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June 20, 2021


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Don’t hurt me I’m a virgin epilogue 2

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✍️ Epilogue 2 ✍️

I watch from the window as the group admire and gush over the decorations.

Then finally I spot Doreen seated over by the couch near the fireplace, in her lap she holds a little boy of almost three years of age with huge blue eyes and chubby cheeks, a dazzling toothy grin was spread on his little face. In her lap the boy sits quietly but restless as he watches the fire with wondering, curious eyes. Doreen smiles adoringly at him and she strokes his mane of curly chestnut brown hair and kisses him from now and then.

My heart lurches, but I shake my head in disbelief at the sight I see. How Doreen has manage to tame, the usually wild and boisterous boy, who now sits in tranquillity by her lap remains a wonder to me.

As my eyes rack at the sight of my family and friends, I begin straining my neck to look into the whole room so I can finally catch sight of the only person I really want to see after such a long day.

I become disappointed by each passing second when I don’t catch the familiar dark blue grey eyes–the eyes that have

never failed to disarm me ever since–and the familiar features of a face whose forehead is now covered by long locks of chestnut brown hair, which in my opinion are needed to be cut very soon.

“Are you going to stand there, gazing through the window like an eavesdropper or are you going to finally turn away and enter the den, Mrs Lawson?” That same deep sultry voice that churns and wrecks my insides into mush, breaks the silence of the night.

My eyes instantly dart towards the voice and the instant they do, they meet those disarming eyes that hold and trap my gaze.

I watch as the figure rises from the swing seat located near the porch and begins to journey towards me.

After seven years it still amazes how he can still look the same without any trace aging nor any change from the same strong, confident stance he always has.

He walks over to me until he stands tall and erect before me. His shadow casting over me from the porch light. The huge coat he’s wearing manages to hide how well defined he truly is under it.

“Good evening, Mrs Lawson.” He greets me formally like he has before ever since

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we exchanged our vows. And so with this usual greeting, I reply with my very own.

“Good evening, Mr Lawson.”

He grins at this, the hands at his side twitching to touch me but he refrains.

“You’re finally home, well after curfew again as usual.” Even though his remark is meant to rebuking,

the grin still remains in his features.

“I’m not always that late.” I protest trying to put on a frown which ultimately fails since his grin is infectious.

“I had to make sure that arrangements for the children’s this holiday will be extra special for them.” I argue.

“Yes, I know. The one of many traits I love about you.” His hand reaches out to return a free tendril of hair back behind my ear. The contact makes my heart jolt and my skin tingle from where he touches me.

“Now, tell me what were you doing spying by the window?” He asks, the blue grey of his iris dancing with curious amusement.

I take note of how he hasn’t removed his hand from my face, his fingers now trace my cheek. I lean my face towards the hand, closing my eyes.

“I wasn’t spying.” I reply him, opening my eyes to meet his.

“Then what were you doing?” His voice is laced with curiosity.

“Simply acknowledging the fortune that is my family and friends.” I tell him, smiling as my hand finds his other hand and my fingers instantly interlocks with his, finding that I cannot refrain from touching him.

I always craved contact with him especially after a long day.

His eyes radiate warmth as he gazes at me, his fingers moving to trace my lips.

“And what do you make of this fortune?” He asks.

“Oh I am very much fortunate indeed. I couldn’t have asked for a more glorious life than the one my dear husband has given me.” I grin at him.

He chuckles softly, the sound choosing to reverberate down towards my now churning insides. This dose of desire I instantly feel makes me shift closer to him.

He welcomes my body, by draping an arm around my waist, whilst the other, moves from my face to hold and caress the back of my neck.

“He sounds like an charming man, this husband of yours.” He smirks.

“Oh he is. He’s also handsome too in roguish sort of way. But what I love most about him is his heart and how much it has to offer.” I smirk back at him.

“Ah, wife of mine, you wound me.” He frowns mockingly.

“Wound you? How?”

“By making me love you even more, I didn’t know that my heart can have this much love for a person.”

“Then I shall have to heal and reassure it that it’s not alone in that aspect of loving someone so much it practically hurts.” My voice becomes a soft husk because he has abruptly drawn me closer towards him; his face is now inches from mine.

“Leyla, I’ve missed you all day and I haven’t been alone in that.”

“I’ve missed you too, I’ve missed all–”
I don’t get to finish my sentence because suddenly he can’t wait any longer to kiss me. The instant he does, complete bliss washes over me. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around him to kiss him back with equal fervour.

We remain in this intimate embrace for a while until the cold wind begins to take its toll by wafting its bitter bite at us.

We instantly run to the house, kissing briefly like teenagers at the now closed door before entering into the company of others, we know once we are there, we won’t have this chance again until deep in the night and it’s not always guaranteed that we will have it all to ourselves depending if our little boy will really sleep tonight.

Speaking of which, the instant my presence is known among the party in the parlour, everyone greets me warmly with hugs and some with nods but the most boisterous of all is that of my baby boy.

Once he realises that I’m in the room, he struggles out of his Nana’s lap and trudges over to me in a flurry of activity that only a two and three quarter year old can manage to achieve.

I grin at the running boy and kneel down to meet him and he flings himself at me, screaming,

“Mommy! Mommy is back!”

“Hey, baby boy.” I say lifting him up, grinning at him as I shower his face with kisses.

He grins too, but then he says, “Gross, mommy,” as he rubs my lipstick off his face in which the whole party erupts with laughter.

“I miss you.” I cannot resist kissing his chubby cheeks again.

He giggles and this time he kisses me back. Looking at him, with those bright blue eyes he only could have inherited from his grandfather and that stunning baby grin which managed to melt your heart every time you looked at him, he was the exact replica of his father.

I move over to a vacant arm chair and sit myself on it with my boy on my lap. Once we are seated he then begins telling me all about his day; Where ‘nana’ took him; what he did with ‘Uncle Mattie’; how he got to wrap presents with ‘Aunt Juyie”; what he and ‘Daddy’ did; all the way up to meeting everyone here.

I listen attentively, putting my remarks in the right place, kissing his hair, soothing him as well as telling him about my day when he had demanded me to do so.

He is almost three and my baby boy not only resembles his father but he’s just like him in every way.

My eyes dart in search of the man himself, and I find him conversing with his buddies. He looks back at me the instant my eyes find him. I grin at him and he has that same look of adoration and awe as he watches both me and his son converse.

It’s after a while of seating with him that I then realise the excitement of the day has been too much for my poor boy. His eyes start dropping and his head rested at my chest begins falling to one side.

I laugh to myself, adjusting him as I stand up from my seat with intention to put him to sleep.

“No wonder he’s been up and running all day, entertaining us in your place,” Julie comments with a grin on her face as I pass my friends for a brief chat and wish them a merry Christmas eve.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas eve and then finally make leave, with my little man in arms, to his room.

His father follows me, not wanting to miss the daily routine of putting him to bed. Jeremy takes him from my arms and together we head upstairs to his room where we place him in his cot.

The sooner Jeremy puts him down, my little man springs awake not wanting to miss the day, but his father soothes him to sleep promising him another day full of bountiful playfullness.

A grin plasters on my face, my heart doing its usual dance when I watch father and son bond together. After a few minutes of cooing our boy, he finally succumbs to sleep.

Jeremy turns the baby monitor on and together we silently close the door. As Jeremy turns to me, he has a huge grin on his face.

“He wounds me too, every time with pride.” He says.

I laugh at his remark, hitting his arm in mock scolding.

“I love him so much, Leyla, even when he throws those tantrums of his. Today has been life affirming for the both of us.” Jeremy takes me in his arms and instantly leans down to level with me.

I rejoice in his words, feeling as if I can flap my wings like a proud mother hen. “He is life changing, isn’t he?”

“More than so, I can’t believe in two months he’ll be three. Sometimes he acts like a three year old but most times it’s as if you’re talking to an actual intellectual adult who has his own opinions.” Jeremy shakes his head.

“Well, he gets his intelligence from his father.” I comment.

Jeremy breathes in sharply before kissing me. “I can never thank you, Leyla for giving me him, for giving me a family; it makes me anticipate for the future in a more hopeful way.”

I cannot contain my grin. “And I thank you for keeping to your promise that first year, then for being too impatient to marry me. Thank you for being there with me, Jeremy, through the ups and the downs, the good and bad. Thank you, for giving me everything I could ever want and need, for giving me this life, for giving me a family when I’d never had one before.” I kiss his cheek, followed by the corner of his mouth, then his lips.

He kisses me back, desperately, as if he’s a starved man seeking for bread.

“For you Leyla, everything.” His eyes shin down at me. “I vowed to give you the world, remember?”

I giggle as I hug him, my face pressing in his chest to feel his thudding heart echoing my own pacing beat.

“But you have given me the world, ” I tell him.
I feel his smile as he presses his lips in my hair. “I better have, because you deserve it all… now let’s go and entertain our friends and family, like good hosts we are.”

I giggle again.

“I love you, my wife.” He grins as he releases me from our embrace, both of his hands now drawing my face to his.

“And I you, my husband.”

And we seal this with one long endearing kiss.



Gosh that’s the final end… *balls down with tears*
Thank you again readers for your contast very much appreciated response for this story.

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