What’s this?”
Even though I alre-ady have a faint idea what the MacBook Pro l@pt©p and the latest iPhone which is still in its context box is, I want to him to tell me what they are there for.
“It’s for you,” he answers testily.
At that I know he is fully aware of how I become abhorrent whenever he spends his money on me.
“For me?” I say this as if it’s a question not a statement.
He nods while one of his eyebrows arch upwards to study my reaction.
“Before you refuse and before you bite my head off, just hear what I have to say.” He comes closer towards me.
I take a breath as I wait for his reasons.
“You can use the l@pt©p for anything you want but I want you to have it so that I can email you from work. I nee-d to know how you are during the day. The same goes for the phone but I know you won’t have the l@pt©p with you all the time, so you can message me or even facetime with me. I have to see your beautiful face.”He emphasises this by taking my face in his hands and begins to stro-ke my cheeks with his f!ngers.
My cheeks burn from his f!ngersand as soon as what he has said sinks in, my heart begins its double pounding.
He cares, he really cares. This knowledge softens my impending refusal.
“So do you accept these gifts I bought for you?”
I swallow the lump on my throat as I nod.
And at that he draws myl-ips in his in a soft k!ss.
“Thank you.” I tell him suddenly feeling overwhelmed with emotion.
“Baby, you don’t have to thank me just yet. I told you I wanted to buy you everything.”
“You can’t buy everything.” I protest.
“But I can,” he k!sses me chastely and I swoon as the motion makes me warm inside.
I smile after that, finally accepting his gift without restraint. As I move towards the technology, I allow myself to be enthused by the thought of having a phone and l@pt©p all to myself. I would never have even dreamt of such thing.
“You want me to teach you how to use them?” He asks, a small smile on his face.
I nod eagerly, a grin spre-ading across my face.
This reaction does not go unnoticed by Jeremy, because he sm-irks and gives me a look of approval at my reaction. He grins himself.
“So what is facetime, you had me confused for a moment there?” I ask.
He laughs at that as he sits on the edge of the be-d and takes out the white iPhone out of its context box.
“This is a reliable product. The sim card is alre-ady inside. You can download as many apps you as you want, it has the storage memory of sixty four gigabytes.”
re-ading Settings
p@rt Selector
Don’t hurt me, I’m a vir-gin.
Chapter 15
Chapter 14
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He tells me with such an animation on his face that immediately I can tell his pas-sion for technology.
At that he begins taking me step by step as he teaches the basis of using this sort of model, at the end he has unravelled the inside and out of the offending phone.
Now we are both lying in his be-d with both our phones in our hands. He has the same one but his is in black.
We are currently facetiming each other prior to one of my lessons of getting used to the phone. Jeremy is giving me funny faces and although he is beside me, I give him a growly face but I cannot help but giggle at how adorable he looks throu-gh the phone.
We spend an hour or so doing this, him putting music and pictures on my new l@pt©p and phone. By this time he has gone throu-gh the tutorial of how to use the l@pt©p with me and the many uses it comes along with.
At the end, I have only his contact details in my new phone so far. My new home screen consists of a picture of the both us, with him pouting exaggeratedly and with me giggling beside him. There are more of the same pictures in my new ph0to albu-m.
At the end I have most of his favourite musicians and bands on my pla-ylist and I cannot wait to listen to them.
I could not have asked for better pres£nts than the one he has given me. Even though he has warned me that there has more of where that c@m£ from and with my aversion of knowing he is alre-ady spending too much money on me, I don’t complain. I simply relish in the moment.
p@rt of accepting this is by the help of my growing feelings I have for him, at this moment I am convinced that I am in love with him, it hasn’t fully hit me yet but I know the feeling is hovering de-eply in my heart.
It was nighttime, after we ate our dinner when we decide to head straight to be-d.
We now l@yin his be-d and Jeremy has business to attend to.
✍️To be continued ✍️
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