Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 25

I’M A vir-gin💦
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Five✍️
“He did what?” Jeremy suddenly bellows, voicing out my thoughts.
Greta looks at him in surprise.
“Who is this?”
“Jeremy,” I turn to him. “This is Greta, the woman kind enough to have taken me in.”
“Hello, nice to meet you. Excuse me for asking but how do you know Leyla or even Matthew?” Greta interjects even though I hadn’t introduced him to her.
Immediately she batters her eyelashes up at him as she moves closer to us, clearly blatantly ignoring me.
Jeremy only frowns momentarily at her and I think he doesn’t know what to make of her.
“You said Matthew c@m£ here to buy Leyla off?” He ignores her question.
“Yes, he told me he was willing to pay her debts to me in return she will belong to him.” She answers him quic-kly and I think she’s intimid@t£d by him.
“And did you accept?” He clenches his jaw in anger or is it frustration.
“Of course I did.” She fidgets with her hands.
My blood runs cold. She sold me! I am human being for crying out loud, not some piece of as-set to be sold.
Jeremy glares at her, “You sold her off?” His voice is stoic but his expression screams anger.
“I-I…” Greta trails, speechless.
“What? Is Leyla some sort of slave, some sort of meaningless thing to be sold? Do you have any idea…you know what, forget it.” He breathes in anger.
He gr-abs my arms to pu-ll me closer to him in a protective gesture, at the same time it’s as if he’s seeking some sort of comfort because he k!sses my head.
“Go and get your things. I don’t want you near this place,” he whispers tenderly only to me.
I look up to his eyes and he’s pleading with me.
“Okay.” I tell him as I move away from his hold, away from Greta and walk toward my small room to fetch my possessions.
Once I’m there, I gr-ab the bag pack I always had and I take the uniform for Millie’s, I take a few clothes which still look in shape and are pres£ntable and I leave the ragged ones, I also leave my toiletries. I take my box of possession and then I stand by the door, mentally saying goodbye to the room that had once meant so much when I’d first c@m£ here.
Back to the hallway I find Jeremy on the phone and Greta standing there awkwardly as she ogles at him. It’s clear she’s attra-cted to him but at the same time she’s intimid@t£d. She also holds a stack of money on both of her hands, but her concentration isn’t on the money. It’s on him.
“Yes…Molly, just tell them I’ll be there in ten minutes… They can wait.” He speaks on the phone.
Once Jeremy sees me, he takes my hand and hangs up on the phone.
“You have everything?” He asks me, his eyes searching mines for confirmation.
“Okay, let’s go.” He opens the door and leads us out.
I look back at Greta wanting to say something, anything because I know this will be last I see her.
“Thank you Greta for everything.” I smile at her.
She only presses herl-ips, her eyes still casting a critical eye and I can tell somehow that she’s glad I’m leaving.
I sigh and let Jeremy lead me to his car.
My thoughts leave from Greta to Matthew. He bought me off? Why?
What exactly is he trying to achieve, he had been clear from that day that he found me disgusting so what is his motive for paying Greta my debts. Surely it isn’t to help me? No I’m the last person he will want to help.
But then what? Is it still some feud with Jeremy then? Why they are not in speaking terms? I wonder. There has to be some reason. But I know I am not that reason, no I just happen to come in between.
“I’ll kill him.” Jeremy revives me from my thoughts and I realize that we are back in his car.
He is holding the steering wheel so ti-ghtly; his whole b©dy is shaking with anger.
“Don’t worry about this, I’ll sort it out,” he says to me as he starts the car. And then he mutters to himself that he’ll sort him out.
“Jeremy he’s your brother,” I argue.
He glances down at me for my reaction. The grey in his eyes has replaced the blue, they are screaming with fury.
“I don’t want to be the reason for you to shred him into pieces,” I say trying to light up his mood.
The corners of hisl-ips twitch into a smile. He takes my hand and moves it to hisl-ips. “I’m sorry you are in between this.”
I frown at that.
“Don’t worry about it, Leyla. I’ll sort it.” He repeats his earlier words.
But that’s the thing. What exactly is he going to sort out?
We fall silent afterwards and then he asks me where the café is and so I direct him to Millie’s.
I am thirty minutes late for my work and regarding that this is my second day of working there, I’m sure Jules or Mille aren’t going to be happy about this.
I get out of his car once he parks in the lot. Jeremy has gotten out too.
“What are you doing?” I ask in surprise.
“Seeing you off to work,” he sm-irks.
I’m glad his brooding has gone.
So I let him walk me to the café.
“You are late, where have–” Jules is at my face instantly when we get inside but then she st©ps once she sp©ts Jeremy.
Her jaw drops as she blinks blankly at him. The usual effect he brings out on woman.
“I’m sorry Jules I–” I start but Jeremy interrupts me.
“It’s my fault, sorry I kept her late.” He smiles his dazzling smile.
This pu-lls Jules out of her dazed state and I think she blus-hes.
“No it’s fine…it’s um.” She shakes her head.
I bite my l!ptogether to hold in my smile. Abs£ntmindedly, Jeremy turns me around and his hand is on my chin as he pu-lls it down so that I re-lease my lowerl-ip.
His eyes are staring at me warningly but also lvst is printed there.
“I’ll have Hails pick you up by three, you remember him right?” He ca-ress my cheek.
I nod because I know I’m incapable of speech. My cheek is burning from his t©uçh.
“Good,” hel-ips brush on my cheek before moving down tol-ips. He k!sses me chastely but that motion is thrown out of the window once he de-epens the k!ss.
I completely lose my surroundings and track of time as I respond to him.
It is only when we hear a clearing of a throat from Jules that we break ap@rt. My blus-h is evident and his eyes are full of de-sire.
“I’ll see you later, baby.” He says as he lets me go.
I practically swoon at his choice of endearment and I watch him exit the café and away from the building.
I turn to Jules and I blus-h when she gives a quirky eyebrow, her eyes full of mischief.
“You never told me you knew Jeremy Lawson.” She says.
I frown, “You know him?” I ask.
“Of course I do. Who doesn’t? He’s practically the riche-st guy in this city maybe in this whole country? His face is in every Forbes and Business magazines.”
Oh right I’d forgotten. My jealousy soon dies down because I’d thought they knew each other inti-mately.
I smile at her in response and then I move away from to the changing rooms.
I am conscious that the others are staring at me with curiosity, I’m sure they are wondering too how I c@m£ to know Jeremy Lawson, CEO of The Lawson Group.
I sigh; this will be a tough one to break. I can’t possibly tell them that I met him while I had been contemplating prostitution.
“Miss Levy.” Hails Jeremy’s driver greets me as I walk towards him. He’s standing beside Jeremy’s black SUV, the same I’d notice earlier in his garage.
He smiles. “plea-se,” he holds the backseat door out for me and I get in.
The car ride is awkward and is only saved by the light music pla-ying on the radio.
I mean, what do you say to the very same man who’d come to pick you up as a pr©st!tût£for his employer?
I glance out of the window to avoid his gaze throu-gh the review mirror and I think he is embarras-sed too. His eyes are focused mainly on the road.
He drives us into the other side of the city and we found ourselves next to tall ap@rtment buildings.
He drives into one of the building’s parking lot and st©ps. I’m about to get out when he opens the door for me.
“Thank you,” I finally meet his eyes.
He seems genuine. “My plea-sure.”
He then walks us to the elevator, he puts some code and it pings open.
Once inside, we ride to the very t©p of the building and I’m guessing we are going to one of Jeremy’s ap@rtment.
My guess is correct when we find ourselves in a foyer of a penthouse. Hails dabs in some code and the door opens to reveal the interior.
He walks me across the hallway and I have a s-en-se that Jeremy likes abstract art because they’re everywhere in his homes.
I find myself inside a living area. The first thing I sp©t is white tiles and a white hvge u-shaped couch and on the couch sits Jeremy with his legs crossed and both arms of the back of the couch.
He’s not alone. The other side of the crouch is a small frail woman who sits with both arms clutching her bag on her l@p. Her posture makes me think she wants to make herself as small as possible in this hvge living area.
She wears glas-ses which frame her blue eyes and she has her black hair tied back. Her clothes are business-like and she rarely casts her eyes on Jeremy whose attention is full on her.
Once Jeremy sees me, he springs into motion. He stands with a hvge grin on his face.
“Hi.” I greet him.
He only grins when he reaches me. He takes my face in his hands and then he k!sses me instantly. Warmth and lvst are soon swirling in my b©dy.
“Hi,” he says.
Then he looks behind me, “Thank you Hails.” He dismisses him.
He turns to me, his eyes gleaming.
“How was your day?” He asks. “I hope you weren’t in too much trouble.”
“No, not at all, I think me being late had soon been forgotten once everyone had seen you.” I tell him with a smile on my face.
He sm-irks, “What can I say, it’s only the looks.”
“Jeremy,” I scold but I’m grinning.
He laughs and he k!sses me chastely before re-leasing me.
“I want you to meet someone.” He turns back to the woman.
She has been watching our public displ@yof affection with a pas-sive interest and there’s slightly gleam in her eyes as she gazes at me.
I blus-h instantly.
“Leyla this Dr. Mason, Dr. Mason, Leyla,” He introduces us.
My eyebrows pique up. She is a doctor?
“Hello.” I offer my hands.
She smiles at me, “plea-se just call me Angela.” She shakes my hand. And I take notice how ti-ght her grip is.
Jeremy smiles at me knowingly, “She is the obgyn.”
My eyes bulge at him and then at her.
He actually called an obygn like he had said.
“Or Gynaecologist as some people might prefer.” She shrugs.
I’m speechless. Jeremy turns me to him, he’s trying to gauge my reaction and I don’t really know how my reaction appears like to him.
“It’ll be fine.” He tells me his thumb stro-king myl-ips.
I sigh inwardly accepting this fate. He must’ve have paid her a sum to have here pri-vately.
“Okay?” he asks me.
I nod.
“I’ll leave you ladies to it then,” he turns to Angela and then he leaves us.
I turn to her and she has determined look as if she’s re-ady for business.
“Let’s get to it then.” She says as she places her bag down.
“I’ll start by inquisition first to get to know you and your b©dy.”
“Um…Okay.” I smile at her.
“Jeremy has told me your name, age and everything, so I won’t get to that.”
I nod furtively.
“When was the last time you visited the hospital?” She asks immediately once we are sat on the couch.
“A long time ago…when I was eight maybe. It was only in emergency when I had broken a knee.”
“Have you taken any serious medication recently and are you allergic to anything?”
“No for both.”
“How long have you been S-xually active?” She stares intently at me.
I shift uncomfortably for a moment, “Only since Friday.”
“And have you used any contraceptive pills or been injected with before?”
I shake my head.
“Have you used c0nd0ms in all your activities?”
“Um…yes…well…oh one time yesterday we didn’t.” I frown slightly.
“Hmmm, if you aren’t certain then we nee-d to run some tests first just to be sure,”
“What do you mean?” I ask.
“Pregnancy test, it might not be effective since it’s only been four days,” she moves to her bag and takes out the pregnancy pack.
I hesitate as fear slowly tunes in my b©dy.
I’m not pregnant.
“This is a very effectively pregnancy test that tells you when you’ve ovulated and been fertilised. You do know how to use this right?”
“Yes.” I answer her stoically.
It’s only been four days it might not be effective… her words run throu-gh my head.
Yes it’s only been four days and we have used c0nd0ms in all our activities except for the bathroom incident.
I go to the bathroom to pee on the stick and once I’m done I return to her.
I place the stick on t©p of the paper towel on the table and we wait.
I’m not pregnant. I can’t be. It’s only been yesterday… but does that mean yesterday may impact later?
✍️To be continued ✍️