Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 24

I’M A vir-gin💦
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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Four✍️
The next morning, I wake because I feell-ips pressing upon mine. My b©dy feels heavy as if a stone is covering my lim-bs.
My eyes flutter open to find Jeremy’s face at my n£¢k, breathing heavily as he k!sses the skin there.
His wra-pped arms around my w@!st ti-ght£ñ. He leaves a trail of heat from the base of my n£¢k upward to the line of jaw, eventually finding myl-ips.
I let out a soft mewling sound, the sounds against hisl-ips. He p@rts my mouth, absorbing as well as plunging his ton-gue inside.
He breaks away as he begins to tail nips down my chin, my n£¢k and my collar bone. I’m absorbe-d in each s-en-sation I feel radiating from the contact.
“You’re so irresistible Leyla. I nee-d you.” Jeremy croons between my brea-sts.
Suddenly he shifts and sits us up so that I’m straddling him on his l@p, his member presses at my inner th!gh.
I feel myself liquid@t!ngeven more with nee-d.
“How about a morning wake up call.” I feel his sm-irk as he takes one br£@st into his mouth.
I g@sp at the contact, “I will be late for my job.” I fail at a protest.
“Mmmh,” both his hands grip the cheeks of my as-s, teasing me and ma-king me even more wanting.
It is getting really difficult to find reason of why we shouldn’t do this now.
“Are you still thinking of your job?” He asks as he grips my h!ps, moving me up and position himself between my entrance but before he can sink into me. He st©ps.
“$h!t! I’m forgetting protec-tion. I never forget!” He stares at me with a look of pure wonder and surprise.
“You’re ma-king me forget everything now.” A smile is pla-ying on his features.
He then shifts us so that he can lean to the drawer to take another pack of c0nd0ms.
“Never liked them. Might call the good old doctor so that he can sort you out.” He tells me as he rolls the latex on his length.
I frown at him, “Sort me out?”
“Yes, with contraceptive. I don’t want you getting pregnant.”
I g@sp, inwardly freaking out. Pregnant? We ba-rely know each other, I am still young and my life is alre-ady a mess. Bringing a baby now especially in this situation with him will definitely complicate things.
I mean I don’t even know what we are, what our relationsh!pis.
“From your reaction I can tell you don’t want that either.”
I nod. “We’ve only known each other four days.”
“Well these past four days have felt like an eternity.” He drags me into his l@p and instantly begins su-cking at my n£¢k.
“Getting tired of me alre-ady?” I joke.
But instead of sm-irking as I expected him to his face draws away from n£¢k, he then proceeds to take my face into both of his hands. His eyes is serious.
“Leyla, I don’t want to ever let you go.”
He k!sses me, b!tt!g my lowerl-ip, ma-king me squeal in plea-sure.
I start gro-an ing as he slides my entrance on t©p of him in one swift thrû-st.
plea-sure shoots inside me there and immediately I begin moving upwards to get some friction but he st©ps me.
I gaze at him, our noses tou-ching. de-sire and something more is printed in his eyes.
My arms are around his n£¢k and his are holding me protectively from my back.
“Can you feel that?” He simply says as he thrû-st upwards, allowing himself to sink even more so inside me.
I let out a gr0@nof plea-sure.
“That’s me, baby. All of me.” I feel him all the way inside and the pressure is getting too much that all I can think of is getting some friction.
“Say you’re mine.” He orders as he swivels his h!ps around, his member rotating inside me.
“Jer…Ah!” I m0@n .
“Say it!”
“I’m yours, always!” I gr0@nwhen he hits my g-sp©t.
I open my eyes and he has the wi-dest grin.
“Do you any idea how much you mean to me?” He asks softly this time.
I shake my head, my thoughts swimming incoherently.
“A lot.” His voice is husky and raspy. He k!sses me for a longest time that in the end I feel as if I’m burning from fire of it.
“Okay. Move.” He falls back down on his back. I grip on his upper arms for support as I allow myself to move up and down on him.
We fall into a rhythm.
“I’m going to call the obgyn to schedule you an appointment.” He says later when he discards the used c0nd0m.
I frown at that, I don’t feel comfortable about this. I know I agreed for him to help me, but I’m not if this will benefit both of us. Plus, it means more of his money used on me.
“Another expense?” I sigh inwardly.
“Hey, it’s not an expense, not when it comes to you. You know I want to protect you, right?” His eyes pene-trateright throu-gh my soul.
I smile, “You’re being too kind to me, for someone you met on the streets, Jeremy.”
“What I feel right now, it’s as if I’ve known you forever.” He tells me a he wra-ps his arms around my front from behind.
I enjoy this bliss for a few moments and then suddenly I g@sp remembering that I should be at work. Instantly I dart away from his arms.
“What?” Jeremy asks concerned.
“I’m going to be seriously late, and it’s my second day at work.”
“Do you have to go to work?” He falls besides me on the be-d and I sit to scold him.
“Yes. We talked about this.” I tell him.
He sighs grumpily, “I know. We did.”
“I cannot wait for the day you finally let me buy you things, just to prove you how worthy you are.”
I smile shyly at him not entirely sure what to say to him. Does he know what his words are doing to my heart? Of course he doesn’t know.
“Come let’s go and eat before I decide to keep you here for the rest of the day,” he offers his hand for me of take.
Once I’m off his be-d, I dr@p£ on the robe he gave me last night.
Once again I find myself staring awestruck at his kitchen. We are both sat at the kitchen counter with our breakfast in front of us.
After I had taken a shower while he’d been speaking on his ever ringing phone we had gone down the stairs and I’d officially met the hired help, Mr and Mrs Brown.
Mrs Brown is a faired haired woman whose reticent character kept me thinking of how amiable she is in her own reserved way.
She had alre-ady made us breakfast when we’d arrived. Her husband, Mr Brown, only offered his small greetings before he went back to their quarters.
I am currently gorging on the eggs and I’m conscious that Jeremy has his whole gaze fixed at me while he eats his share.
“When do you finish your work?” He asks me in a serious tone.
“Three.” I answer, curtly.
He frowns at that. “I agreed I will let you keep your job as p@rt of your condition but I have my conditions too,” he starts.
“I want you stay with me–”
I frown at him, re-ady to disagree but he continues before I can say anything else.
“Temporarily, until you find your place, how is that?” He asks hopeful at me.
I frown at my breakfast; inside inner voice begs me not overthink about this and just let him help.
I relent. “Okay.”
That resulted in his surprised expression. He blinks at me a few times. It’s obvious in his expression that my answer is unexpected.
“No arguments?”
I smile at that. “No arguments. But I’ll stay until I find a new place.”
I tell him with a smile on my face, however, inside I am trying my ha-rd est not to let the fact that with just a waitressing job, it will take a long time to find a place. I try not to let the fact I will be in his debt, get to me. Besides he’s said I wouldn’t owe him anything.
“Of ‘course. And you are going to let me pay this woman off. If I am to have you–even if it’s temporarily– then I better have you all to myself.”
I smile lovingly up at him. Such words, such emotion. Does he realize the effect his words are doing to my heart?
“Thank you, Jeremy, for everything.” I vacant my breakfast and move closer to embr@ce him.
My arms wra-p around his shoulders and instantly he snakes his on my w@!st, his face burying on my n£¢k.
“And you’ll let me buy you a new wardrobe,” he adds, testing. As if he’s testing the waters.
I stiffen at that, remembering how much his choice of wardrobe would cost. “I can buy myself wardrobe.”
He re-leases me to gauge my reaction. He bites his l!pand his eyes stare up at me in mischief.
“I sort of alre-ady purchased new clothes for you.”
“You did what?” I screech.
“Don’t bite my head off.” He laughs at my reaction.
“Jeremy,” I begin to complain.
“plea-se.” He pleads and he moves his arms from my w@!st to clutch my hands.
I try to contain my sudden anger.He is just looking out for you Leyla, you see he cares. He sees that you are short on clothes considering your status. He’s being generous to you. How many people have bought you clothes before? My inner voice reasons with me.
Obviously the answer to that is none at all.
“What is your aversion with me buying you things?”
“It’s not an aversion; I do appreciate what you are doing…” I trail, while sighing. “It’s the price of the clothes you buy that I’m horrified at.”
“What is wrong with the price?” He asks.
“It’s too much.”
He seems shocked, “Too much?”
I nod.
“Leyla, I’m a rich man believe me I can afford anything.”
“I know that,” I free my hands from his to ca-ress his cheek. “Jeremy…I am nothing, I’ve been brou-ght up with nothing and I’ve accepted this. So you waltzing into my life and showering me with this much luxury,” I wave my hands around the kitchen as an emphasis.
“Well it’s a lot to take in and I cannot just accept it, not with knowledge that it will soon be whisked away depending on how our relationsh!pprogresses and then I’ll be back to square one. Plus, we’ve only met each other a few days and what you’re offering, it’s like you’re jumping the stages or should I say rules.”
He has been listening to my speech with a look of tenderness that I cannot comprehend. He takes my face in his hands effectively drawing me closer to him.
“Firstly, You. Are. Not. Nothing. Okay?” He k!sses my nose. “You might not have everything but you’re not nothing. Not to me you’re aren’t.”
Such words, such pas-sion. Such inflammation in my heart.
“Secondly, if I want to spend money on you, I can. And I will shower you with luxury, continuously in fact. All you have to do is accept it, regardless.”
“Thirdly, what I feel for you right now Leyla is beyond what I’ve felt with anyone. Every minute I spend with you is magical, I can’t seem to want to p@rt with you. All I seem to think about every minute is you. Of course it scares me that I’ve only known you a few days because what’s in here,” he gr-abs hold on my hand and presses it on his che-st. I feel his ever pounding heart against my hand.
“What’s in here is a whole world of you. You have bewitched Leyla and I am un-der your spell.” He confesses.
If that isn’t declaration of love then I don’t know what is. My heart is beating so loud with each word he’s said and I think I’ve fallen in love with him.
“I am scared too.”
He smiles at me, his hands still on my face, “Then stay with me, plea-se let me buy you the world.”
“Okay.” I close my eyes when he inches closer to me.
“Okay?” He teases me when hisl-ips brush upon mine, leaving a tingly s-en-sations.
“Mmh-hmm.” At this rate I am not even sure what I am agreeing on, all I can think about is hisl-ips moulding with mines.
“Good.” He says before launches hisl-ips upon mine.
Back at his be-droom I’m staring at the seven hundred dollar outfit which consist of a white silk blouse and a grey pencil Sk-irt along with the matching grey blazer; the perfect wear for office work.
There’s a few more of the same clothes currently in his wardrobe and Jeremy has told me that he had bought them yesterday only to be quic-kly delivered today since he owned the firm which provided these sort of woman clothing.
When I had asked exactly how many other firms he owned. His answer had been that he is the Chief Executive Officer of The Lawson Group, his company original inherited by his late father. The company itself majors in telecommunication along with marketing and other productions. The company currently employs over fifty thousand people in the US ma-king Jeremy one of the riche-st most influential man in country after his father.
The fact that my jaw had dropped after he’d told me this showed me just how much I lacked in expandable knowledge of the works of the world. How on earth did I find myself in the arms of one of the riche-st man in this country? Let alone slee-ping with him.
So I put on the pencil Sk-irt outfit along with the five hundred dollar heels. I brush my hair thor0ûghly and put on little make up he’d also purchased and all the while I am doing this, I’m aware of I will be starting work in thirty minutes and so I practically run down the stairs.
I find Jeremy standing at one of the coffee tables, with his phone on his ear. For a moment I have to st©p and admire him. He looks fresh and S-xy in his dark blue trou-sers which hang low on his w@!st and his white tugged shi-t which is opened a few bu-ttons on his n£¢k.
He turns when he sees me and instantly his expression turn to one which is mesmerised. He hangs up on the phone.
“You look…wow.” He comments as I reach him.
“I look like I’m re-ady to boss everyone in my imaginary firm.”
He laughs. “This makes you look older,” he sm-irks.
He takes me in his arms and I hold his upper arms. He k!sses me, hisl-ips molding with mine. Instantly I get the bu-tterfly fluttery feeling in my stomach that can only be ignited by him.
“Mmmh, you’re so tempting.” He murmurs between myl-ips.
I want to say that he is too but I hold my ton-gue, knowing that we might not make it out of the door if I do.
“Come, let’s go.” He re-leases me and goes to take his blazer. Once he’s done putting it on, he leads us out of the house and into the hvge garage.
As the garage door opens my mouth drops. There are two SUVs, one black and the other dark blue, next to these are the three small, sleek and sporty looking cars. At the far end there are three motorbikes.
“You ride bikes?” I ask suddenly.
He sm-irks. “Yes.”
I look up at him and the only thought forming in my mind is that there’s a lot more I still nee-d to discover about this extraordinary man.
“I might take you on ride sometime,” he offers.
I blanch at that, my expression turning to fear as I gaze back on the sleek bikes which now look offending.
Jeremy chuckles at my reaction, “You don’t like bikes?”
“I’m not sure, I haven’t been in one. It’s the possibility that I might ride with you that’s scary,” I admit.
One of his eyebrows quirks up, “Why? Don’t you trust me?”
“It’s not a matter of trust. I trust you fully, it’s just that…” I trail.
He smiles, “I know, first time.” He sm-irks.
He’s laughing at me, I think as I follow him to one of his SUVs. He opens the pas-s£nger door for and I climb into the seat.
“So these are all your cars?” I ask.
His eyes glance down at me as he takes the car into reverse. He sm-irks, “Yes, but that’s not all of them in total.”
I g@sp. How many more? I wonder.
“It depends where I am, which country or city I’m in.” He explains.
“So you have places around the world?”
We fall silent afterwards and I’m trying my best to take it all in.
It is minutes later when we cruise away from his beautiful mansion and back to the city.
During the ride Jeremy fills me in with his favourite things to do, which is mainly dirt biking and if possible when he has time, scuba-di-ving, surfing and other water activities including sailing, as well as snowboarding and skiing. I listen to all he says with fascination and I’m mentally locking away all this information.
He recounts a story when his father had taken him and Matthew to Alaska on a skiing trip and he tells me how it’d been one his favourite moments.
When I’d asked him what happened to his father, his whole expression had suddenly displa-yed an array of emotions; anger, loss, as well as cold, but mostly loss and so I had immediately retracted the subject away from that certain t©pic. He didn’t have to tell me.
He parks the car near Greta’s ap@rtment and we both get out.
The minute we enter Greta’s ap@rtment we meet her by the door.
As soon as she sees me her expression turns to surprise and as she looks at what I am wearing, she gives me a critical eye.
But when she casts her eyes behind me to Jeremy the surprise is back in her face.
“Hi.” She greets me curtly before asking, “Do you want to tell me why Matthew was here, wanting to buy you off?”
Wait. What?
✍️To be continued ✍️