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June 18, 2021


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Don’t hurt me I’m a virgin episode 23

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✍️ Chapter Twenty-Three✍️

As if my feet are attached to a magnetic pull from him, they begin to follow his fingers.

Once I’m standing right outside the bath tub, Jeremy leans down grabs me by the waist, pulling me into the steamy water.

I squeal from the contact and the sudden sting of the hot water at my feet. However, it’s within seconds before I’m accustomed to the heat. I’m aware of Jeremy’s hand still lingering at my waist as he presses my body to his making his growing erection dig against my stomach.

His breath has long since increased as he leans down to kiss me. I close my eyes upon feeling his lips against mine in a soft but sensual kiss.

He draws back before the kiss deepens.”Turn around.”

I do and he drapes his arms around my waist, his hands moving oh-so-slowly upwards until they reach my breast. He takes them into a cup and he squeezes them. I feel him dipping his head into my neck, his nose trailing down to the back of my shoulders. I tilt my head to the

side to give him a better view of my neck.

Feeling his masculinity makes me soak from below.

He kisses the line of my shoulder at the same time murmuring seducing words of how he wants to take me. Then he presses my waist closer to him so his that I feel his growing manhood digging at the back of my waist.

I scream when both his thumbs and index fingers pinch on my ni**es.
His lips move upwards from my shoulders and he kisses the skin of my neck all the way to the sensitive part that’s the back of my ear.

“Sit.” He whispers as he frees me and lets me sit down on the scalding water.

He follows me in the water. He sits with his legs on either side of me. He then shifts me closer to him as he flexes his knees.

“I love your back.” He says as he trails his fingers upon the line of my spine.

I giggle because it tickles and because what he has said is just so ridiculous.

“And the way you laugh.” He murmurs near my ear.

Upon this sudden invasion of his lips against my ear, I stop giggling.
“Hmm.” I moan when he kisses

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behind my ear.

He then moves to the marble counter to takes the ice cream and with swift hands he opens the tub and dimmediately dips the spoon towards me.

“Eat.” He commands.

I lean back on him and he feeds me a spoonful.

I let out a moan of pleasure when the flavour

hits my taste buds. It tastes amazing and the fact that it has been a long time since I ate ice cream emphasises that lusciousness.

I feel his breath hissing next to my ear, “Don’t do that.”


“Moan like that, it makes me want to f**k you.” He kisses my neck.

“What’s stopping you?” I ask and then with a swift move, I take the ice cream tub away from his hands and turn around to face him. I shift with the water, drawing myself nearer to him.

I give him a cautious smile, when he watches my every move like a hawk.

“You’re becoming brave, Leyla. I like it.”

I grin at his praise.

“Come closer.” His voices deepens, so sensual that I can only oblige to his order.

He takes the ice cream from me and feeds me again. This time I close my eyes to mute out my moans but inwardly I’m groaning like there’s no tomorrow.
I stare up at him as he eats his own share and after scooping some more to feed me. He blatantly misses my mouth and slides the spoon along my neck. The ice-cream melts and drips down my neck, my collar and down to the line between my br**ts.

He puts the tub along with spoon back on the counter and seconds later he pulls me flash into his lap so that my legs are astride of him.

He buries his head on my neck as he kisses and licks after the trail of ice cream. I grip on to his shoulders for support feeling his erection at my thigh.

The heat that’s building inside of me becomes unbearable.

When he licks the ice cream off one of my br***s, he pulls me up, positions his arousal at my entrance and ten he pushes me down he slowly enters me.

I gasp and moan out in pleasure and in surprise.

He groans on my neck as he thrust into me so that I bounce up and back down on him.

Then his mouth is on my lips, his teeth gripping on my lower lip as I bounce up again and slowly down on him.

“You always feel so good Leyla.” He murmurs on my lips.

My groan is blocked out when he launches his tongue on my parted mouth. I move my hands to his neck and hair at the same working on my rhythm of moving upwards and downwards on him. I’m revelling on the feel of him stretching me inside.

The water sloshes back and forth, Jeremy thrust in me and I grind down on him as our rhythm quickens.
That instant pull tightens again, this will be the fourth time in one night that I will orgasm because of him.

“F**k!” He groans when our rhythm picks pace.

“Leyla!” He feels it too; he feels that I’m about to…

Jeremy drives himself into me so roughly it ignites my climax.

I cry out his name.

“Shit!” He slams in me for one final time until he pours himself into me.

I bury my head into the crook of his neck, holding him so dire close. His face is buried in my hair as he breathes roughly in and out to catch his breath.

He kisses my head and taking my hips he pulls me out of him. I fall back into the water and off his lap. I close my eyes as my back meets the other end of the bath tub.

I open them again when I feel him taking my leg. He rubs on them in a massage and instantly I feel relaxed.

I catch his eyes and he’s looking directly at me, in a look that’s in wonder at me.

“What?” I ask, feeling anxious.

“You’ve never had someone massage you before?” He ask.

I nod.

He frowns. “You’ve never had a lot of things, have you? Someone to look after you and just to take care of you?” He turns his attention to my other leg.
“No, but that doesn’t mean I needed it. I may have when I was a lot younger but after that I became quite self-sufficient.” I smile at him, trying to cheer him up because it didn’t really bother me about what I missed out on.

It doesn’t really matter to me anymore.

He shakes his head at me and then the wary look is on his face again.


“I want to take care of you.” He confesses as he smiles tentatively.

It’s my turn to frown. “Jeremy you hardly know me,” I protest.

“So? Besides I know you enough,” he shrugs.

I swallow. “But–”
“No buts. The last time I breached this topic you walked out on me, I won’t have you do that again. Just Let me take care of you please.”

My heart warms at his words and I sit up.

“Jeremy, I’m fine really. I don’t need to be taken care of. I’ve survived this long by myself seriously I–”

“You told me you owed the woman you stay with, has that changed or are you still indebted to her?” He cuts me off again.

I frown. “It hasn’t changed, but I now have a waitressing job that pays well, in a few months I won’t owe her anything.”

“If you let me, you won’t owe her anything by tomorrow.” He states.

I scowl.
Suddenly the tension is thick and this time it’s not from lust.

“I have a job, I’ll be fine.” I insist as I glare at him.

“Leyla, I have enough money to buy you a freaking island, just let me do this for you.”

“Don’t be stubborn about this.” His eyes impale mine.

Just let the man help you for God’s sake! My inner voice interjects.

I look down at the water, now aware that it’s becoming a little bit cool.

“Why are you so reluctant ?”

“Because…” I start and then I stop.

I sigh. “Because, if you pay her my debt then I’ll be indebted to you and I can’t help but feel like you’ll be helping me because of s*x.” I confess my reasons to him.

He frowns at me, “You won’t be indebted to me. I’m not looking for any repayment from you, I can afford it trust me. And I’m certainly not doing this because of sex.”

“Is that reassuring enough?” He practically growls at me.

I breathe out a shaky breath and I nod at him. However inside my heart is hammering ever so forcedly on my chest.

He is doing this because he cares!

Part of me says but a more reasonable portion of me doesn’t want to jump too much into conclusion. How can someone care for the person who they’ve known not long enough and only known them sexually?

“Good. Now will you let me take care of you?”

My head nods again. “But on one condition.”

He gives me the most breath taking smile. “Finally. What?”

“I’ll let you help me on my terms,” I tentatively move closer to him.

“Name it.”

“You can pay my debts but that’s it.” I start.

He begins to protest but I cut him off quickly.

“I still have a job to keep me up and running.”

He glares at me. “What do you take me for, you’ll need clothes–a new wardrobe, a new place to stay and won’t you want to go to college? Last time I checked you told me you wanted this opportunity but it’d been whisked away, part of being homeless?”

Oh he fights dirty. However, my heart lurches at the last part, I cannot believe he still remembers what I told him.

“I’ll have the money for new clothes but a new place and college, I haven’t thought about it yet.” I frown inwardly.

He takes this advantage. “I’ll help you with college and a new place.” He begins.

“No, Jeremy. You can’t. School is not on my to-do-list, at least not right now. And a new place I’ll just have to keep staying with Greta.”

“You don’t have to.” He says in a hopeful tone.

I stare at him narrowly. “Why do I have a feeling you want me to stay with you?”

“Why not?” He smiles warily.

“Jeremy, I can’t. We can’t. We barely know each other. Let me keep the job for now and I’ll see where it leads me.” I plead.

“Fine but this subject isn’t over.” He agrees reluctantly.

It really warms my heart to know that he somehow cares enough me stay with him; I can’t help but fall and fall hard at this moment.

“Thank you.” I smile at him to get him off his grumpy mood.

When he sees my smile, his lips reluctantly twitch up into one too. “Don’t thank me yet, there’s a lot I want to do for you. If only you’ll let me.”

My face falls.

He grins, “For now I’ll let you have your way.”

“Come here, let me bathe you.” That shrewd grin is still on his face.
✍️To be continued ✍️

Can you tell this two s*x addict to bathe🙄 and Matthew is still there to deal with😂.

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