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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Don’t hurt me I’m a virgin episode 17

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✍️ Chapter Seventeen✍️


We both turn around to face Monroe, or should I say, Cassie. She looks flustered as she’s stares disgustedly everywhere around us.

“Jer, who is this? Why are we here?” She strides along to his side and grabs hold of his arm.

I swallow the jealous that’s chocking me from my throat.

I watch as Jeremy’s jaw clenches and his eyes cloud in annoyance.

“I told you to wait in the car.” His tone is clipped.

She frowns up at him at first in confusion but then as she moves her gaze towards me, her frown turns to a glare.
I stare blankly towards them but inside I’m slowly tearing at the seams. Even in the dark they look remarkable together.

“You left me in a stranded car in these parts of town, I couldn’t just wait. What exactly are we doing here?” She argues.

“Hails is there so it’s not exactly a stranded car.” He clenches his jaw in annoyance.

“What’s with you, what’s with your change of mood? And who the hell is she?” She casts a pointy finger at me, her

face giving me daggers.

“She is no one of your concern, now please go back in the car, Cassie,” the restrained anger in his tone goes undetected.

“No, I’m not leaving you.” As she says this, she effectively throws her arms around him.
At this rate, I’m beyond agitated; I want nothing to do with them. I just want the solace of my small room, just to escape this jealousy that’s eating at me.

“Cassie, what are you doing?” Jeremy unlocks her limbs from him.

She stares at him confusion. “I thought…Jer, you took me to dinner, I thought you wan–”

I didn’t let her finish when I cut by saying, “It was nice knowing you Jeremy,” and began to turn away from them.

It’s obvious I’m the intruder in whatever they were having. But damn it hell and back. This really hurt.

“Leyla, wait…For godsake Cassie I told you go back to the car, don’t push me.” I hear his bellowing voice.

“Leyla!” I feel Jeremy’s hand grabbing mine to firmly pull me to a stop.

“What? Jeremy? What do you want from me? Look, I’m sorry, okay. I’m intruding to whatever love fest you have with her. I don’t know exactly why you continued with me the next morning when it was to obviously clear you were getting back at her. I’m just glad I left sooner before I really got tangled in whatever relationship it is that you have. So please don’t complicate things now, just let me go.” I almost choke on

the tears that are threatening to unleash themselves.

His eyes aren’t helping with my situation when they show a mixture of hurt and longing.

“Is this what you want? Pretend like it never happened?” He asks.

“If it’s the easier option, then yes.”

“Why are you pushing me away, Leyla?”

“Pushing you away?” I say in disbelief.

“I’m not pushing you away, you’ve just went on a date with your ex! Why would I push you away when it’s clear that you’re with her?”

A ray of conflicted emotions passes on his face as he regards me in, but afterwards his face turns to an impassive stony expression.

“I am not with her.” He says.

“Well why the hell did you take her on date?” I hiss.

“It’s complicated, if I explain it to you now, you won’t understand.” He clenches his jaw.

“Well then that’s that…Goodbye Jeremy,” I turn around and this time I run into the apartment before he can stop me again.

Once I’m inside, I lean against the closed door and crumble down to the floor as the tears submerged me into desolate sorrow.

With my face in my hands, I cry myself out but it isn’t minutes later before I hear Greta’s footsteps.

“What’s with you?” She asks.

I look up and almost scream for my life. She’s wearing one of her beauty face mask which make her look like the green ogre, Shrek himself. She’s wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her hair.

I wipe away the last remaining tears before getting up.

“Nothing,” I say coldly at her.

“Okay, if you say so.” She shrugs, happily returning to the living area.

“Oh by the way, the next rent is all on you. You have to figure something out to give me the money you owe me or else I’m kicking you out.” She strides bouncingly through the door as she begins singing one of those quirky pop songs.

I hold in the anger that has me wanting to lash at her. And before I go into my room I hear her mutter;

“Don’t even know why I keep her.”

I flop on the hard solid of my single mattress and stare blankly at the ceiling.

I vow myself not to cry, not to stupidly cry over him.

He hadn’t been yours in the first place. Of course he had been using to get back at her. It’s a good thing you left sooner, before you tragically fell in love with him.

My inner voice reassures me. But did I leave sooner? Could it be possible that I already fell and fell hard for him in those blissful moments we spent in his hotel?

As for Greta, now that I have a waitressing Job at Millie’s, the rent is least of my concerns. I cannot believe I’m actually beginning to consider working for that despicable imbecile of man who owns the restaurant Cavelli’s.

Maybe it’s for the best no matter how I will suffer in his clutches. Because the sooner I get paid, the sooner my debt to Greta is paid and the sooner I get my freedom.
I reassure myself with this as I close my eyes to let the darkness of sleep take over.

Before I can fully succumb into unconsciousness. I surmise how this would be a lot easier if I’d just let Jeremy help instead of backing out in fear of getting hurt and keeping my pride intact.


Millie’s I found to be a welcoming café to work at. I’ve somehow made my way to fit in with my fellow waitresses.

There was Julianne, Julie for short the waitress who I had asked for Millie the other day. She’s two years older than me and works part time for Millie to pay off her student loans. She’s still at University studying Psychiatry. I found myself instantly becoming friends with her.

Despite her lack of incentive, she’s bubbly with the customers. She helped me tremendously by filling me with who was who around here and which customer left the highest tips.

There was also Hilary, everyone called her Hilly. She’s a year older than me. She’s on her sophomore year at college–studying the basis of neurology. She sounded very educational when she told me about her classes. She’s very garrulous when it comes to the topic of the brain. One can tell her passion.

I learn that Hilly has boyfriend whom was a regular customer at Millie. At first I had found it sweet until I came realize that her boyfriend is twenty-oh-so odd years older than her and still married with kids.

She had laughed at me as soon as she had told me this and I had soon softened my judgement when I realized how completely smitten they both were. She had told me that he and his wife were in the middle of a divorce so it was “all good”. However Julie had given me a pointed and almost protective look when Hilly had shared this with me.

Julie had later told me that everyone has been warning her about him when she’d first bedded him. Hilly on the hand told me she couldn’t care less what anyone thought, at that I began to admire her strength.

Then there was Effie, a dark skinned woman whom like our boss Millie, is sort of closed off? Effie, I learn is very restrained when it comes to talking to people. With her intimidating dark brown eyes, exotic tattoos and piercings, no one actually approaches her to simply share a mindless conversation.

From Julie I learn that Effie is twenty six and has a son who’s an infant. She works here full time as a cook and waitress to pay the bills her partner–whom abandoned her with her son–left piling in their rented apartment. After learning this I began to soften towards her, she’s no less like me and I realize we share something in common even if I didn’t tell anyone of the misfortune that is my life.

Millie, our boss, rarely spends her time in the actually café area. Instead she locks herself in her office with her dog, which I found considerably weird.

I soon learn from Julie again–Julie seems to be the know-it-all–that she is suffering a heart break. It’s a modern day love story. She fell in love too early and they’d been together since she was sixteen. They were going to marry but only for Millie to ten years later find out about his ultimate betrayal with countless women since their relationship started.
I instantly understood and felt something in the lines of sympathy for her.

She’d only came into the dining café to chat briefly with Julie–since Julie was sort of her trusted manager assistant–of how things were going and if anything was needed etc.

I’d become one of them instantly in the only one day of work. Julie had told me that the previous waitress who did my shift eloped from town with her supposedly “love of her life.”

Millie appointed me with how I had been finding everything and I told her that it’s been great. I thanked her for the job afterwards but she’d passed that aside with flick of hand and we settled my earnings.

I’m still shocked at the generosity she is paying everyone per hour that by the end of the day I am seventy bucks richer including the tips.

I calculate the four days I’ll be working here each week and I figure by the end of each week, if the tips kept going as they, I’ll be having enough for the rent Greta always bugs me about. Soon there will be nothing I that owe her, nothing in the upcoming months.

I revel in this as I say my goodbyes to the other waitresses. Only Julie and Effie were staying until the café official closed for the day.

I am walking out of the café while putting on my coat as soon as I step in the rain dribbling outside when I hear my name being called.

Hilly is at my side in an instant.

“Hey.” She smiles sweetly at me. “Where are you off to now?”
“Home.” I frown at the word.

She notices this and looks at me questioningly but when I don’t offer to elaborate she simply shrugs.

I realize that she wants me to ask of her plans. “What about you?”

She smirks knowingly at her. “I’m off to eat at Cavelli’s with Marcus and then after…” she trails as she blushes. Marcus is the man she’s having an affair with.

Then I realize, Cavelli’s. Shit. That son a of åss said if I didn’t come at famously popular restaurant in this town, then he will come dragging me there.

I scoff mentally. As if he will, he has probably forgotten about my being in his office in the first place.

I batter myself as I realize even from this day I still don’t know his name.

Is Cavelli’s his name then?

I doubted it. I guess I won’t be finding out anyhow.

“Have fun, Hilly, this is my stop for the bus.” I tell her.

She waves at me as she crosses the roads. “See ya tomorrow Ley, we should really hang out soon.”

I smile genuinely at her nick name for me. “I’d like that.” I wave and I watch as she crosses the streets and disappears in another road.


When I get to the apartment, for the first time getting inside my small room I have a smile of my face.

The tables are sort of turning for me, maybe finally the stars are favouring me for once.

I am beginning to enjoy my luck, maybe this can work. Maybe I can finally set my deranged life straight. Hopefully, Millie will continue to be this generous, hopefully I can be able to finally make friends.

However, just as my thoughts shift to somewhere else–somewhere where I’ve been trying to avoid thinking of all day–the unexpected tears soon slide down.

Why are you still crying for him!

Seriously I have to let this go, ever since he last appeared with her. My nights were spent wallowing over what I could have had if I stayed with him. But I know that’s wishful thinking.

I know I should stop this; I should get a grip and just forget about him.

But how can I forget when his smell still lies in my small drawer? I then do what’ve been doing since the night he showed up.

I take off the café uniform and fold it nicely and neat in my top drawer and then taking out his t-shirt and sweats, I drape them on. I succumb in the remaining scent that is left in his clothes.

By doing this, I picture him naked; picture him kissing me, holding me, whispering how beautiful I am as he makes love to me.

It doesn’t take long for me to get aroused by my thoughts and the ache in my belly ever since I gave myself to him begins to slowly drive me crazy.

It is ridiculous how turned on just at thought of him doing unimaginable things to me.

Suddenly the pounding of the door breaks off my day dream.

————-To be continued—————

Oooooh, so who do you think is at the door? Share your comments on the comment box. I appreciate every feedback I get. Thank you all.

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